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Animals you Like

Started by Palamon June 7th, 2019 3:43 PM
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What are types of animals you like? I like wildcats, (tigers/lions/jaguars), and turtles, mostly. Ducks are cool, too.
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Ash Ketchup

Tohjo Falls
Seen July 29th, 2019
Posted July 29th, 2019
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All of them! I love being around animals and could spend forever watching them.

Except spiders.
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Laverre City
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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Octopus, Ocelots, and Owls.


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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
Felines, dogs that aren't selectively bred, owls, and many marine invertebrates. Some butterflies and moths fascinate me, too.

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Darkinium Z

Dani California
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Posted 14 Hours Ago
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The majority of wildcats and felines, wolves, and several birds.

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United Kingdom
Seen August 12th, 2019
Posted August 7th, 2019
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i love foxes and raccoons so much they're just asufhasofjauoeno <3


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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Honestly I'd be hard pressed to say animals I didn't like since I like basically all animals to some degree hahah.

Felines would have to be my absolute favorite though.


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the dream world
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Posted 11 Hours Ago
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.... yeah I'm in the same boat as Tara, here. I like so many animals that it'd take me forever to list them all lmao

but red pandas are the best


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Posted 1 Day Ago
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the best birds: flamingos, cassowaries, kea parrots and peacocks

the best underwater animals: octopuses, TURTLES!!!, stingrays and seahorses

the best bugs: praying mantises, dragonflies, stick insects and wetas

the best land reptiles: tuataras, komodo dragons and all forms of giant snakes

the best land mammals: sun bears, hamadryas baboons, elephants and hippos


Cubie the Cube

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I have some special love for cats, so they get the first place without any doubt.

I also love snakes a lot since the day I had the opportunity to have one around my arms and my neck, loved that gal.

Now, for animals that I like because I think they are pretty and/or cool but never saw any of them irl, there are mantis, manta rays and crows


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Cats, all kind of felines I love, living with some, seeing them grow up from kittens to fully adult cats, to even one of them giving birth (picked my room as the safest to keep the kittens in) - special place in my heart
no surprise that my favorite Pokemon is loyal and cute feline Pokemon (Espeon)

cougars, snow leopards, cheetahs are my top favorite, bigger of the small cats, can still purr

aside from that, I also love foxes, wolves, few other canines, mustelids, arachnids, and recently getting to love bears (I think the term is bruin, I could be wrong), and many birds (parrots high favorite of mine)
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Sloths are the most adorable creatures on the Earth.

Turtles and owls are also great.


This is fine.

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Posted 2 Days Ago
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I like lots, and have been used to wild ones having a bush as a 'backyard' of sorts, and that includes the more scary ones (spiders for example I'm cautious about, but otherwise pretty fine with).

I have a soft spot for dogs having had one for years.


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Posted 10 Minutes Ago
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I like a lot of animals really for someone who also doesn't much like caring for them. That being said I guess the top three spots go to llamas/other South American camelids, house cats and birds (in particularly crows and finches) in no particular order.


Castle of the Crystal
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Animals are my passion, I love them all! Nothing gives me quite the same thrill as being around them. I’m hoping to centre my career around animal care!

It’s hard to pick favourites, but I have a soft spot for rabbits, cats, birds, dolphins... rats, too! Just all of them! ❤️
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Laverre City
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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I would like to add to my previous post:

Jellifish, Kiwis, Foxes, and Tarantulas.


Age 24
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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Dogs, cats, eagles, wolves, bears, otters, songbirds, dolphins, turtles, hamsters, owls, pandas, sloths, foxes, lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, deer, hedgehogs, narwhals, tarsiers, binturongs, birds, ducks!! I can't list them all, it's so hard because I'm for sure forgetting something. But for now those are my favorites.


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Cat family

The list goes on like the energizer bunny. :'D
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Posted 5 Hours Ago
cats and bunnies and chinchillas and farm animals and asdfg I love animals

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