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I used to hate most veggies growing up. Things like peas mostly... but now that I'm an adult, I seem to tolerate them a lot more. It was somewhat the same with Spinach. I used to hate it until my mom told me that I needed to eat it if I wanted to grow big and strong like Popeye... ever since then, I absolutely LOVE spinach! :3

What about you?



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psyduckin mac n cheese i have always had an issue with textures and i still kind of do with pasta but not nearly as bad as when i was a kid but i got over it when i was about 10 or so i think (or at least, i WOULD eat mac n cheese but i was picky about the pasta used in it) and now if you look at my hips and thighs you can tell i don't skip pasta
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im sad to inform that every food that ive hated as a kid i still hate as an adult

especially potatoes


Cubie the Cube

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Same as above except that I don't hate potatoes


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Asian food I used to hate as a kid and now I cannot live without it


Laverre City
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Not food but I remember absolutely despising soda as a child.

if anything, I have more foods that I liked as a child that I began hating as an adult, haha.


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I'm still a v picky kid mostly bc of textures and stuff

but, uh its not food rather than a condiment but..mayo? I used to hate it as a kid and now I like it a lot.
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im sad to inform that every food that ive hated as a kid i still hate as an adult

especially potatoes
Pretty much this, ironically except for potatoes. I don't love them, or even like them most of the time, but I can tolerate them in way more forms now.


space adventure

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i made a conscious choice once to start liking coffee even though it was awful, i was 13 i believe. Nowadays it is not possible to properly describe me without including the word coffee somewhere.


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brussel sprouts and avocadoes! hated them as a kid but once I got older something 'clicked' and now I adore them.

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the main thing that comes to mind are certain veggies - such as spinach, artichokes, asparagus, brussel sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower, scallions, green beans, eggplants, squash

used to dislike them as a child mainly because of 'bad influence' - family members and friends told me that it tasted of 'boring sour water with no taste to it" - hey, back then I used to believe it, after a while seeing it a lot, and over years with my health conditions, and growing fascination with geography, includes trying out various world cuisines - I learn that those green veggies are really good and healthy for the body, if prepared correctly it can be super healthy and delicious

with my curiosity, I gave some a try, expecting that "sour taste" - to my surprise I loved them
especially true with spinach, its now my most favorite and requested veggie
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Sashimi! While I always loved sushi as a kid, the texture of raw fish definitely weirded me out and I only ate rolls with cooked stuff or vegetables in them, but I think in my early-to-mid teens it kind of grew on me, and I really like sashimi and raw fish now. Beef tataki, too.

I was a weird kid I guess, I actually loved vegetables and still do. I preferred veggies to meat and instead of the "finish your vegetables" demands my parents would have to make me eat meat.


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A bunch of vegetables (green peppers and onions notably), spinach, mushrooms, sushi, and sashimi (maybe fish in general?) are all things that I said that i hated at a kid hahah. but now i often have most of these things (sides the fish) on things such a pizza and subs. in fact i know i largely prefer spinach over lettuce now.


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I can tolerate much more veges than I used to!
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I used to think calamari was disgusting when I was a kid but nowadays whenever someone at my table orders it, I always enjoy grabbing a bite...or three


the princess without voice

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Most leafy greens especially spinach. I used to avoid salads and greens like spinach, kale, lettuce, and cabbage cause I thought the texture was too weird. But now I realize with just the right amount of added flavors they can be pretty good. I think canned spinach is what put me off to spinach at first cause it looked like green vomit and smells awful but once I gave the fresh kind a try I realized it was only the canned kind thats horrible. And now one of my favorite things to buy at work is the chopped kale pasta salad. The basil dressing makes everything pop more and I love sun-dried tomatoes.
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Dani California
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Celery. Hated the texture as a kid, but I grew to tolerate eating it especially with fried rice.

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