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don't meet your heroes

Started by Her August 21st, 2019 7:00 PM
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for those that have met someone they idolised or greatly respected from afar, how did it go? did they manage to live up to your expectations, or did they disappoint you? for a more nuanced discussion, was it really all that bad that they weren't as you imagined them?


dream world
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It's strange to see this topic, since I was recently thinking that the people I've been looking up to aren't really great people to idolize, and I now wonder why I ever wanted to meet them.

I think the closest was Betty White, and I didn't actually meet her personally. She just gave me a wave.

If I did meet someone I idolized I would probably get starstruck. For example I saw Betty White on a middle school field trip and 6th grade me could not have cared less. My teacher was gushing though.
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