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OMG grandpa that's racist

Started by Fairy 3 Weeks Ago 2:38 PM
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Have you ever been with the elder members of your family and they say something just so completely horrible and out of left field? Share your stories. o/


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My grandmother doesn't necessarily say this against African Americans (but rather in general to anyone, like my dad for example), but she does often say "you're out of your cotton-pickin' mind."


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My grandparents voted Leave based on immigration, so yeah. They come out with some things that are ridiculously racist sometimes, which I guess was the common attitude when they were younger, but it does make me cringe a little sometimes when we're speaking on the phone and they're out and about and I just pray that nobody overhears our conversation.


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During Thanksgiving 'grace' in 2013, my grandfather prayed to get that *n-word* out of office so Republicans can set this country straight again. He would also regularly talk to telemarketers using super racist 'Spanglish' or fake Indian accents and had no problems with calling someone 'black as the ace of spades' in public - especially those in the service industry. My Grandmother-in-Law also regularly makes comments about how she would "NEVER live in the inner city!" because all POCs are thugs. It's so humiliating and you can't even correct her because the Alzheimer's prevents her from even remembering the conversation.



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One of my uncles has told us more than once this year that a new hobby of his is, and I quote, "photographing sleeping negroes". It's more likely than not that he doesn't really engage in this activity, but that only makes it slightly less worse.

My father has also said the occasional racist thing, though I can't remember the specifics, just that I'm pretty sure he has
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at my grandmother's christmas party last year, my great uncle was telling some military story and said the n-word in reference to like the one black guy in his group and literally everyone at the table was just :| and he quickly retracted his statement but lmfao that was UHHHHHHH something. especially since we had a lot of family there that was in town that had never been to my grandmother's christmas party and were meeting some people for the first time and it was just like........let's not..........i mean let's not ever tbh but why Now of all times

also this wasn't racist necessarily just completely rude but we were all gathered at my mom's for mother's day one year and our cousin (who was not there thankfully) had recently lost her mother literally a few days ago to a drug overdose and someone mentioned it and my step dad was like "that's what happens when you're a drug head" and my sister and i were like "your niece's mother is dead and it's literally mother's day right now how could you say that?" especially when your step children have a father that was on drugs it was like saying that people can never recover or that they're awful people which i strongly disagree with. it was just really insensitive. he shut his hole after that but good god that was awful.

also there was this time i was like...10? and i was helping my grandmother with the christmas shopping and this was back in like the earl 2000's when skater and thug stuff was rly in and my grandmother was asking the lady at the store what was in with teenage boys and she pointed at the brand of clothes we had been looking at and was like "you might want to steer away from this stuff this is what the blacks like" and my grandmother just kind of made a face and was like "uh okay thanks" and we dropped her like a fly lol and then i was like "MAW MAW THAT LADY WAS PREJUDICE" dslkfadjsakfldsjafkldsjaflkdsa the lady wasn't even out of earshot
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my dad has said some racist and generally terrible jokes before but he's been better about it recently... my mom though is really terrible about commenting on overweight people, especially in public << she's one of those health nuts who only eats organic, non-gmo, no sugar muk and judges people who don't eat the same way she does or doesn't look painfully skinny like she is. it's really embarassing, especially when you have overweight friends :(

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My dad is so racist at Latin Americans (they're all machistas!) and Moroccans (they don't work and yet they get welfare to buy huge expensive cars from my taxes!) I just have to move away from the chat whenever it comes up. Also, he's the "hang the bastards" kind of law-and-order person. I'm both shocked and thankful that he's a straight left-wing voter because of economic reasons nonetheless.


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Nobody in my family is explicitly racist but my grandparents have some very implicit racism that they don't even seem to be aware of.


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My grandfather said a lot of bigoted stuff when I was young. I think he was always attempting to make a joke but there's a good chance they came from a real place given some of the words he was comfortable using around kids. He mellowed out with even older age though I guess. If boomers can change then anyone can.
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