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Pokémon A League of Champions

Started by Farhantsb May 2nd, 2019 6:57 PM
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(This fanfic is rated T for teen of the ages of 13 and up. This story will contain mild language and subtle reference to violence so viewer discretion is advised)

It is the third year of the Pokemon world tournament's champions tournament, unlike the previous Two however this one will be longer, have twice the amount of participants, will be broadcast live around the world and most importantly a glorious throphy will be given to the winner of the tournament.

But while everyone is focusing on the battlefield there is a far bigger human story off stage. A young man trying to return to normal life after almost a decade of living in isolation, A young man trying to adjust back to life after spending 3 years away from home and a former champion looking for revenge for what happened in the previous tournament who's unsure whether or not he will be able to overcome his demons and have his revenge.

what will happen to them? will they achieve their goals? the answer lies in the league of Champions.....
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Chapter 1: Day 0

The buzz of reporters from various news agencies, they talk among themselves while they waited at the main entrance of the driftveil world arena. They, like many others, couldn’t wait any longer since this year’s PWT Champions tournament has been hyped up for the past 6 months. And who could blame them?

Unlike the previous two PWT where the champions tournament is only a final day filler to the week-long event, this year it has broken off into its own event with all champions and former champions from the seven region who are currently members of the world Pokémon league. Everyone cannot wait to see all the legends of the Pokémon world battle it out to see who’s the best trainer in the world, they all passionately await each champion to turn up to the arena and do their normal paparazzi things.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

“Hey, wake up! We’re there.” He mentioned as he slightly shoved his friend awake, who had fallen asleep.

“Wh-what is it Blue?” Said his friend as he groggily responds, rubbing his eyes as he slowly regained consciousness.

“We’re at the stadium Red. . .” Blue pointed his finger to the window to show his tired friend that they’ve finally arrived.

“Oh, ok then.” Red simply responds as he put on his usual stoic face.

“Really?! Is that your reaction to arriving at the stage of the bigge- “

“It’s a tournament that I have beaten twice before, with no problem whatsoever might I add.”

“Oh come on. We’ve talk about this before, the stakes are way higher than the previous two years with how many people are completing.”
Red only responds with a sigh.

“Come now Red we already agreed to do all this so you could return to being a normal person.” Blue said shaking his head at his friend response.

A few months prior the two had met up as friends for the first time since the events of their journey almost a decade ago, at which Red agreed to return to society after a long life of isolation and avoidance of it. Blue has been helping him in getting used to a normal life, introducing him to new technologies Red had never even see before, accompanying Red back to pallet town and reuniting him with his mom and even push Red to do an interview with Kanto’s media for the first time. Although finding the transition difficult having been used to living alone for almost 10 years Blue convince him that he will get used to it eventually.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

A blinding white light flares past Red’s eyelids and the brim of his hat. Despite having attended this event for a third time red is still not in any way, shape, size or form used the many burning lights of the tournaments opening ceremony, nor is he used to the many high pitched screams around him from the thousands of people present at the Driftveil world arena.

While most of the others were waving and smiling towards the crowd Red could only stand still, no doubt wanting the ceremony to end faster so he could finally get some privacy. He thought he was the only doing this until around the corner of his eyes he saw a boy opposite of his row doing the same as he is, standing still, trying to ignore the cheering crowd. He felt as though he knew who this was but had trouble putting his finger on who. Probably because his face is obscure by the flashes of the lights behind him.

After the part of the opening ceremony that involve Red and the other champions was over they were ushered off stage to the V.I.P observation suites at the top level of the arena. The others were either watching the rest of the ceremony on the balcony or chatting among themselves in the interior area of the suite. Red is sitting in one of the seats in the room trying to relax, multiple times he tries to doze off by leaning against the wall but the constant noise from outside keeps him from his long awaited wish for rest and relaxation. After about 10 minutes he decided he had enough and heads to the arena’s outdoor viewing area to get away from the noise, once he arrived it felt like heaven.

A big open area with a few benches and potted plants sitting underneath the sunroof that illuminates the area in soothing light, it’s just what he needed to relax and get away from the day’s festivities, but he also notices that someone else was there. Leaning against the railing looking over the rest of driftveil was the boy from earlier looking up at the sky, this time red could see his feature more clearly than when they were inside the stadium. He is a tall, thin boy with messy brown hair which is mostly hidden by his scarlet red cap. he is also wearing a sky blue jacket, a slightly baggy pants tightened by a black belt with a silver metal buckle and a red pair of shoes with black panels and soles. As Red was analysing these details the boy looks down and notice him.

“Oh, hey there Mr. Red. Trying to get away from the crowds I‘d assume.” Said the boy in a soft yet confident tone.

Hearing this red knows without a shadow of doubt who this boy is. “Hilbert Blackman. . .” he mutters silently as he approaches the railing to greet him.

The two have previously met two years earlier in Kalos as red was in the middle of another aimless trip around the world while Hilbert was searching all over for his friend N, they gel well together finding common ground in their hatred of normal society and their regions respective evil team leaders. Maybe that’s the reason why red could hold a normal conversation with him and no one else, they even battle each other which ended in a draw.

“So how are you doing good sir?” Asked Hilbert with a smile as he took out his hand for a handshake.

“Not bad, how about yourself?” Red answer returning Hilbert’s smile while shaking his hand

“Not bad it is, interesting seeing you here considering you’ve make headway with the media in Kanto?” Hilbert ask surprise to see Red coming over to the observation area thinking he has changed to become a more social person judging by his action with the Kantonian media

“Hey! I’ve only done one taped ok.” Red quickly answer, so quick in fact Hilbert almost jump out of surprise. “It will be a long time before I could get used to this lifestyle after almost a decade of living in isolation.”

“Yeah-yeah I hear you.” Hilbert calmly compose himself to respond to red’s statement. “So are you here to have some fun” Hilbert asked.

“Well I guess you could say so even though having beaten this tournament twice I don’t know if I will have as much fun here as before.” He shrugged.

“Wait, what?” Hilbert snapped back in utter surprise at what red just say. “Di-Did you just said that you’ve won this tournament before?” he stutters in amazement.

“Yeah I did, with ease in fact.” Red calmly responds raising an eyebrow, surprise that Hilbert haven’t heard about his heroics of the first PWT. “I thought that would be the first thing you heard when you sign up for these Hilbert?”

“Y-yeah you’re right.” Hilbert answers nervously taking in what Red have just say. “Arceus, I am behind on things.” he muttered to himself.

“You sure are, so did you find your Friend?” now it’s Red’s turn to ask. “I mean you wouldn’t be here if you haven’t found him is it?”

“Yes. I did found him” Hilbert happily responds as once again he break into a smile. “We meet each other again 6 months ago, he filled me in on what was happening when I was gone. Which ended up being quite a lot of things and we ended up promising each other to stay here as long as we continue doing what we love. In my case that means I have to enter this tournament.”

Deep down red knows he wants to know more considering how different Hilbert’s tone is when talking about N compare when they first met two years ago, but he didn’t want to ruin the mood of the conversation plus it wasn’t a concern of his anyway so he decided to just nod and move on with the conversation. “So are you looking forward to this then?”

“Oh yes!” Hilbert responds with a level of enthusiasm that reminded Red of when he and Blue started their journey all those years ago. “It’s been awhile since I entered any official Pokémon competition so I’m looking forward to see whether or not I still got the skill needed”

“I wonder if that Nate guy wants revenge for his loss to me last year. . .?” Red muttered silently to himself.

“Nate? You mean Nathan Kyohei?” Hilbert raise an eyebrow at Red mentioning that name

“Yeah, He’s still the champion of this region isn’t he?" Red ask curiously after seeing Hilbert’s confused look.

“Well he was, but he resigned last year.” Red’s eye lit up at Hilbert’s answer as he couldn’t believe what he is hearing. “People say he quit after being defeated in th- HOLD ON A SECOND…...” Hilbert stop mid sentence when he realizes what happens. For a minute there was silence as they were both contemplating on what they’ve just found out.

“S-so did I beat him so hard he quits because of it?” Red finally breaks the silence, even then his voice is barely above a whisper.

“I guess you did considering that now he decided to become an actor.” Hilbert respond, his voice also barely breaking a whisper.

“An actor? Damn that is pretty drastic if you ask me….”

“I-I know right? I-I w-would not do that E-ver.” Hilbert stutters, which although made Red feel weird, he figures it’s just the shock of the situation.

“But he will still participate in this tournament isn’t he? Asked Red.

“Yes, and he probably wants to kill you now for what happened last year” Hilbert reply.

Once again there was silence between the two of them, this time it wouldn’t be broken until they realize that they have to return the festivities soon. So they went on their merry way back to the day’s event and says their goodbyes to each other.

“Good bye Red, be sure you prepare for tomorrow so we can have a rematch in this tournament at which I’m going to beat your ass, alright mate?”

“Oh I’ll be sure to prepare but just a warning, if you want to beat me this time I ain’t gonna make it that easy for you. Bye Hilbert, see you later.”

“See you later”

What neither of these young men realize however is that soon this tournament will change their understanding of their lives whether they like it or not........
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Chapter 2: Day 1

A young man is walking through the streets and buildings of Driftveil, it's early in the morning most people haven't even woken up from their slumber. But for this man these walks are what he needed, he has gone through a lot in the past three years with more ups and downs than anyone could ever imagine. Although he looks like an ordinary young man, nice, polite and quiet. deep inside he is heartbroken knowing that he has left his beloved region in search for something so trivial, leaving them vulnerable to danger and making someone else doing the job that should've been his. Making him and many other suffer through events that would've easily been avoided if he had stay, this feeling of guilt is something he hoped to shed through these walks.

"Come on Hilbert, don't blame yourself" the man muttered to himself. "Everyone knows and understands why you left, even Nate and N is ok with it. No one is blaming you other than yourself, just move on for psyduck's sake!" He curses to himself.

When Hilbert finally return to Unova 3 months ago initially he is happy to be back home, finally finding what he's looking for these 3 long years, his beloved friend. N. But as time goes on and as he reunites with his friends family he learns that in the time he's been gone, team plasma returned more evil than ever, he was horrified to hear this and the fact it was up another young man, Nathan Kyohei who went through the job of tackling them down. And when he hears from N that Nate was almost killed by Ghetsis in the Giant chasm the guilt that when through Hilbert's body was overwhelming.

"But if I haven't been stupid enough to leave Nate wouldn't have to go through what he experienced, and maybe just maybe I could've prevented Ghetsis from even raising again in the first place...." Hilbert thoughts as he is once again overcome with guilt. "UGH!!! WHY?! JUST WHY?!!" he screams as he throws his hat to the ground before calming himself down.

Now he's left to try and rebuild his life from square one, and although everyone has forgiven his actions including N and Nate when the two former champion finally met the feeling of guilt is just simply not going away and he felt that it will not change for a long time....

"There's no point to doing this muk anyway, I have a tournament to battle on today" Hilbert muttered, reminding himself that he still has the champions tournament to worry about. "Afterall, I will need to prove to everyone that I still have the skills of a champion...." He mumbled on as he picks up his hat and makes his way back to the hotel for final preparations.

At the suggestion of his mother decided to enter the tournament thinking maybe getting back into the grind of competitive battling will make him more at ease. He's also entering the movie at the suggestion of Nate, he's currently working on his first movie and he felt pretty good about it. Although he wouldn't have told anyone outside of his circle that he has become an actor, still feeling quite embarrassed to admit it, thinking that people would cringe when they found out that the former 'hero of ideals' is now trying to be a movie stars.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

On the other side of town, a young couple have just woken up from their slumber and is now preparing to head to the arena early to avoid some unneeded 'traffic'.

The pair consists of a tall, very thin, young man. He has pale skin, very long, messy dark spiky brown hair, and brown eyes. Nathan Whiteman or just Nate for short.

And a young woman with light pink hair that goes down to her shoulders with a side fringe, and has light blue eyes. Yancy Ruri.

The couple are planning to depart early from their hotel and meet up with Nate's childhood friend Hugh who will guided them through the quiet roads and alleys of Driftveil to the world arena.

"So why are we doing this again?" Ask Yancy the tone of her Voice still shows hints of having come out from someone who just woke up from sleep.

"We're doing this so that we could get to the world arena early, all the while avoiding the paparazzi from doing their usual annoying crap" Answers Nate while scratching his neck, himself still showing signs of tiredness.

"You know that we don't necessarily have to come today right?" Yancy asked again rising an eyebrow as she prepares to enter the bathroom to change clothes. "I mean your first round battle is tomorrow isn't it?"

"Yes, that is correct sweetheart" Nate reply while preparing his clothes for the day, he turned back to Yancy to answer her question. "But I would like to come to show some respect to the other champions, plus it would allow me to observe a certain someone who's battle is today"

"Whatever...." Muttered Yancy as she entered the bathroom, lowering her eyebrows knowing full well who that certain 'someone' is. "Has he not move one from what happened between him and that guy already?" She thought as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

The two had met each other shortly after Nate's Resignation from the position of champion a year ago, although they have known each other for far longer having communicated with each other through Yancy's Xtransciver which Nate found in Nimbasa city. Through it Nate was able to talk to her with Yancy using her parents Xtransciver.

It's only after they meet though that the feeling of love and affection fill their hearts, and after several months of on and off friendship they declared their love for each other. Since then they've introduce themselves to each other's family and things seem to be going swimmingly, but Nate's PTSD of the previous tournament has put some strain into their relationship going into the tournament.

About 30 minutes later.......

"So Hugh should be in the lobby by now isn't he?"

"Oh he's definitely gonna be there, he's never late to anything ever since we're little kids"

As Nate and Yancy walk into the hotel's main lobby they noticed that the person they're looking for is already there waiting for them, a man with dark blue spiky hair that goes upwards. Who wears a white and red training suit and black fingerless gloves. He also wears a dark blue riding pants that match his hair and some red shoes with black laces. It is without a shadow of a doubt is Hugh Vallance, Nate's best friend since they first entered training school all those years ago.

"Eyyyy Nate!" Greet the young man enthusiastically as he and Nate shake hands and exchange Brofist with one another. "How are you doing man? Sorry I can't attend yesterday some business at HQ make me had to stay there and settling on watching it through the TV"

"I'm fine, and it's okay everyone have their own business to worry about sometimes" said Nate while patting his friend in the back in reassurance.

"So are you ready to guide me and Yancy to the arena Mr. Vallance?" Nate asked with tiny hint of sarcasm Hugh have known him for since their childhood.

"Oh yes! Ever since I move here to help Rood and his gang I've become as familiar with this city's streets as I am with aspertia" Hugh responds with a big smile, an expression that seem to amuse his best friend. "C'mon then, let's get going shall we?" The pair only nodded in response as three of come out of the hotel to head to the world arena.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

The Driftveil world arena, 09:02 am

Underneath the main battle area of the arena through a series of tunnel sits an area resembling a locker room, which includes private nurses to check on their Pokémon and large television screens on the walls. Here the competitors make final preparations before heading out to the battlefield.

There on the bench placed in front of the tv sits Hilbert Blackman, contemplating his thoughts while staring at tv showing the crowd enjoying the opening Pleasantries before the first battle. Which happens to be a battle between him and the former champion of hoeen Steven stone. Suddenly a tap on the shoulder snap Hilbert out of his thoughts.

"Hey" Hilbert Turn around to see that it was none other than Red himself, he only smiles as he turned his head back to the Tv. "Nervous?" Asked Red as he joins Hilbert on the bench.

Hilbert simply responds with "Not really" eyes still fix on the Tv. "I've experienced far greater pressure before, ones that beats being first in line in this by a longshot" Red only smile in response.

"You look a little dazed, did you sleep well last night?" Red ask curiously looking at Hilbert's face looking a little tired from his earlier morning walk.

"Yes, I just had a little walk this morning. You know? Wind and stuff" Hilbert responds, finally turning his heads towards Red. "Funny for you to ask that considering you had the exact same look on your face"

"I've been waking up in the early hours for years now, it's almost normal to me" Red reply to Hilbert's statement not losing his stoic face during it. "But it's you and I know you're not used to waking up in the early hours like me"

"I'm fine" Hilbert retort back, standing up realizing it's time for him to go to the tunnel for his opening battle with Steven. "In fact I'm about to show you how fine I am by winning this battle" said Hilbert with a confident tone in his voice.

"That would be great" Red reply, the two wave at each other as Hilbert walk to tunnel signaling the beginning of the tournament proper.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from Unova. Hilbert Blackman!!!!" Shouts the stadium's announcer as the crowd greeted Hilbert with cheers and applause as he walks in into the battle arena.

Meanwhile on one of the stadium upper VIP levels Nate, Hugh and Yancy are watching the proceedings with their eyes glued on Hilbert.

"So this is going to be the first time we see Him battling, correct?" Yancy broke the silence that has been building between the three of them since the announcer came on the microphone.

"Yes, that's correct sweetie" her boyfriend softly answer while holding Yancy's hand. "This will be the first time he battles in front of well, everyone since he come back" he continues as he returned his gaze back towards the battle area.

"Will be interesting to find out whether or not he is as good as many people say he is" Hugh chimes in on the couple's conversation, at which Nate only nodded in response.

Noticing this Hugh decided to speak up. "You've been awfully quiet since we came here Nate, is there anything wrong?" His childhood friend shake his head in response, sensing that he's going nowhere with this conversation Hugh decided to also return to watching the battle in front of them.

Although losing his first two Pokémon in a row Hilbert came back strong, sweeping Steven's team and triumphing over him. himself only losing one more Pokémon in the process.

"Well that wasn't half bad" Muttered Hugh as Hilbert walks off stage to the tunnels again.

"He seems a little rusty at first but it looks like he got the hang of it after about 5 minutes" Nate reply, a small smile present on his face "I guess that what happens when you're out of competitive battling for 3 years eh?"

"Yeah, just like you when we first battle since your resignation" Hugh reply with a smirk on his face.

"Shut it!" Nate retort back, all three of them break into light laughter.

After the battle they decided to sat on the suite's sofas and exchange small talks to spend the day, that is until the announcer came on to announce the third battle of the day....

"......Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from Kanto. Red!!!!!!"
Nate shot up from the sofa, immediately running towards the window. "There he is...." Was all the young man said as he reached the window.

"Has he not move on from what happened last year?" Yancy whisper to Hugh with equal sense of surprise and disguise on her voice.

"Well, as you know what happened last year was pretty traumatic for him" Hugh tried to reason with her. "Plus revenge against red is probably his number one goal coming into this" he added as they follow Nate to the window to watch Red's battle with current champion of Kalos Serena edwood.

The battle itself wasn't even close. Red sweep of her team seems almost effortless, himself not losing a single Pokémon during the battle. It was a sight to behold to say the least.

"Damn he's good......" Muttered Nate as he gasped at the sight in front of him.

"Of course he's good, he's flipping Red for crying out loud!" Said Yancy making Nate snap out of this thought, with Hugh noticeably chuckling at him.

"Yeah.... That is true" was all Nate could say, as an expression of shame took over his face.

"Seriously though Nate" Hugh decided to chime in again, "if you want to beat him you need to clear your mind out man! It's not healthy to have negative thoughts swirling in you" Nate nodded in acceptance as they return to the sofa to continue their small talks, which fortunately never get interrupted again for the rest of the day.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Downtown Driftveil, 06:45 pm

After the proceedings at the world arena for the day are completed, the streets of Downtown Driftveil are swarm by people who are looking to relax in the city's many restaurants and cafes after the watching the tournament.

Among the people on the crowded sidewalk is Hugh, Yancy and Nate who were making their way to the Lois hotel, one of the city's most luxurious hotel. They decided to go there after one of the tournament's staff inform them that Clay would like to meet Nate there after they're finish with things at the world arena.

"So this is the place, right?" Nate ask his best friend.

"Yep, this is it the Lois hotel" Hugh simply reply. "I don't know what Clay want to talk about with you but it has to be important if he wants to do it here, let's get in shall we?" Nate and Yancy only nodded in response as they entered the hotel's main lobby.
Once inside they greeted by a bell boy who after confirming Nate's identity escorts him away while Hugh and Yancy wait in the lobby.

"Don't you worry sweetie this wouldn't take a long time" says Nate as he kissed his girlfriend's forehead.

"Hugh. Keep an eye on my girl ok?"

"Ok I will Nate, don't you worry about it" Hugh reply with a slight chuckle as Nate is leave the lobby with the bell boy.

After a short time of walking through the hotel's hallway Nate and the bell boy arrived in front of a wooden door, Nate is surprise to find that Hilbert and another bell boy was there as well. Apparently Hilbert have also been informed to come there as well, the two shake hands and exchange smiles as one of the bell boys open the door to let them into the room.

"Harrumph! You two finally came" says a man sitting on the other side of the room. "Kept me waitin, didn't ya?" The boys only hesitantly chuckle in response.

As they entered the room which is as luxurious as they have expected with Big expensive sofas, elaborate decor and a big curtain covering the glass door to the balcony. Then there's the man they came here to talk too, Clay Woodson. A large man with brown hair and eyes, who wears a large cowboy hat, with a yellow stripe and a teal gem on the front. He also wears a sleeveless jacket, with small ribbons on his chest, as well as a hazel shirt underneath. In other words, the opposite of what people think about what a person from Driftveil look like.

Despite this though, the gym leader sure thinks like a modern person having coming up with the idea of the world arena and world tournament which have proven to be a success for the city.

"C'mon then, have a seat wouldn't ya?" Says clay inviting the boys to seat in the sofa opposite of him.

The two boys did so without saying a single word. There is an Awkward silence in the room before Clay finally continue.

"Sorry if seems a little flustered to y'all" He Begin. "But I've been wantin' to meet atleast one of ya for a long time, so to see not just one but both of ya? Boy, what a purty sight don't cha think?"

"Nah it's ok Clay" Nate decided to speak up. "If anything we're the one who should be sorry for not visiting you, I mean you've a done a fine job in building up this city clay" Hilbert nodes in approval.

"That's so nice of ya Nate, indeed it is nice to see my ideas for the city comin' together like fine wine. Kinda makes me thinkin' of retirement now...." Clay reply with a chuckle.

"How about ya Hilbert? How's yer doing in the three years ya spend travelling?" The question seems to catch Hilbert of guard.

"Well nothing special really, just lots of traveling around the world before I came back and realize that I missed out on a lot of things" Hilbert hesitantly replies.

"Don't cha worry Hilbert, we all understand why ya left. It's all good now" Clay reach across to pat Hilbert's shoulder in reassurance.

"How's yer battle today" asked Clay.

"Could've a better start but I'm happy with the results I got from it"

"That's because you're rusty don't you?" Nate decide to chime in

"Maybe I guess......" Hilbert only rolled his eyes at his successor's question.

"Hehe, having a bit of a competition eh?" Clay chuckle in response to their little argument averting his gaze to Nate. "Anyway Nate, Whatcha think about yer battle tomorrow with the current hoeen champion Brendan"

"I've watched the tapes, and I think I could handle him alright" Nate coolly reply. "Heck, if things go my way I may even could lay a good beating at him"

"Now that's the spirit!" Clay smirked at Nate's confidence. "Btw did ya know that if y'all keep winning y'all will meet in the semifinals?

"What?!" The two yelled in unison.

"Yep, I personally Drafted the first round of make things more interestin'" said Clay crossing his arm.

"And it would be a unova vs unova battle would be good for marketing ya know? Anyway whatddya thinks 'bout that?

There is silence as the two looked at each other, not believing that they may have to battle each other soon.

"Well I guess we'll see how it goes maybe my 3 year of experience would help me win" said Hilbert

"Not so fast, smart boy. Do you see how the first five minutes of your battle today goes?" Reply Nate reminding Hilbert's struggle from earlier in the day.

"Hey that was my first battle ok!" Hilbert retort back. "It would be a whole different case in the semis, I can guarantee you that Mr. Primadona" he said his fingers almost touching Nate's chest as Hilbert use it to prove his point.

"We'll see Mr. Blackman, we'll see...."

"Similar but ain't the same......" Clay thought, leaning back into his sofa as the two boys once again breaks into an argument.
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Chapter 3: Day 2

"well that's a bummer........"

In an ordinary hotel room inside an ordinary hotel at the edge of Diftveil is Hilbert who has just been awoken by his alarm clock, it was 4 am. He's planning to do his usual morning walk only to realized that the rainy weather outside would make that pretty much impossible.

"Oh Hilbert" He said letting out a sigh. "Seems like Arceus don't like you taking morning walks eh? He mumbled to himself, after this he was ready to simply return to sleep until 6 am then his Xtransciver ring, it was Cheren.

"Hello Cheren!" Said Hilbert trying to be cheerful as he pushed the button to pick up.

"Hi Hilbert!" An enthusiastic voice comes through as the familiar face of his childhood friend appears on screen. "Sorry if I wake you up, I just want to ca-"

"Don't worry about it Cheren, you're one of my best friends I will never ignore a call from you. Not that I would be mad anyways since I'm already awake even before you call" Hilbert decided to cut him off noticing his guilty expression. "So you're coming today, right?" Hilbert try to change the Topic of conversations.

"Yep, me and Bianca will be coming there. We should arrive there by 10 am" Cheren response with a certain tone of cheerfulness that Hilbert never saw during their journey 3 years ago, "boy has he changed...." Hilbert thought his mind slowly drifting away from Nostalgia.

"Sorry I can't come yesterday, freaking students with their silly little things...." Cheren continue snapping Hilbert out of his nostalgic thoughts.

"It's fine, to be honest I would prefer if you two come today since we could talk freely all day long" Hilbert quickly compose himself to respond to his best friend's statement. "Just careful about the rain here, it doesn't seem like it's going to let up anytime soon"

"Will do, ok I think that's all I want to talk about now, see you later Hilbert!" Said Cheren, hanging up before his friend could response.

Hilbert could only shake his head at his friend current behavior, once again reminiscing his past when Cheren was a cold and calculated man. "Oh Arceus has he changed doesn't he?" He asks himself letting out another sigh as he lay himself on his bed again.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

World Arena's locker room, 08:50 am

Nate pace back and forward in the locker room the wait to the event' start time of 09:10 couldn't felt any longer, to tell the truth he's nervous. This is the first he will battle in front of a crowd since his resignation and although he has convinced himself that he would get through this with ease, he also still questions whether or not he could still handle a current champion.

At that moment Nate heard footsteps, someone else is entering the room. When Nate turn around he saw a slightly tall for his age, thin young man with black hair which is covered by a white beanie and pale skin. He also wears a black and orange collared short sleeved shirt, orange fingerless gloves with black and green wristbands, a green headband, dark gray slim-fit long pants underneath with black and gray shorts, orange and green slip on running shoes with black soles and white stripes. It's without doubt Brendan Emery, current champion of Hoeen. Brendan turn his head as soon he noticed Nate in the room.

"You must be Nathan Kyohei, Former champion of unova and my opponent for today, right?" Said Brendan.

Nate simply answers with "Yep, that would be me." As the two approaches each other and shake hands.

"You know, I kinda look forward to battling you since we're in many ways are similar......." Nate leans towards the wall as Brendan tells him the short version of his journey saying how similar it is with Nate's journey. ".......So yeah, in many ways we're similar. Except for one thing."

"Which is?" Asked Nate eyebrows raise genuinely curious.

"I didn't quit after my first lost and become an actor" Brendan burst out laughing afterwards as Nate let out a sigh, rolling his eyes at him.

"And I thought all champions are honorable enough to not mention someone's disgrace" Said Nate crossing his arms in disgust.

"Hey, it's funny ok! I mean how many times has that happens? If anything it shows that you didn't have the heart of a champion" This only angered Nate even more.

"If you're in that situation you will do the exact same thing" Nate retort back trying his best to not yell at Brendan. "Look let's settle this in the battle arena ok? There you will see that I still have the skills of a champion".

"Ok though guy, I will do that since it's almost our time to battle anyway" says Brendan pointing at the clock which now Shows that it's 09:08. 2 minutes before they're scheduled battle time.

The two exchange looks one more time as they head to their designated tunnel, with Nate frowning now with all the confidence in the world to show that asshole of a champion that he still got it.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

A butler walks through the hallways of the vip area, he's leading two people to a vip room previously assigned to their friend. One a tall, slender young man with very pale skin, black eyes, and jet-black hair with a small tuft that sticks up from the top of his head who wears a white dress-shirt, an orange necktie, blue dress pants, and brown shoes, Cheren Haberkorn.

The other a medium height and slim girl with short yellow-blonde hair and bright green eyes. who sports red glasses, a low white V-neck top with a black top underneath, knee-length green jogging bottoms, a green shoulder bag, orange boots with black soles and bows, green beret with a white bow and orange puffy coat, Bianca Bel.

The two cannot wait to meet their childhood friend Hilbert with Bianca Running into the room as soon the butler opens the door only to be met with Hilbert's surprise and confused expression as she hugged him like a teddy bear, after a few intense moments She let go of Hilbert letting him shake hands with Cheren.

"I thought you said that you guys going to arrive at 10?". Asked Hilbert, curious at how his two friends have arrived an hour earlier than expected.

"Well that was the plan, but the girl Besides me is incredibly impatient and keep asking me 'when are we gonna get going?'" Cheren playfully answers who received a light punch to the shoulder by Bianca.

"Oh come on Hilbert! You know I wouldn't have passed up on meeting you again after going 3 years of not even a word from you". Bianca squeal, her face turning red as she tried to defend herself.

"Boy, her life must be painful without knowing where I am" Hilbert thought to himself as he uneasily laughs with Cheren thinking about how his Friend's life was when he was gone, not wanting to get distracted by his thought he decided to change the topic. "Oh well, atleast you could be here to watch the first battle, how's the weather outside btw?"

"Well, to put it simply it's hell." answered Cheren. "The wind out there must be around 60 kph or something, doesn't look like it's gonna let up anytime soon"

"If this place wasn't a dome they would probably cancelled today's events" Bianca chimes in, the boys only nodded in response.

At that moment they were interrupted by the crowd going crazy at Nate's entry to the battle arena.

"So this is it, huh? His first competitive battle since he resigned?" Ask Hilbert.

"Yep, will be interesting to see whether or not he still has the skills to battle you Hilbert" Cheren response with a slight smug expression in his face, as if he already knew his former student could go all the way again in the tournament.

"We shall see how that turns out Cheren...."

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

Nate pump his fist in the air as Brendan's final Pokémon was deemed unable to continue, to say that he dominated the battle would be an understatement, he almost sweeps Brendan's entire team with just his Arcanine. A feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed Nate as he felt proud putting the cocky champion in his place, if there's any doubt about his ability before then they're all gone now.

"Ha! How do you feel now champion of Hoeen? Beaten by a 'petty actor'" Taunts Nate towards the defeated Champion who only response with silence. "Well, I hope this will teach you to never underestimate anyone Mr. Emery" He taunts Brendan again as he turns around and starts walking back to the tunnel, waving to the crowds as he did.

"Let's hope no one else would act like him for the rest of this tournament...." Nate thought to himself as he re-enters the tunnel.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

World arena control room, 11:38 am

12 meters under the battle area, in the world arena's deepest level sits the control room. An area use as an HQ of sort of the world arena's security force, a room mostly filled with monitor screen showing the views of the arena's many CCTV cameras with just as many people task with watching them for anything strange.

Although unfortunately nothing of the sort has happened on the complex so far, yeah some of the VIP guests are complaining about the water leaking in from the celling today and the atmosphere of battle area between battles is utterly unnerving with the only thing that can be heard being the sound of the ever worsening storm outside battering the roof, but weather related stuff is out of their control so all they can do is sit and watch.

"Other than the complains about the storm it's been business as usual huh?" Said one of the supervisor playfully as he takes the usual walks around the room to check on the men watching the cameras, everything was clam, then the unthinkable happens.


The room went dark for a moment as the whole complex lost power before some lights and electrical equipments come back with the help of the backup generator.

"What the arceus just happened?!" Shout the supervisor, who although still shock knows that he needs to find out what is wrong and fix it quickly.

"Sir! The main electrical link to the power grid has short circuited due to contact with water" one off the operator yelled across the room to inform the supervisor what happens.

"Damn it! Sent the engineers there to fix it, quick!" The supervisor commanded, the operator obliged.

"Commence an ev check! We must for me out whether or not someone is trap in one of elevators" The supervisor nervously commanded the check to start.

"Ev 1: clear, Ev 2: clear, Ev 3: clear...." The ev check continue with more elevators found to be empty, it looks like they will complete the check without anyone found to be in trouble. That is until.... "Ev 13: clear, Ev 14: clear, Ev 15: ...., Th-there is someone stuck in there"

"WHAT?!" the supervisor yelled as he runs to ev 15's camera operator's screen.

"There is a girl stuck in Ev 15 sir......" The operator explain how voice barely coming out of his mouth because of shock.

"Oh psyduck me...."

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

Meanwhile back in the VIP suites, Hilbert and Cheren could only watch as security officers try to calm the crowd bellow down. The three friends have been chatting for the past two hours while watching the tournament unfold until Bianca was called into a last minute assignment by professor juniper, she decided to left alone convincing Cheren and Hilbert that he will be fine going alone. Then the blackout happens which caught them by surprise although they didn't think of much of it, thinking it was only the storm and that power will be restored soon enough.

They didn't worry about Bianca either at first, thinking she's probably left the building by now, and the Cheren's Xtransciver ring, and its Bianca.

"Bianca? What is it? Is there a pro-" Cheren stopped when he saw his friend teary face surrounded by darkness.

"Ch-cheren!!! Hilbert!!!! Please help me!!! I'm stuck in the elevator!!!!" Bianca yelled at the device, sobbing after every word, she's Terrified.

"Oh arceus...." Cheren gasps at the realization before Hilbert shook him up, knowing what they should be doing. "Hold on in there Bianca, we gonna get you out of there" said Cheren as he grabs one of his poke balls from his belt.

"Elektross, can you use flash to light our way to Bianca's elevator please?" The eel Pokémon nodded to his master's request and the three burst out of the room into the hallway in search of the elevator to rescue their friends.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

A few minutes of running in the near pitch black hallway they find themselves in front of an elevator.

"Bianca! Are you there!" Cheren shouts while Pounding on the door.

"Yes! I'm here!" A voice of fear can be heard on the other side, it's without a doubt Bianca.

"Muk.... Hold on for a few more moments! We'll going to get you out of there" Cheren yelled back.

"Now how are we going to get her out......." Cheren muttered scratching his head in confusion.

"Let me handle this one" said Hilbert grabbing a poke ball from his bag, seeing this Cheren and elektross step aside to make way. "Sawk! Can you rip this door open please?"

Sawk nodded as he preceded to walk up to the elevator door and forcefully opens it revealing Bianca cowering in the corner of the elevator.

"Bianca!" Shout the boys in unison as they rush into the elevator.

"Cheren! Hilbert!" Yelled Bianca as she saw his two friends rushing in, immediately hugging them tightly. "Oh thank you Arceus, I thought I was going to die in here" she sunk her head into Cheren's chest and start crying.

"It's ok now, you're gonna be safe Bianca. Don't worry about" said Hilbert rubbing his hand in Bianca's back to calm him down.

At that moment they heard footsteps coming their way, it's the arena's security officers. Just arriving on the scene.

"Is she ok?" Ask one of the security officers.

"She's fine, just a little cold and shock" Hilbert turned around and answer the guard's question.

"Ok, we have an ambulance ready down stairs to check on her"

The boys only nodded as they bring Bianca to the ambulance along with their Pokémon and the guard's. The two would like ended up spending the rest of the day in the hospital with her as power was restored to the stadium and the Day's events was continued.
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Chapter 4: Day 3

On a hotel balcony located not far from the Driftveil world arena Two young men are hunching over the railings, trying to relax in the cool morning air of Driftveil while trying to distance themselves from the thoughts that's keeps them from having enough sleep last night.

One is used to this kind of habit since he's been doing it almost everyday for the last decade, the other not so much. Having settle into a nice comfortable life these episodes of restlessness are far and few in between for him.

"So, I guess this is the first time we've done this together isn't it Red?" Said one of the men looking over to his friend beside him.

"Yep, usually it's just me all alone with you lying still in bed blue" Said the other men, a sarcastic tone can be felt while he said it as he turned his head to look at his friend.

"Hahahaha, things are changing Red, I could tell you that much" Blue response turning back his gaze back towards the view in front of him.

"You sure you don't have something that's plaguing your mind?" Red asked, he's been sensing that his friend has something heavy in his mind for a while now judging by how his behavior has become soft towards him. At first red thought it was just him trying to ease his transition to normal life but by now it's clear that's not the only reason.

"No, nothing really other than wanting to spend time with you. I guess yesterday's black out sort of disturb me but not by that much" Blue quickly response, to tell the truth red is right. There is something plaguing his mind but he knows he can't just spill it out here, after all red have a battle to think about right now. Flooding his thoughts with this is simply not a good idea.

"You sure that's all?" Red sense that Blue is not being honest with him so he decided to pressure him further.

"Well........" Blue paused trying to think of a good excuse so he could red to asking about his feelings, eventually after a few moments of silence he found his 'good excuse'. "I've been thinking about what I'll do if I ended up facing you in the semis"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Red jolt back in surprise at what his friend just said.

"Haven't you paid any attention?" Blue turn his head and smile knowing his reasoning will be good enough to satisfy Red. "The tournament brackets has been designed so that the winner of bracket day 1 and 2 will ended up facing each other in the semis. So, if you win today and I win tomorrow we will meet in the semis". He explained this to red in a way that he hopes would make red think he's saying the truth, even though he isn't.

"Well, that is, interesting" said red tilting his head down, contemplating on what blue just said. He still feels that he's not 100% telling the truth but the thought of battling his friend again for the first time in almost 10 years distract him from his original thought.

"Got him!" Thought Blue, relieve that red accepted his reasoning. Despite this deep down he knows he have to voice his actual thought to red sooner or later, for the moment though he decided to push that aside as Red went back inside to prepare for his second round battle today.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

World arena main lobby, 08:35 am

The main lobby of the arena should be devoid of any activity right now just like the previous two days, but as the tournament organizer found out after yesterday's festivities the storm has bring more damage to the place than expected.

Water was everywhere in the stadium no one wall hasn't leak from the intensity of the storm, electrical system was also more damage than expected with it just one drop of water away from total failure, making the fact that the power was able to be restored and run to the end of day after the blackout seems more miraculous. Overall it was a mess, and the tournament organizer have to work all night to ensure the tournament could continue safely the next day.

Even then the start of day's matches is still delayed by an hour and the Vip area is closed for the next two days for further repair. Unfortunately, the news of the delayed start didn't get to the competitors who will be battling today in time, leaving them stranded in the lobby having to deal with the media and their endless questioning. Some like red hate this and elected to go to the locker room early, deeming the hour long wait there better than having to dealt with the troublesome paparazzi.

Some others however don't have the luxury of choosing as they were quickly pinned by the many reporters and journalist on site, one of those people is Hilbert who have to settle to sitting on one of the sofas answering questions from atleast 25 journalist who surrounded him with microphones.

"Is it true that the person who was rescue from the elevators in yesterday's black out was one of your friend?" Asked one reporter.

"Yes that person is one of my friend, Bianca" Hilbert calmly answers. "She was rushed to the hospital yesterday but was only suffering from shock and a minor case of hypothermia, so she was already allowed to go home by nightfall"

"Has that event effect you in any way coming into your match today against Dawn Hikari?" Asked another reporter.

"Not really, I mean it was kind of terrifying to see one of my best friends in that kind of situation but I wouldn't let it affect my mind too much. Heck, even Bianca herself say that to me yesterday. As for the match itself I'm hoping for a good close match, Dawn is a very good trainer so I have to watch out for some of her tricks and skills during our match today"

"Do you have anything to said to the other remaining Unova representative?"

"Well, not much other than that I wish Nate and Iris good luck with their matches tomorrow. They're both very good Trainers but they're skills will be put up to the test against Gold and Blue so I think it will a good match for both of them which I hope they'll won"

"Do you have any regrets about leaving for 3 years leaving the fate of Unova to someone else?" A reporter near the back suddenly blurts out, Hilbert leans back in contemplation while the other reporters give the man who ask the 'you shouldn't have said that' look.

"Well......" Hilbert begin letting out a sigh as he went on. "It's certainly not a good decision I'll tell you that much, but it's already in the past and we shouldn't dig up the past too much as it is not important for what's happening today"

Without warning he suddenly stand up from the sofa, looking at his Xtransciver saying "it's been fun to answer to your questions but it's almost time so I unfortunately I have to go now" before walking off through an opening Besides him to the locker room.

Deep down however Hilbert is starting to feel the guilt of his actions again when that question was asked, once again wondering "should I really move on? Have everybody really forgive me?" Hilbert thought to himself. Before he let his mind to drift off again however he pushes those thoughts aside decided to focus on his upcoming battle with current sinnoh champion Dawn Hikari.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

".........I wonder why didn't they just postpone today's matches?" Growled Yancy frowning on the couch staring at the TV, sensing that his girlfriend is not in a good mood Nate put his around her shoulder to call her down.

"I don't know sweetie, Clay's the one running the show here" Nate response exhaling a breath as he rubs his hands against his girlfriend's back.

"Maybe it's because everything from the hotels, TV right and the return flights of the visitors has already been book for Sunday, and delaying them would cost the organizer money" Hugh chime in turning his head from the tv towards the young couple to voice his thoughts.

"Shouldn't they focused on satisfaction and safety first? This way they're just creating a PR disaster" Yancy snarled , "This industry sickens me sometimes I swear...." She thought, remembering that the entertainment industry push for profit in disregard of human life is what almost led her to depression before she met Nate a year ago.

"I don't know Yancy, I'm not a business man like clay. Maybe he knew something that we don't know that justifies this decision" Hugh shrugged, turning his gaze back to the tv while Nate kiss Yancy as a way to calm her down.

Since the Vip are is close Nate and Yancy was left with no option but settle for watching the Day's matches on their hotel room's tv, Hugh decide to join the young couple since he have nothing to do in Rood's place today.

"And now we just have this in" the voice the tournament Tv broadcaster suddenly fills the room. "Now, of course as a competitor you don't want anything distract you from thinking about your match. Well, it seems like that's something Hilbert Blackman would have a hard time doing going into this match up with Dawn Hikari today after his impromptu press conference at the main lobby earlier today, have a look;"

"Do you have any regrets about leaving for 3 years leaving the fate of Unova to someone else?"

"Well...... It's certainly not a good decision I'll tell you that much, but it's already in the past and we shouldn't dig up the past too much as it is not important for what's happening today"

"What are you trying to achieve with that!?" Nate shot up from the couch in Utter surprise.

"Can't he just left him and his past alone?!" Yancy added.

"He's right though......" Hugh suddenly muttered.

"What?" Nate mutters, turning his head towards Hugh. Surprise at what have just comes out of his friend's mouth.

"Think about it, if He hadn't leave Unova three years ago Plasma would never even think of coming back and wrecking the Havoc they did when they did come back in his absence" Hugh explains, turning his gaze towards Nate. His expression seems to suggest he's apathetic towards Hilbert's situation, unlike his two friends.

"It's not in his control though" Nate retaliated, "for all he knew when he left plasma was dead and buried, also it's only logical if he wants to bring N back. He's been abused all of his life and Hilbert wants to help him. Plus, I don't think he could stop plasma from rising again anyways"

"Maybe not, but the job of getting rid of them would be much easier and you probably don't have to go through your near death experience if he hadn't left" Hugh's cold response send silence through the room as the two stare at each other.

"So he hasn't lost that coldness, huh?" Nate thought remembering how this cold, passive-aggressive attitude was a trademark of Hugh when they started their journey a little over a year and a half ago, he thought Hugh have already shred this personality away at his realization moment on the plasma frigate and his subsequent effort to change afterwards.

He has to admit it though; Hugh has been kind of aphetic about Hilbert whenever someone bring him up, avoiding them whenever he could although it seems like this is the first time he actually voice those thoughts to other people.


The sound of the doorbell to their hotel room Snapped Nate out of his staring contest with Hugh.

"I'll answer it, probably just room service" Nate simply said standing up from the couch and walking past Hugh to the door, not even looking at him as he passed.

Perhaps because of the tense situation just moments before Nate didn't bother to check the peep hole and just opens the door.

When he did he's suprise to find out that it was not room service at the other end but a tall and slim young girl. She has very long dark brown hair tied in two large sock buns above her ears, with two long locks hanging loose to her waist, and shorter locks on either side of her face, pale peach skin and dark blue eyes. Nate stagger back a few steps as the girl also look about as surprise as he is. Nate examine what he saw again, he couldn't believe what he's seeing.

"No, it can't be......" Nate muttered his voice barely audible. "Rosa?"

"Nate!!!!!" The girl suddenly lunges at him forcing him into a tight hug. "Oh Arceus, i can't believe what I'm seeing right now, it's really you!!! My twin brother!!!!!"

"Neither can I sis!!!" Shout Nate as he hugs Rosa back. "It's been so freaking long!!!! I've never thought I'll see you again!!!!"

The sudden commotion wasn't left unnoticed by Hugh and Yancy with the latter being confused at hearing the word 'brother' and 'sister'.

"Nate have a twin sister?" Asked Yancy with a surprise and confused expression on her face.

"Yeah, he does. It's a long story" Hugh reply with a smile on his face.

This only made Yancy even more curious as to her knowledge Nate only live with his mother in Aspertia, never has Nate or his mother mention another family member to her.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

"Good grief, you've become so tall Nate!" Says Rosa as she finally released Nate from her tight hug.

"You too have become taller since we last met Rosa" Nate simply reply, "Why now all of a sudden though?" He asked puzzle at her unexpected arrival.

"Well, I actually I arrive back in unova last night but I visited mom first back home" Rosa explains. "She was surprised too; in fact, she wants to call you to inform that I'm here but I tell her not to so that it didn't ruin the surprise for you. So I came here to visit you".

"Oh sis, you always love surprises don't you?" Nate thought rolling his eyes at his sister's explanation. "Come on in, I actually have a couple people here right now who you might want to meet"

The two make their way inside to find Hugh smiling and Yancy looking on with a confused expression still processing the thought of her lovely boyfriend having a family member he never told her about.

"You remember Hugh don't you sis?" Nate asked stepping aside so his sister can see the other people in the room.

"Of course I do!" Rosa immediately respond, with Hugh standing up to greet her, someone he hasnt met in a long time. "The loud kid with wild blue hair that likes to hang out with you spending all day talking about comics, how can I forgot about someone like that"

"It's nice to see you again Rosa" said Hugh extending his hand for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you too Hugh" Rosa reply as she shakes hands with Her old friend.

"And Uhm" Nate suddenly interrupts, "Over there is uh, my girlfriend Yancy." Rosa turn her gaze towards the pink hair girl sitting in the couch in front of her, her eyes lit up at hearing the word 'girlfriend'

"You have a girlfriend!?" She gasped, "Dang, I didn't think A bookworm like you could even have a girlfriend let alone one as pretty as this"

"Hello Ms. Rosa I'm Yancy Ruri. Nate's boyfriend" says Yancy, standing up and nervously introducing herself to Rosa.

"Hi there! Dang Nate, you are lucky boy to have someone like her..." Rosa reply turning her gaze towards her brother who's blushing intensely, flustered by his sister's compliment.

"Hehe, seems like I have some explaining to do. Let's all have a seat shall we?" Said Nate as everyone takes a seat with Rosa sitting on the couch Besides Yancy while Nate took a plastic chair and sit next to Hugh, the tension between the two of them seemingly gone as if it never happens. "So, first of all Yancy I want to explain why I never told you that I have a sister before...." Nate begin.

"Although from the outside I look like one of those kids whos only living with their mom because their father left it wasn't always like that, my family was once a normal and happy one with me living with my twin sister Rosa, my father and mom. It was great we were living the unovan dream. Unfortunately, that all change 7 years ago when an argument between my mom and dad turned violent, I still don't know what's the cause of the argument but it ended their marriage. And after their divorce, my father took custody of Rosa while my mom took custody of me. Since then my mom and me decide to not tell anyone about Rosa and my father because it was a traumatic experience for us, with only Hugh's family being the only ones outside of my immediate family to have any knowledge of this since they have gained my mother's trust"

"Oh my, i'm sorry for what happened to your family." Said Yancy in a saddened tone, realizing the terrible story of her boyfriend's family.

"Thanks Yancy, but all of that is in the past and as painful as it was for me and Rosa, it doesn't matter now. It's in the past." Everyone nodded in agreement at Nate's reply, there was silence in the room as everyone is taking in the story until Rosa turn her head towards Nate and smile.

"Let's move on to a happier story now shall we?" She says gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

"Uhm, like what sis?" Nate asked.

"Come on now Nate, you know what I want to hear. Tell me how you met this beautiful lady Beside me"

"Uhm....." Nate and Yancy nervously reply, both feeling their faces turn red out of embarrassment with Nate turning to Hugh for advice.

"Just tell her man, she's your sister she deserved to know." Hugh patted his friend in The back, trying to convince him to tell Rosa his love story.

"Ok, fine........" Nate sigh as he prepared to tell his love story to Rosa, shifting his chair closer to her.

"I'm listening." Rosa said playfully to her twin brother.

Nate sigh once more before telling his love story with Yancy, from how it went from a simple act of kindness of Nate founding Yancy's Xtransciver in Nimbasa and returning it to her. To a full blown loving relationship that involves them finding out that they're both superstars in disguise, living the double live of loving eachother behind the scenes and not in front of it, and finally blowing their cover both on and off screen.

As he finished his story Nate let out one last enormous sigh as if a huge weight has been lifted off him, seeing this Rosa can't help but chuckle as she decided to wrapped her arms around Nate like a good twin sister should be.

"Awwww, seems like my little bro has gone through a lot hasn't he?" Rosa said playfully teasing Her brother in her grip as his expression turn from one of shame to one of annoyance.

"First of all, can you get off of me please?" Said Nate as he free himself from his sister's grip, his voice full of seriousness. "Second of all, why are you calling me 'little'? We're twins. We're the same age"

"Well you could say that but I am just a little older than you brother" Rosa reply with a smirk on her face.

"By 30 seconds!" Nate suddenly snapped.

"Best 30 seconds of my life!" Rosa yelled causing Hugh and Yancy to burst out laughing out of the hilarity of the situation.

[] [] [] [] [] [] []

Hilbert's hotel room, 08:45 pm

The Day's events are over, Hilbert return to his hotel room feeling satisfy after his upset over Dawn, not many people picked him to win over the dominant Champion of Sinnoh but he proves them wrong by beating Dawn and ensuring his place in the semis.

Still that question in the interview this morning still sticks in his mind. That question once again made him question whether or not everyone has forgiven him, feeling conflicted he decides called his mom for advice.

"Don't you worry honey; everyone has forgiven you" she said trying to reassure Hilbert.

"Well that question this morning certainly beg to differ" Hilbert coldly respond.

"Oh you know how the media works son, trust me most people have already forgiven you for what you did"

"Most being the keyword there mom."

"Hilbert please, Don't take this too hard. It's not good for your health and progression in the tournament, now just take it easy and used tomorrow to relax ok?"

Hilbert only nodded in response as they say their goodbyes and end the calls, Hilbert sigh, taking in what his mom just told him.

"'used tomorrow to relax'. Ok, I might do that" he told himself as he turned off the lights and go to sleep.

"Is it true that I'm just making this worries up myself? Do I need to change? Or is it I'm feeling this way because there's someone who hasn't forgiven me?" He thought to himself as he tries to doze off.

"Maybe just maybe........."
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