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Saurav's sprites and tilesets project Page 7

Started by Saurav September 27th, 2008 4:16 AM
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Posted February 7th, 2012
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What is the point in posting that and then deleting the posts of other users without offering critique yourself?
The thread will just end up getting closed if noone posts in it for a long time then someone just posts to show support.
The reason why is ask for updates is to keep him motivated. I find it myself in my own thread. It's nice to see people asking to show you some work so that will actually make you want to work on some art and show it off.

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I'm posting as a moderator, doing moderator stuff. If I was just randomly posting then yes, of course I'd offer critique.
This thread will end up closed if he doesn't create any new content. You are not allowed to bump a thread for no reason, and if you do all continue bumping it, then I will close it.
It's also nice to see people follow the rules in here. Don't bump his thread, and use constructive criticism in your posts. End of story.


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Nice tiles, They inspire my tiles actually both yours and Kyledove's. I like how the colors are kinda dark/dull. Its idk great, Keep up the work and release some more soon. You should do some indoor tiles.
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Guys, go and check Saurav's public profile, i think its apparent that he can't do anymore tiles for the time being. So just be patient, he's busy!

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