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Launchpad Forum Rules

An Introduction

Say goodbye to the Beginner's Lounge and say hello to your Launchpad! The Beginner's Lounge is still here under a new guise but welcome to our entirely brand new Launchpad subform. Here we welcome all beginning hackers and hacking teams as they begin their journeys with us. This forum will be used as Launchpad for hacks as they aim to make their way into the Progressing Hacks and Hacks Studio subforums.

Any ROM Hacking questions are to be asked in the Rom Hacking Help subforum. A new facet of our Launchpad forum is the re-introduction to the forum of team threads. Teams used to be extremely popular on Pokécommunity and we are hoping to recreate that good feeling once more. Your team threads are almost without rules as they're your teams and you can use the threads however you wish; whether this is for complete professionalism or just kicking back and relaxing together.

There will be two prefixes to be used in this forum to differentiate threads: 'Idea' and 'Team' - please make sure you label your threads correctly.

Forum Rules

This forum is bound by rules set in the global Pokécommunity Rules
To make sure that things remain civil, and to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, we ask that, along with the global PokéCommunity rules, you observe the rules and resulting infractions set forth. You'll probably find yourself in the other subforums of ROM Hacking the majority of your time here; however, if you wish to discuss particular subject this is the place for you.

Do not post, direct users to, or link to commercial ROMs of any sort
Regardless of whether a new hacker needs them or any other purpose, you may not link to a "download" of any commercial game (basically, any commercially sold ROM that we ROM hack in here), or direct users to any method to downloading a ROM.
You may be infracted (three permanent infraction points) or risk immediate suspension of your account, should you link to commercial ROMs of any sort.

Additional Guidelines

Flaming and trolling is not tolerated
We are a friendly forum and this forum is used to help people as much as we can, please do not troll or flame users.

Thread revival limit is in place over 1 month (team exemptions apply)
Both 'Idea' and 'Team' threads are subject to revival limits, with the exemptions of being revived by either the Idea creator or Team members.

Members may only run one team at a time
You are only allowed to host one team at a time. If you would like to start a new team, you must have the thread for your previous team closed before your new thread will be approved. Please note that this does not mean that you can not join more than one team. You can join as many teams as you like; you are only prohibited from creating threads for more than one team.

Members must have been a Pokécommunity member for one month or longer to run a team
In order to create a team thread, you must have been a member of The PokéCommunity for more than one (1) months. This is to ensure that new hackers try things out for themselves before immediately trying to recruit others to do work for them. Please note that this rule does not apply to the act of joining a team. You may apply for any team you'd like, regardless of how long you've been a member of PC.

Exception: If you can prove that you are not a new hacker, however you are simply new to PC, then you may post a thread. Contact a moderator before hand to let them know.

Team Layout
All team threads need to have a first post that details the following information:
Team Name
Your team must have some sort of identification to separate it from the other teams in this section. Make sure that the name is in both the thread title and the first post.

Your thread must have an introduction and it must be reasonably lengthy. A moderator will not hesitate to delete an unapproved thread if its introduction is deemed skimpy. When writing an introduction, ask yourself: "why am I making this team?" Your introduction should answer that question and you should aim to convince people to join your team.

PLEASE NOTE: A hack's storyline does not count as an introduction. The introduction is for the team itself; as such, the story of the hack can go in the hack's own thread. So, repeating for emphasis: please don't post a storyline as an introduction, as it will not count. Also, remember to keep those intros reasonably lengthy. Too skimpy and it won't be approved.

Application Form
You must include a form that prospective members will fill out when applying for your team. Possible items on the form include (but are not limited to): Skill(s), Proof of Work, Past Experience, Contact Information, Time Zone, etc.

Current Team Members
It is required that you include a list of the current members of your team and that you continually update the list. Optionally, you may state the role of each member of the team (scripter, mapper, etc.).

Current Progress
Finally, it is necessary to have a list of the projects that your team is working on. Please include a short paragraph about each project (with story and/or feature details) and, if applicable, a link to the project's thread.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the rules set above, or you need assistance in setting up your thread, feel free to send a PM to the moderators or correspondents of this forum.

Rules written and compiled by Logan