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So for my in game team, I've got four for sure, but need to pick two more and can't decide

Four are:

The two pairs I'm considering are either




I know abomasnow would add a 3rd fighting weakness, but I like grass types and there's not really another grass type I'd like to use (considered roserade but decided not to)


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Votes for Froslass and Girafarig. Typically chooses Abomasnow for Snow Warning. Sees little team benefit for that. Will miss its Electric and Ground resistances. Brings a lot of weaknesses, however. Hurts in a game with good coverage on strong trainers. Cannot easily work around them with its speed.

Liked using Froslass as support before. Combines good speed with your choice of Charm, Reflect, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, and Will-o-Wisp. (May be a bit difficult to get some before postgame, though.) Could allow Girafarig to set up Agility, Calm Mind, and/or Nasty Plot (with an optional Baton Pass). Learns a wide range of moves via TM too.
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Personally, I'd go with the first pair - Abomasnow is a unique option with its grass/ice typing and I think Chimecho in addition to that would make for a fun, unique mix of party members. Though I'm definitely not denying Devalue's opinions on Froslass being a valuable coverage mon with a unique type combination + less weaknesses either.

Did you end up making a decision in the end?
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Thank you for the thoughts! :)

I had made my decision, and it was going to be Froslass and Girafarig, just because in addition to Abomasnows many weaknesses, I've never used Girafari before, so it would be fun to try something new

I then, however, managed to have someone agree to trade me an Eevee (which I've now got an Eevee egg) before the 7th gym, so I am entertaining the idea of swapping Girafarig for an Espeon or Leafeon 😅

Espeon would cover fighting weaknesses , while Leafeon would add another fire weakness to the team, but again, I love grass mons 😂