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Edit: I changed the game to Emerald because I have not played through Hoenn in a long while

I would like to give this challenge a shot 😁.

A) USERNAME: AwooWolfWoof
B) WHICH GAME: Emerald
Class: Programmer
Primary Mission(s):
1. Get one of your pokemon to be a programming "assistant" by getting them to beat the highest contest rank in the smart category.
2. Collect as many TMs as truly possible in Emerald for your character to tinker with (TM = Technical Machine = Programmable)
Magneton (Steel, Programmer, Smart)
Tentacruel (Water, Japan (lol), Blue)
Mightyena (Evil, Dogs, Mammals)

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Log 1:


You sit on the small floor level seat which Mr. Briney provided for you. As he happily chases his Wingull Peeko, you look at the three disc like devices that have been handed to you so far.

"TM's and HM's huh. Why that distinct difference though?"

You tried asking Roxanne after your battle but she quickly changed the subject. "Since you are so strong, you should challenge other Gym Leaders."

Cutter, the man who gave you the HM on the other hand gave you a weird look before shooing you out of his house.

You yawn as you clutch Ein's pokeball.

You stretch a bit and decide to prepare your sleeping bag on a corner of Mr. Briney's cottage. You have a long day tomorrow with him agreeing on ferrying you to Dewford as thank you for rescuing Peeko. And there's also that letter you need to deliver to Steven and the package for Captain Stern at Slateport.

"Come to think of it, why didn't ask in Devon why I was there?"

You shake your head and let out a longer yawn. "Look at me, so tired and fussing over some discs."

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Log 2:


You let out a loud belch as you drink your sixth bottle of soda. "Now THIS is quality soda!"

You've been in Slateport for a day now. Having gotten your latest badge in Dewford, you've chosen to hang around Slateport for a while, either going to the beach or staying in the pokemon center. Right now though, you're in the Seashore House enjoying a bottle of soda with your Pokemon. Your Mightyena, Ein is napping on the floor while your Tentacool Zwei is resting on your head. You're not sure if she's poisonous on touch, but you're guessing she's not.

There are four people inside the seashore house with you. The owner Mr. Sea, Dwayne the sailor, a beauty named Johana and a male tuber named Simon though you're not sure if that's his name. You spin one of your recently aquired TM's in your finger - TM 46 Thief. "I still got no answers why this things only work once."

You are interrupted in your musings by Mr. Sea. "So Spruce, care to continue your story?"

"Sure why not?" You shrug. "Where was I again..."

"You were about on the part about the boat ride Spruce!" the tuber answered you cheerfully.

"Thanks Samming." you replied absently

"It's -"

"Ah yes the boat ride! So the sailor I helped, Mr. Briney agreed to ferry me to Dewford as thanks for rescuing his Wingull. I nearly threw up on his boat though and he's really not that happy about that."

"When I finally made it to Dewford, Steven was nowhere in sight, so I had to explore a bit and eventually reached a cave. A hiker who was a pretty swell guy, told me that Steven was deeper inside the cave. He was even kind enough to give me an HM for some reason. Hiker's code or something. Anyways, I headed deeper into the cave and let me tell you it was pitch dark. I even bumped into a wall at one time"

"I think HM was supposed to help me navigate. I tried waving it around. I tried to give it to Ein and Zwei who just looked at me with weird looks but nothing happened. I thought HM's were unlimited or something. The hiker probably told me how to use it but I was zoning out a bit."

"After bumping into more walls and rocks, I finally made it to Steven."

"I thought to myself that since this guy gives away TM's, there's a chance that he knows why they're a one time use device. So I attempted to ask him."

"So he just ran off?" Johana interrupts your story.

"Gave a shifty look and ran off the cave. After resting a bit at the pokemon center I decided to challenge Brawly."

"Was that even legal?" Dwanye lets out a laugh as the rest of the folks in the Seashore House do.

"Brawly nearly looked like he wanted to throttle me but I did not get disqualified so I assumed it was."

"So after getting the badge, I hightailed it out of Dewford before Brawly got really pissed at me. I arrived yesterday and when I went to the Museum looking for the guy I needed to deliver a package to, I encountered pirates."



"And after beating them and giving the package, well here we are." you say finishing your story while chugging down your tenth bottle of soda. "I think they wanted to expand the sea, or that's what I understood about the leader's speech."

"So what are you gonna do now?" Mr. Sea asks you. "Are you going to continue taking the gym challenge to become the champion?"

You let out a chuckle. "Are you kidding? Travel around and collect 8 badges? I'm more curious on why no one is able to answer me on why these TM's are a one time use!"

Mr. Sea shrugs. "At least you have a purpose. By the way, only the first sixth bottles are on the house. You have about 1200 pokedollars on your bill right now."

You let out a groan and pay up. Your stomach rumbles but maybe a few more bottles for the road wouldn't hurt.