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Belna(ベルナー) Region

After recently finishing Sword & Shield and recently replaying X&Y. I wanted to create a region that had connecting lore to the two other regions. This is probably going to be a very slow-paced project! I'm not confident in my story writing skills or world-building but I know that I'm never going to improve if I don't get my work out there.

Story Information

This Region is based in Belgium.

Aurora & Eclipe, despite being the same story, takes place in two branches; Poke-Shows and Poke-Battles. I know Poke-shows might sound boring to some people, especially if you played it in the games, but I promise to make the route as interesting as possible!

Region History
3,000 years ago a war broke out between two countries. Many lives were lost as the Region surrendered after a powerful attack. The region was left in ruins as fear and anger began to overcome every one. Thus the Awakening of Coloremar. With its inky black figure, the pokemon would blend itself into the shadows of the forest and strike at random. Coloremar would wreak havoc across the remains of the region and the royal family did nothing about it. It was theorized that the King's bitterness towards the Region’s loss was enough to awaken the rogue pokemon.

The Belrians grew more and more restless with their silence, everyday citizens would plead for them to do something but to no avail. The Cycle would continue on for years, Coloremar would strike, more lives were lost, and despair would only get worse. Eventually, one soldier had enough and planned to flee the country with his family. While finding a safe path, the soldier stumbled across an injured pokemon. Although he had hesitated to help it, he couldn’t in good conscious leave the poor pokemon behind. He would tend to it every night with growing guilt of the thought he would even think about abandoning the civilians he had protected for so many years. Now desperate, the soldier needed to step for his Region if he wanted them to survive.
The soldier started to form a rebellion with the few soldiers and civilians that took his side. The news of a growing rebellion quickly reached the King. The King was furious that his people would even dare to go against him.

The rebellion quickly came and the Citizens seemed to be winning under the Soldier’s lead. The King’s wrath grew so to the point that he went insane. His insanity was enough to power the Coloremar further to the point that he was able to control it. He uses this newfound power and attacks the opposing citizens. The Soldier that formed the rebellion was severely hurt during a retreat and used himself as a sacrifice. Left for dead, the soldier prays to the night sky filled with falling stars, in hopes that this chaos will come to an end.
As he holds one of the stars that has fallen into his hand close to his heart, a blurry white figure approaches him. The only thing he could make out was its fiery eyes. The soldier reached out for the pokemon’s help. In what he assumed were his final moments, he asked for the pokemon to lead the rest of the rebellion to victory.

Not wanting to leave the soldier that helped them when they needed him, Lanssaert healed the fallen soldier and brought him towards the victory Belrians fought for. Lanssaert sealed away Coloremar before leaving a single black scale/small white feather(Depending on what game you picked).
As peace slowly returned to the region, the King and his family were exiled and the Soldier was made the new King, with the promise of guiding Belna into a better path.


  • Coloremar (Colorobetch+Cauchemar)

Dark-Ice type Pokémon Awakened and powered by people’s anger and hate. The Pokémon will take the form of its real-life counterpart just without the human head. Instead of its pale white skin, it will be covered in Black scales.

  • Lanssaert(Landvættir+Ossaert)

A Fairy-Fire type Pokémon born as a counter to Coloremar. A white dog with feathers instead of fur, it’s most notable feature is its fiery eyes. It’s noted that anyone who holds one of its feathers will gain a future with great fortune.

Poke-Dex will be next.
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Pokémon from Kalos will be commonly seen while Galarian (Excluding the ones with regional forms) will be somewhat rare. Pokemon from other regions will be strictly rare (Excluding pokemon with Galarian and Alolan regional forms).

Original Region Pokémon(+Plus region variant)s:

Starter Pokémon:

  • Scormalia(Scoria+Animalia)
These Pokémon tend to be hostile but calm as they Evolve. While they have dark coats of fur, random patches glow when they use their attacks.

  • Martele(Martes+Pele)

The first evolution. Martele is a calmer pokemon and is very clever in battle.

  • Pelidae(Pele+Mustelidae)

Final Evolution Ghost branch. Obtainable through Gym route or trade.

  • Mustelria(Mustelidae+scoria cones)

Final Evolution Psychic Branch. Obtainable through Show route or trade.


  • Chorter(Chordata+Water)

This Pokémon is often seen near rivers in mountainous areas. They often cause trouble for others around them and are known for pulling pranks.

  • Erinaqua(Erinaceinae+Aqua)

The First evolution. Erinaqua is an intelligent pokemon that enjoys showing off.

  • Maminae(Mammalia+Erinaceinae)

Final Evolution Ground Branch. Obtainable through Gym route or trade.

  • Aquorda(Aqua+Chordata)

Final Evolution Ice Branch. Obtainable through Show route or trade.


  • Golpuff(Goldenrod+Puff)

A slug or puffball with floppy ears and a tail. Golpuff’s will always stay in open fields or meadows. The pokemon is always in hoards and very rarely separate unless threatened.

  • Golbunny (Goldenrod+Bunny)

Naming credit: Gimmepie
A slightly more adventurous evolution. Will look more bunny-like (similar to Buneary or Plusle).

  • Leporales(Leporidae+Asterales)

The Final Evolution Poison Branch. Obtainable through Gym route or trade.

  • Asterabbit(Asteraceae+Rabbit)

Naming credit: Gimmepie
The Final Evolution Fairy Branch. Obtainable through Show route or trade.


  • Belette

A cute Weasel pokemon, great for both budding Gym & Show Trainers.

  • Musteasel(Mustela+Weasel)

Belette’s second evolution. A Normal Electric type pokemon can only evolve with a Thunderstone. Quite a stubborn pokemon to catch but just as adorable as Belette.


  • Faetalis(Faerie+Digitalis)

A small pixie inside of a single Digitalis. They are usually shy and timid beings but relatively easy to care for.

  • Lamixie (Lamiales+Pixie)

second and final evolution, gains Fairy Type skills. the single flower has grown into a full bunch and the pixie now wears its first flower as a hat. They’re still a bit timid but is quick to jump into action for those it cares for.


crown jellyfish Credit: Dexthemonster
  • Corocanic(Coronate order+Volcanic)

Corocanic lives in hot lava pools and bodies made up of magma. These pokemon are very quick to attack.

  • Volcaria(Volcanic+Cnidaria)

The second evolution to Crorocanic. (Looks a bit closer to its real-life counterpart). This pokemon is just as dangerous as Corocanic, the pokemon is a bit harder to catch and even harder to raise friendship level with.


  • Mahwot(Named after actual creature)

A lizard-like amphibious Pokemon the size of a calf, it runs back and forth on the bottom of the river and is rarely seen on land. If you aren’t careful it could take you things and store them underwater.


  • Politoed(Belrian Form)

Politoed gains a second evolution with Poison typing.


  • Ampox(Amp+Fox)

The Electric fox pokemon. Often found near cities or caves, these sneaky little fellows are known for leading people towards trouble.

  • Vultat(Vulpes+Static)

The second evolution to Ampox. This pokemon can only evolve during the day. Sunlight boosts this pokemon’s speed.

  • Waxen (Watt+Vixen)

The final evolution to Ampox. While still working best in the daylight. This pokemon is most commonly seen at night through its glowing stripes.


  • Shinx Line(Belrian Form)

The Shinx Line in Belna are Psychic-types. Once it evolves into Luxio and Luxray they gain a Dark-type trait.


  • Frice(Frise+Ice)

A cute little snow pup. Typically found outside cities in snowy areas.

  • Frochon(Frost+Bichon)

Fully grown snow dogs. Frochon is calmer compared to it’s prevolve. (This looks more like a very fluffy poodle.)


  • Wyvereon(Eeveelution)

Eevee’s eighth evolution. Your eevee must have at least one dragon type move and must level up at night.


  • Gronext(Grot+Lynxe)

Can be found in the wild area around caves at night. However, they can also be found in mountainous areas. Despite being difficult to raise friendship with, Gronext is a rather friendly pokemon.

  • Natchat(Natch+Kat)

The final evolution to Gronext. This pokemon tends to stray further away from its usual settings. If you aren’t careful they will take your food.


  • Petfee(Petit+Fee)

A small round baby owl that can be found mostly during the day in a cave and the wild area at night. Petfee’s are playful little pokemon but can still be frightened off from anything.

  • Hibowl(Hibou+Owl)

The second and final evolution to Petfee. Now a fairy Flying-Type They lose their rounder features but become quite larger in size. They can only evolve through high friendship.


No new Pokemon found.


  • Falick(Falcon+Chick)

Despite being a small pokemon, Falick is a very territorial pokemon much like a Rookidee.

  • Pereco(Peregine+Falco)

Falick’s final evolution. Pereco gains a Dark-type trait. Pereco becomes a larger and mature pokemon, able to adapt to any situation.


  • Lickilicky(Belrian Form)

The Pokemon loses its normal typing and gains a Poison type.


No new Pokemon found.


No new Pokemon found.


No new Pokemon found.


  • Igglybuff Line(Belrian Form)

Igglybuff and the rest of its evolution are now Ghost types. However, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff will still have their secondary typing of Fairy.


No new Pokemon found.

Mix (Pokemon who start with two typings)

  • Filaard (Filly+Roeschaard)

are more horse-like though their tails are actual fishtails. They tend to be very friendly yet mischievous towards passersby. Typically found in masses of water in caves.

  • Stalline (Stallion+Undine)

Filaard’s second and final Evolution. Their hind legs are replaced with a fishtail. They become more aggressive yet very loyal. However, they still keep their mischievous nature.


  • Suidoar (Suidae+Boar)

(Reference Botan from CLANNAD).
A small boar, despite always being by itself, is a relatively friendly and playful Pokémon.
eventually grows into a larger one with tusks. The Pokémon is relatively friendly and playful.

  • Scrodae (Scrofa+Suidae)

The second evolution to Suidoar. It’s bigger and has full-grown tusks. The pokemon is still playful, unfortunately, their excitement becomes relatively destructive. Because of this, people tend to refrain from catching their prevolves.


  • Mareep Line(Belrian Form)

The Mareep line still keeps its Electric typing but Fairy becomes its secondary.

  • Woobat(Belrian Form)

The Woobat line loses it’s Psychic typing and is replaced by Ghost.


  • Shuckle(Belrian Form)

Losses it’s rock typing and is replaced by Fighting.

Next is Gym & Show Challenges and potentially Rivals.
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Gym/Show Leaders
  • Gym/Show challenge work similar to Galar’s League. The only way you can get endorsed is by challenging the Normal Type leaders (Unless you have other connections within the league). There is a time limit to receive your endorsement, so you must work fast(If the player fails three times it’s an automatic game over).
  • There will be uniforms for the Gym challengers, but they get to customize them and even add sponsors as they progress through the league.
  • For Show Challengers, they do not have uniforms. Each gym will have a select amount of clothes for the challengers to pick from. However, once they make it to the Champion cup they are free to create whatever outfit they want.

{!}Note for those taking the show route: While still holding some elements of a traditional battle, each show has different requirements. If you meet them, you’ll gain boosts that could help you through the battle. If you don’t meet them your stats could decrease. (I’m still struggling a bit with this route so I’m open to suggestions for this route)
[!] Note for both routes: You can challenge the gyms as many times as you want after you complete the story. You could also take the opposite route if you so choose.

Normal Type (Show/Gym)

Show Leader Michel:
A passive young guy sometimes gets bossed around by his twin.
Since this is the first gym you are challenging Michel doesn't really set a requirement.
His team: Cinccino and Sawsbuck

Gym Leader Monique:
An outspoken girl, quick to jump into action very hard to please.
Monique likes to really challenge trainers. Despite the two pokemon rule she always has a third member.
Her team: Stoutland, Zangoose,
and Musteasel

Water Type Gym Leader Paul:
A laid back surfer dude who often slips away from his responsibilities. Despite the way he presents himself, Paul always tries to make his challenge memorable.
His team: Swanna, Sharpedo, and Mahwot.

Fire Type Show Leader Nicole:
A fiery spirit that shows almost no mercy. Nicole enjoys putting on a show so you need to put on your A-game.
Nicole’s gym focuses on Toughness only. However, Coolness and Cleverness will boost your Attack stats.
Her team: Oricorio, Ninetales, and Volcaria

Psychic Type Show/Gym leader Baz:
Basil, or Baz, is a relaxed gym leader yet a very passionate show leader.
Since he's both a Gym and Show leader, Baz likes to keep things fair for his challengers. If you answer his questions correctly he will give you a stat boost.
His Gym Team: Meowstic, Musharna, and Luxio.
For shows, he is looking for Cleverness. However, Beauty and Cleverness will boost your stats.
His Show Team: Musharna, Gardevoir, Luxio

Ghost Type Gym Leader Galatee:
Galatee is a rather mysterious individual. She enjoys scaring people even outside her gym challenge.
Her team: Mismagius, Frillish, Belrian Jigglypuff, and Haunter

Fighting Type Show Uli:
A level headed individual. While skilled in martial arts, he’s seen many times in fashion magazines.
Galatee is looking for Coolness in his battle. However, Beauty and Toughness will give stat boosts.
His team: Stufful, Belrian Shuckle, Riolu, and Mienfoo

Ice Type Show/Gym Leader Derrick:
A rather unpredictable person. He enjoys art as much as he enjoys pokemon. To keep things fair being a Show and Gym leader, he does not give stat boosts.
Despite not giving stat boosts, Derrick is looking for Cuteness and Toughness.
His Show team: Frochon, Cubchoo, Glaceon, and Larpras
His Gym team: Beartic, Frochon, Amaura, Mamoswine, and Froslass

Flying Type Gym Celeste
A sassy young lady from Galar. Often uses the term ‘Lass’ in an antagonistic way. Her gym is quite well known for letting the challengers use Dynamax. (When you Battle her you will hear the SwSh Gym music)
Her team: Unfezant, Togetic, Drifblim, Pereco, Talon flame, and Trumpbeak

Electric Type Show Ida
A sharp-minded rocker from Kalos. His gym is well known for letting the challenger use Mega Evolution. (When you Battle him you will hear the XY Gym music)
His stat boost will be Minimum. Looking for Toughness and Coolness.
His team: Plusle, Minun, Lanturn, Waxen, Luxray, Jolteon

Fairy Type (Show/Gym) Fontane
While being loose around the edges and rather clumsy outside of gym/show challenges. Fontane is a quick thinker.
Fontane is looking for Cuteness. Beauty and Cleverness give stat boosts.
Her Show Team: Mimikyu, Togekiss, Granbull, Hibowl, Swirlix, and Azumarill
To keep things fair, Fontane will give a stat boost if you have a fairy type on your team.
Her Gym Team: Kirlia, Diancie, Dedenne, Hibowl, Belrian Wigglytuff, Togekiss

Dragon Type (Show/Gym) Vanya
Van isn’t looking for anything as he plans on fighting both the Player and their sibling.
His Gym/Show: Wyvereon, Dragonair, Deino, Garchomp, Altaria, and Sliggoo

Elite Four

+For Show trainers, there are no longer any stat boosts.

- Derrick
- Team: Amaura, Larpras, Abomasnow, Glaceon, Dewgong, and Froslass

- Celeste/Ida
- Celeste’s Team: Togetic, Drifblim, Pereco, Corviknight, Swanna, and Mantine
- Ida’s Team: Luxray, Jolteon, Ampharos, Galvantula, Waxen, and Toxtricity

- Vanya
- Team: Wyvereon, Dragonair, Altaria, Haxorus, Sliggoo, and Noivern

- Fontane
- Team: Gardevoir, Togekiss, Grimmsnarl, Sylveon, Mimikyu, and Hatterene


Battle Champion Victor
While from Belna, Victor studied about pokemon battles in Kalos. He’s often seen with professor Fir.
Team His: Milotic, Haxorus, Garchomp, Belrian Swoobat, Greninja, Stalline.

Show Champion Estelle
Estelle is from Johto, She’s known for having a versatile team. Outside of being a champion, Estelle is a skittish person who constantly overthinks things. It’s almost as if she's a completely different person.
Her Team: Gardevoir, Lucario, Empoleon, Belrian Lickilicky, Belrian Luxray, Ninetales

I had a bit of trouble with forming good teams. I'm always open to suggestions!

Gym Badges

Similar to the XY anime when Serina was gaining Princess Keys, Belrian gym badges for both routes are keys. Where the Challenger places them is undecided.

Gym Route
  1. Normal: Starter Key
  2. Water: River Key
  3. Psychic: Theology Key
  4. Ghost: Skeleton Key
  5. Ice: Snow Key
  6. Flying: Freedom Key
  7. Fairy: Pixie Key
  8. Dragon: Knight Key

Show Route
  1. Normal: Starter Key
  2. Fire: Passion Key
  3. Psychic: Theology Key
  4. Fighting: Patient Key
  5. Ice: Snow Key
  6. Electric: Voltage Key
  7. Fairy: Pixie Key
  8. Dragon: Knight Key

Next Rivals, Evil Team, Side Characters
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Show Rival Aline
A hot-tempered girl who has nothing but good intentions. She wants to show all of Belna that Dark-type trainers aren’t all bad people. When doing shows, she always has a cool and tough appearance.
Her team - Belrian Shinx, Eevee(Umbreon), Sharpedo, Suidoar, Deino, and Morpeko.

Suidoar is actually her first pokemon. It just followed her home after she saved it from rushing water.
  • If Aline loses to you two or three times, she will add more pokemon that have an advantage to your Starter. If you lose to her two or three times she will start using pokemon weaker to your starter.

Battle Rival Casper
A soft and gentle boy who wants to prove to Aline and Audrick/Marie that he’s strong. He constantly doubts himself but will always make an effort to improve himself and his team.
His team- Golpuff(or pokemon weaker to siblings starter), Lapras, Slugma, Darmanitan, Sliggoo, and Belrian Mareep.
  • Casper will always change his team no matter if he wins or loses a battle against you. The reason for this is because of his battles with Aline and Audrick/Marie.

Male default: Audrick
Audrick tends to fall into the typical sibling role. While he enjoys picking on Marie, he does want to see her grow and succeed. When taking the Show route, Audrick likes to dress in a Handsome(Beauty) and Clever style.
Audrick’s default team- Chorter(Pokemon strong to starter), Dewgong, Salazzle, Faetalis, Dragonair, and Ampox.
  • Audrick has a bit of an ego so he won't change his team until he loses to your character at least three times.

Female default: Marie
Marie, while being the softer twin, can still have a powerful stance. She’s quick to jump into action and tries to defuse any situation as long as Audrick isn’t there to antagonize her. While taking the show route, Marie will dress in a Cute and Clever style.
Marie’s default team - Scormalia(Pokemon stronger to Caspers’ starter), Phanpy, Mantyke, Absol, Faetalis, and Belrian Politoed.
  • Marie will change her team around the least. She gets attached to her team pretty easily and would rather train her team to their best.

Evil Team Wrath:

I had a concept for them but I don't think it works anymore. Open for suggestions!

Exiled Jules
Jules is trying to reclaim his spot as the rightful heir of the region and he will show no mercy.
Team: Sirfetch'd, Grimmsnarl, The player's starter, Aegislash, Luxray, Escavalier.

Generations of long time followers of the exiled royal family. To this day they believe that the true King/Queen will arrive.
Will switch around from
Fraxure, Zweilous, Doublade, Umbreon, Sharpedo, and Pawniard

Admin: ????
Admin team: Gardevoir, Absol, Roserade, Mismagius, and Chandelure.

Other Character(s):

Players Mom
The player’s mom is a jeweler. While she’s seen at home with the player at the start of the story., once the player gains the Starter Key, she’ll be seen at her shop throughout the story. You can buy some held items and poke-show stuff from her. you'll see your dad if you beat the game.

Professor Fir
Professor of Pokemon History & Mythology. He would have endorsed you and your friends since he knew you for a very long time, but Aline, Casper, and Audrick/Marie (and you if you pick the option) protested against it.
  • He doesn’t battle with the player but he always has a Hibowl by his side.

Historian Amir
Professor Fir’s right-hand man. Well versed in Belna’s history. Will get very angry if you question him ever so slightly.
His Team: Gardevoir and Trevenant
  • Will only help your character in a pokemon battle once or twice.

Princess Mila
The next heir to the throne. Tired of her guards and her duties.
Mila will battle alongside you from time to time.
Her team: Belette, Hatenna, Cramorant, and Oricorio(Sensu Style).
  • Mila is new to pokemon battles so she’ll change her team based on your recommendations.

Royal Guards
Royal guards aren’t really a big problem, you’ll have to fight them from time to time. Sometimes you’ll have to fight them in pairs, singles, and sometimes even single double battles.
Their teams will switch from:
Kingdra, Rapidash, Stalline, Gallade, Roserade, Weavile, and Froslass

Region map coming hopefully!