Featured PokéCommunity Friend Codes Mega Thread

Started by Caite-chan October 1st, 2020 4:39 PM
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PokéCommunity Friend Codes Mega Thread

Instead of looking through several threads looking for codes to add I've added all codes in one spot to make it easier to find and add each other. It will keep everything organized in one spot and I'll be adding them to a Google Drive Spreadsheet for everyone to find. Once you fill out the form below I will add you to the Spreadsheet.

One thing we ask of new members is that you don't just join to drop your codes and run. It would be nice of you to be apart of our community in case others looking as add you has any issues adding your code. It doesn't seem fair to have active members get lost in the mix of adding people with a handful of posts.

Friend Codes Sheets

Forum Name:
Cafe Mix:
Go Name:

How To Add Friends on Masters by Cherrim

Adding Friends

How to find your friend code

When you open the Poryphone menu, your trainer card should display at the very top of the screen. Your friend code is listed there, with a handy "Copy ID" button to instantly copy your code so you can paste it elsewhere. Copy that code and paste it in this thread!

How to add friends

From the Poryphone menu, choose the "Friends" option. Near the bottom, there are three tabs. Click on the Request tab in the middle. At the very bottom of the screen, you should see a "Search by ID" button. Here, you can type (or paste) in someone else's friend code, then press "Search". The person you'd like to add should show up in the list and then all you have to do is press the yellow "Request" button to send them a friend request. Once they've accepted, they'll appear in your Friend List.

If someone has sent you a friend request, it will show up in the Pending tab. From here, you can choose whether to accept or reject a friendship request.

How to change your displayed Sync Pair

You'll notice in your Friend List that everyone has a Sync Pair displayed. The default is Brock and Onix, but you can change that to any Sync Pair you've obtained thus far! To do so, open the Poryphone menu and click the + button in the bottom-right corner of your trainer card, at the top of the screen. Here, you can edit your trainer's look, but you can also choose your favourite Sync Pair. Click the "Edit" button under the Favorite Sync Pair box to select the Sync Pair you would like to represent you when people search for your friend code or see you on their list. :)
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Edit: For Pokemon Go if that wasn't clear.

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Looking for some folks to swop gifts with. I've got so many I have to discard them daily.
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Just thought I'd let you know that we have made thread for all Mobile games including Pokémon Go. You can post all 9f your friend codes there. I'll also merge this one with that thread.
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