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Started by Skeli November 5th, 2016 1:50 PM
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Having tools to reduce this type of grinding (like an option in the menu that turns exp gained into nothing) would be greatly apreciated.
There's an optional level cap now!

I hate to be that guy, but I'm gonna be that guy. Any ETA on the final content update for this game? I'm waiting until all the content is here before I start the game, but the wait is a little bit hard, haha.
Unfortunately, no. Only a few post-game areas are missing, though! Saves will always be compatible from this point onwards, so feel free to start it now!

Is the Hoopa shiny locked?
Nope! Pokemon should never be shiny locked in the game.

Hello, I have an issue to report. After completing the fighting gym I am finding that every single battle I enter, wild or trainer, now is effected by trick room, and displays the dimensions are twisted permanently message at the start of each battle. What can be done to fix this?
Please update your game. Once you enter and exit a battle it'll go away.

hey guys ive fouynd a glitch if u use dig in that bit on anatais sewers where u crawl your sprite is stuck as the crwaling sprite and when i went back in i was a discoloured fishing sprite and i used dig again and i was stuck like this and then i moved then my game crashed plzs fix this
Update your game and go back to the tunnel where that happened. Your sprite will be reset.

I think only the pokemon which dynamax in their fights don't respawn. I KO'd Magearna and it didn't show up again.
Magearna should show up again now if you defeat it.

How do I get mining equipment? I'm almost at seaport and I still don't have a clue where it is

do you meet the little girl vanish at Tarmigan Town ? I don't know what mission for it ?
Nope! She doesn't do anything.


v1.1.3 is out!
This is a decently sized update, so most of the changes can be found here:
I hope this will be the last update for a while, but who knows haha. Some changes to note are:
• New Game Randomizer option has been added for new games if the game has been completed before!
• A Scalemons game mode has been added for new games if the game has been completed before! This is a special game mode that scales most fully evolved Pokemon's stats to give a rough BST of 600.
Isle of Armor move tutors have been added (mainly added to the Frontier tutors)!
• An Optional Level Cap has been added!
• Plenty of QOL updates!

MyBoy users, if you're playing with fast-forward and your game is lagging because of it, disable the BGM from the Options Menu. I don't want to encourage removing the music as many people tirelessly poured hours and hard work into it, but I want to slap down the repeated posts I've been seeing of "MyBoy doesn't like CFRU or DS graphics". The lag is caused because MyBoy can't handle the high quality music engine while sped up, and nothing else.
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