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Interest Check Pokemon RtD (Roll To Dodge)

Started by JustCallMePops July 23rd, 2019 9:47 PM
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Hey! Would anyone be interested in a Pokemon Roll To Dodge campaign?

For those who don't know what RtD is, it's a very simple take on regular roleplays that's very heavily reliant on luck. Just about every action you do that isn't as simple as walking or eating requires a roll of a D10 to determine whether it succeeds or fails. (1 is a critical fail, usually resulting in serious injury or worse, 2 is a regular fail, 3 is a half-success, 4 is success, and so on and so forth. 9 is the best roll, as you'll perfectly succeed at your action, usually resulting in some kind of buff or extra event occurring. 10 is an over-excursion. You'll succeed a bit too much...)

You can basically do anything if luck is on your side. Do you want to make a nuke out of Voltorbs? Catch a few of the buggers, find some necessary materials and roll! Of course, there must always be balance. You might break your ankle trying to ride your bike, or have one of your Pokemon's moves inexplicably hit you instead, all because of a bad roll. Because of this, you may want to find items and learn up on skills that can give bonuses to your rolls so you don't die an embarrassing, painful death.

All your character needs is a name, an age and a few starting items of your choice before you're ready to roll. Complex backstories and personalities are entirely optional!

With mechanics out of the way, let's talk story. With the silly nature of this RP and RtD's potential to derail a plot within the first few turns, it'll take a backseat here compared to other RPs. For now, though, here's a little premise.

A long time ago, in some alternate reality among the thousands of other universes, Arceus had a little problem. The concept of luck always fascinated it (it's one of the few things the PokeGod didn't create, after all), so one of it's favorite passtimes was researching luck and random generation, figuring out how it works, and so on. But nothing was enough! Arceus couldn't understand computers or standard digits, and most of the Game Corners were shut down. It seemed like all hope was lost for the divine being.

But Arceus, in it's aged wisdom, devised a plan. "If I can't find any good sources of randomness, why don't I just make one?" It asked itself, and after experimenting for a few thousand years on it's hundreds of failed creations, it had succeeded. Passing through the barrier between the mortal and divine realms, Arceus gave a small handful of people and Pokemon from all over the world a special... power (was it a curse, or a blessing? No-one truly knows). The subjects had unknowingly been given just a small fraction of Arceus' infinite power and knowledge, the only catch being that it was never a guarantee these powers would work. In fact, it wasn't a guarantee that anything they did would work. They could be as invincible as a greek god, able to smite anyone in their way, or as fragile as a Joltik, breaking their arm trying to do a handshake, all at a moment's notice...

As for you, the players? You're some of those subjects, having just woken up in Nuvema Town, Unova*, ready to receive their starter Pokemon, who may or may not also have been given your special powers, and go on a journey together. Maybe they'll become Pokemon Masters like the rest of them, or maybe their journeys will devolve into chaos...

Anything's possible with Lady Luck taking the wheel.

(*This takes place during Black 1)

I think that's all the rules and such for now. Please lemme know if you're interested!
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I'd suggest building your setting and premise more than this. Right now you really only seem to have mechanics in mind.


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Yeah, it seems fun! But we do require some form of plot and other things in this forum. Please have a look at our rules thread :)


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Sorry that there wasn't a lot of info guys! It was pretty late at night when I first made this thread so I may have forgotten a rule or two. I'll edit this post with some extra clarification on a few things :D
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Very interesting I'll join Hehehehe I will make sure Lady Luck DIES! HAHAHAHAHA if she can die that is
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Sounds fun and a nice way to end up with something going absolutely crazy, I also like the concept of items acting as "equipment" in an rpg to boost your "rolls".
I would definitely be interested to test my (horrible) luck with this.

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