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    Platinum entry #2: So I went to trainer school in Jubilife City. Battled the 2 guys. Got some free items. Got the Poke watch. Beat Roy for our friend battle, beat trainers in the field. I went into the cave entrance north of Jubilife City, and saw that I needed Rock Smash which I did not have. Could not find it. Researched it. Saw a guy was supposed to give it to me. He did not give it to me so I caught a Psyduck because I thought my pokemons wasn't able to learn it. Guy still did not give it to me.Then realized it was the wrong guy and discovered another cave entrance east of Jubilife City lol. Finally got Rock Smash. Made my way to Oreburgh City. During some battles, my Chimchar evolved to Monferno! I caught an Onyx to add to my team. Kind of feel like Psyduck was a waste of space lol. I went to the gym and got my 1st gym badge! That's where I left off. My current team is: Monferno Lvl 15, Starly Lvl 12, Shinx Lvl 12, Onyx Lvl 9, Psyduck Lvl 6.

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      Platinum Entry #3: So made my way back to Jubilife City, Battled and won against Team Galastic. Went through the North cave of Jubilife City. I fought Team Galastic and Commander Mars in Valley Windworks. Helped dad and daughter reunite. Then moved to north route, I forgot the number route but It's the area by the rest house. I won those battles against trainers. I caught a Shellos because I wanted a water type pokemon. Then I came across a Buizel so I definitely had to catch it since it is also water type. I also caught a Ponyta since I like fire type pokemons. I made my way to Etherna Forest where I met Cheryl. (I think that's her name). Made my way through it. Found a Mose Rock. Battled people. During those battles my Starly evolved to Staravia! and my Shinx evolved to Luxio! I made it to Etherna City where I stopped. So my current team are Monferno Lvl 20, Staravia Lvl 17, Ponta Lvl 17, Luxio Lvl 16, Onyx Lvl 15, and Buizel Lvl 10. My plan is to level up my team to maybe around 23 or 25 before I face the Etherna City Gym. Wish me Luck!
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      I find myself back in Sinnoh filling in the last 17 slots of my living dex for Gen 4. I spent my night last night in Stark Mountain, and boy was that quite the tedious quest. I managed to feast my eyes on the prize: Heatran. I had gone in prepared to toss one of my Master Balls at it.

      The fight had begun, and suddenly my heart started racing! There I was in front of this magnificent beast, eager to catch it so that my collection could be one step closer to complete.

      "Go Kyogre!" I said with an undertone of over-excitement.

      Yes, this was the original Kyogre, originally caught in Hoenn many years ago. It had served me well during my adventures in this region, and I had no doubt it was a perfect match for HEATRAN, the Heatran. As the cavern began to form a shallow pool of water at my feet, from the sudden downpour, I had looked in my bag for a Quick Ball. I found none. It as at that moment that I realized I was in it for the long haul.

      The initial rounds were met with vigor. Kyogre had managed to severely weaken the Heatran's health, but that didn't do anything for its confidence, and it sure did put up one hell of a fight. It was shocked and frozen, and still had the willpower to keep mocking me with its fearful gaze and tossing volleys of lava plumes at Kyogre.

      The rest of the battle was treacherous, but Kyogre took Heatran's pathetic attempt at a fiery inferno like a champ. I was prepared. I brought ample supplies.

      "We can go all day, buddy" I said almost taunting the poor thing. This, of course, made it angry.

      In addition to none of my Pokeballs coming even remotely close to landing a successful capture, each round my Pokedex felt the need to tell me that the rain was ongoing, Kyogre was stuck in a vortex, and Kyogre was hurt by a minor burn. All of these things I already could plainly see, so you could imagine how this made the endeavor even more tedious. At over 40 minutes in I had exhausted my supply of Repeat Balls, and Pokeballs. Unfortunately, I had to throw my Ace in the Hole. Already this battle had costed me over $20,000 and thus I was a little disappointed all of that was in vain.

      It was time.

      The Master Ball was released from my hand and as it flew through the air, it was as if time had suddenly stopped. There I was, on the cusp of completing this journey to capture the Legendary Pokemon Heatran. I was beside myself, almost witnessing this moment from afar. I snapped out of my trance-like state and the ball landed. Without hesitation, one... two... three... shakes. PING!

      The rain had subsided, and I had congratulated Kyogre on a job well done. There it laid on the ground, the purple sphere that was my Heatran's capsule. I picked it up, and it suddenly wized away, likely to be stored in the PC.

      Kyogre and I left the cave in a hurry and went to take a nice, long break at the Pokemon Center in Canalave City.

      Only 17 left, and then we're all going to Kalos. I thought.
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        After fnishing FR/LG & R/S/E + Collosseum (XD on hold), I'm going to 4th gen again. Having Diamond, HG & SS fnished, I'm starting Pokemon Platinium.
        As my second adventure in Sinnoh, it'll be fun to rechallenge the gyms and give a different starter Pokemon a chance. Choosing Piplup as my first starter, this time Turtiwg gets a chance.
        After choosing Turtwig, my little grass turtle now named Sticks won his first battle. This marks the start of a great partnership.
        After being given the running shoes and stoping by the lake, Team Galactic makes their first apearance. Barry's hopes of catching the fairy of the lake are shattered thanks to the lack of pokeballs on our part. Though this won't be the last visit here...
        Went through route 201, kind Pokemart person handed out a free potion.
        After getting to Sandgem Town, Lucas decided to show me to Rowan's lab. Barry rushing out as always asures the professor isn't quite as scary as he may look.
        This proves to be true as he kindly lets me keep Sticks who now has an officially registered nickname, and my Pokedex :D
        After going around the small town, I ran back to Twinleaf to give the good news and got a journal for my adventures. Barry's mother has something for him aswell, so I headed off to Jubilife City. It was on my roadmap anyway :P
        Went through Sandgem again. Met up with Lucas, who kindly gave a catching demo. Better yet, 5 more Pokeballs! Caught a Starly, male. Had sort of a cresent moon shape on his head, so I named him Artemis.
        Caught a male Shinx, named him Fremont.
        Some trainer battles later, Jibilife City turned out to be closer then it seemed.
        Catching up with Lucas, Looker made his debut and gave away a Vs. Recorder.
        Trainer's Scool and finding a few clowns for a contest later, I got my own Poketch device. After looking around the city, going to route 218 to find an Old Rod, and battleing some more trainers, Barry requested another battle. Even with only my 2 Pokemon, he lost again. Went through Oreburg Gate, and then onto the City. With the Gym Leader missing, I went to the mine to look for him. A bit of wandering around later, Roark was found and we quickly went back to the Gym.
        Being our first Gym battle, my little Turtwig was jumping with excitement( the best he can :P )
        Sticks plowed through the trainers, but had to really hold on to beat Roark.
        In the end, we got our first badge and Sticks leveled up quite a bit!
        After healing and buying some goods, went through Jubilife to reach Floaroma Town.
        But back in Jubilife, Lucas and Rowan encountered Galactic again, so we teamed up and took them out. After the double battle, a TV crew member handed out a Fashion Case. Might be useful later.
        Traveled through a few routes and the Ravaged Path. Greated by the beautiful Floaroma Town, the gentle town near the windworks, a kind women gave me a Sprayduck. Over at the Windworks, more Galactic grunts wait to be battled. Finding the key got me into the building, where I managed to beat Commander Mars. Glalactic is starting to become worse then Rocket back in the days...
        After settleing things in the Windworks, we traveled through routes onto the Etrana Forest, and after escorting a lost girl named Cheryl though(who will be missed!), finally got to Etrana City!
        Decided to visit the Pokemon shrine statue, with Barry catching up shortly.
        Cyrus, already admiring the statue started to tell us just a bit about the legend.
        Going to the gym, a woman named Cynthia kindly introduced herself and gave me HM01; Cut!
        After healing at the PC, going into one of the city's houses I received the Explorer's Kit! Will be going into that later.
        Facing the gym trainers, Artemis proved to be another great Pokemon, fnishing off the trainers, and Gardenia's Pokemon by himself. Got another Badge, and explored the rest of the city. Went back to the old Chateau, and caught Rotom.
        Headed back to Galactic's new hideout, Looker was already on the scene again.
        Eventually got to Commandr Jupiter, and managed to beat her thanks to Free and Sticks! Artemis just had a chance to battle at the gym after all :P
        The bike shop owner asked me to stop buy. Too bad I can't afford a bike! xD
        Cynthia came by again, this time intrusting me with a poke egg. Hope it hatches soon! <3 As promised, I checked the bike shop out. Much to my surprize, the owner kindly gave me a bike! Perfect timing, as walking has become pretty tiring and Artemis cannot fly yet.
        Started to travel again, down Route 206 into Wayward Cave.
        Inside the cave, after a few battles, something amazing happened.
        A real blessing, a shiny, sparkly, gold nugget appeared! it was, a SHINY GEODUDE!!!!!
        This girl was a stunning yellow sparkly Geodude, apearing to me out of nowhere!
        I was able to catch her, making a epic addition to my team. I still can't beleive it!
        Deeper inside the cave I met Mira, a girl lost in the cave, even with her good battle skills. I led her out, enjoying the companionship along the way. Sticks got some good training here, as we stayed for quite a while. Exiting the cave ment seeing Mira off for now. Went through route 208, and finally Hearthome City. A wondering adoreable Buneary bounced it's way to me, it's trainer coming after it. The trainer reccomended the contest hall, which I just may enter soon! After runing into mum inside the contest hall, I met the town's Gym leader; Fantina. She returned to the gym, so I could challenge her and earn another badge.
        Before that, I stopped in Bebe's home, who gave me a new precious member to the team: a female Eevee! Named her Sonata Dusk, or just Sonata for short ;)
        Took a quick walk with all my Pokemon I could in AmitySquare, I think they quite enjoyed that <33 Not stalling any more, went to the Gym. After trainer battles, a few healing trips and potions later, we got to Fantina. After a difficult battle, we won another badge, even if Fantina was a great challenger! :)
        Leaving the City after buying some supplies, Barry challenged me for another rematch. Again, he wasn't really hard to beat Went right to Solaceon after that. Though he caught up just as quick again, rambleing about Pokeball seals and the Ruins, before running off :P Just then the Egg hatched, a cute fluffy Togepi! Put him into the PC for safe keeping.
        Poked around the town, and went to the ruins for myself. Got Defog and a handful more items before exiting. Battled trainers along 210, and 215. Got Shock Wave, taught it to Fremont. He sparked happily <3
        And then got to Vielstone. Visited a house, and a man gave me a Porygon! Temporary team member, I hope to catch a Swinub soon :)
        Got a coin case, Piplup mask and a few bought items while in the city. Fun lively town :D
        Had to train up for the gym, between wild Pokemon and a few of the trainers inside the gym. Eventually made it to Maylene. Thanks to Artemis, we won the match. Got another badge, winning streak so far! And, now we can evem use Fly! Too bad we don't have that HM yet.
        Leaving the gym, I discovered Lucas' Pokedex was stolen, and challenged the guilty Grunts to a double battle, winning it back. (Like they knew how to use it anyway xD)
        Looker shows up late, so we tried to storm their new building. Locked, but we did find just what I needed: the HM for Fly! :D Guess we'll be coming back later. Went through Route 214, visited Maniac Tunnel, and got the TM for Dig among other things.
        Got to Valor Lakefront, found a lost key for a kind woman and went back on our way to Route 213. Plenty of training time here.
        Pastoria ate a good chunk of time, but was still enjoyable. Checked out the Great Marsh, met the berry lady, and was challenged by Barry....again xD
        After that, Fremont was pretty eager to get to Crasher Wake. Didn't take too long to defeat the trainers, and finally the leader this little blue cub was so eager about facing. ;) Able to use surf when needed now and another badge, plus a few extra levels for Fremont.
        After Barry tried begging Wake to become his student and being denied, Glactic apparently had a bomb of sorts near the Marsh gates. Pursuing them led to meeting up with Looker again. Found and battled the Grunt, thankfully winning. Cynthia apeared again, but Barry interrupts her to mention the damage was little to none from Galactic's bomb (or dud...), with signs of relief. Cynthia somehow knew about the Psyduck blocking the route earlier, and gae me some SecretPotion to cure their headaches. Now if only I had one to cure mine caused by the ducks ;P Before she dissapeared again, she mentioned another lake gaurdian...
        Flew back to Pastoria, went down route 212, collecting items and plenty of exp.
        Arrived at the Pokemon Mansion, met Mr. Backlot. Visited his Trophy Garden, and learned a bit about the legend Manaphy before heading out on my way.
        Went to Solaceon, to route 210. Used the Potion on the Psyduck, clearing the blocking herd! Found the TM for Shadowball, and went to Celestic Town.
        After some training, I went to visit Cynthia's grandmother (by accident xD) learning of another Galactic Grunt causing trouble near the sacred ruins.
        Went to battle the grunt, after that Cynthia's grams kindly gave me the Old Charm as thanks. Inside the ruins I learned more about the lake gaurdians with her, but that peace is quickly shattered by the eree Cyrus of Galactic, who was quick to challenge me. After beating him, Cynthia's grandma gave me something else: HM for Surf! :D Caught it to a Quagsire I caught earlier and flew to Floraroma, surfed to Fuego Ironworks, explored the building and met the owner. Went back to Sandgem town and started traveling through route 219, 220, and 221 to Canalave City. Trying to go to the Gym, Barry wanted another battle. Had to train for hours to beat his evolved Pokemon, as my team was still unevolved.
        After beating Barry again, we went right to the Gym. Nugget was perfect for the job here, rock and fire moves beat the Leader in no time at all. Gaining another Badge, we ran into Barry again who requested we stop by the library.
        There we met Rowan and Lucas again, and a meeting about the lake gaurdians began. Shortly after he began explaining, a sudden earthquake occured. Checking the TV, it seemed Galactic tried bombs to flush out the legendary Pokemon of the lakes. Rowan wasted no time and sent each of us off to a lake to check the damage and try to protect the Pokemon.
        Went to Lake Valor first only to fint Azlef was already stolen. Beat Commander Saturn anyway. He mentioned Mars at Lake Verity, so I went there next.
        When I got there, the water was gone and Magikarp were jumping around. Not that they need water, they just do that :P
        Beat some Grunts and a still-angry Mars. After that Rowan sent us to the remaining lake.
        Went to Route 211, through the north side of Mt. Coronet, and Routes 216 and 217 where I caught the final member of our team! A female Swinub named Sally.
        Trying to get to the lake, Barry shouts down from a clif I'll need to be able to use Rock Climb to get up there. And to do that, I need to beat the Gym Leader.
        After hours of training, the team was ready to face Candice. Her trainers were not so hard, but her team was a challenge. Sonata got the final hit on her Frosslas, who no other Pokemon could hit. Got our 7th badge and went to climb the ledge.
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            After getting our 7th badge, now being able to use Rock Climb I was able to reach the lake only to find Jupiter had defeated Barry and captured Uxie. Leaving only oe option; going to their HQ to atempt to save the Lake Garudians. I quickly flew there and ran into a Grunt still sore over our last battle. Thankfully Looker arrived just in time to mention he has the key needed. We went through the Warehouse and the HQ, battleing Grunts. One Grunt mentioned Cyrus had a meeting at that very moment. When we got there, we overherd the meeting. Cyrus claims his new world was for all of Team Galactic...though it really sounds like it is just for him. After that, we trailed him to his office where he challenged me to a face off battle. My team brought down his, and he gave me a Masterball as if I were a worthy enough rival not caring if I wonder and save the Lake legendaries. Saturn on the other hand wanted a battle so I would have to leave. Though we just beat him too, setting the Garudians free. :) Sadly, they had already created a "Red Chain" for something special ontop Coronet.
            I quickly traveled through the Northern Mt. Coronet, inside and outside the moutain to Spear Pillar. When I arrived, Barry was there ready to help me battle Mars and Jupiter. After the battle, he healed my team and ran off again... <_<
            Cyrus summoned Dialga and Palkia, and in turn opened a black hole with a creature inside. He jumped in and the Lake Garudians went after him.
            Cynthia showed up and we quickly gave chase to them. Going through the strange Distortion World with the faries of the Lakes showing us the way till we got to Cyrus for one final battle. After a stressful battle, I approached Girantina and it gave a good battle, with me catching it to calm it down and give it peace of mind.
            Cyrus seemed shocked I caught Girantina, and gave up his plans seeing how that went for him. :P
            We exited the strange world and came out in Sendoff Spring. Cynthia is glad I was able to restore peace, and reccomends I fill in Rowan.
            I flew off to see Rowan, and was also greeted by Lucas. Glad peace was restored, Rowan told us of the Lake Garudians return. I went right to find Mispirit first, but she just flew off seeming like she wanted to play a game of hide n' seek.
            Flew to Lake Valor and caught Azlef! One down 2 more to go. Decided to go try catching Uxie next and was gladly met with another legendary catch :)
            Ran into Mispirit and threw my Masterball and caught her on the spot completing the trio! :)
            After all the legendary and Team Galactic excitement, we went to Route 222 and Sunnyshore City. Met Flint from the Elite 4 who requested I try to cheer up the local Gym Leader. Found him and convinced him the battled would be worth it.
            Went to Sunnyshore Gym, battled the trainers and then got to Volkner. Excited to battle for once, even the slightest bit, I gave him a good battle and renewed his will to be a Gym Leader again. With our 8th and last badge, we finally can use Waterfal and take on the Elite 4 of Sinnoh!
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              I restarted my Pokemon Platinum game two days ago and I'm up to the Distortion World now! I'm using a team that I never thought I'd use and It's actually been really fun so far.

              My team so far:


              Infernape (Lv. 45)
              Naive Nature
              Ability: Blaze
              -Close Combat
              -Vacuum Wave
              -Grass Knot

              Togekiss (Lv. 43)
              Hardy NAture
              Ability: Serene Grace
              -Air Slash
              -Aura Sphere
              -Safeguard (TO BE REPLACED - ???)

              Rampardos (Lv. 43)
              Adamant Nature
              Ability: Mold Braker
              -Rock Throw (TO BE REPLACED - Stone Edge/Head Smash)
              -Zen Headbutt
              -Rock Climb
              -Assurance (???)

              Floatzel (Lv. 42)
              Impish Nature
              Abilibity: Swift Swim
              -Aqua Jet (TO BE REPLACED - Waterfall)
              -Brick Break
              -Ice Fang

              Roserade (Lv. 41)
              Naive Nature
              Ability: Natural Cure
              -Giga Drain
              -Sludge Bomb
              -Leech Seed

              Jolteon (Lv. 42)
              Docile Nature
              Ability: Volt Absorb
              -Shadow Ball
              -Double Kick (???)
              -Pin Missile (TO BE REPLACED - Thunder Wave)

              No I'm training up to beat Cyrus! Wish me luck :)
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                Since mine is going to be a story more than a go-by what I did talk, I'm going to make a deviantart for it. If ya wanna read, go ahead and please comment to let me know your thoughts!
                "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly." -Ghandi

                Storytime through Pokemon Platinum: Soon to be started in Forums
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                  Got beat by Fantina. My Psyduck was no match for her Mismagius. So I grind until I get Golduck (level 26 to level 33) and my Monferno sweeps her team... at least I have a Golduck now!

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                    Tangela has been caught at the Great Marsh. Pretty excited to use a Tangrowth. It's been a lot of fun playing through Platinum. Such memories, such nostalgia!!!

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                      Defeated Red, caught the three Legendary Birds in Pokeballs. Caught all the Unowns (including ? and !) and now I'm off to capture Mewtwo. Talk about work.

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                        Roar of Time
                        Pokémon Diamond as played by Rodroek

                        Entry #4
                        Oct. 1st, 2016
                        • Defeated Fantina and earned myself the Relic Badge!
                        • Defeated Byron and earned myself the Mine Badge!
                        • Went to Iron Island. Helped a guy named Riley kick some Galactic butt and he gave me a nice egg as a thank you!
                        • My Orfeu evolved into Roserade!
                        • Went to Wayward Cave and helped a little girl named Mira get out of it.
                        • My Archer evolved into Staraptor!
                        • Defeated Candice and earned myself the Icicle Badge!
                        • My Kaiser evolved into Empoleon!
                        • Shut Team Galactic's entire operation down.
                        • Caught Dialga, the legendary Pokémon!
                        • Defeated Volkner and earned myself my eighth badge, the Beacon Badge!
                        Before heading towards the Pokémon League my team and I might explore the Sinnoh region a bit more, maybe training a bit and searching for the Lake Guardian Pokémon. Would love to draft Azelf into the gang.
                        Current Team

                        Kaiser (Empoleon ), Lv. 45
                        holds a Torrent Plate
                        Timid, Torrent
                        Flash Cannon - Aqua Jet - Surf - Defog

                        Orfeu (Roserade ), Lv. 47
                        holds a Big Root
                        Hasty, Poison Point
                        Giga Drain - Shadow Ball - Toxic Spikes - Ingrain

                        Minx (Luxray ), Lv. 45
                        holds a Magnet
                        Serious, Intimidate
                        Thunder Fang - Roar - Flash - Crunch

                        Archer (Staraptor ), Lv. 46
                        holds a Fist Plate
                        Brave, Intimidate
                        Take Down - Close Combat - Quick Attack - Fly

                        Wilma (Rampardos ), Lv. 46
                        holds a Shell Bell
                        Lonely, Mold Breaker
                        Earthquake - Zen Headbutt - Take Down - Rock Tomb


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                          Doing a Diamond nuzlocke. So far it has been going pretty well, I am at 3 deaths right now, and currently training for the Pastoria City gym.

                          Since Avocado (my beloved Grotle) passed away earlier today when a wild Geodude blew itself up, all I really have with an advantage over the water type is Syrae, my Luxio. It is currently lv. 27 and I am training it up to lv. 30 to evolve it. Valor Lakefront is a good place to train electric types, with Bibarel and Staravia residing there. I'll just have to make sure I avoid Gravelers alltogether, before they blow themselves up again... I picked up Jeor the Pachirisu from my box and gave it the Exp. Share to hold so it might be of some help in the gym later on. Safely put away my Ponyta (Areo) and Golem (Orell) into the box so they are protected from any water damage.

                          What's more... Alliser, my Buneary, is really taking her time to evolve... I've given her berries, vitamines, and had her massaged twice, and she's been with me for a long time, but the feeling checker guy told me she's still unsure of whether she can be friends with me. At least Syrae thinks highly of me, she's convinced we're a great team. We'll have to show them at the Pastoria gym! Last gym battle was a tough one, I expect this one to go a bit more smoothly.

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                            So, we're at the league now. I've only just overcome a terribly rough (and I mean ROUGH) patch. It was the part of Snowpoint up to the Spear Pillar... man, it was such a moving episode.

                            It was only until after I beat the Sunyshore Gym that I realized I had completely forgotten to go to Iron Island from Canalave City. I missed quite some essential training there, which explains why the above mentioned episode was suddenly so much harder as opposed to the rest of the game. Before reaching Snowpoint I think I had already lost my Murkrow and Luxray, but while I was fighting off Team Galactic I lost every other member of my team, except my Gengar. We managed to beat Cyrus with only 6HP left, after which I resorted to my Master Ball to catch Dialga with. I would not have wanted it on my team originally but what was I to do? I was hopeless. Distraught. Currently even my Gengar has passed away, it happened during my training for the Sunyshore gym. Meh.

                            I am doing some more training right now. My team:

                            Ferris / Tentacruel Lv.53
                            Rhaego / Dialgo Lv.53
                            Demelza / Quagsire Lv.53
                            Olenna / Medicham Lv.54

                            I am considering catching Azelf, it would be a perfect addition. But it seems impossible to catch it without it murdering my team.

                            Tough times.

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                            Pokemon Platinum

                            So I'm just gonna jump in here as I am slowly but surely making progress on my Platinum save. I'm currently at the Galactic HQ in Veilstone City working my way through the abundance of grunts that Team Galactic has scattered around the building. Not much has happened since it has been a while since I last played, and I'm still not 100% sure on who I want my final team member to be at this stage. Either way, I do plan to continue with this run as I am really happy with how most of my team has turned out thus far!

                            The Team

                            Sonic the Yanmega () Lv. 42

                            - Detect
                            - Aerial Ace
                            - AncientPower
                            - Giga Drain

                            Vulcan the Houndoom () Lv. 42

                            - Strength
                            - Fire Fang
                            - Faint Attack
                            - Beat Up

                            Artemis the Weavile () Lv. 42

                            - Ice Punch
                            - Slash
                            - Night Slash
                            - Screech

                            Crystal the Froslass () Lv. 42

                            - Hail
                            - Protect
                            - Ice Fang
                            - Crunch

                            Aurora the Roserade () Lv. 42

                            - Energy Ball
                            - Petal Dance
                            - Giga Drain
                            - Toxic

                            Poseidon the Gastrodon () Lv. 32 (Tentative)

                            - Body Slam
                            - Rain Dance
                            - Surf
                            - Mud Bomb
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                            Hi! So replaying Platinum seems to be a trend that's been catching on lately, and I'm a sucker for trends. I just arrived at Veilstone City and am preparing to take on the Fighting Gym - though ultimately not that many preparations are necessary as I'm pretty overleveled.


                            Prinplup "medmedmeddia"
                            Level 33
                            • Rock Smash
                            • Peck
                            • Brine
                            • Bubblebeam
                            I really wanted to use a starter that I've rarely used, and in my numerous playthroughs of Diamond I probably only picked Piplup once. Despite this, I still don't like it that much... at least so far. I may change my mind when it evolves. Nickname is an inside joke.

                            Staraptor "fine :("
                            Level 35
                            • Aerial Ace
                            • Wing Attack
                            • Close Combat
                            • Take Down
                            Man, I really did not want to use this. Hence the nickname. I never use regional birds and I prefer catching some of the more exotic mid-game Flying-types, but I just could not get past Eterna Gym using only Prinplup's peck. I could have caught a Murkrow, but that's one I use in Diamond way too much. This left me no choice but to use this one. It's pretty powerful now, so I probably won't be getting rid of it, but I still would have preferred something more interesting.

                            Gible "microdraco"
                            Level 22
                            • Dragon Rage
                            • Sandstorm
                            • Take Down
                            • Cut
                            Never used one of these before! It's totally underleveled but it has an EXP Share so all is well. Very excited to use it in a fight once it gets up to par with the rest of my team ^_^

                            That's all I got so far. Sinnoh is one of the regions where I tend to catch very little right at the start, so it'll probably take me a while to fill out the rest of my team.
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                            Alright! I've been playing Platinum a ton and I've just defeated the final Gym. As I type this, I am floating in the sea north of Sunnyshore listening to the super chill music ^_^ My team's gone through a lot of changes and additions, as you'll be able to tell from the fact that 2/3 of the Pokémon in my previous post are no longer in use. My team's also underleveled - at least by my own standards of having them ~10 above the level of the next Gym Leader/E4.


                            Tangrowth "bundlewire"
                            Level 47
                            • AncientPower
                            • Cut
                            • Grass Knot
                            • Mega Drain
                            I like this one! Never used it before in any game, and it's pretty strong at this point.

                            Empoleon "medmedmeddia"
                            Level 45
                            • Rock Smash
                            • Peck
                            • Surf
                            • Defog
                            It has terrrrrrrible moves. Otherwise, meh. I don't use it too much.

                            Houndoom "dogsofhell"
                            Level 40
                            • Smog
                            • Roar
                            • Bite
                            • Fire Fang
                            Underleveled because it's new. Don't think I've even used it in a battle yet.

                            Lucario "sky!fist"
                            Level 45
                            • Swords Dance
                            • Aura Sphere
                            • Rock Climb
                            • Earthquake
                            Good moves. I didn't want to use Lucario but I needed something to beat the Canalave Gym and I didn't have Houndoom at that point.

                            Togekiss "4ce4good"
                            Level 49
                            • Fly
                            • Shock Wave
                            • Metronome
                            • Shadow Ball
                            Replaced Staraptor. Another Pokémon I've never used before, and I love it <3 It's really good. Basically my ace at this point, haha.

                            Giratina "hyper+fury"
                            Level 47
                            • Strength
                            • AncientPower
                            • Dragon Claw
                            • Shadow Force
                            Will I keep it on my team? Haven't decided yet.

                            Having fun with this game! On my way to the Elite Four now :]
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                            Pokemon Platinum

                            So I kinda lost motivation to progress since somehow my 3DS reset the game after a long period of not saving buuut, I did manage to power on through and catch up to where I had been previously. Initially, I was going to make an entry after defeating Volkner, but quite a lot has happened between this entry and the last which I felt the need to do an update!

                            Adventure Log

                            • Confronted Cyrus in the Team Galactic HQ and single-handedly defeated him
                            • Battled and defeated Saturn who was considerably easier than Cyrus despite being battled after him
                            • Found the Master Ball and a few other items scattered around the Galactic HQ
                            • Scaled Mt. Coronet (I totally forgot how painful it was to climb this place. You literally need 4 or 5 of the 8 HMS just to reach the top)
                            • Defeated Jupiter & Mars in a tough double battle with the not so helpful Barry
                            • Traversed through the Distortion World (which is a lot more confusing than I first remembered)
                            • After defeating Cyrus for the final time in an extremely tough battle, I confronted Giratina and snagged it with the Master Ball!
                            • Met up with Prof. Rowan before gaining access to Sunnyshore City where I saved my adventure

                            The Team

                            Vulcan Lv. 46 // BlackGlasses

                            • Strength
                            • Flamethrower
                            • Faint Attack
                            • Embargo

                            Aurora Lv. 46 // Big Root

                            • Energy Ball
                            • Toxic
                            • Giga Drain
                            • Sludge Bomb

                            Artemis Lv. 46 // NeverMeltIce

                            • Ice Punch
                            • X-Scissor
                            • Screech
                            • Night Slash

                            Sonic Lv. 46 // Amulet Coin

                            • Detect
                            • Aerial Ace
                            • Giga Drain
                            • AncientPower

                            Crystal Lv. 46 // Icicle Plate

                            • Hail
                            • Ice Beam
                            • Shadow Ball
                            • Psychic

                            Gloria Lv. 46 // Quick Claw

                            • Earthquake
                            • Yawn
                            • Crunch
                            • Take Down
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                            Pokémon Platinum Plus

                            I've been wanting to replay Platinum for a while now, but I wanted even more of a challenge aside from a normal nuzlocke. So, I decided to pick up Blue's hack of Platinum. I've taken a look at the documentation, and it seems very challenging. Can't wait to dive in!

                            Adventure Log
                            • Started from Twinleaf Town
                            • Battled Barry and headed to Sandgem Town to visit Professor Rowan
                            • Received Piplup as my starter
                            • Caught Ralts on Route 202
                            The Squad

                            Isis the Piplup | Lv 6 | | Bold
                            - Pound
                            - Growl

                            Athena the Ralts | Lv 4 | | Careful
                            - Growl
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                              Idk how to do fancy CSS so you get plain fonts. enjoy.

                              Pokemon SS: Part 1
                              I woke up and decided I was gonna walk into the forest and get torn apart by wild Pokemon. My mom wouldn't let me, so I went to get a Pokemon instead.
                              Professor elm told me to meet a shady dude in the woods, and gave me a Pokemon.
                              I tried to walk into the woods, when my good friend Lyra said some stuff and walked away. Why is everyone trying to stop me from walking into the forest?!?!
                              So I showed my mom my Pokemon, and she gave me my pokegear from the repair shop (There is no repair shop, she's a bit insane), so I was finally off into the woods!

                              I saw some tall grass, and walked into it, and a Pokemon appeared. I threw my Pokemon at it, and they battled for a bit, and we went our separate ways.

                              Finally I spotted a city. I walked in and some old dude said some stuff and sprinted off. whatever. I stopped by the pokemon center and continued on.

                              I was walking through the forest when a guy stopped me. I will go swim in a lake if people keep hindering my progress. He gave me some box, and pointed me in the right direction.

                              Finally I got there, and he gave me an egg. These things have been in the games since gen 2. Not really that exciting. Then professor Oak gave me a pokedex. All these favors... forget it.

                              Professor elm called me, and said some stuff. He sounded desperate, but he never finished, so he's probably dead.

                              Back in Cherrygrove city, some red and black dude challenged me to a battle. I'm gonna stop here, since this is my first big battle.

                              Chikorita: level 9
                              Razor Leaf
                              Item: None

                              P.S: It was an easy fake battle.
                     Please join I need members ;_;
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                                Bella's Shiny Platinum Adventure
                                I'm officially playing through Sun at the moment; however, I've popped Platinum onto my phone and am playing on an Android emulator when I'm bored and not at home.

                                I will be taking advantage of the fact that I'm running it on an emulator and using a shiny encounter hack (all wild encounters are shinies - because, why not?), but otherwise will be playing through the game normally.

                                I might consider not letting Piplup evolve and keeping him with me until the very end. He's too cute ♥

                                Update Log

                                • Chose Piplup as my starter pokemon (the cutest, obviously..).
                                • Caught Shinx on route 201 to Sandgem Town.
                                • Caught Starly on route 202.
                                • Defeated my rival on route 203; however, this was actually a pretty close battle! His Turtwig spammed Withdraw which made knocking off his HP pretty tedious.

                                The Current Team

                                every accomplishment starts with the decision to try
                                sun diaryplatinum diary
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                                  Bella's Shiny Platinum Adventure
                                  Update Log

                                  • Made my way through route 203 to Oreburgh City, no new pokemon were caught.
                                  • Defeated Oreburgh Gym leader Roark.

                                  Oreburgh Gym Team

                                  This was a pretty tough battle, as Piplup was really the only pokemon who made much of an impact on the rock-type opponents. I just managed to scrape through with a victory, but only just! Piplup was hanging on by a thread (and a potion or two) by the end of the battle.

                                  Update Log

                                  • Caught Budew on route 204.
                                  • Starly evolved into Staravia!
                                  • Piplup evolved int-... Oh? Piplup stopped evolving (Decided to keep this little cutie!).
                                  • Shinx evolved into Luxio!

                                  Commander Mars Fight Team

                                  Commander Mars absolutely obliterated me during my first encounter with her at the Windworks. I was totally unprepared for the level 17 Purugly, and my team order wasn't very good. I originally challenged her with Shinx, but after training the team up a few levels I went back to face her with my newly evolved Luxio and the rest of the team.


                                  every accomplishment starts with the decision to try
                                  sun diaryplatinum diary
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                                    I beat Pokémon Pearl earlier today, and I managed to beat Cynthia without any of my Pokémon being KO'd, first time that's ever happened to me. My hall of fame team was:

                                    Luxray Lv. 57
                                    Abomasnow Lv. 57
                                    Ursaring Lv. 56
                                    Gastrodon Lv. 56
                                    Mismagius Lv. 57
                                    Infernape Lv. 57
                                    Old January 18th, 2017 (11:39 PM).
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                                      Bella's Shiny Platinum Adventure
                                      Eterna Gym Team

                                      Absolutely blazed through this battle, it was a piece of cake. With both Piplup's Peck and Staravia's Wing Attack, the opposing pokemon were KO'd pretty quickly.

                                      Update Log

                                      • After blasting through Eterna Gym I made my way back to the Old Chateau.
                                      • Caught Rotom!
                                      • Battled through the Team Galactic Eterna Building.

                                      Commander Jupiter Fight Team

                                      Holy jeez. These Team Galactic Commanders really know how to pack a punch! It took me three attempts to beat her - that Skuntank was a real pain in the ass. In the end I just scraped through with Staravia hanging on by a thread and the rest of the team fainted... This is going to put a dent in my Budew evolution.

                                      Update Log

                                      • Received a pokemon egg from Cynthia.
                                      • Received a bicycle as thanks for rescuing the shop owner.
                                      • Rode through Cycling Road (route 206), Luxio got a bunch of exp due to all the Starly/Staravia's the trainers seemed to like using.
                                      • It's getting a little annoying constantly having to hit B when Piplup tries to evolve, but as far as I can tell the only way to obtain an Everstone is to catch Geodude with a 5% chance to be holding one...
                                      • BOOM! First Geodude caught had an Everstone!!
                                      • Caught Ponyta on route 206!
                                      • Got to Wayward Cave and realised I missed TM Flash somewhere. Backtracked to Oreburgh Gate to retrieve it.
                                      • Egg hatched into Togepi!
                                      • Caught Gible in Wayward Cave (hidden area)!
                                      • Obtained Eevee!

                                      Hearthome Gym Team

                                      Another steam roller of a gym. Luxio just chomped through everyone with Bite, and Staravia helped finish off Fantina's Mismagius when Luxio's HP got low.

                                      << previousnext >>

                                      every accomplishment starts with the decision to try
                                      sun diaryplatinum diary
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