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    I have a rom hack in the works called Pokemon Amity, and I'm having trouble making good sprites of my fakemon. If anyone would like to help, I could use front and back sprites in 64x64 pixel dimensions each. If you can't do both or they're too demanding feel free to do what you want. I'll leave a link of my deviantART with a gallery of pictures of my fakemon to go off of.
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      Does any1 have a Hoenn Region Map but in like GSC style?
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      I'm making a ROM hack of Pokemon Fire Red called Pokemon Darkness Falls. The game features many new Mega Evolutions, Alolan forms, new region forms, a Lapras pre-evolution and evolution, a new Salamence and Darkrai form, and a Primal Darkrai. I need 64x64 sprites. This is a link to some of the photos I would like sprited.
      We have permission to use some of them and are awaiting permission requests for the rest, except for a few. I will send permission requests for the remaining few when I can.

      Thank you so much! :D

      Favorite Pokemon list

      Team Salamence is looking for talented and original ROM hackers, check us out at!
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        Hey Pokemon fans! I'm a newcomer who's working on a fanfiction about an Original Character having a Pokemon Journey and later on, falling in love with Cynthia. if any of you are interested, please let me know. I'm curious to see what they would look like in sprite form.

        The attachments are the two characters and a pose template that you could use based on the couple from Gen 4.

        Thank you in advance!
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          Looking for someone to make these concept arts into a pokemon gen 3 style
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