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Pokémon OPEN Kinyo: a new region, a new journey [M] Page 2

Started by Morganatri August 18th, 2019 3:30 AM
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Arthur Weissmann
Location : Nashimity Town
Pokemon at hand :

Chapter 2 - 4
Burden of a Legacy

“What it’s 4 o’clock already!? Sorry, Mr. Gunther, I’m very late to deliver your package.” Arthur didn’t realize it was already 4 o’clock.

“It’s okay, after all you’ve been helping me all of this time. Besides Kirk asked you to deliver it today without time specifics, no? Relax, you’ll be fine… Oh, I’m almost forgot, here some pocket money for your journey.” Mr. Gunther took out some Pokedollars out of his wallet.

“I couldn’t possibly accept this Mr. Gunther, this is quite a lot of money. Besi-” Arthur’s statement was cut off by Mr. Gunther.

“Shush, Arthur. You deserve it, not all people could fix that machine even if its a temporary fix. You could use the money to take your friends somewhere, or if you have a girlfriend you could even go on a date with that money.” Mr. Gunther joked to ease Arthur from being too conscious, even if Mr. Gunther himself knew that the money he gave could even do more than that.

“Haha, unfortunately i don’t have a girlfriend Mr. Gunther. But, I’ll probably treat one of my friend on a meal together one day. Thank you for the money, I’ll use it wisely.” Arthur was very thankful at Mr. Gunther’s gift.

After some time, Arthur then said his goodbyes to Mr. Gunther while carrying the specimen he was tasked to retrieve by Kirk. He walked until he reached the exit of Nashimity Town.

In his walk he still couldn't let go of the comparison with his grandfather. Now that he knew that his grandfather was a far greater man than he ever knew. The task he thought was like climbing a small mountain now feels like he had to climb Mt. Silver through the exterior walls.

“Well i should go now, it’s almost dusk yet i’m still here. There's no use to ponder on stuff about my grandfather now...If only there was a way to go there faster.” Arthur pondered on a method to there as quick as possible especially since he was worried that travelling around at night won’t be that safe, until suddenly two of his pokeballs rumbled and from it came out Hunter and Braveheart.

It seemed on Arthur’s eyes that both of this pokemon was worried about Arthur. Not to say Muchorin didn’t worry, but Arthur thought Muchorin must be tired after the battle earlier before the noon. “Sorry you both, i think i made you two worry about me.” However, when Arthur took a closer look at Hunter he seemed to feel that Hunter was also agitated.

“What’s wrong, Hunter?” Arthur was trying to find out why Hunter was agitated only to be given cold shoulder. Braveheart was furious at Hunter’s action, and demanded it to apologize to Arthur only to be taunted by Hunter. They both then participated in a dogfight-like fighting where Braveheart is chasing Hunter.

“Stop you two! We’ll never manage to arrive at Mahono Town at this pace… Unless…” Arthur had a flash of inspiration while he was watching both of his pokemon fighting.

“Wait.. Wait… Braveheart, come here!” Braveheart stopped its chase of Hunter and went back to its trainer’s side.

“Could i ride you? I know I’m heavy but it should be possible.” Arthur asked his pokemon with a slight hesitation that could be heard on his voice.

Braveheart thankfully let Arthur rode it, Arthur then took Hunter and grabbed it with both hand as he was going to try how fast he could ride a Beldum. “So, Braveheart… Will you show me your power?”

Braveheart seemed to be proud at its trainer’s trust in it and immediately bolt out as fast as it could right out of the gate.

“Whoa… This is so fast. We’ll be there in no time now, thanks Braveheart.” Now Arthur’s attention turned into the still pouting Hunter on his embrace. Arthur was still confused on why Hunter was irritated, but as he got closer with Mahono Town. Arthur thought that from its action earlier, it must be eager to fight but couldn’t vent it.

“Sorry Pal, i didn’t know. I’ll let you fight first next time, I promise.” Arthur patted Hunter’s head in an effort to cool it down, thankfully in the eyes of Arthur, Hunter managed to calm down after his actions.

The trio soon managed to reach Mahono Town soon enough. And they finally make their way to meet Kirk at his house. At the front of the house he decided to make both of his pokemon back to their pokeball so they can rest.

"Uncle Kirk, you're home?" Arthur said while knocking on the door of the house.

"Yupp, just open the door Arthur. My hands are currently occupied."

Arthur opened the house door, from inside aroma of various spices could be smelled, it was a familiar smell for Arthur. "I knew it was familiar, i can't believe the thing you're occupied with is your favorite instant curry."

"Can't help it, a man have to eat you know. My beautiful, sweet wife has few administration stuff to finish. So me as a faithful husband has to support her by not making her to worry about his scute lil' husband." Kirk quipped against Arthur.

"Whatever you say old man…" Arthur rolled his eyes at Kirk's remarks. "Here's your specimen, where do i put it?"

"Oh… Uh… Just put it on the shelf. I'll do the rest later after i finished my curry." Kirk was surprised at Arthur's quick shift to serious tone, he thought that there might be something plaguing Arthur's mind.

"Honestly… I… I want to talk about gramps." Arthur was unsure to ask Kirk or not. He was afraid that what Mr. Gunther said was only the tip of the iceberg, if that happened for Arthur then it would be nigh impossible to do.

"I see, that's why you look troubled. Well sit first kiddo, I'll tell you all i know about him."

Arthur then sat down while trying to suppress his anxiousness as much as possible. "Mr. Gunther said that gramps was even more stronger than the champion of Hoenn at the time. How powerful is he exactly?"

"Your grandfather, was a total pain as an opponent. Back then he whooped all of my team with his overpowered Metagross. Eventually i knew that he was maybe top 5, or even top 3 in the world. It made the pain of losing grew less but still its stings." Kirk wryly smile as he remembered his defeat.

Arthur gulped at Kirk's sentence top 10? Top 5? How the hell he supposed to surpass that? Even with the lack of trainers this days he was pretty sure that there was a lot more trainers that is stronger than him more than his fingers could count. It cause an expression of dread to show on Arthur's face that he might be biting more than what he can chew.

Kirk who saw this then instantly reacted. "Arthur, I'll just say this once. You'll never ever be like your grandfather."

Arthur was surprised at the statement. "W-what do you mean? Please tell me, Uncle…"

"Why did you become a trainer? It's to become the best is it not? However, being the best in pokemon training doesn't mean you have to be the at the utmost pinnacle. Everyone's different, me, your father, your grandfather. We all did our best and we are happy because of that. We're never become the man at the pinnacle of it but we still gained our happiness."

Arthur silently listened to Kirk's lecture. Kirk continued his speech.

"Listen kiddo, everyone has different goals and different circumstances surrounding them, and achieving that goal is more important for them than reaching the top. What's the use for being on the top if you forsaken your ideals? What's the use for being on the top if you cast away those you hold dear?"

The words of Kirk shook Arthur to the very core. Why did he even thought for one moment that he had to beat his grandfather no matter what? And even if he did, will he even be happy? Kirk's speech had lifted a lot of burden from Arthur's mind.

"Thanks a lot, Uncle…" Arthur thanked Kirk for his advice.

"Yeah, but no thanks for you though. What'll you going to compensate me now huh? My curry had gone cold all thanks to you, young lad." Kirk joked once more at Arthur.

Both of them immediately laughed and spent the rest of the time laughing while waiting for Ingrid. As soon as Ingrid came, they all went to Mahono Town Entrance to say their goodbyes of each other.

"Well I guess this is a goodbye. I didn't think I'll stay at Mr. Gunther's house for another day, but I'm thankful that I'll be able stay another day there thanks to you, uncle." Arthur appeared to be thankful at both of his foster parents, especially Kirk for his advice.

"Don't forget to call us sometimes dear, I'll be rooting for you from here," Ingrid said while smiling.

"Eh, it's no big deal… Listen, i know you'll probably hate my ramblings by now but I have a last advice to give to you. When you fight with all your might for something that worth giving your life into, then you shall attain your happiness. But for now, laugh, cry, and share everything with your loved ones including your pokemons, I'm sure you'll find your true path at the end of your journey." Kirk smiled widely encouraging Arthur to travel with all of his might.

"Thanks, I'll be off now… Really, I'll miss you both. See you both later." Arthur smiled while waving his hands at both of his foster parents who both reciprocated in kind.

Arthur then walked on his way back to Nashimity Town, before letting Hunter and Braveheart both to guard him from wild pokemon after some time has passed.

However, Braveheart was unhappy with its unfinished business with Hunter earlier in the day and appears to challenge Hunter for one more fight, in which Hunter appeared to be more than happy to oblige.

"Nope you both, we're definitely going back to Nashimity Town, and that's it. You both can battle tomorrow after we all re--" Arthur's statement was interrupted as Braveheart already lunged himself in high speed for a Take Down which was dodged by Hunter. It caused a severe shaking on a giant tree Braveheart landed on.

"DANG IT YOU BOTH! STO--" Suddenly a lot of loud squawking noises could be heard, alarming both Braveheart and surprisingly caused Hunter to perch on Arthur's shoulder. "Yikes, that's the Pidgeys... Don't worry, everything is under control, nothing could possibly be worse than this." Just as Arthur finished his bold statement, a louder squawk could be heard this time it appears to frighten Hunter. Arthur was pretty sure there's only one creature that could be with Pidgeys and had that certain cry, which is... A Pidgeotto.

"We're Screwed."

Continued in part 2-5
F-Zero Gravity



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There is an OST for this chapter part. Hope it suits well (Although i'm quite sure most of you who read this, would probably have listened to this before this chapter got moved)

Just hear it until almost the end of the part, you'll know which part to stop ^^

Arthur Weissmann
Location : Route 301
Pokemon at hand :

Chapter 2 - 5
F-Zero Gravity

"This is the worst, why the hell should a Pidgeotto be here. I can't just end my journey here because of this, now what the hell should i do?" Arthur was scrambling to find a way out of the horrible situation until he decided to do the most possible scenario he could think of. Arthur glanced at Braveheart and gave a signal to it, signalling that they have no choice but to do what they did earlier on their way to Mahono.

With the flock looked like it was ready to swarm them, it was no choice situation for all of them. It was now or never. "Braveheart, go now!" Arthur leaped to the back of his levitating partner while dragging Hunter in a rush immediately going straight to the Nashimity town. Beldum then sped up as much as he could, defying gravity like a car of a certain game franchise.

Obviously the flock wasn't too happy that the intruders that disturbed their sleep could get away scot-free so they all make haste and decides to hunt down Arthur and his entourage.

The silent and tranquil atmosphere of the forest was immediately broken, instead replaced by ear-deafening noise from the mix of angry bird chirps and powerful gust of airs.

"Race with haste Braveheart, otherwise we'll be bird food!" Arthur screamed as hard as possible, spurring Braveheart to fly even faster while dodging countless of branches and rocks hindering their progress. The birds wasn't pushovers though and matched the escapees speed with extreme tenacity, while their collective voices scared every other creatures in the forest allowing them to chase Arthur's party with full power.

"Come on, there should be something we could do..." Arthur racked his brain once more until he realized the fact that Hunter would be useful for something this once. He remembered he read once in a book that there's one reason that Hoothoot is harder to catch than Pidgey, it was because it is able to use the move Hypnosis. Arthur raised the fluffy body of Hunter and aimed it to the Pidgeys. "It's time for chicks to go to sleep... So... Drop Down!" Arthur screamed the last part in a shrill voice that even shocked Braveheart. "Raaaaaghhh!!!" Arthur screamed while lifting Hunter against the Pidgeotto's flock, shooting beams of Hypnosis while being in high speed. The hunters dodged nimbly at first, but not long after due to Arthur's tenacity aiming the 20 kg Hunter against the birds, three had already roosted. Now it's three on three. However the intensity of shooting already caused Hunter to be tired at the point, leaving Arthur with no choice but to stop the machine gun-like offense the party employed to ground the birds.

"Gah, Hunter's out of energy. With Muchorin also out of commission due to fatigue, you're now our only hope, Pal." Arthur now could only rely on Braveheart, which after hearing his Master's words now boosting up its speed. The future looks bright for the escapees as Nashimity Town wasn't so far away anymore, or so it seemed before the chasers decides to whips out gust of winds that hits in front of their adversaries creating a smoke screen of dust and small grasses which obstructs Braveheart's vision, it didn't knew that it was blindly charging to a big rock. "Bah! Zen Headbutt!"

Braveheart did exactly that glowing his head purple and smashing the rock. The resulted debris was sputtering around showering the pursuers that was closing in with sharp rock shards, not only delaying them but eventually caused one Pidgey to capitulate due to the damage it took, it was now 3 on 2.

The remaining pursuers wasn't so happy it took them quite a while to finish off the intruders, not to mention the casualties that the flock already sustained. It decided to use their full power in dealing with the group, and it shows when they managed to almost fully close the gap. Both chasers then dished out Wing Attack and Peck each in order to fell Arthur and his party which could only swerved slightly by Braveheart. "Come on pal, you can do this!" The scream from its master was enough for Braveheart to power through, its desire to protect burns through, and it decided if it finally had to fall down its after his master is safe. The gaps of trees at the forest was getting narrower and the exit was keep getting closer but the chasers was still tenaciously chasing not wanting the escapees to escape unscathed.

Then very suddenly, a Munchlax shows up with a very small distance between it and the suddenly realizing front party. "Oh no! Barrel Roll! Barrel Roll! Barrel Roll!" The voice of Arthur turn hoarser at this point and Braveheart managed to very narrowly escaped from a huge collision although it caused the party to violently rotated. The Pidgey, however doesn't manage to brake in time and crashed into Munchlax. It was one pokemon remaining from the chasers side, the mighty Pidgeotto.

The party managed to exit the forest first, finding Nashimity Town is just one more sharp turn at the front. However due to the fact that Braveheart was carrying twice it size and the exhaustion caused by the chase, the propulsion speed it started with now had dwindled significantly. "Good job Braveheart, now we could es--" Arthur's relieved expression when he saw the city suddenly turned gloom by a huge shadow looming above them. It was the Pidgeotto staring them menacingly from above, doing its last ditch effort to bring the party some pain. It used all of its might to use a Wing Attack that finally hits Braveheart, Braveheart spun out of control, launching the other two party members with Arthur landing back first on the city sign with Hunter still on its hand, while Braveheart itself tumbling down through the ground and finally fainting due to injuries and exhaustion it had endured.

The Pidgeotto was happy it able to exact revenge, but it still wanted more. So it came closer to the party, squawking loudly as a form of boast against Arthur that no one would be able to beat it. "Shut it Bird... You're disturbing my rest..." Arthur lifted Hunter one more time, raising the Owl Pokemon against the surprised Pidgeotto, who left itself wide open for one more Hypnosis from Hunter. With both its Pokemon terribly exhausted after the ordeal and the fact that his own back experienced a harsh pain due to the crash. Arthur slowly reached his backpack for a bottle of fresh water while eventually looking up at the beautiful night sky. He sighed and remarked.

"Sigh... What did i do to deserve this?"



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Momoka Kuchiki & Arthur Weissmann

Entry 3-2: Nashimity Town \Day 1/{Night}

Discoveries and Recovering!
The Start of a Friendship!

Momo walked towards Route 301 as she carried Finn in her arms and Pidge on her shoulder. 'We managed to finish training at Route 302, but the sun had already set and its getting darker every minute.' Momo looked up and saw the midnight black sky, some clouds wondering, and stars lighting up the empty sky, but not empty now. She looked down and stood near the entrance to Route 301 and looked around, noticing a teenage boy around her age leaning on the city sign, looking exhausted.

'What the? The hell happened?' Momo walked closer and Finn jumped from her arms and ran over to something nearby, Pidge jumping and flapping over to his comrade. She stood a few feet away and noticed the sleeping Pidgeotto in front of the male and when she moved sideways to look at the boy, she saw a Hoothoot in the male's arms sleeping and she noticed he had a water bottle in one hand which he looked to be drinking from it, while he viewed the night sky, almost as if he was deep in his own thoughts.

"Um...Ello, are you alright?" questioned Momo, walking over to stand beside the male, looking him over worriedly. 'He has a couple injuries and from his posture, his back could be in pain...' She looked up and saw the sign had some dirt on it, 'Wait, did he hit the sign?! But from the way he's positioned, he must have hit it with his back...'

"Hm? Oh... Sorry i was too focused on stargazing." Arthur moved his gaze at the girl, the girl was standing in front of him looking worried at the condition his party was in. The look actually concerned Arthur since he doesn't want anyone to know how bad his condition currently in, and he decided to continue on his trip to the PC. "Nah, don't worry I'm fi-." His bruised back suddenly ache, cutting his sentence in the process.

"Aah! Are you alright? Does your back hurt?" Momo didn't know what to do, she learned how to cook and handle small injuries, but big ones like this, she panicked. " it possible for you to stand up? We might need to see Nurse Joy and get that checked out." The female was about to try and grab his arm when she heard Finn's chirping from afar, followed by Pidge's aggressive squawking. She turned and saw the two lying on the ground along with a strange Pokemon in-between them, they were about 300-400 meters away from Momo and the boy so she could barely see them unless she squinted her eyes. "Finn, Pidge, and who is that?" She turned to the male, "Hey, do you have a Pokemon that happens to be heavy? No Offense."

"Haha, you don't have to be sorry. Yeah it's my partner Braveheart, we and Hunter here had some well... pretty rough time to say at least." Arthur then stood up carefully after putting Hunter back to its ball. "I should be fine if I walked carefully, so you don't have to worry too much." Said Arthur with a small smile, trying to reassure the girl. He then slowly walked up to Braveheart and then put it back in its ball. "Good job Pal, you deserve your well earned rest." Arthur then scanned the vicinity. "Well i would be really happy to rest now, but these birds shouldn't sleep here, it's not their natural habitat. Would you mind helping me out?"

"Oh, sure, but to be sure..." Momo walked over to the male and placed one of his arms around her shoulder. "You're back is injured, don't force yourself." She turned her head and saw Pidge flying over with Finn in his talons, waving his small feet as they approached. Once Pidge was in front of them, he let go of Finn, who landed on the ground and jumped over to Momo's side, looking at the male curiously. Pidge flew to her shoulder and landed, staring at the male. "So, do you want me to wake the Pidgeotto up?"

"Basically, yes. You should be able to wake it up easily with your Mudkip's Water Gun. I'll be hiding behind that sign though." Arthur pointed at the sign he crashed into earlier. "It would be a major issue if that Pidgeotto saw me."

"Alright, let's place you behind the sign first." Momo slowly led the male towards the sign and helped him to take a position behind it, taking his arm from her shoulder so he could hold the sign if needed. "Oh, yeah. My name is Momoka Kuchiki, I never did introduce myself." Momo looked over her shoulder and saw Finn. "Alright buddy, let's go wake up that Pidgeotto and send him off." The female walked around the sign and stood a few feet away from the sign and the Pidgeotto.

"Finn, water gun, but gently." Finn chirped before puffing up his cheeks, turned towards the Bird Pokemon and squirted a small dose of water, straight in the face, starling awake the Pidgeotto. The Bird Pokemon stood up, awoken from its slumber and eventually started to look around, as if it's looking for something. 'Could it be looking for the boy?' When it couldn't look for what it wanted, it turned towards the other occupants and squawked at them, it took a threatening step forward, glaring at the trainer and MudFish Pokemon.

"W-Wait! We don't want to fight! We just wanted to wake you up so you aren't sleeping out in the dark and in an open area!" The Pidgeotto stared at Momo for a few seconds before Pidge chirped and flew off from her shoulder, landing in front of its bigger evolution. He looked up and chirped, explaining the situation in their language, the Pidgeotto squawked back, but Pidge glared and jumped, squawking in his face before the Pidgeotto glared back, slowly lifting his wings. "W-Wait, Pidge!"

Before anything could happen, a shrill squawk rose from a nearby tree and a Pidgey jumped from said tree, landing beside Pidge. "A Pidgey? Wait, those bandages..." Momo noticed the bandages on the Pidgey and then heard more cries, followed by more Pidgey appearing, with their own Pidgeotto following. 'So the Pidgey is the one we helped back in Route 301 and Pidge's old companion.' She then looked towards the Pidgeotto that just appeared and noticed that his coloring was different that a normal Pigeotto's, his head crest wasn't reddish, but yellow. "Wait, is that a shiny?! And Pidge's old leader!? But we never did meet him..."

The shiny Pidgeotto walked in front of Pidge and Pidgey #2, glaring at the other Pidgeotto before squawking, pointing a wing back at the forest, his eyes narrowed. The normal Pidgeotto squawked and shook its head, about to flap its wings to fly away, its head turned towards the city. 'It must really want to get to the boy...' But as it jumped to fly, the shiny Pidgeotto used the same wing from before, that it pointed towards the forest, and coated it in a white glow before jumping and striking the other Pidgeotto in the head, knocking it down and on its stomach, earning a painful cry.

'T-That was Steel Wing!' Keeping the move out, the shiny Pidgeotto let out a shrill cry, pointing back at the forest. The normal Pidgeotto slowly got up and turned towards the forest, jumping before flapping and flying into the trees, his body language expressing his defeat. The shiny huffed, but Steel Wing was still out, it then turned towards the Pidgeys behind, who flinched at its piercing eyes, except for Pidgey #2, who wasn’t there when the event occurred. The shiny pointed to the forest with the same wing and let out a shrill cry, causing the Pidgeys to let out their own, frightened, before flapping their wings and heading into the trees. The shiny’s glare softened as Pidgey #2 walked over and chirped, then looked over to Momo and Pidge, causing the shiny to look over as well, its wing no longer glowing.

"Um... Thank you for the help, mister Pidgeotto, Pidgey." Momo thanked as Pidge flew back to her shoulder, the shiny now staring at her. It was staring at her, saying nothing before nodding and looking to Pidge, letting out a squawk and nodded again, looking proud. Pidge chirped back and puffed his chest, having the same look. Pidgey #2 squawked as well, using one of its wings carefully to wave at them.

The shiny turned one more time, this time, pointing at the sign. "The sign? What about it?" The shiny nodded before chirping and pointing again, bowing as it did so. "Why are you... oh! Are you apologizing for what the other Pidgeotto did? But it wasn't your fault!" The shiny Pidgeotto chirped as it stood straight, looking at the sign for a second before squawking and turning to fly away, Pidgey #2 standing in front of them.

Pidge jumped into her bag, starling the girl, and got out her Holotch, placing it in her hand. "Pidge, what are you doing?" The tiny bird Pokemon pointed at the device before pointing at his old leader, motioning back and forth. 'The holotch, Pidgeotto, and Pidgey... wait...' "Do you want me to get a picture of them?" Pidge nodded. Momo lifted the device and activated the camera before taking a picture, just as the Pidgeotto looked back at them, its wings out, hovering in the air as it had Pidgey #2 in its claws, about to leave. It chirped before flapping and flying away, into the trees and back home.

"Well... let's tell the boy the news I guess." she commented, holding the Holotch close as she slowly walked to the sign, Finn on her heels. `I can't believe I saw a shiny, and it was Pidge's old leader!' She rounded the sign and looked over to the male. "Um... its alright to come out, I bet you heard most of what happened."

"Yup, sure I did. I didn't believe that Pidgeotto is connected to the Pidgey you caught. Honestly, I think I owe it an apology. Maybe one day." Arthur smiled at Momo, then he removed his damaged cap. "Well I believe I haven't introduced myself either, my name is Arthur Weissmann. I just graduated from Trainers School and so i'm now travelling on my own journey." Arthur explained while cleaning off dust from his outfit. "And for the explanation for what happened until I ended up like this... Well, basically Braveheart accidentally hit the tree they were sleeping and so we're trapped in a crazy chase. While for the results, you can see by yourself haha." Arthur tried to laugh off his misfortune.

'So that's what happened... they ended up being chased by one of the hot-tempered Pidgeotto...' "Well, it's nice to formally meet you Arthur." Momo smiled and picked up Finn, who was chirping and started to wave his small feet excitedly the moment he was facing Arthur. "This is Finn, my first Pokemon and friend. And the Pidgey on my shoulder is Pidge, my second Pokemon, who we caught in Route 301." Pidge, from his spot stared at the male for awhile, before he lifted his wing, waving it slightly, then lowered it in place. "I also graduated from the Trainer School. I'm surprised we haven't meet each other before." Momo looked up and remembered the time and Arthur's injuries. "Oh, right! We still have to take you to the PC, your injuries have to be checked." She placed Finn on her head and grabbed the hem of his right sleeve and pulls on it, using her other hand to point to the town ahead.

"I'll take your offer on that. Besides i don't think i could stay the night without having to visit the PC and do something about the injuries." Arthur decided to follow the girl. It's not like he had a choice anyway, Braveheart is fainted and both Muchorin and Hunter is definitely not in the condition to do battle, he had to visit the PC sooner or later before going home to Mr. Gunther's house.

"Then let's go!" She changed her grip from his sleeve to his right arm and pulls him carefully towards the town. "It's night time, so we have to be careful on the way so you don't trip or knock into something so you don't fall on you back and make the injury worse." Finn chirped and jumped onto Arthur's head before using his front feet to pat his forehead. Momo chuckled as Pidge looked over and chirped disapprovingly, motioning his head towards Momo. "I'm sorry about Finn, he's a bit...quirky."

Arthur was happy at the gesture showed by Finn. "Haha thanks little guy." He then looked at Pidge. "Well i think it's fine, no Pokemon is going to be close to strangers that quickly... Well my jolly Darumaka is an exception." Muchorin was a unique case, only a few moments after Arthur saved it from the pond it already going clingy to its saviour. Maybe Muchorin is easily drawn to people. However, Arthur was also happy at the time because both the sly and calculating Hunter and the overprotective Braveheart both knocked out cold. If they were awake, who knows what will they do to Pidge after all that happened before.

Both of them walked slowly for quite awhile before they finally reached the Pokemon Center. Momo stood in front of the PC with Arthur who stood beside her, still in her grasp, Finn was still on his head and Pidge was in his usual spot.

"Alright, let's go inside." Momo pulled Arthur with her as they walked inside the PC, the doors opening automatically once it sensed them, closing once they were inside.

"Welcome! How may I help you miss, mister?" asked a nurse at the front desk, looking over at the two teens as they walked in.

"Um... My friend here injured his back and I brought him here to get it checked out and to also heal our Pokemon." Momo explained, motioning her head towards the male beside her. The nurse nodded and looked behind her, motioning someone towards her before walking over, a Chansey on her heels carrying an empty tray, wearing the same hat the nurse was.

"Can you please place your pokeballs on the tray so Chansey could take them to get healed while mister come with me to the back to get your back checked." asked the Nurse, motioning with a hand towards Chansey, who cooed at them, lifting the tray slightly. Momo nodded and used her free hand to grab two pokeballs and called back Finn and Pidge. Once they were safely inside, she placed them on the tray and waited.

"Oh yes, if you don't mind Nurse Joy, could you also heal my Pokemon while you're at it. They're also quite tired after the journey today." Arthur put his three pokeballs on the desk.

Nurse Joy nodded "Ok, we'll heal them after your friend's Pokemon finished healing, how about you go and check your injuries now? It appears that you have quite a night today. It's not good to leave an injury untended for long." Nurse Joy appears to be worried at Arthur's condition.

"Thanks for the gesture Nurse Joy, I really appreciate it. I'll check myself up inside then." Arthur nodded at Nurse Joy's direction and decided to go straight inside the examination room. "Would you like to come too, Momo? Or you would like to wait outside?" Arthur asked Momo on her opinion.

"I think I'll wait out here, just in case they take awhile with your injuries." Momo replied, watching as Chansey placed the three pokeballs that belonged to Arthur in the tray and walked to the back, the doors closing behind her. "You never know someone might try to steal the pokeballs when they're ready. Anyways, i'm going to go sit at a table and wait until the Pokemon are finished healing and for your injuries to be treated." Momo waved at Arthur.

"Sure, thanks for accompanying me here, Momo." Arthur waved back and then walked to the examination room. In his mind, today has been a wild experience. He then slightly giggled at the fact that he now knew how his dad felt when Kirk brought him to various crazy situations. "It's fun, it's just that the aftermath is a bit garbage." Arthur muttered silently to himself, he then proceeded to enter the examination room

Momo who had chosen to stay behind then walked over to the tables, choosing one of the closest to the window and sat down, looking towards the night sky. 'So much had happened today... And I have that battle tomorrow... I hope Pidge is ready for the battle, he looked like he wanted to fight that Spearow.' She grabbed her bag and placed in on her lap, fetching the Holotch, and looking at the time. 'They might take awhile, so might as well get something to drink while I wait.' She put the device back in and strapped her bag to her shoulder before standing and walking to the indoor cafe.

She waited until her order came, not long after she ordered the hot chocolate has arrived on her table. Momo looked out the window, sipping on her hot chocolate, then heard something from her lap and she looked down, seeing her Mudfish Pokemon sleeping, turning over slightly on his back. She then looked to her shoulder, seeing Pidge being as vigilant as ever. She got her Pokemon back about 20 minutes ago, 10 minutes after they handed their Pokemon over and Arthur went to the examination room.

"If you want to sleep Pidge, you can." she assured the tiny bird, but said Pokemon shook his head and snuggled his head on her cheek for a few seconds before stopping and standing straight, hearing a familiar sound. He turned and saw a person before noticing who is was and chirped at them, getting Momo's attention, who was holding the hot chocolate with one hand and petting Finn with the other. She looked up and saw the person.

"I'm glad your Pokemon looks fine, as for me I'm quite fine also. I still have to be careful for quite a while though." Fine was a mild way of saying it, the examination found that Arthur have a contusion near his left shoulder where he landed on the signpost. However he decided to omit the details so Momo wouldn't be so worried. "Well, now I guess I should introduce my partners to you, well Braveheart is still being treated so, maybe I'll just introduce Hunter and Muchorin to you, but before that... Sir, may I order a Cappuccino Latte please? Ah, and make it sweet please. Thank you." The cafe's barista nodded at the order.

"If that's what you want, and your injuries are all better? Well... if you say so..." Momo hesitantly accepted his words, she knew his back injury was other than fine and wouldn't recover that quickly, but she didn't want to upset Arthur, so she didn't push on the subject.

"So first up, come out Muchorin." Arthur pressed the button in his pokeball and immediately the Zen Charm Pokemon came out from it. It immediately started dancing in joyful manner, until it choose to hug its trainer and nuzzle its head against Arthur's chest. "Whoa.. Sheesh Muchorin." Arthur smiled and then rubbed Muchorin's head. "Okay... so the next one is Hunter, come.. Eh, on second thoughts i'm not sure Hunter will be happy to be out of his pokeball after that incident." Arthur spoke while his eyes looked at Pidge. He thought that bringing out Hunter now would only bring unwanted commotion in the Pokemon Center.

Momo giggled when Muchorin the Darumaka appeared, he reminded her of Finn, who was still napping. he would do stuff like that and his quirkiness made him adorable, but Muchorin was almost his equal. She noticed the look he was giving Pidge and remembered that most of his team wasn't fond of the tiny bird species, so she felt bad for having Pidge out since it seemed to make him uncomfortable. She grabbed Pidge's pokeball and pet his head, "Hey buddy, you should rest for now, I have Finn here if something happens, alright? I'll bring you out once we are in the room so you can sleep in the bed."

Pidge stared at her before glancing at the human across from his trainer and noticed the look, also remembering the encounter with his old leader and what led to it. He hesitantly nodded and rubbed her cheek one last time before he was returned, his pokeball going to its rightful place.

"Alright, you can introduce Hunter now if you want, Pidge will be in his pokeball until we get to our room." Finn, in that instant, woke up and yawned. Once he stood up, he peeked over the table and saw the Darumaka, chirping curiously before jumping on the table and walking a bit closer, chirping at the Zen Charm Pokemon.

Muchorin realized the presence of Mudkip chirping before him, and decided to hop down from Arthur's chest and greeted the Mudkip before it by doing a bit of it’s usual dance routine ended by one feet leaving the table while its two hands were waving happily at the MudFish Pokemon.

Finn chirped excitedly and jumped once before he stood on his hind legs and tried to copy his pose, making him a bit wobbly. Momo chuckled when she saw Mudkip copying all of Muchorin's moves, not as elegant as the original and being wobbly, but has done so far without falling.

Arthur also chuckled at the sight, and with Pidge gone in its ball he decided it was safe for Hunter to come out.

"Go out, Hunter!" Hunter chirped and immediately looked left and right as fast as it could ensuring that there was no Pidgey in vicinity. "Its okay Hunter, nothing will harm you now." Arthur enticed his Hoothoot. Feeling relieved, Hunter then perch itself on Arthur's shoulder, still being vigilant as ever to avoid a possible ambush.

"So, how long have you been at the Trainer School?" asked Momo as she re-arranged the scarf around her neck before taking it off and placing it in her bag, along with her art beret, unknowingly revealing her key stone.

The gleaming key stone caught the attention of Arthur, however he still had a question to answer. "It's just one year, I'm quite thankful I didn't have to repeat a year... It's a nice keystone you have there, honestly it's probably the third one I ever saw in person so far."

"Oh, this?" Momo placed her hand under the pendant, making the lightning reflect off the stone. "Thanks, I've had it for a long time, got it from my parents before they disappeared. Wait... you called it a keystone, what is that?" She was confused and intrigued, she never heard of a keystone before, her parents never really told her what the pendant was, only gave it to her and left.

"Ah... I see..." Arthur was a bit remorseful that he raised the topic about Momo's parents after asking about the keystone. However Momo's eye looked like it was telling him to continue and there’s no way he would try to upset his saviour. "The keystone has the power to evolve a Pokemon even further beyond its supposed maximum evolution... I'm sorry I shouldn't use the term evolve but forme change would probably more suitable, since its a temporary process. However, the term used by scientist I believe is still Mega Evolution."

Arthur then tried to rack his head about more information. "As I recall, you also need a mega stone in order to do Mega Evolution and not all Pokemon react to the same mega stone. You'll need a specific mega stone in order to evolve a Pokemon." He then took a sip of the latte that was just arrived on the table. "I don't know what stone Professor Kirk has, but I do believe my late grandfather's stone to evolve metagross further is still being kept by my father."

"Amazing... so with the keystone, I can make my Pokemon mega evolve? Can only certain Pokemon do that and where can these mega stones be found? Are there more people with these stones?" Momo was elated, finally, a clue to her parents! If she could figure out what this stone was and its purpose, it can help lead her to her parents! She was about to ask another question when she noticed how rushed her questions were.

"Ah! I'm sorry! You don't have to answer them! I was just happy to have a lead to my parents, I'm sorry for all the questions." Momo felt embarrassed, but her excitement of learning about the keystone overpowered that. She scratched her head, chuckling nervously. "Sorry, but I have one more question. For mega evolution to occur, is there something else needed other than the stones?"

"Haha, don't worry about that. I honestly quite enjoy the conversation." Suddenly, Muchorin jumped on the table while he was conversing and immediately tucked away his legs and arms turning him into a doll like state while sleeping. Arthur smiled at the behavior of his Pokemon and decided to stroke its head while it was sleeping. "Where was i? Ah... About the other requirement, it's this." Arthur used his spare hand to point at his heart. "Your Pokemon and you have to own a strong bond, without trust between trainer and Pokemon, mega evolution will never occur. Do you have any other questions?"

'So there needs to be a bond between a Pokemon and their trainer... that's understandable, they are sharing a power to go beyond evolution from the sounds of it.' Momo looked towards Finn who was looking at Muchorin curiously, tapping his sleeping form. She reached over and grabbed the MudFish so to not disturb the sleeping Pokemon and hugged him, enticing him to sleep once again. She did have a question, but the topic was dark, but she had to ask, for the sake of her parents. "Are there... people who want mega evolution for other purposes, like dark purposes?"

Arthur was hesitant to answer, after all the answers he gave might gave Momo bad closure on her parents search. "Unfortunately... Yes, there are people like that." Arthur wryly smiled. "Well, it's been you who've been asking questions, so I believe it's my turn now..." As Arthur was going to ask questions, Nurse Joy suddenly came to the pair informing that Braveheart's wound has been healed completely. "Ah well, i could ask questions later when we're both free later. But for now, lets go rest as soon as possible, we have a journey ahead tomorrow. And as for me, I've already planned to visit Professor Wisteria at noon tomorrow." Arthur checked his small notebook for his schedule.

"Alright...wait, you're seeing the Professor tomorrow as well? We could meet up to meet her together at the time you're going to see her, I can do something during the morning while waiting." She knew the answer the moment she asked, but she needed to be sure. 'So my parents could be in danger at this moment and I don't know about it or where they are...' Momo shook her head slightly to rid the thought and noticed her bag moving slightly, Pidge was getting restless and his protective nature wasn't making it better. She had to go to her room soon before he gets angsty and comes out.

"I still have to tell her about my findings on the Holotch. I don't mind answering some of your questions, since I have some more questions about mega evolution to ask you as well." She glanced down at her pendant, trying to remember how her parents looked like, but her memory was foggy, and her grandparents, for some reason, didn't have any photos of them, so she never knew how they really looked like. She placed over right hand out in a handshake in the middle of the table, reaching out to Arthur. "So, want to meet up tomorrow for more?"

Not willing to abandon his new friend and inspired by her resolve to search for her parents, Arthur reached out to her waiting hands. "Sure, I'll be glad to meet up tomorrow." Arthur smiled at his fellow trainer school alumni. "Well it's already late, we should be hurry... After all, I still have to go to the mart before it closes to buy some pain relie..." He stopped at the middle of his sentence, realizing that he himself just blew up his lie to Momo about his condition. "Ahaha.. its nothing... I-I'm just going to buy some Lemonades that's it, see you, gotta get going." Arthur rushed out of the Pokemon Center.

Momo smiled happily when he accepted the meeting, but grew confused at his rushed escape. "He said he needed to shop for something before the mart closes... what was it he said?" Momo looked out the window in though, trying to remember.

'It sounded like he said pain relie...vers...' Momo was still for a second before she sighed, her new friend lied about his condition, but he was already gone before she could do anything. "Well, I'll see him tomorrow." Momo stood up from her seat and noticed that in his rush, he forgot his drink. 'Ah, he forgot to throw it away.' She grabbed the empty drink and stacked it on top of her empty cup and, holding Finn with one arm, she threw the cups and walked towards her room on the upper floor. 'I wonder how tomorrow is going to go...'


Arthur managed to buy some pain relievers before the mart closed up its doors. "I hope Momo doesn't mind that I lied... Didn't want her to worry much after all. If she knew, she'd probably spend more of her time on helping me rather then rest herself." Arthur glanced at the beautiful moon. However, he couldn't stop thinking about Momo. How could she able to cope with both of her parents gone without words was unthinkable for him. He then retracted a tiny white parasol with laces around it from inside his bad.

"Mother..." Arthur was reminded of her late mother and her gentle smile back when he was growing up. He realized how hard it was for Momo to grow up without knowing how her own parents looked. "I'll help her, whatever it takes." Arthur resolved to help her with all he could muster.

But before that he had something to do, he glanced at his watch to look at the time. After he was sure that the recipient would still answer, he then used his Holotch to call someone.

"Hi Pops, how are you doing? No, no, I’m completely okay. I… I just missed you, that’s all.”

Momo's Current Team:
Mudfish Pokemon: Finn (Mudkip)[Torrent] - Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Ice Ball {Lvl. 8}

Tiny Bird Pokemon: Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Tackle, Air Cutter {Lvl. 5}

Arthur's Current Team:
Iron Ball Pokemon: Braveheart (Beldum)[Clear Body] - Take Down, Zen Headbutt {Lvl. 10}

Owl Pokemon: Hunter (Hoothoot)[Keen Eye] - Peck, Hypnosis, Tackle, Foresight {Lvl. 7}

Zen Charm Pokemon: Muchorin (Darumaka)[Hustle] - Flame Wheel, Tackle, Rollout, Incinerate {Lvl. 7}


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Momoka Kuchiki

Entry 3-3: Nashimity Town~Day 2{Day}

Morning Meetings

Momo sat at one of the tables, the same one from last night, looking out the large window into the orange sky, the sunrise was always beautiful to her. She then looked towards the golden bangle bracelet on her right wrist, looking at the peach pearls attached, it felt... weird to wear it, especially if it belonged to her mother. She remembered how she got this bracelet last night.
Momo was in her nightgown, her hair free and ready to sleep. Finn was already sleeping on one of the pillows and Pidge was on the nightstand, waiting for Momo.

“I’m coming, let me just check that everything is in…” Momo trailed off as she looked in her bag and saw a package she never noticed at the bottom of her bag. She slowly picked up the package and placed it on the nightstand beside Pidge, who looked over and cooed at the item, scrutinizing the package. She hesitantly opened if by lifting it up a bit and tearing the package’s top cover, revealing several sets of clothes along with a golden bangle bracelet and a note, in a familiar handwriting.

“A note?” Momo picked up the note and read, “Dear Momoka, How is your journey doing you so far? I hope you are doing alright. Your grandpa is worried that you might have gotten yourself in trouble already, but I told him not to worry, that you are a strong girl.” At the sentence, Momo chuckled, before continuing, “You must be wondering about the clothes and charm bracelet in the package. I places these set of clothes here since I noticed how all you packed was a nightgown, your potions, food rations, cooking equipment, and pokeballs. What if your current outfit got ripped beyond repair? What would you wear? I placed the clothes I thought you would like since I noticed you eyeing them sometimes when we would go out shopping. Besides, you’ve worn that dress for so long, I think it's time to change your style, to something that's to your liking, not because we suggested it, especially since you are going on an important journey for yourself. I also added a neck lanyard to help hold you Holotch around your neck, sorry if it’s too long. Take care of yourself, little peach. You will soon meet an old acquaintance who has the key to your answers. Love, Your Grandmother.” Momo placed the note down and looked at the pairs of clothes.

‘Well...she is right, the only reason I’ve worn this dress was to please my grandparents and when they suggested that it would look good on me, I accepted it. Luckily, grandmother caught on, and now, I probably should arrange these…’ Momo stood up and looked through the clothes, arranging them and matching them in pairs. ‘ this is…’ Momo continued to arrange her clothes for about another hour before sleeping. The charm bracelet and its twin bangle bracelets were on the nightstand beside Pidge.
~~Flashback Ends~~
She looked out the window and noticed her reflection, seeing the new outfit she changed into, and smiled slightly. ‘Yeah, grandma does have good taste.’

Her new outfit consisted of: a light brown vest over a white short sleeve shirt with a red tie, a white jacket with a red collar and red collar around the end of each sleeve with yellow linings, a red pleated skirt that reaches mid-thigh, black short-shorts underneath, black leggings up to her lower thighs, and pink and white sneakers. Her jacket was open, how she likes it, around her waist was the usual brown belt used to hold her pokeballs, her usual red beret on her head, and around her neck was a peach-colored neck lanyard with the holotch clipped on, and since the lanyard is about 32”, the holotch stops at her stomach with her pendant resting on her chest. Her hair, instead of two low pigtails, was tied back into a ponytail with a hair tie coming with a blue orb charm, which ends in front of the ponytail, leaving her mimi-pink bangs to frame her face and her fringes are the same. Her old outfit was in her bag kept safe just in case she needed it in the future and her scarf was still wrapped around her neck, but the block- the peach and magenta half of the scarf is wrapped around her neck still with the blue, floral white, and magenta tails left to trail behind her.

She grabbed the spoon and began eating her breakfast as Finn sat beside her tray, eating some Pokémon food as Pidge was beside him, eating as well. ‘I should get some will take awhile for afternoon to come… I can finish making that...’

“Miss!” Momo looked up from her food and saw Ella, the little girl from last night, and she was carrying Mua the Munna with Cathy the Skitty at her heels.

“Ah, Ella! I’m sorry if I don’t visit you last night, something came up and I had to check it out.” Momo apologize, playing with the ends of her scarf. She almost forgot about Ella, Mua, and Cathy with all that happened last night. She remembered, but it was too late to see them, so she resolved herself to go tomorrow(today), but it seems Ella beat her to it.

“It’s alright Miss! We don’t mind, you helped us a lot last night, but I'm worried about the battle today. Will you be alright Miss Momo?” Ella asked, concerned for the older girl, she knew how Josh played, and she had a bad feeling about this battle. After all, Josh never played fair, he must have a plan cooking to defeat Momo.

“I’ll be alright, or more like Pidge will be, he is my choice to fight against Josh.” Momo assured, looking over to Pidge, who lifted his head from the food once he heard his name, and seeing Ella, swallowed what he had and jumped onto Momo’s shoulder, glaring at Cathy, who glared back with a quiet hiss.

“I hope so…” Ella looks over to the clock on the wall, and upon noticing the time, she quickly turns around, “Oh no! I got to get home! I’ll see you later Miss Momo! And I’ll come watch the battle!” Momo chuckled as Ella quickly ran out the PC, Mua in her hold looking around confused as Cathy jumped along, keeping at the little girl’s heels. ‘Well, that was a nice meeting… I wonder who I'll meet next…’
Momo walked out of the PC, in the middle of sewing as Finn was on her heels and Pidge on her shoulder, redirecting her and making sure she doesn’t bump into anything. In her hands was a half-way done neckerchief similarly to Finn’s but the theme was different, being magenta and white instead. She had started on it when they were on their way out of Route 301, but she had to put the project on hold due to all the events that occurred.

As the girl walked, she didn’t notice a certain man walk by her, but Finn did and stopped. Finn turned around and chirped as he jumped, excited to see the man. Momo heard his chirping and stopped sewing, turning to look, only to see Mr. Kuso there, petting Finn.

“Mr. Kuso! What are you doing here?” asked the girl, shocked to see one of her teachers, the same one who she parted ways with in Mahono Town.

“Ah, Momoka! How are you doing? Fine, I suppose?” inquired Mr. Kuso, standing up and smiling at the girl.

“Y-yeah, everything’s good so far. I got injured in Route 301, but they were minor, so they healed pretty quickly.” Momo explained, then realized something. “How did you get here? I thought you said you were going to travel the opposite way of Route 301?”

“I did, but then backtracked to get something in this town. I got here by flying of course!” laughed Mr. Kuso.

“But...the only flying type you have is…” Momo trailed off, remembering when Mr. Kuso introduced his Pokémon to her class, and the only Pokémon capable of learning ‘Fly’ was them.

“Yep! They gave me a lift here.” The moment he spoke, three similar heads popped up behind Mr. Kuso and chirped, the Pokémon's body standing behind him. Finn jumped into Momo’s arms and turned, chirping excitedly at the familiar Pokémon. Pidde had the opposite reaction, he was staring at his fellow bird Pokémon, as if trying to figure him out. “ I taught them the move ‘Fly’ not too long ago, about a few days before graduation.”

“Really? I didn’t know Dodrio can fly, I know they can learn it, but to be able to actually fly? Is that safe Mr. Kuso?” asked Momo, utterly confused. Dodrio was known as a flying type, but it didn’t have the wings to fly, so how did it fly?

“Of course they can fly! They just have their own style of flying.” Mr. Kuso smirked before turning and jumping on Dodrio’s back. “Also, since I got what I needed, it’s time for me to head off. I’ll be seeing you more often Momoka, after all, you are their legacy.”

“Wait, their legacy? Do you mean-” Momoka was cut off when the two Dodo]rio heads, the outer ones, turned to the sides and started to… flap like wings? “What…”

“I think you know Momoka. Your aspiration to train your Pokemon, especially in a region like this, is just like hers. Next time we meet, let’s battle to see how far you’ve grown! Train until then! ” The moment he finished speaking, the Dodrio jumped and the flapping intensified, slowly lifting the Triple Bird Pokémon off the ground. “See you next time and good luck, Momoka!” Mr. Kuso waved as Dodrio flew up and away, leaving a baffled Momo, shell-shocked Pidge, and chirping Finn, who waved back.

“...I just… I don’t know… Let’s just go somewhere…” Momo mumbled before walking towards the PC, still shocked at what she saw, holding her unfinished product close. Dodrio flying? She didn’t know whether to laugh or cover her face in embarrassment. People nearby were looking at the small figure of Mr. Kuso, some children pointing and asking around, like, “How is he flying Mommy?” “I want to do that!” “How cool!” Momo just walked away.
In a matter of minutes, Momo returned to the PC, trying to escape the embarrassment from before. Momo was mumbling to herself as she walked inside, sitting down at one of the couches, placing the half-way done neckerchief and sewing materials on the table in front of her.

“What did he mean by ‘you are their legacy’? It can’t be my grandparent: my grandmother is a breeder and my grandfather is a retired police officer. I already have relatives who follow their legacy. The only other people he could mean can’t be…” Momo trailed off as she realized that, if Mr. Kuso really meant that phrase, then he must have known her parents! ‘If he knew them, he must know how the look like and who they were...and maybe....where they are right now!’

Current Team:
Mudfish Pokémon - Finn (Mudkip)[Torrent] - Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Ice Ball {Lvl. 8}

Tiny Bird Pokemon - Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Tackle, Air Cutter {Lvl. 5}


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Edison Kintobor
Nashimity Town, dusk

It was late when Edison arrived at Professor Wisteria's lab, and he was concerned that everyone would have gone home for the night. He was fortunate enough that the Professor herself was still there, and willing to speak with him.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Professor. Especially at this hour." Edison looked around her workspace as she led him to her desk.

"Not to worry, I'm always happy to talk with my students. Now, what is it you wanted to discuss?" She took a seat at her desk, offering Edison a chair.

Edison sat in the seat, holding up his Holotch. "I wanted to talk about the Pokemon I captured on Route 301. You see, I used the Holotch like you requested of us, fascinating technology, really, I'm quite fond of it... and it led to me quite the rare find. I managed to capture a Munchlax, and as exciting as that is, I'm having a bit of trouble feeding him. He seems to always be hungry, and has a bit of a sweet tooth."

The Professor had leaned forward in excitement when Edison mentioned using the Holotch, holding her hand out to him when he paused his spiel. "That is interesting, Mr. Kintobor. May I see your Holotch?" Edison handed it to her, and she plugged it into her computer. "If you don't mind me asking, what did you think I could do to help you?"

Edison rubbed the back of his head, not making direct eye contact. "Well... back in Mahono Town you mentioned that you had a reward for anyone who encountered a certain quantity of Pokemon on Route 301. Thanks to the Holotch, I was able to meet your quota, so I was... hoping for a payout?" He grinned sheepishly, realizing how he must sound. "You mentioned Berries as a reward, and Munchlax seems to greatly enjoy those. They're the only thing he actually seems satisfied after eating, you see."

The Professor chuckled at his reaction. "Of course. Well, I'm not one to go back on my word. And I'm pleased that you're making such good use of your Holotch. I see here that you've used it here in Nashimity as well, and managed to find a Pokemon with it."

Edison shrugged, but smiled at the praise. "Well, what can I say? It truly is a marvelous device, and I fully intend to use it as often as I can. I wish I understood how it works a little better. If I could figure out what exactly it uses to detect Pokemon, it would aid in my research immensely."

Wisteria merely nodded as she rose from her chair, going over to a shelf at the back of her workspace. "Well, I encourage you to keep using it. In fact, as a little reward for how diligently you've applied it thus far, you can have these special Pokeballs!" She returned with a pair of blue and yellow Pokeballs, handing them to Edison. "These are called Quick Balls! They resonate at a frequency unusual to most Pokemon, making capture much easier, but Pokemon can adapt to it rather quickly. If you see a Pokemon you want to capture, throw one of these right away, and you can often skip a battle entirely! But if you don't throw it within the first six seconds, it's no stronger than a regular Pokeball."

She stepped over towards the glass dome in the center if her lab, twirling in mid step and making her coat flare dramatically. She opened up a small refrigerator, retrieving a few small bags. "As for your primary objective in coming here, I present to you a variety of delicious and nutritious berries!"

Edison tucked the Quick Balls into his satchel, coming over to the fridge. "Thank you, Professor! I'll be sure-"

"Ah! Don't thank me yet!" Wisteria interrupted, handing Edison three round blue Berries. "These are called Oran Berries, one of the most basic types you'll find. They taste a bit dry, but they can kickstart a Pokemon's healing factor, instantly helping them recover from injury!"

Next up was a trio of tiny red berries. "Behold the Cheri Berry, a surprisingly spicy fruit for its size. Eating one loosens up a Pokemon's muscles, curing them of paralysis or just helping them to relax, if you want a recreational use for them."

She next produced three large orange berries with blue stems. "The Chesto Berry is more like a nut than an actual berry. Tastes dry, and not entirely unlike mint. Eating one instantly wakes up a Pokemon, whether they've been asleep for hours or only starting to nod off. Too bad they don't work on humans, I'd never drink coffee again if they did!" She laughed at her joke before moving on to the next Berry.

"Here we have the Rawst Berry." She handed Edison three blue, triangular berries with green leaves near the stem. "Kind of bitter, but can soothe burns when eaten. These also work on humans, but only if you make a paste of it and rub it on the afflicted area. Don't ask how I learned this."

Finally, she gave Edison three soft pink berries. "Saving the best for last, these Pecha Berries are soft and sweet, perfect for a baby Pokemon with a love of sweets! They're also a natural antitoxin, able to clear even harsh poisons from a Pokemon's system. Let's just say that I don't see that being much of an issue for your Munchlax in the future, though."

Wisteria closed the fridge, and Edison looked over the bountiful harvest in his hands. Fifteen Berries with various flavors and effects. He put them in his satchel, in the special cold pocket that he kept food in. "Thank you, Professor. Truly, it's more than I could have expected when I came here."

Wisteria gave a little bow, smiling at Edison. "As I said, I'm always happy to help my students. Especially ones as inquisitive and promising as you. My door is always open."

After all that, Edison bid Professor Wisteria farewell and good night, making his way downtown to the Pokemon Center, or as it was being called these days, the Town Center. There, he was able to find food for dinner and a room for the night. After a hot meal and recording the day's events in his journal, he settled down in his rented bed to sleep, already looking forward to tomorrow's adventures.
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Name: Kira Wolf || Location: Wisteria's lab || Team:
Day: One || Time: Evening

Mr. Important Science Guy

Kira slowly meandered her way into town, her gaze swapping between her surroundings and a map brought up on her Holotch. Heading in the direction of the mountainside, Kira narrowly managed to avoid several passersbys as she made to the lab. As she approached the courtyard she was taken aback by its presentation. When she imagined a lab inside of a mountain side, she always imagined a deep tunnel obscured behind trees, stretching far into the mountain to a secret lair. This however was probably the exact opposite; it was very pleasant looking. Rivaling even the Pokémon league for her as far as nice looking architecture was concerned.

With a bit of a jog Kira quickly ascended the stairs and made her way into the main lobby of the lab, the front door being unlocked. “Hello? Anyone in here?” She called out from the front lobby into the rest of the lab. Spotting a bell resting on a nearby table, she rang it a few times just in case her call wasn’t loud enough.

“Yes yes yes, I hear you! Stop playing with the bell!” Called an annoyed, heavily accented voice from the back of the lab. After a moment, a younger looking man with stereotypically frizzled hair large, wide framed glasses and a messy white lab coat came from the back of the lab. With a heavy amount of disdain, he looked Kira over “What do you want?”

“Um… I was invited here by Wisteria, she mentioned showing her our Pokédex when coming through town.” Kira explained, unsure of what to think about the man.

“Ah yes, you’re one of those little kids from the school. Well, While I’m sure she would just adore seeing all the rats and birds you came across, I’m afraid she’s out right now.” The man explained in a more patronizing tone than Kira thought possible.

“I… I found a Hoppip too…” Kira explained meekly

“Ooooh, Well look at you. Just take your berries and be gone. You’re interfering with important science.” The man said dismissively, from under the counter he pulled out a tied off brown bag and leisurely tossed it at Kira.

“Who the heck are you anyway? I’ve never saw you around the school. Kira asked in a rather defensive tone.

“Of course, I wouldn’t dare waste my time teaching a bunch of dull eyed young’uns, and quite frankly I don’t care for giving my name to someone like you. It ruins its fine tone coming from someone so dopey looking. If you must refer to me by something you may call me Mr. Important Science Man.” The man said in the haughtiest tone Kira ever heard in her life.

Kira just stared at the man, unable to believe the superiority complex trying to pass itself off as a functional adult that stood in front of her. “Hold up, Wisteria said…” Kira began before being interrupted.

“What are you doing? I said she wasn’t here. If you insist on staying, then sit down and be quiet like a good child, otherwise get out. You’re interfering with important science!” The man said, pointing at the door. Before Kira had a chance to respond he left back into the lab, leaving Kira alone in the front lobby.

Kira stood stunned in the lobby of the lab, unable to believe what just happened. She considered staying to wait for Wisteria however it was getting late, meaning if she did end up showing, there wouldn’t be enough time to really talk with her anyway. In one final act of defiance she walked over to the table with the bell on it and rang it about a dozen times before heading out the door. The annoyed yelling of the man accompanying her departure.

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Well after all the times in the Kinkyo Trainers school, it was time for Andy and his Azurill to say goodbye to the place. Sadly this goodbye would be permanent in more ways than one as the school was closing after this. He and the others of his class would be the very last members the school ever taught, Andy giving a bit of a sigh at this realization, it had been a rather enjoyable school year for him despite Andy not being exactly the best at battles himself, though that would improve with time. He did want to head right out to the 1st route but knew doing that would be at least bad manners and at most actually quite dangerous, he didn't want or need a repeat of what happened in Jotho.

Instead it was off to Professor Wisteria to get his usual items, Andy going to her while Aqua bounces on his right side happily. "Hello Professor Wisteria" he would happily say.

"Hello there, Andy, I am hoping you and your other classmates will revitalize this region, there are less and less pokemon trainers here now and its rather disheartening."

"Isn't that what the school is for?" he says with a little chuckle, getting a nod from her before she hands off the usual items of pokeballs, the Kinkyo Pokedex and some fancy thingamajig he hadn't heard of or seen. "Excuse me but what is this and how would I use it?"

She gleams enjoying when others ask questions allowing her to go into her 'tutorial professor mode' as most of the class called it when she would talk for several minutes. "This wonderful device is a Holotch, its modeled kinda like the poketchs from Sinnoh..."that also confused him a bit as he hadn't been to sinnoh ever yet "...but with our own flair you could say. They do pretty much the same thing as that device in telling time, a type checker, a dowsing machine and a few other things. But its main function is to find other pokemon in the grass, sometimes you will find rare ones when searching with it. How about you get some practice with that main function by using it to encounter 3 pokemon along route 301, maybe you would find a rare pokemon hidden in the grass if you search for long enough.

"Alright. sounds good, I'll get on that now" he nods along with his little Aqua Mouse.

"Be careful out there will you?" she warns

"Thanks, we will Professor" he says back before looking to head into route 301 to encounter some pokemon. Of course after this he would head back to the Professor with some pokedex information.

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Willow White
Route 301
Chapter 1-2 | Planning

With a cigarette hanging limply from her mouth, Willow began to make her way down Route 301. Bounding around at her feet, her loyal Popplio bounced about, excitement on her face as she took in the various sights and scents of the seaside path. Willow honestly didn't care too much for what spectacles the route had to offer. Rather than take in the view, the dark-skinned girl had her nose glued to her new Pokédex. She was still idly fumbling about with the various buttons and knobs on the device, trying her hardest to actually understand how the handheld computer even worked.

"I swear, couldn't Wisteria have put in some damn instruction book or somethin'?" Willow questioned no one in particular. Mana honked in response to the teenager's question, which merely caused the purple-haired girl to roll her eyes in response. "This damn thing must be busted, there's no way it's this hard to actually use!"

Frustration was growing in Willow's tone. Having gotten quite angry at the Pokédex for not being able to follow the simple directions she was inputting (There was no way it was her fault), the teenager did what any right-minded individual would do. She began to deliver several well placed whacks against the surface of the device. The Pokédex let out a strange, whirling noise as the screen began to shift about in a rather quick and confusing manner. Eventually, the screen stopped on a map screen of sorts. Emerald-green eyes narrowed as Willow looked at the screen carefully. A satisfied smirk came to grace her lips.

"Well, it's 'bout time ya started doin' what I was tellin' ya," Willow confidently stated. She brought the device close to her face and began to study the screen carefully. "Let's see... Route 301... Yeah, I know it connects Mahono Town and Nashimity Town, gimme some info that I ain't aware of... Ah, here we go. Wild Pokémon..."

Willow hastily began to read through the list, thoughts of what powerful creatures could be waiting on the route flashing through her mind all the while. She delighted in the chance opportunity to run into a strong Pokémon, one that her Popplio could hopefully weaken just enough for her to catch, before the purple-haired girl would inevitably toss goofy looking blue Pokémon into the PC at the Pokémon Center. The smile on her lips quickly faded however as Willow began to read through the list, a sigh of annoyance slipping past her lips shortly afterwards.

"What the hell did I expect? Of course their ain't anythin' worth catchin' around here," Willow scoffed. Her Popplio barked once more in response, however a far more curious look was on her face. Mana gently placed a flipper against her trainer's leg, tilting her head as if to ask Willow if everything was alright. Willow paid the water Pokémon no mind though. She merely rolled her eyes in response before placing her Pokédex into her bag before taking a long drag on her cigarette. "Okay... So that plan's dead. Screw it, it was dumb anyways. I'll just have to go with plan B instead."

Once again, Mana barked in response. Willow knelt down to the Popplio's eye level, scowling all the while before she picked the pokémon up.

"Ya don't look all that strong... but I guess we'll have to fix that. Time for ya to earn ya keep, Mana," Willow began. She turned her Popplio to look out onto the road before them. "From here on, anythin' ya run into on this route is fair game. If we see one of these weak Pidgey or Rattata, we're gonna completely destroy it... and I ain't takin' no for an answer, got me?"

The Popplio merely barked in response to Willow. Without warning, Mana quickly shifted forward in her trainer's hands and delivered a big... and very wet lick of affection across the teenager's face. Willow grunted in response before dropping Mana back down to the ground. Without another word, Willow resumed her walk across Route 301, Mana flopping right behind her with joy.



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Arthur Weissmann & Kira Wolf
Berry Pier, Nashimity Town

The Toss Boss

After he chatted quite a while with his father through Holotch, Arthur had finally arrived at Mr. Gunther’s house. His appearance had made both Mr. and Mrs. Gunther worried about him, fortunately, they managed to calm down after he told the story. However, Arthur still have to face the issue that both of his shirt and his cap was damaged in the incident, not to mention the glasses that he kept on the backpack during the chase apparently was smashed into bits because he put it on the front left pocket which was the area where he landed on the signpost.

The next day, Arthur said his goodbyes with the Gunthers early in the morning. He didn’t mention his contusion on the left shoulder as he was afraid it would make them worry instead. Now he walked around the Berry Pier as he was looking forward to sightseeing the other places available at Nashimity while waiting for noon to arrive.

“Wow, what a nice beach. It's unfortunate that I still have to wait for the Krabby to finish their migration to enjoy this beach fully though.”

Arthur then tried to sightsee the stalls around the pier. There was a multitude of stalls available there, most of them were still finishing up with their preparations. A joyful atmosphere was evident there as most of the stall owners chatted with each other and were looking forward to selling their products. However, Arthur could faintly hear a voice from a woman who appeared to be furious at something, he came there to see what's going wrong.

"Where the hell is Crawford!? He should've been here 20 minutes ago!" The rambling came from an old woman, she appeared to tend a Pinap Berry Skewer stall. From her ramblings, Arthur could infer that she was frustrated at her employee that hasn’t shown up yet.

Arthur was not sure he could help the woman with anything at all, but he didn't want to leave her all alone without asking. "I'm sorry Ma'am, I couldn't help but overhear that you're in some sort of trouble right now. May I help you with anything?"

"Thanks for your concern Kid, but I don't think I need help from you." The woman then goes back to tend her stall, before she changed her mind. “Well, actually maybe you could help me until Crawford come, however, if you do agree to help me. I expect you to do your utmost best because this is no easy job.”

Arthur was deep in his thinking, this job is related to Pinap Berry Skewer which is the specialty of the area. There’s no way this would be an easy walk in the park, not to mention this could potentially be dodgy for his left shoulder. However, it’s not easy to leave this old woman alone, after all, who would accept this job with high difficulty. Although his mind still not completely sure about the job, Arthur accepted. “Sure Ma’am, could you show me what to do please?”

The woman showed Arthur various chores he needed to handle. Arthur was tasked to handle the preparations, such as soaking the skewers with water, cutting the berries, and preparing the glaze for the Berries. Arthur gulped at the task waiting in front of him, he was a decent cook because his father was rarely home and he had time to experiment with cooking. However, he wouldn’t exactly call himself a ‘professional’, besides knowing that he had to satisfy the demands of the stall owner while putting a high output of work doesn’t help at all with his uneasiness. He doesn’t have much time to give more thoughts to his predicament as he was told to start working anyway.

He started to soak the wooden skewers in water to prevent it from getting burned during the grilling process and it was quite easy. And then Arthur started to cut the Pinap Berries, the stall owner told him not to cut it too thin to avoid burning while not cutting it too thick either because it would mess up the texture of the skewers. “Hmm... These are quite good, I definitely did a great job cutting these up.”

Arthur’s silent muttering was suddenly interrupted by a sudden impact that he felt on his right shoulder, he winced in pain and take a look at what had hit him. Apparently, it was a pot lid and it was thrown by the stall owner.

“You really think that’s a good cut!? Are you trying to make a stir fry!? Quit playing around, the stall will open in 15 minutes! What are you going to feed these lines of people if there’s not even a single skewer to sell!? Now get going!” The stall owner angrily responded at Arthur’s muttering.

Arthur now knew that it’s either he learns as fast as possible, or his body will be akin to a dartboard for the stall owner to shoot against. The first hour of business was extremely hectic, few items were thrown by the stall owner against Arthur due to his mistakes, but thankfully none hit his left shoulder. Arthur managed to hang on against the ever-increasing crowd, but it was apparent that his left shoulder isn’t much cooperative like he would love it to. And if this keeps up both him and the stall is doomed.

“Not gonna lie, you were the last person I expected to be back here. Already managed to land yourself a job I see?” A girl in a light blue tank top asked as she leaned over the counter, watching Arthur fumble his way through the cooking process. Over her shoulder, she carried a cloth, tan shopping bag which appeared to be filled to the brim.

“You do realize I’m also on a journey like you? Honestly, I would like to talk more with you, Kira. But, if I spend more time speaking with you. I’m pretty sure that saucepan is going to fly at me… Again.” Arthur pointed at the empty saucepan near the stove before he tried to continue his work. However, he suddenly got a flash of inspiration for seeing his friend in front of him.

“Hmm… You look like you’re having fun. What about you helping me here and ease your friend’s suffering, I don’t know maybe to repay all of the tutorings I did to help you back then?” Arthur smiled at Kira before he got interrupted by a flying saucepan he managed to barely catch by his right arm.

“Quick Kid, It’s busy hour now! If you want to chat with your friends, then do it later!” The stall owner angrily reprimands Arthur.

“Please?” Arthur asked once more while trying to multitask.

“You know, I was gonna ask if you lost a fight but it seems like the weird limp you got there explains itself after that. I guess in a way you kinda did…” Kira stated, eying the recently hurled saucepan.

“I dunno how working in this little stand is part of this journey of yours but fine, I’ll help you out. In exchange for this though I’m counting us even for the tutoring.” Working up her best fake smile she pushed herself away from the counter and began waving over the woman in charge of the stand.

“Um, excuse me, ma’am!” Kira called out, her voice going up a pitch or two as she put on her best nice girl act.

“Yes? You’re that kid’s friend, aren’t you? If you want to have a chat or do something with your friend, then you'll have to wait. After all, your friend volunteered to help me, so he can’t take back his promise now.” The lady talked at Kira while managed to skillfully handle both of the cash register and packaging the skewers from the grill.

“Actually, that’s what I was meaning to ask you about. You seem to be rather swamped here working nearly the entire stand on your own. Perhaps I could help you with the customers so you can focus more on preparing food? I’m sure your skewers are better than Arthur’s anyway.” Kira coaxed with a large smile painted on her face.

“Well… If you’re not bothered with it then fine. You can take care of the customers.” The stall owner lady decided to handle the cooking process. “You should be grateful you have a nice friend, Kid.” The lady said to Arthur while taking a gaze at his work supervising him just in case he did another mistake.

“Why thank you, Kira, I really appreciate your help” Arthur wryly smiled, after all, she helped after he asked her. Not because she actually volunteered but because she has a debt to pay, not to mention the lady never complimented him for his efforts.

“I’m just happy to help is all!” Kira said, continuing to give the warmest smile she can muster. Making her way behind the counter she found a location to stow away her tan bag and took her place behind the register. With the same faux kindness as before she began to help the customers one by one.

“Well no use in dwelling on that, it's time to work.” Arthur goes back to focus on helping the lady serving the Skewers to the customers waiting.
Both Arthur and Kira managed to help the stall owner without any incident happening, except a few times the pan was thrown by the lady against Arthur. The sun was getting hotter and the crowd was beginning to thin out because of the heat and the fact it was almost lunchtime. Suddenly, a man ran to the stall, gasped while trying to collect his composure.

“I’m sorry… Ma’am… I was late…”

“Crawford! Where the hell had you been!? These kids had been helping me since the stall opened thanks to you! Now go back to your position, and help me!” The lady angrily screamed at his assistant which made him scrambling to make preparations.

“Well, thanks, Kids. You’ve been a great help, although… You’re not hiding anything about your left shoulder aren’t you, young man?” The stall owner was suspicious after she saw Arthur struggling to use his left arm properly, not to mention he appeared to hold in pain when he got hit in his left shoulder by the saucepan.

“Ahaha… Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. You’re not imagining things ma’am, I worked with an injured shoulder. Basically, I was injured by a freak accident last night and was diagnosed with a contusion. I was here only to sightsee when I saw you struggling, can’t help but the bag. my left shoulder. I was here just for a jog when I overheard that you were having issues with your assistant. So I couldn't help but offer myself as a temporary assistant." Arthur tried to laugh the issue off.

"That explains everything… You should've told me." The lady regretted hitting Arthur's left shoulder with a saucepan earlier.

"It's okay Ma'am, you didn't know." Arthur tried to reassure the stall owner.

Kira gave a bit of a concerned look when Arthur mentioned his shoulder but brushed it off for the time being. “Well, with Crawford here I guess that means we’re good to go right? While I was happy to help it looks like Arthur could use some help with his shoulder.” Kira asked, her voice beginning to sound somewhat hoarse from maintaining her bubbly façade.

"Yup, you both may go. But before that, here's payment for you both for helping me." The lady handed each of them a technical machine and a weird looking capsule.

"Excuse me, but what does this technical machine teach? And for these capsules what does it do?” Arthur was confused about seeing the items.

“That technical machine teaches your Pokemon the move Fling. While for those capsules, it is called Ability Capsule which could change the ability of a Pokemon. I don’t have many uses for those items since I’m not a trainer, but you’ll probably be able to find a use for those.” The lady explained.

“Thank….” Kira began, coughing heavily between words. “S-Sorry, the salty air was getting to me. Thank you!” she eventually managed to sputter out, her forced bubbly tone finally getting to her. In all honesty, she was rather thankful for the gift, however, she couldn’t shake the feeling that this woman was just giving them some of her old junk that was just lying around.

“I’m sorry boss, but if you don’t come here soon. I don’t think I could handle all of these customers in line.” Crawford tried to complain to her boss as calmly as possible so she doesn’t get madder at her.

“Geez, Crawford. I couldn’t leave you to deal with this alone, huh? Well Kiddoes, I guess it's time for me to go back there. Have a safe journey.” The lady returned to her stall as soon as possible to help Crawford handling the enormous crowd gathered at the line.

“We will… Thank you!” Kira replied, pausing for just a moment to clear her throat. Swiftly, Kira retrieved her shopping bag from behind the counter and quickly began to bail, Failing to pause for even a moment in fear that the woman may change her mind.
Arthur took his backpack from the counter and thanked the lady, he then soon walked after his friend who had bailed out first. "Here you go, your share." He reached out his hand which held the item towards to Kira.

“Yeah… Thanks…” Kira said in a hushed yet normal tone, claiming her bounty and stowing it away inside of her pack. “Oh my god it feels nice to speak normally again, you have no idea how hard it is to maintain that stupid voice for so long. I swear if I had to ask ‘Would you like a Pecha soda as well?’ one more time in that voice I think my head would have exploded.“ Kira ranted, her voice still somewhat hoarse.

"Hmph..." Arthur tried to hold his laugh to no avail, he then took a deep breath and continue talking. "You did a great job though, I probably wouldn't be able to do it if I were you." Wanna grab some water first? My throat is also parched.

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I grabbed a couple of these while she wasn’t looking.” Kira admitted, pulling out a couple of Pecha sodas and nonchalantly tossed Arthur one.

"Geez… You're still the same as always. I'll pay the lady later, it's my treat since you've helped me after all." Arthur drank the soda Kira tossed at him. "So, how's your journey going?"

“Tch, she must have hit you on the head hard if you really feel the need to go back and pay her.” Kira mocked, taking a drink out of her own pilfered soda. “As far as my own ‘journey’ all I managed to do so far is travel down a road I’ve been down like fifty times and get chased away by one of Wisteria’s assistants. As far as I’m concerned, my journey doesn’t really start till I leave here.”

"Heh, enjoy your plunder Pirate Queen." Arthur took another sip of the soda. "Well, at least you didn't crash shoulder first into a signboard at 15 mph," said Arthur with a wry smile remembering the terror that had happened the day before.

Suddenly one of the Pokeballs in Arthur's possession shook very violently, a light spew out from the ball materializing as his Zen Charm Pokemon, in which he immediately does a tap dance ended with his signature twirl and pose.

"Come on Muchorin, you just entered the Pokeball earlier this morning." Muchorin didn't care at his trainer's remarks and instead lunged right into his chest. "Fine, fine, you can stay…" Arthur patted the head of the fire-type Pokemon while the Pokemon nuzzled his head at Arthur's chest.
Kira raised her brow as the Pokemon broke free from its ball. “Did the ball break during your crash as well or what? Normally once caught they’re not supposed to be able to break out that easily…” Kira remarked with a touch of concern in her voice.

"Nah, its okay Kira. It's just this little guy can't stop moving when he's in his groove. The only thing that was broken because of the accident was my glasses… And my cap… Urgh… Also, my shirt was slightly ripped." Arthur took another sip from his drink held in his free hand.

“And your shoulder… And the Sign… And your pride…” Kira continued in a teasing tone. “Seriously though, I’m not really in a position to judge you too much for getting hurt but we literally just started. You’re not gonna make this a regular occurrence, are you? Cause I’m not visiting you in a hospital room every other day.“

“Hopefully, the two other Pokemon I have is quite a handful. So maybe? Hahaha.” Arthur laughed at his own statement. “But seriously though, I’ll try my best to stay away from the hospital room, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Arthur ended the serious conversation with a playful wink to ease up his friend’s worry.

"Right… Anyway, I think I’m gonna go ahead and head out. I still need to prep some food Azure, I picked him up a bunch of Pinap berries and while he’ll eat em raw but will be grumpy if I don’t do something with em. “ Kira explained, holding up the cloth shopping bag from before. “I’ll catch you later.”

"Well honestly, I also have an appointment soon. But before that, could you give me your Holotch for a bit?"

“Why?” Kira asked, eyeing Arthur suspiciously.

"I'm just going to give my contact, just in case. I'm not a weirdo, okay?" Said Arthur trying to assure Kira that he wouldn't do anything weird.

“Then just give it to me the normal way. I know how to to use it, I’m not that dumb.” Kira retorted in a rather annoyed tone.

"Fine, fine… No one is trying to mock you, you know." Arthur gave his contact details to Kira. "Well, that's my contact. Just give me a call if you need anything. Well then, I'll be going now, take care of yourself, Kira."

Arthur waved his right hand as he walked away to the city center.

“Right, See ya,” Kira responded, heading off towards the Pokemon Center.


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Momoka Kuchiki & Arthur Weissmann

Entry 3-4: Nashimity Town \Day 2/{Afternoon}

Meetings, Rewards, Battles, and a Scavenger Hunt! (Part 1)

*Outside Professor’s Lab*
Momo stood outside the Professor’s Lab, waiting for Arthur to arrive, Finn was in her arms, chirping as if he was singing and Pidge was on her shoulder like always, looking out for anything (mostly danger). She grabbed her holotch and lifted, looking at the time.

“I wonder where he is...he’s 15 minutes late…” Momo mumbled as she looked around, hoping for her friend to arrive. ‘I need to tell the Professor about the holotch findings, but also about that…’
Pidge heard hurried footsteps and jumped onto Momo’s head, looking in the direction and seeing something before pecking Momo lightly.

“What is it, boy?” Momo looked up at the tiny bird, said Pokemon lifting a wing and pointing in a certain direction, having Momo look and see the same thing her Pokemon saw.

“Sorry, I’m late phew. Running from one end to another end of the town full power isn’t easy as i thought” Arthur huffed as he expended most of his energy to ran there. It was hard to run with an umbrella in his right hand but he had no choice as his hat was broken.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t waiting long,” Momo assured him as she noticed something. His hat, glasses, and shirt were missing, revealing the t-shirt underneath. ‘His glasses are gone...must have broken from the fall last night.’ Fin, having noticed Arthur, chirped at the male and waved one of his paws at him while Pidge just stared.

“Oh yeah, you want some water?” asked Momo as she held out the water bottle, “And it’s new, I have my own in my bag, so you don’t have to worry about sharing one.”

“Sure, thanks Momo.” Arthur took the water bottle and then waved at Finn. “So, what are we waiting for? Shall we go then?” Arthur folded his unique choice of a parasol and smiled at Momo.

“We shall!” With her now free hand, she grabbed Arthur’s unoccupied hand and pulled him with her towards the entrance. Once they were in front of the doors, Momo let go of his hand and reused it to knock on the door. She didn’t hear anybody and the doors weren’t open, even after waiting for a few minutes. ‘Was there nobody inside?’

“Let’s see if there’s anybody inside, maybe they could hear the knocking,” Momo suggested and opened the door, not waiting for Arthur’s response. She slowly walked inside and towards the main lobby, Pidge looking around while Finn chirped, curious about the new place. The trainer noticed the bell on the counter and was about to move her hand towards it when Finn jumped out of her arm and onto the counter, staring at the bell curiously.

He sniffed it before raising a paw and tapping, coincidentally pushing a small button on top, causing it to let out a ‘ring’, startling Pidge, due to his hearing, and for Finn to chirp excitedly. “Finn, don’t play with that.” Finn looked at Momo and chirped before poking the bell once again, another ringing echoing through the establishment.

“I hope they didn’t mind with the disturbance we caused.” Arthur’s hope immediately dropped flat as an angry man opened the door and slammed it very hard.

“Hey, stop it! Can’t you see we’re busy people!? If you want to play with bells then scram! Don’t you dare come back!” The man tried to close the door in a hurry, but Arthur jammed it with his foot.

“I’m sorry Sir, we’re pretty impolite with that constant ringing, please forgive our Pokemon. However, would you please listen to us out first, please?” Arthur tried to keep his calm handling with the researcher who appears to be very annoying.

“Listen!? Listen!? Kid, I don’t have all day! I have more groundbreaking research to make and awards to win! I’m a very important person, unlike you kids who always dilly-dally wasting your time playing with Pokemons! Now go away!” The man yelled with a patronizing tone, he then tried to pull the knob and lock the door to keep the two out.

“No, we won’t! We already have an appointment with the Professor, and you’ll not going to stop us! Why don’t you just open the door so you could finish whatever the hell you’re researching right now!” Arthur yelled as he tries to keep the door open.

Momo was shocked, Finn’s curiosity got the better and caused one of the researchers to lash out at them and now Arthur was in a tug-of-war with the said researcher, the door acting as the ‘rope’. The researcher was… she didn’t know how to describe him, but his attitude towards them wasn’t pleasing in the least.

“At least hear us out!” Momo added in, quickly walking over and helping Arthur with the door, although she couldn’t add on too much strength due to her weak muscles. “Can’t we just come in and wait for the Professor to return, you don’t have to close the door mister!”

Finn was hovering his paw over the bell, conflicted on what to do. Pidge was flapping over the teens, glaring at the researcher. He glanced back at Finn and noticed the bell before looking back at the two struggling teens and the researcher, an idea forming.

“You…! Didn’t you hear me?! My research is more important than your appointment! Now. Leave!” the man seethed, putting more strength on pulling the door, closing the gap between the door.

“Just. Listen. To. Us!” Momo hissed, glaring at the door as she used up all the strength she had to help keep the door open, but she knew she wasn’t making a difference and Arthur was mostly doing the work, making her mentally curse at herself.

“No. Way!” The researcher hissed back, but before he could say more, he heard the sound of the bell ringing, and the ringing continued, annoying him. He forgot momentarily about the door and swung it open with surprising force, making the teens stumble back. He glared at where the bell is at and saw a Pidgey using one of his wings to ring the bell, non-stop, beside the bird was the MudFish Pokemon, looking at the researcher confused.

“Hey! Stop ringing that!” Pidge looked over and saw the Researcher glaring at him, and he glared back, not stopping his ringing. “I said-”

“What in Arceus is going on over here?” a voice boomed and the door, which was halfway opened, was fully swung with surprising force, forcing the trainers to fall backward in a heap. The voice belonged to an average male, standing at six feet with chest-length hair tied back into a low ponytail and light blue eyes hiding behind gray glasses. He wore the typical outfit a researcher would wear, except he had a yellow sleeveless sweater over his white uniform shirt, a clipboard in one hand, the other on the door.

“These pestering kids won’t leave!” hissed the researcher, pointing to the two trainers, who were starting to get up from their fall. The red-haired male looked over at them and noticed something, making him lightly smile. The Pidgey stopped ringing the bell, noticing the arrival of a newcomer.

“I’ll take it from here, you go finish your research.” assured the male, making the other glare at the teens before turning around with a ‘tch’ and returning inside, grumbling about ‘troublesome kids’. “I’m sorry about him. He’s very dedicated to his research, he doesn’t like being bothered during his research time, as you can tell.” The red-haired male nervously laughed, placing one hand on his cheek, scratching it as he recalled all the times his co-worker berate others for bothering him. “Anyways, I’m Judith McClain. And who are you two?”

“Thank you, Ma’am my name is Arthur and this is my friend Momo, we actually have an appointment with the Professor today. Is she in right now?” Arthur asked about the Professor while dusting off his clothes from the fall earlier.

“Hello, Mister.” Momo waved from beside Arthur as Pidge landed on her shoulder with Finn walking up to her side, looking at the researcher curiously.

“It’s nice to meet you two, Arthur, Momo. And yes, she’s here in her work area. Allow me to go fetch her for you. Wait here.” complied Judith before turning and opening the door. “And I’m sorry about my colleague's rudeness.” He went through and closed the door behind him, leaving the teens in the lobby to await his return.

"You okay, Momo? You didn't hurt anything from the earlier fall, did you?" Arthur asked Momo worried about the earlier fall.

“Oh, me? No, I’m fine. I should be asking you that, though. Your injuries shouldn’t have healed that fast, especially your back.” rebutted Momo, worried over her friend. She remembered that he left early last night to get pain relievers, so his back must hurt, the fall earlier could have worsened the injury.

"Yeah, honestly my left shoulder still feels a little dodgy. But I make sure it doesn't get worse. And so far It's good… I think." Arthur sounded a bit unsure about that, after all the impact of that one frying pan that hit his left shoulder earlier this morning, honestly still hurts.

“Still, we should get it checked just in case once we finish our business with the Professor,” recommended Momo before she heard the door open and looked over, seeing Mr. Judith return, but with a familiar person at his side. “Professor!” Pidge turned his head and narrowed his eyes on the woman, but he noticed how excited Finn looked to see the human, do they know her?

“Hello, Arthur and Momo! Let’s talk inside, come along.” the Professor ushered them inside with Judith right behind her, closing the door once all four went through. “Thanks for informing me, Judith.”

“No problem Professor. I’ll be on my way then. It was nice meeting you, Arthur, Momo. Maybe we’ll see each other again soon.” Judith turned towards another direction, but looked over to the teens, lifting a hand to wave at them.

“Hopefully, see you later Mr. Judith!” Momo waved back, Finn copying her with Pidge plainly staring.

Arthur also waved his right hand towards Mr. Judith, he then focused his attention at Professor Wisteria. “Hello Professor, it’s nice to meet you after a while. Sorry, we came late.” Arthur bowed slightly while laughing wryly, feeling sorry to the Professor that she had to wait for him and Momo to arrive.

“It’s alright, no problem at all! I’m glad you guys came here.” assured the Professor, leading the trainers to another area where there was a desk with a computer, around the room was shelves full of much different stuff, more than likely books. Nearby, there was a mini-fridge. She grabbed two chairs out of nowhere and placed them in front of her desk. “You guys can sit here. I’m sorry for the mess.”

“It’s fine Professor,” Momo assured as she sat in one of the chairs and Finn jumped onto her lap, Pidge still perched on her shoulder. “Sorry to intrude on you like this.”

"So why did you told us to come here, Professor? Do you need our help or something?" Arthur couldn't help but be curious as to why the Professor invited them to her lab.

“Oh no, everything is going well. I wanted to ask how your journey is going along. Did you try out the Holotch yet?” inquired the Professor, looking at the two trainers excitedly. “How many Pokemon have you two met so far?”

“The journey’s going well Professor, we met a lot of new Pokemon and managed to catch some as well,” explained Momo, glancing to her shoulder at Pidge, who was staring at the Professor. “And for the holotch, it did work! I used it to find a Munna, and indeed I found one. it’s very useful.”

“That’s wonderful! I’m glad you like the holotch, this information is important for us.” vocalized the Professor, clapping her hands. “I’m guessing you meet a lot of Pokemon on Route 301?”

“Yep, and speaking of that, this might sound disheartening, but we also came to get the berries you offered,” revealed Momo, grabbing her Pokedex from her bag and placing it on the Professor’s desk. “If you need to check my Pokedex, here you go.”

“Ah, the request. Alright, I'll check on it right away, but first.” the Professor grabbed Momo’s Pokedex on one hand and then turned to Arthur. “How have you been Arthur? How is the Holotch working out? Did you also come for the berry request?”

“The Holotch actually works fine Professor, I was hesitant about using it, but thankfully it was very useful in my opinion. I didn’t found a Munna, but I did find a Darumaka that I caught. And about the berry request, I encountered a Pidgey, a Hoothoot, and a Rattata. So, I think I also finished both of the requests.” Arthur handed his Pokedex over to Professor Wisteria.

“Amazing! Let me check your Pokedex for a minute.” The Professor grabbed the two Pokedexes and pushed some buttons for a moment before placing them down in front of their respective owners: light blue for Momo and black for Arthur. She then turned towards the computer and started typing, looking up the information she gained from the two devices via Bluetooth. “From the looks of it, you both completed the two quests. Let me go grab your rewards real quick.”

The Professor stood up and walked over to the mini-fridge nearby and opened the door, grabbing two bags filled with berries. She closed the door and then walked back to her desk, placing the bags on the counter and then opened one of her drawers, pulling out four blue and yellow Pokeballs.

“Here are your rewards, that's for the research you two provided! This will help me in the future a lot.” thanked the Professor as she grabbed one bag and two Pokeballs, handing it over to Arthur before grabbing the other pair and giving it to Momo. “In the bag are a couple of berries and these two Pokeballs are quick balls, they can be used to catch Pokemon right away in a battle, but you must use it immediately or its effect once moves start being thrown. And here are your Pokedexes as well.”

“Thank you so much Professor!” thanked Momo as she grabbed the bag of berries. Finn tried to grab it, smelling the berries, but Momo quickly placed it inside her bag, mentally telling herself to look inside later. She also placed the quick balls inside and then grabbed her Pokedex, deciding to clip it onto her lanyard beside her Holotch for now, she would probably need to buy another lanyard, but a smaller version to tie on her belt.

Arthur was hesitant to talk about the berries, but he eventually mustered up enough courage to ask the Professor. “Professor, sorry if this sounds a bit rude but… Could I ask for some rare berries instead?”

“Rare Berries? I can get you some, and don’t worry, I’ve been asked for them before by other trainers.” the Professor assured as she grabbed the untouched bag and stood up, returning them to the fridge before grabbing a separate bag, this one with the label ‘Rare’. She returned and placed the bag in front of Arthur. “Here you go! Anything else before moving to the next topic?”

“Nope, sorry to bother you, Professor.” Arthur took the bag with him.

“Alright, then let’s get to the next topic!” Wisteria clapped her hands, smiling at the two teens, “I’m sorry this is sudden but is it possible for you two to battle one of my assistants each?”

Momo's Current Team:

Mudfish Pokemon: Finn (Mudkip)[Torrent] - Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Ice Ball {Lvl. 8}

Tiny Bird Pokemon: Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Tackle, Air Cutter, Sand Attack {Lvl. 5}

Arthur's Current Team:

Iron Ball Pokemon: Braveheart (Beldum)[Clear Body] - Take Down, Zen Headbutt {Lvl. 10}

Owl Pokemon: Hunter (Hoothoot)[Keen Eye] - Peck, Hypnosis, Tackle, Foresight {Lvl. 7}

Zen Charm Pokemon: Muchorin (Darumaka)[Hustle] - Flame Wheel, Tackle, Rollout, Incinerate {Lvl. 7}


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Edison Kintobor
Nashimity Town, morning

Waking up early gave Edison plenty of time to get ready and get breakfast before the Center started getting busy. Which was good, because Addie ate more than N.D. and Rem combined. Keeping the Professor's advice in mind, he made sure Addie's food had extra Pecha Berries in it, a request the staff were happy to oblige. Afterwards, he let Addie walk beside him as he headed back toward the Professor's lab. "Maybe we can do some more work for her, and maybe she'll reward us with some more berries!" He was joking, but only a little. He wanted to hold onto the Berries she'd given him yesterday, for the road or an emergency.

When he arrived at the lab, he noticed one of the Professor's assistants out in the courtyard. He vaguely recalled the man's name was Reese, and he would occasionally stop by the Academy on an errand for Wisteria. Reese offered a friendly wave as Edison approached. "Hey buddy! Uh... Ed, right?"

Edison stopped to chat, even if it was just to get his name right. "Edison, yes. Just stopping by to see Professor Wisteria."

"Right, Edison, gotcha." Reese rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "That's gonna be tricky, though. The Prof's out right now, didn't say when she'd be back."

"Oh. That's... rather unfortunate, really. I appreciate you telling me, though." Edison turned to leave, stroking his chin in thought. "I have some time to kill, then... Perhaps I'll stop by the museum?"

Reese perked up a bit. "Hey, I have an idea! How'd you like to help me with an experiment?"

Edison spun back around, an excited gleam in his eye. "An experiment, you say? What sort of experiment?"

Reese laughed at Edison's exuberance. "Well, Prof says you won't get many chances to battle in town, so I'm out here trying out a new strategy! Want to help me test out some moves?"

Little did Reese know, but that was exactly the sort of experiment in which Edison would love to participate. "I would love to! I presume I just take this spot here, then?"

Reese grinned, grabbing a Pokeball from his pocket. "Yeah, man! Use as many Pokemon as you want, and I'll use mine. I warn you, though... I only need the one!" He tossed the Pokeball, revealing a Clefable.

"Ooh, that's an interesting one!" Addie waddled onto the field, ready to throw down. Edison pulled up his Holotch display, getting a readout of the two Pokemon.

"Heh, you like that thing, huh?"

"Oh, very much! It's wonderfully useful, and very techy. Goes 'ding' when there's stuff."


Reese nodded, ready to begin. "Cool, cool. Let's start this off. 1, 2, 3, go! Clefable, use Toxic!"

Not having much time for strategy, Edison fell back on a solid move: "Adipose, use Rock Smash!"

Clefable started off by spitting out a stream of purple fluid that struck Addie, leaving wisps of purple smoke on impact. Addie responded with an overhead strike, but Clefable just smiled, barely even phased. In fact, it casually plucked a bit of fruit from its fur, looking bored as it ate.

Edison looked at the Holotch display, which still showed Clefable at 100% strength, while Addie was badly poisoned. Edison looked at his satchel, considering using a Pecha Berry. "The Professor did say they could cure even the harshest poison..."

"I know what you're thinking, man, but it won't work. Well, it will, but Clefable has more toxic juice than you have antidotes. Save your Berries, man. And get back in the fight, the experiment's just getting started! Clefable, use Copycat!"

Putting thoughts of his bag aside, Edison hoped to deal some lasting damage to Clefable. "Adipose, Rock Smash again!"

Addie raised a fist to Clefable, but its photographic reflexes let it mimic Addie's last move, and it was quicker on the draw. It smashed a hand down on Addie's head before his hit connected with its ribs. Addie staggered under the impact, very much phased by the hit. Edison's Holotch reported that half of Addie's health was depleted by that one hit, but at least Clefable's defenses were compromised by Addie's hit. Probably a cracked rib or something.

The information didn't encourage Edison. Clefable could end the fight right here by simply copying Rock Smash again. Even worse, the poison took another toll on Addie as it coursed through him, while Clefable was still standing strong and munching on more fruit. "Okay, let's try something reckless, Addie..."

"Ooh, sounds fun. Use Detect, Clefable." Clefable's eyes glowed subtly pink as it looked at Addie.

"Use Metronome!" Addie wagged his fingers back and forth, hypnotizing himself. Clefable lost its grin, staring intently at Addie. Reese leaned in, curious. "Whoa... I've never used Detect against Metronome before, man. Who knows what will happen?"

The white glow on Addie's fingers grew into a pair of spectral scythe blades over his hands, and he lunged forward, bringing the scythes down in an "X" shape. Clefable jumped back at the last second, just barely dodging the hit. It grinned widely, enjoying the fight so much it didn't even bother with eating. Not that it needed it... Addie winced as the poison raged through him.

"Dude, that was awesome! Did you see that? Clefable, use Copycat real quick!" Clefable manifested a pair of spectral pink scythes, making his grin even more unsettling.

"Quick, Metro-" Edison started, but knew Addie wouldn't have time. The Grin Reaper slashed his blades in an X-pattern before Addie could get his fingers waggling, knocking him out. Edison recalled him to his ball. "You did your best. I have no regrets... Reese, before we continue, why were you so excited about Detect working?"

Reese put his hands to his head like he was trying to physically keep it intact. "Okay, so... Detect lets the user read the opponent's mind, so it can see what attack is coming and dodge it, right? But Metronome has the user hypnotize itself, letting it use literally any technique at random. I wasn't sure if Clefable would be able to read an attack that even Munchlax didn't know how to do!"

Edison stroked his chin, looking at Clefable. "But since he did, in fact, dodge the hit... Metronome doesn't create a random effect so much as temporarily teach the user a move, along with creating the necessary components, like the scythes for Cross Scissor."

"BOOSH!" Reese opened up both hands, making the "mind: blown" gesture and sound. "Learnin' stuff, man! Effin' science!"

Edison couldn't help but smile. "Effing science, indeed. Shall we continue with the experiment?" He grabbed another ball, sending out Rem. The little Munna yawned, being more of a nocturnal Pokemon, therefore not accustomed to daylight hours.

"You got it, man. Clefable, start with Toxic!"

Edison chided himself for forgetting Reese's strategy already. But before he could give a command, Rem started emitting pink mist. Clefable spat more purple fluid, which hit Rem before she could form her Barrier. The purple smoke rose from Rem, mingling with her mist. Her eyes glowed pink, and Clefable stopped smiling. Rem created a Barrier around herself, twitching as the poison hurt her.

And so did Clefable.

The Holotch helpfully reminded Edison of Rem's ability. "Synchronize... ah-HA! Rem! You have Synchronize! Haha!"

Reese was a bit startled by Edison's sudden energy, chuckling in confusion. "Ha, yeah... let's keep it rolling, but what? Clefable, Detect."

Edison forced himself to calm down, but his manic grin remained. "Sorry, but... Rem's ability is Synchronize. Which means any non-volatile status effect inflicted upon her..."

Rem put up another Barrier during Edison's spiel, which Clefable expected thanks to Detect. It grabbed a bite of fruit from its fur, which made it feel better, then shuddered from the poison. Rem winced as well.

"Yeah, they suffer the same status psycosomatically." Reese finished Edison's thought, familiar with the Ability. He chuckled, shrugging in acceptance. "Hoisted by my own petard. Clefable, use Copycat! Get in on that Barrier action!"

Edison kept rambling, forgetting he was in the middle of a fight. "It's brilliant, but I had completely forgotten about her Ability. I learned about it on accident, and it's really fascinating. Clefable isn't poisoned, but because it thinks it is, it's suffering the effects regardless! The mind makes it real, as they say."

Clefable's eyes glowed pink, creating a Barrier without the mist. Devoid of direction, Rem put out more mist, making another Barrier. She was happy to do so, because she really liked Barriers.

Reese scratched at his head, feeling a little awkward. "Hey man, I'm glad you're excited and all, but you gotta get your head in the game. You and Munna are a team, ya dig? Clefable, Copycat again."

Edison shook his head, clearing his thoughts. "Right, sorry. Got caught up... in the... Rem, would you kindly use Psywave?"

Clefable made another Barrier, while Rem released mist again. Rather than solidifying around her, though, it washed over Clefable before hardening, buffeting the Fairy with psychic force. Clefable ate more fruit, which basically negated what little damage Rem had inflicted, but the poison was growing stronger as it ravaged Clefable. Edison was excited to see Clefable nearly at half of its fighting strength. Of course, Rem was in similar condition, but this was further than Addie had been able to push Clefable, and he'd been trying to beat it.

Reese noticed how Clefable was doing as well. "Clefable, summon the Moonlight to restore your strength!"

Edison knew Rem only had one usable technique at this point, having bolstered herself so much with Barrier. "Use Psywave, Rem!"

Clefable closed its eyes and started to glow with a silvery light, drawing upon the moonlight stored within its body. Edison pouted when he saw Clefable back to 100 percent again, but Rem's Psywave struck with more force this time, and not even Leftover fruit could fix that. Then the poison did its work, and Clefable was nearly back where it started. Rem shook with actual poison, and Edison noted that she was starting to look tired.

Reese caught on to Rem's lack of variety. "Not out of the woods yet, man. Clefable, use Detect!"

Edison was already giving his own command. "Another Psywave, Rem." He stroked his chin, wondering how this round would play out.

Clefable's eyes glowed as Rem released her wave of mist, rolling forward and out of the mist before it could solidify into kinetic force. It smirked as it took another bite of fruit, which Edison thought made it look really cocky, but he had to admit that it worked. Then both Pokemon reacted to the ever intensifying poison, and Edison noted their respective health. Rem was barely able to stay afloat, while Clefable was only starting to tire.

Reese locked eyes with Edison, grinning almost as much as his Clefable had. "Feel that excitement, man? The adrenaline making your heart beat? That's what a good battle will do for you! I want it to last! Clefable, summon that Moonlight!"

Edison wasn't grinning, but he didn't deny Reese had a point. "It is quite exhilarating. But I think I know the outcome of this match. Rem, give him your final Psywave!"

Clefable grinned as it healed itself with Moonlight (but not fully, Edison noted), while Rem gave her best Psywave. It didn't hurt much, especially with the Leftovers, and the poison sapped the rest of her strength. Clefable winced at the poison, and Edison felt a twinge of petty justification that it was below half health again. He returned Rem, giving the ball a firm squeeze. "You did wonderfully, girl. You don't know it yet, but you've won this fight for us."

Reese brushed imaginary dust from his sleeve, giving a shrug and a grin. "You have one more? Let's go for broke, man!"

Edison nodded, sending out his starter. "Let's finish this, Neodymium!" His Magnemite appeared, surveying the situation calmly.

Reese's face fell as he realized his entire strategy was nullified by this one Pokemon. "Aw, dude... that's not fair. But I'm no quitter! Summon the Moonlight!"

Edison shook his head, mildly irritated. "I don't mean to raise my voice, but that's enough of that, I think. Use Supersonic!"

Clefable glowed silver, while N.D. vibrated with electricity, emitting soundwaves from his magnets. Clefable was unaffected, and munching on fruit brought it back to full strength. Of course, Clefable still thought it was poisoned, but it was still above half strength even afterward.

Reese laughed, seeing a potential win. "Solid plan, amigo! Mind if I do the same? Copycat, Clefable!"

Edison tried to double down. "Another Supersonic!"

Clefable was still faster, and sent Neo's soundwaves right back, leaving him reeling in confusion. He sent more soundwaves at Clefable, but again they had no effect. Eating more fruit restored some energy, but the poison raged in Clefable's mind, making it fall to its knees. Edison saw his chance, deciding to change tactics for the potential final round.

Reese mopped sweat from his brow, knowing that a battle of attrition wasn't in his favor. "Hold on, Clefable! Summon the Moonlight!"

"We can't afford to miss, Neo! Use Shock Wave!"

Clefable healed itself one more time, standing back up with no problem. N.D. charged up electricity, bits of blue lightning orbiting his body, then fired a blue laser from his eye. It hit Clefable directly in the chest, and even with the Leftovers it was tired and under half health. Which meant the toxin finished it off, and Clefable fell unconscious.

Reese let out a breath he'd been holding, returning Clefable to its ball. "Great fight, man! What did you think of my strategy?"

Edison returned N.D., stroking his chin. "It's an effective strategy, for sure. Between the Moonlight and the seemingly endless amount of fruit, Clefable just keeps getting back up, especially with Detect. Copycat lets you turn the opponent's attacks right back at them, so the toxin doesn't have to do all the work. It's quite the puzzle, dare I say worthy of a Gym challenge." Reese's face lit up at the comparison.

"...however." Edison lifted a finger in declaration. "It seems there is a notable weakness in your plan. Not Synchronize, which is a wrench even I didn't anticipate being thrown, but Steel types. Their immunity to Poison, as well as the Poison type's immunity to being poisoned. If you face either a Steel or Poison type, your plan can't go off. If I may, I'd recommend replacing Copycat with an offensive move. Preferably a Ground type, as it will really hurt both types immune to Toxic. Other than that, the fight was fantastic!"

Reese laughed. "Here I thought I was going to teach you a lesson, but it was me that got schooled!" He sobered quickly, offering a hand and an apologetic smile. "Sorry about your Munchlax. He kinda fell for the trick hard, but the rest of your team did a solid job!"

Edison accepted the handshake, giving a smile of his own. "Don't feel too bad. It was fun to see their moves interact! I'm going to stop by the Pokemon Center before I head out. Maybe I'll see you later on, down the road?"

Reese grinned at that. "Bet on it, man! The Prof always has a job for me!"

Edison headed back up to the Center, waving over his shoulder at Reese.
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