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12/21/12 (M) [OCC] Page 2

Started by SylveonStar March 1st, 2013 2:53 PM
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Kaden needs to come out of his shell and be less huffy, he's getting on my nerves. He needs friends!

~Genevieve~, quick question. What do you go by? And will there ever be a chance to add uninfected wild/abandoned Pokemon to one's team?

Elaborate what you mean by what do you go by?

as for adding more Pokemon Yes that will happen at some point but not right away. There will be uninfected wild/abandoned Pokemon as well as other survivors. Some of which will be friendly, others not so much.


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You guys go ahead and post. I'm waiting for Alison to be alone before Jen drops out of the tree to talk to her.
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Sorry for the delay, I should point out now I'm not online much on weekends. But the other five days I'm usually on at some point or another.

That said, I think I just made myself the neutral peacekeeper of the group. I hope you guys don't get upset when I reveal my undead Pokemon...

That's a joke, by the way.



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Name: Arlene Sanders
Age: 43 (25 Feb)
Gender: Female
Appearance: It's a bit hard to believe that someone standing 5' 2" with breasts about as big as your head could have survived alone this long into the apocalypse; and yet, here she is, standing as a short, curvy little reminder that all walks of life may flourish even in this altered world with the right circumstances on their side.

Arlene is "attractive", as far as gray foxes go. Her ears are large and tapered at the tips in starkly-drawn contrast with her face, covered in silver-gray fur and inlaid with eyes green like olivine, punctuated by dark circles drawn beneath her beautiful eyes due to fatigue. You can imagine her lips curling in a smile in a different life, but that is hardly the case here in the present; her expression is that of a permanent calculative, cold stare, her eyes fixated on the darkness ahead, her ears pointing upright, lips downturned in a scowl. She doesn't show many signs of age despite herself; a long, beautiful mane of asphalt-black hair whips in the wind, held in loose ponytail as her bangs frame her small face, not a gray hair in sight.

Her clothing is atypical of others in the region; she wears an olive-drab tanktop that hugs to her womanly shape nicely, and a pair of CADPAT BDU pants, bunched at the halfway point of her shins and tucked into a pair of lightweight desert-khaki combat boots; the ensemble is completed by a Jackhammer backpack, containing only essentials and basics necessary for Arlene to survive effectively on her own with her only remaining Pokemon, Fate.

You get the feeling, fuzzy and weird or not, it might be nice to have someone on your side that can sniff out death a mile away.

Personality: Arlene is a believer in chaos theory; that is, small, uncollated events have more effect on the world around her than she can possibly imagine, and it is in her best interest to remain quiet, still, and undetected in most cases, depending on whether or not it suits the situation for the greater good. She is what some may describe as "neutral-good", known for stealing when absolutely necessary and using stealth, coercion, and manipulation to turn the tide of conflict in her favor.

She is by no means the kind to stab a friend in the back; she is loyal, observant, keenly intelligent, and quick on her feet, but also understands that she is "human", and therefore liable to mistakes and that she is just as fallible as the next person. She often circumvents the fear of death with a cold, hardened facade and a rather grim sense of humor that betrays the very real possibility of her demise.

Despite her attitude, she is exceedingly logical, rational, and calculative to the point of cruelty; she knows what must be done, and is not afraid to share her thoughts that the possibility of dying in a given situation is very real. She has learned over her years of experience that she cannot afford time for "being nice" or tiptoeing around other people; she does not have the time to spare for games or lies, and certainly not for sugarcoating the inevitable.

History: Arlene is well known for her abilities as a survivalist, as a huntsman, and as a marksman; with thirty-plus years under her belt living out on the field as a trainer and as a nomad, it is difficult to discount her experience for anything less than expertise. She was around to see Team Rocket crumble, Team Magma to stagnate, Team Plasma to rot, and it is even said that she has had a hand in the ultimate fate of Cipher; it can be said without any shadow of doubt that she knows how to use people to her advantage in order to do the right thing, but this begs the question of if what Arlene does is truly the 'right' thing at times. This aside, Arlene has proven herself to be very capable in the hands of the right people regardless of circumstance; even separation geographically has shown to have little effect on her capacity to get the job done by any means necessary.

It is not clear where Arlene was born, save to say it was 'outside of Kanto', but it would be Kanto where she would make her home. At twelve, she began the journey most children began several years earlier, and with her first Pokemon -- a Vulpix she called 'Fate' -- she became renowned for her ability to turn what seemed like a sure defeat into a narrow victory without fail. While she devoted some time and effort to the Indigo League, she made it a point that the League was not her passion, nor even her goal. For Arlene, the League was merely another stepping stone for her Pokemon, now numbered in two: Fate the Ninetales, and Damian the Arcanine. This journey of self-betterment would carry her to Johto at age fifteen, and then to Hoenn at seventeen, where she would meet her next two Pokemon -- Jaidan the Linoone and Judas the Sableye.

Arlene never speaks of what happened in-between Hoenn and Unova. Whatever did happen in these regions was clearly a trying time for her, as whenever asked about this time of her life between age seventeen to twenty-five, her response is typically to the effect of an angry, blank stare.

For her to be alive on the road this long is a testament to her strength of will if nothing else; she's been alive and kicking for forty-three years, and if you were to ask, Arlene would tell you she's got another forty-three left in her... Even in spite of current circumstances. Is she confident? Does she have a plan she's sure of? It's never clear with Arlene. All that one can do is to it by and watch.

Pokemon: "Fate" (Ninetales)
Level: 34
Gender: Male
Moveset: Fireblast, Faint Attack, Giga Impact, Iron Tail

Other: Here's a themesong:
Password: Zombies rule.
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