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Posted May 24th, 2017
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Not at all. All of the changes are aesthetic, with some minor changes to the text files. For your SunGold, I can even offer complete decapitalization as well, as I can simply swap in the entirety of the text file. For StormSilver, and MoonSilver by extension, I can do Kris swaps, but I needed to double check my files first, to make sure I got all of the changes from StormSilver right. I also need to update my patch because of a new change. I can probably offer up all of the patches tonight. No promises though. It will definitely be done by Friday.
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Posted March 21st, 2018
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I have been attempting to get this patch to run on my supercard dstwo with no success. I am able to run the normal storm silver hack with no problems so am not sure if it is user error on my end or somehow due to the way to inserted Kris into the game but please help would be greatly appreciated on this.

To give a bit of information on my actual problem the patch runs on my computer just fine but when exported onto my supercard it gives either a white or black screen. I have tried what I believe to be every combination of applying the two patches but have had no success with fixing my issue.
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Posted July 28th, 2016
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I am having an issue with the patch myself. It works with Soul Silver, but when attempting to patch Heart Gold I get:

xdelta: 4787 Pokemon - HeartGold Version (US).nds: Checksum validation failed, e
xpected: 8a6c8888bed9e1dce952f840351b73f2, received: ae2a483d0a5e8130d39f44f41a8

When doing a search for the checksum it "expected" (8a6c etc. etc.) That is a value associated with Soul Silver (makes sense since it did work for that). I was thinking the Kris-Gold.patch would work on Heart Gold, but I guess not. Anyone else have this issue? If so was there a resolution?


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Posted January 10th, 2017
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Please please please someone send me the patched file I can't patch because I am using an android device 😕
you can download " ROM PATCHER " on Playstore thats what im doing onto now.
Seen August 10th, 2016
Posted August 10th, 2016
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5.8 Years
If hirotdk can upload his NARCs and list their locations, I can make the changes to Sacred Gold/Storm Silver (Classic and Complete 1.05v) for everyone to enjoy. Currently, the patch doesn't work for those versions.

Here is the last known file location list that was available in public space to mod Lyra's GFX:

a/1/4/2 (tinke 22) = Wolrd Map Mini-Icon
a/0/0/6 backsprites
a/0/5/8 frontsprites
a/0/9/3 hm sprites
a/1/0/9 mugshots
a/1/9/3 hm sprites????
data-field_cutin.narc hm sprites

There are plenty of locations missing and the fact there is a backsprite bug when starting a battle.
Seen August 23rd, 2016
Posted August 23rd, 2016
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3 Years
I'm currently trying to replace Ethan with Ash.
(always named my male characters Ash xD)

I was able to replace most overworld and a few other sprites.
Now I have troubles finding a lot of the menu art and also replacing some overworld sprites (I cannot open the pokemon healing sprite in btx editor).

It would be really great if you can give us a list where to find which sprite and maybe a short hint with which tool you replaced the sprite.

Seen August 7th, 2018
Posted May 24th, 2017
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3.9 Years
My apologies for not having updated this yet. I've been putting in a ton of hours at work the last few months and I've been spending my free time doing tutorials and research for HG/SS. I'm currently working on a tutorial for replacing the male/female/rival entirely though and I'll be putting an update up with that. I want to say soon, but I'm not good at soon.
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Posted December 14th, 2016
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Alright, I want to inform the thread creator of some bugs I ran into in this patch. These are all for the Xenophobia rom of SoulSilver. The game freezes as the result of several triggers, ranging from interacting with the Pok Gear to dealing with NPCs.

Can't post links yet, but the game crashes when Oak leaves Mr. Pokmon's house. imgur /UQfwh19

I mentioned the Pok Gear earlier. If you attempt to call someone, the game spouts generic text back at you. Selecting any other option crashes the game. imgur /iU2WEum

As well as when you receive the Running Shoes. imgur /0eSKsCJ

The farthest I've made it is the encounter with Joey. How am I supposed to see his Rattata in action?! imgur /CliFasf

The Xenophobia version of HeartGold won't even boot. I've tried the Kris-Gold patch and the Kris-Gold-Decap patch to no avail. I hope these issues are sorted out eventually. Thank you for your time.
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