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Crystal Majora Crystal

Started by Wasabi_Raptor October 17th, 2018 1:32 PM
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Posted February 17th, 2019
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Posted to reddit, posted to skeetendo, then was asked why I didn't post here, well I fully expect this to not be approved as on the surface level it appears identical to base crystal as very few things have changed visually, meaning it probably won't get past the 12 screenshot rule, on the surface it is indeed just crystal, but it is the behind the scene mechanic changes that are what make this hack unique.

This was a joint effort for the r/PokemonRomHacks Discord's hacking competition between made by me (/u/Raptor_741) and reddit users /u/ThalinsG, and /u/notnat as I don't think they have accounts here but I want to share this hack here anyway.

Majora Crystal
patch a crystal 1.0 ROM

Majora Crystal was just a concept name for a challenge that stuck as its basically what it is, Pokemon Crystal with a challenge and time limit inspired by the n64 version of Majora's Mask, you have one week to become champion, and I later plan to take this concept and have it play out in its own region rather than just Johto.

Roadblock NPCs that are completely unrelated to the task that triggers their appearance or disappearance are removed, so you are free to explore Johto any way you please, as long as you have the items or HMs required.

HMs do not require badges.

Wild tables and Gym leaders are edited, so you can obtain all pokemon in the wild, we have a google sheet of changed locations, but I'm not allowed to post links yet.

The Fairy Type, EVs, and the P/S split are implemented thanks to the tutorials on the pokecrystal wiki (praise Rangi) and doing those helped us learn assembly enough to know how to do our own mechanic changes to actually make this a challenge.

Also we made Water weak to Ice because that makes sense and Ice definitely needs a buff.

We have what I believe to be a currently unique feature in that wild pokemon will scale their level to slightly below the player's party average, but you won't be able to rush into strong areas without a strong team as they do have a minimum level per area.

The ingame clock is accelerated to 60x speed, one second IRL is one minute ingame, one minute IRL is one hour ingame and so on, the time is now completely independent of RTC so using a fast forward while playing *will* accelerate the game's clock, yet I didn't want to waste time for the competition completely removing RTC from the game code so your emulator is still going to make a file for it and the game will still ask you to reset the clock if it is deleted, yet this won't affect anything.

Saving will reset the game's cycle, clearing the pokemon in your party and items in your inventory, items and pokemon in the PC are kept and nothing prevents you from depositing your last pokemon so sacrifices aren't required, and Key items and HMs are kept as well, and the PC in your room is connected to the storage system so you don't have to grab a starter from Elm every cycle.

The game has a forced semi-nuzloke rule in that if you whiteout or run out of time it will force a save, therefore clearing out the party you lost with.

Defeating the Elite 4 or Red saves in a way that your party pokemon is not lost upon loading.


Known Bugs

There is a bug where during the first cycle if a Female Player saves via any method besides the menu they will become male, so it is suggested that if you are going to play female, just save via the menu the second you get control of your character to avoid this problem altogether

Anyway good luck have fun with the challenge.

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Oh wow! This sounds sweet! I'm going to try this out when I have some free time! Thank you for sharing this with us1
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huh, took that long to get responses, well for anyone interested, I've been working on a new hack that uses the time mechanic defined here in an original region, and some of the updates and new features from that may be backported to this one soon, fixing some bugs making some interfaces nicer and rebalancing kanto to work with the level average feature
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