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Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition (Along with Pokemon Lite Edition)

Finished and updated in October 2, 2013, and initially released in December 21, 2012 (The supposed End of the World... heh), and long since updated after that, this is a complete Generation one difficulty mod of Pokemon Blue with a new storyline and some new features. They come with 2 version difficulties: Intense or Lite (which is definitely easier, but no cakewalk), but both have the same plotline and progression, aside from some levels.

Links: (Mediafire Link to Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition) (Mediafire Link to Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition)

If you are familiar with the Pokemon Stadium series, then you’ll know that these series were the true inspiration for the gameplay of these 2 hacks. Firered Omega kickstarted my pokemon hacking hobbies.
The reason why I have made these hacks is due to the absence of a Pokemon Stadium game after Pokemon Stadium 2. Considering that there is well over 386 pokemon to factor in, it is understandable.
Another reason why I have made the hack the way it is, is that there aren’t any first gen hacks (or first gen games for that matter) that gives any sort of genuine challenge due to the fact that nearly all of them do not have modified movepools, and that it is so easy to gamebreak and sweep the opposition with barely any effort at all.
One major disadvantage that 1st gen hacks have for attempted challenge mods is the primitive stat system for players, coupled with the enemy AI, enemy rosters, enemy pokemon stat exp (first gen evs) at zero, broken pokemon early on for players, and the difficult to modify enemy movepools. This challenge mod addresses and adapts to the disadvantages to make a more challenging experience, one that I would be more than happy to contribute.
Anyhow, here is the result of my ambitious hobby, spent on playtests and modifications.

A new pokemon league world tournament has come to be hosted in the region of Aizome. But the Aizome region is not exactly your friendly pokemon region, as nearly everyone wants to become famous as the champion of the pokemon league world tournament., and will do whatever it takes to become the very next champion.
What is worse, is that the sinister Team Rocket has returned, posing as a much greater threat to the world than it has ever been, with an iron grip of the Aizome nation, capitalizing on the presence of the World Tournament and exploiting its challengers, and merging with a very powerful and corrupt pokemon corporation known as the Trade, all to further their wicked goals…
Only the smartest and strongest trainer in the world will be able to conquer these obstacles and become the champion.
Entrance to the Pokemon League will require eight badges, but there are some differences with the final batch of trainers. There is an unspecified ‘deadline’ of sorts, and 32 league participants is the minimum amount. Once the lead character step through his room, unspecified time will pass, and the tournament will begin. So there are no easily telegraphed elite four members, just a 5 round progression of trainers who endured many challenges to come far, usually consisting of former participants or even some champions.

-These 2 games are based on the blue version with the simple progression of getting eight gym badges to participate in the world tournament, and in addition, has some anti-frustration features.
- The garbage puzzle in the third gym is removed.
- You can obtain a massive sum of money from selling nuggets, which are found immediately after getting the VIP tickets.
- At a certain point, you will have to level up substantially in the Intense Indigo Edition. However, you can purchase rare candies immediately after the first cave, at an extremely cheap price of ONE dollar. You don’t have to spend minutes repeatedly fighting wild pokemon to get a level up. (Unless you want to, in that case, there exist some level 100 punching bags.) Later on, the other vitamins can be purchased for one dollar as well, which will be useful if you want to go up against the more powerful enemies.
-New storyline, new bosses, new characters, new region (though I'm not the best storyteller, overworld graphics -master, or top tier mapper) Its mostly gameplaywise.
-All 151 pokemon are obtainable throughout the game
-All 151 pokemon has their movepools changed.
-Many early pokemon evolves extremely early, and learns moves exceptionally early before they evolve. For example, a vulpix can learn flamethrower before charmander even evolves, for more variety.
- You can get a large variety of water types, including the old rod and good rod to get pure aquatic pokemon much early on.
- You can access stones like moon stones and leaf stones as early as the first cave if you spend some time searching for them. And by that time, your pokemon should have powerful attacks by this point, so you don’t have to wait until level 30 to use these stones.
-All trade evolutions evolve by level up (when they evolve is a secret...)
- All 151 Pokemon Front Sprites are changed to be more similar to Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal, so no horribly hideous frontsprites, though I'm sorry to say that I couldn't change the backsprites.
-While progression and direction is about the same, cities, routes, forests, caves, and buildings have been changed.
-Every single trainer has a different lineup, though many follow certain themes with type coverage.
-There is also a bit of game balancing. For example, you won’t be able to access some truly gamebreaking pokemon such as alakazam or jolteon until you get all seven badges, which means strategy is a bit more emphasized.
-Very, very few pokemon are changed statwise, only for the purpose of matching the stats of “ev’d” pokemon for the enemy roster. None of which goes over the top with base stats that would overshadow the base stats of Arceus.
-You can catch many pokemon early on, yet balanced. No silly things with base stats that arceus would blush too.
- For more features that reduce the frustration and tedious factors, you can actually find out what the highest level the trainers of a certain area will be by reading the any signs available, so that you are prepared.
- Before the tunnel with flash, you can access revives and repels very early as well, and with a near endless amount of money, getting enough should not be a problem.
- The cut bush will only bar one path, and after that, you will never have to worry about using cut again. Flash is only used once as well, though strength later one will be used twice, and surf will be used the most, since these are the only HMs that isn’t woefully pathetic.

- And finally...
There is a very high yet mostly legitimate difficulty setting, which will take generation 1 skill. Be warned, this is quite possibly the hardest generation one pokemon hack out there, and its among the hardest pokemon hacks in general. Since very high difficulty is the main focus of this hack, it will not hold back. If anyone is familiar with Pokemon Blue Kaizo, this one is several leagues more difficult, yet at the same time, has quite a bit more anti-frustration features. You can catch 151 pokemon, but there are some factors concerning that as well. Here is what you can expect:

1. Gym leaders will rely on themes in accordance to similarities, Gen 1 "strategies", Top tier gen 1 mono-typings with coverage, and equivalent fighting grounds to the player (will be explained further down). Bosses or minibosses (or even some regular trainer subosses) may typically use random teams or themed teams or strategies. Also, no "repeat pokemon species in one roster" that plagues pretty much every pokemon game (such as a team of five rattatas after the fifth gym). (not too sure about every pokemon hack though).

2. For the first part of the game, you'll progress normally through level up, but many foes will have much better rosters, much better movepools, and the first gym leader features a theme of specific rare type/evolution line. It will start off fairly easy at the start, with access to advanced moves and earlier evolutions. But the difficulty will progress to a high skill level.

3. For the next part, once you reach the point where the enemies have pokemon close to level 100, you will have to purchase the inexpensive rare candies as mentioned before. For an additional option, if you are doing a no mart or no item run challenge, there is still a grinding spot of level 100 bugs, though it will take much longer, so it’s the price you’ll have to pay for doing a restricted run like a no mart or no item run. That, and after you reach level 100, you will never have to spend hours grinding that team. Note that this is essential for the Intense Indigo Version, it is an optional bonus for the Indigo Lite Version, which is substantially easier yet still rather challenging later on, just in case a nuzlocke or something would be far too daunting in the intense indigo edition.

4. Note For the Intense Indigo Version: After obtaining the third badge, you will encounter foes with... sufficient levels to match the increasing STAT EXP of your level 100 pokemon, to counteract the fact that there is no Stat Exp bank for enemies, and I promise it won't go any higher than the norm. It is for the sake of equal grounds rather than the typical "grind 10 levels higher and sweep with one pokemon" tactics, or "Sweep the level 100 pokemon with zero stat exp with a full team of level 100s with max stats". No, you will not be able to go over level 100, but, your enemies will go over level 100. BUT, it won’t go excessive like level 150 or 200. Level 127 is surprisingly close to the level 100 max stat exp many pokemon can get, though many of the enemies level 127’s still have inferior stats compared to fully max stat exp’d pokemon, especially with the ingame badges boosting these stats.

5. For those with questions one the frequency of wild pokemon encountered, the game has the normal encounter rate, with balanced pokemon so to not break the game horribly. Due to the primitive AI as opposed to your intelligence, the AI will be provided with a couple of advantages to also give "equal grounds" in battles, including items and pokemon.

6. For those that want "game breaker pokemon", sadly, it will be around the end of the game, and whether or not you wish to level them up to sufficient levels is up to you, if you haven't gotten attached to your team. Such game breakers include jolteon (ridiculous speed and crit rate and the only thing that is resistant and immune to a stab thunderbolt with 110 special, is something that you can use surf one.)

7. If you get lost or stuck, be sure to talk to NPC's or signs, just a helpful tip.

8. Some lesser aspects of difficulty refers to the dungeons, each at the very least, features enhanced puzzles, a couple of mazes, much more dangerous wild encounters (these guys can cause you to black out if you are careless), and certain trainer types can be considerably more challenging than the norm. (Depending on Main AI type or species of pokemon they have). Still, with your impressive array of items, it shouldn’t be too frustrating, to minimize backtracking.

9. Gym Battles in general have gym leaders with their theme obviously, but also have gym trainers that are far more difficult than many overworld trainers, with a couple of surprise techniques, and usually a larger lineup and variety of pokemon.

10. As you progress to the city with the fourth gym, in both Intense and Lite Indigo, you will get items that will make your life a little easier, and some tms for as much versitility as it can offer. (Its Generation 1 after all...), but not every item...

11. Because it breaks the norm of traditional "difficulty" mods, this hack may not be suitable for everyone who is unaccustomed to using a substantial amount of strategy it takes to combat difficult foes as opposed to simple level grinding and sweeping.

12. Also, this is first gen, and it is a pokemon game, so hax or random number generators is expected, which can be understandably frustrating. Gen 1 pokemon in particular has higher crit rates, as well as the 99.6% accuracy modifier glitch that unfortunately, is part of the game, even in the original RBY, and you will just have to bear with it. If you still have issues with a bit of inevitable hax, I can’t really do anything about it. So yes, Pokemon Intense Indigo and Indigo Lite are both very high difficulty mod, and like every pokemon game ever made, they will have rather large factors of luck involved.

13. Exploration can be very rewarding in this hack, if you go out of your way to explore, you may find something potentially useful or lifesaving.

14. I have playtested and developed this for about a full year, making notes one what is challenging and what is tedious. This hack is meant to be an extremely yet legitimately challenging as possible, yet fun experience. I have beaten this hack several times, even with restrictions, so this challenging hack is not impossible to beat.

15. And it is theoretically possible to nuzlocke too, no doubt someone will eventually complete this game with nuzlocke rules. You have opportunities of saving, resetting, some exploration, catching and assembling your own team, your freedom of adapting strategies or restrictions, and buying and using items. Just be extra cautious.

16. For the sake of "equal grounds" again, there will be no X items available, since even with the crit rate, they still break the game. There are no full restores, full heals, max potions, or max revives, as they completely break battles; also there are no evasion boosting moves for any available pokemon to completely break the game. You may also notice that some rare moves with power points of 1. That is for the purpose of not overusing such moves to be considered overpowered. Basically, if you are accustomed to cheesing the game... your energy would be better spent in developing real tactics in battle. You already have a sufficient amount of items such as hyper potions, rare candies, revives, paralyze heals, ice heals, awakenings, and money to make the game less frustrating.

17. In a way, this hack's difficulty is the opposite of the original's difficulty, which is easily broken (seriously a lv.2 weedle could beat lance's lv.62 dragonite, and there is proof), easy bosses (Bruno and Blaine, I'm looking at you), and downright broken available pokemon extremely early on (coughAlakazamcough). None of that is present in this hack.

18. It is possible to get all 151 pokemon, however, in order to get all 151, you must beat the maingame, to get the postgame pokemon, such as the legendary birds and the mew duo, along with several extremely powerful pokemon.

19. This hack has the kind of difficulty that will keep you on your toes at all times. Do not expect the game to get easier as it goes along, like in many pokemon games, so the enemies later on should not be underestimated. That goes double for nuzlockes due to the game over aspect. But as mentioned before, this hack is not impossible. Don’t get too overconfident if you got lucky with a gym leader or boss, a random trainer could turn that luck against you if you aren’t careful, and don’t get too upset if you are hindered by critical hits or misses. But at the same time, you can overcome any trainer you encounter if you put your mind to it and persevere.

And the long explanation is done; updates may be present, if you have questions, feel free to let me know.

All in all, this hack is also located on my Youtube channel SinisterHoodedFigure, among lesser hacks of mine in the past. I'm just noting it here because it may not compare to the more graphically enhanced higher generation hacks graphic wise, and the steep difficulty may be too much to be accustomed to.

But if you fancy yourselves up for a genuinely difficult first gen challenge, give Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition or the lighter and softer Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition a try, it won't disappoint.



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I've tried out a couple of your hacks already, and I must say I thoroughly enjoy them. This is a new one to me so I'll definitely give it a try, great job!
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I bought one of the intense Indigo games. Pretty interesting so far but, mine has a few glitches. I notice the title screen where It should say “indigo” does not show the entire text. The first Poke Mart you enter before the first gym, as soon as you walk in the screen is all numbers and you have to shut the game off to exit. One more glitch inside the first house you walk through just after Mt. Doom. That’s where I’m stuck right now. I can’t get out of the house, because of the glitch I can’t see the door and if I walk too far it freezes and I have to shut it off. Do I start over or is there something else I could do without losing my current save?
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Yo, first comment on this site, just wanted to drop in and say that this is my absolute favorite hack of all time. The small tweaks to the storyline that explain everything, the difficulty, absolutely everything from the scripting to the mapping. I played it using Danny-E 33's graphics patch and had an extremely enjoyable experience.

Intense Indigo was the first pokemon hack to force me to switch around my pokemon in order to keep up, highly recommend for any R/B/Y fans and anyone looking for a challenging experience.

Thanks for the hard work SHS, your hacks are always good.

(Just so this isn't only a review, NPCs are allowed items that you are not. Same for Pokemon.)
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I mostly enjoyed this game (although I'm not totally finished yet; I beat the Tournament but I'm still trying to catch 'em all). I actually found it easier than Blue Kaizo (which I have also beat in the sense of defeating the Elite Four, although I haven't quite caught 'em all in that one either). This is probably partly because I played Kaizo Blue first, but the "anti-frustration features" also played a role; Kaizo Blue requires a fair amount of grinding to keep up, while Intense Indigo just hands you Rare Candies and Vitamins. Plus you can use Revives in battle in Intense Indigo, and you're also handed the money to buy them.

Intense Indigo also has much more reasonable maps than Kaizo Blue. The "Fuchsia marathon" gimmick occurs in both, but in Intense Indigo it's split into two parts with a Pokemon Center separate from the Fuchsia Fly point. In general, there's less grass everywhere in Indigo. The method of obtaining the Gold Teeth is also much less obnoxious. These differences make II less frustrating, but it also removes the perverse humor of the KB maps.

There's still interesting elements of challenge in Intense Indigo, though. I used some slightly unconventional strategies like switching out multiple team members at a time based on the situation, sometimes deliberately using weaker moves against the earlier Tournament opponents because Ethers were scarce but Revives and Hyper Potions plentiful, taking advantage of being Wrap-locked to heal my Pokemon for similar reasons, and using Gengar as a theoretically perfect but somewhat tedious counter to Persian. What I didn't do, or at least very rarely did, is the reset-until-you-get-lucky strategy I occasionally had to use in Kaizo Blue.

The plot is a mixed bag. On one hand, too much of the dialogue is just paraphrases of the RBY dialogue with the proper names changed, some plot points (Team Rocket has merged with the Trade! The Trade is responsible for so many people having Pokemon over level 100!) are repeated ad nauseam, and the serious tone occasionally feels a bit forced. On the other hand, Intense Indigo fixes some of the problems with RBY's plot: the sense that nobody except the player is really trying to do anything to stop Team Rocket, the related lack of involvement of the Gym Leaders in the rest of the storyline, and the lack of individual characterization for Rockets other than Giovanni. (To be fair, the remakes also address these issues, but in a less focused way.) I especially like the sense that there's a coordinated force opposing Team Rocket that's backing the player up.
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