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A Survival RP
Background Info:
"Crew of The Jupiter, do you copy? DO YOU COPY???"

In the year 2235, the United States has started becoming the technological powerhouse of the world. For example, the United States are the first one to implement hover cars into car dealerships for citizens to buy and use. Instead of gas, cars use a newly discovered element to propel the cars from the ground. Another breakthrough in the medical field is a cure for lung cancer. While it does not apply to all cancers, lung cancer is no longer a threat.
A recent invention has allowed for major breakthroughs to be found in space exploration. The Temperature Nullifier Suit(NFS) is a full body suit that nullifies the harshest change of temperatures and makes the temperature inside the suit room temperature. There were many deviations and tinkering with the main invention to help with space exploration and potential colonization, including suits for plants, suits for tools, and suits for drones. So in 2235, the United States got together a team of 6 astronauts, materials, food, and water to start setting up a colony on the moon Ganymede. The spaceship that will take them to Ganymede is the The Jupiter. Unfortunately, upon entering the moon's atmosphere, two of the ship's main engines abruptly failed.
About Ganymede:
Ganymede is mostly your typical moon. The surface is covered in gray rock, with craters and ditches scattered all over. Darker areas of the moon contain a high quantity of craters, while lighter areas of the moon are more leveled out and just marked with a few grooves and ridges. The moon contains about 1/3 dark areas and 2/3 light areas.
One thing that seperates Ganymede from other moons is the presence of patches of ice. If one where to dig deep enough down the many patches of ice that scatter Ganymede, he/she would find a deep saltwater ocean. If someone were to somehow melt the ice that is scattered throughout the surface of Ganymede, it would actually be able to be drinkable, as the salt molecules in the ice are pushed down below the ice and into the ocean.
The RP begins when the engines fail upon entering Ganymede's atmosphere. The goal of this RP is to survive long enough on a foreign moon no person has ever been on before until a rescue unit arrives. To do this, you must satisfy the four necessities of life the entire time: Food, Water, Clothing, and Shelter. Fortunately, the spaceship and the moon contains many tools and materials that can be essential to Survival.

(These lists aren't filled out yet, but will be available for use in IC)
Workable Tools Available For Use:

Broken Tools Usable For Scrap Metal:

Available Energy For Use:

Matetials Ganymede Has to be Taken:

How The RP Will Progress:
There are two main components in this RP. First is your health. Every RP'er will start with 100 health, and if the four main necessities of life are met to the fullest, your health bar will stay at 100. But if you go too long without food, water, or shelter, your health bar will slowly start to deteriorate. If the health bar gets to 0, you "die" and are out of the RP.
I, the GM, will also post periodically time updates in the IC. In each time update, time will have passed and the updates to everyone's health bar will be posted. In addition, a list of the available resources Ganymede has to offer in the surrounding area as well as everything available for use on the crashed ship will be posted. Finally, a mission board will be posted with suggestions as to what you could do to potentially increase your survival rate, but is not required. Missions to explore far-away areas that contain more resources is an example. Other than those things, I will try to make this RP as free-roam as possible while still trying to corral you to the main objective of the RP.
Application Form:
Name: (Please include the word "astronaut" before your name. Ex. 'Astronaut Bob Joey')
Age: (Something above 30-ish is preferred)
Appearance: (Picture is fine, but some text description is needed. If you choose not to place a picture, then more text description is needed.)
Personality: (List of strengths and weaknesses is preffered; Otherwise a strong description of personality is needed)
Background and Family: (What were you and your family(if any close by) doing before you were selected for this trip? What is your family like?)
Reason for Wanting to Go:(Why did you want to go to Ganymede? Can be short, nothing much needed.)
Roleplay Example:

Only six astronauts were selected to go on this trip, so I will only be selecting six applications. It will not be first come, first serve, and I will judge all applications on a later day.

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