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Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon What is your current team?

Seventh Generation Alola, trainers! Come discuss the latest generation in the Pokémon series with us! This includes Sun & Moon as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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    I still have yet to beat the elite four in my copy of US, but heres my current team:

    Necrozma - Lvl 65 - Holding Ultranecrozium Z
    Photon Geyser -- Iron Defense -- Power Gem -- Night Slash

    Hawlucha [ Cha ] - Lvl 62 - Holding Fightinium Z
    X-Scissor -- High Jump Kick -- Sky Drop -- Flying Press

    [ Partner Cap ] Pikachu - Lvl 59 - Holding Pikahunium Z
    Thunderbolt -- Quick Attack -- Thunder -- Iron Tail

    Sylveon - Lvl 58 - Holding Fairium Z
    Dazzling Gleam -- Moonblast -- Fairy Wind -- Shadow Ball

    Incineroar - Lvl 57 - Holding Incinium Z
    Darkest Lariat -- Flamethrower -- Fire Fang -- Flare Blitz

    Leafeon - Lvl 61 - Holding Grassium Z
    Solar Beam -- Synthesis -- Giga Drain -- Leaf Blade

    I know the move sets are terrible, BUT i like keeping type and moves the same i guess. such as leafeons.
    AND I always use the game mascot so c':

    If you wanna help with the team i'm up for help!
    I know it's bad that i dont have a water type, but oh well
    If I don't pass the E4 the first time, I might get a water type instead?? Idk.
    Suggestions on a better team?

    pokelover | T's 1x1 search | httyd lover | leaf/toothless ♥
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