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Most Mediocre Pokémon

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Old May 12th, 2018 (7:34 AM).
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I was thinking of Mothim since I still keep forgetting about it even though its design isn't bad by any means. It just isn't too memorable to me.

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I just remembered how mediocre 50% of Gen 1's Pokémon are.

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Old 2 Weeks Ago (2:09 PM).
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    The thing with mediocre pokemon is I don’t remember them because they’re, well, mediocre. Voltorb and Electrode are just colored spheres, and a lot of baby pokemon just feel kind of “meh” to me.
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      I definitely agree that Stantler is incredibly mediocre. I'm doing a Normal monotype run through Gold right now, and I REALLY wanted to use Stantler - but after looking at its stats and movepool, I replaced it with Togetic, of all things. There's really nothing it can do that other Normal types can't do better, it has no niche at all. It's just... There. I agree that it should've been half Psychic type - maybe it could've been a counterpart to Girafarig that way.

      It is cool looking, though.
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        I really think Furret should just be considered terrible.
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