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Find a Casual RP Buddy!

Started by gimmepie May 23rd, 2015 7:52 AM
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I don't know how many of you have seen this thread, but it appears that there are quite a few people who would like to RP but are after something a bit more casual than what we usually do here.

This thread is for people to look for others in which to participate in more casual RPing, such as PM or chat RPing so the wonderful community we have here can be open to them as well.

The way this works is simple, just post in here expressing interest and perhaps mentioning the genres you would like to participate in. Then wait for someone to contact you, or send a message to other people you find in here. There are a few rules we need to establish first though
  • This is not a thread to search for that kind of RP.
  • Do not discuss other RP sites here.
  • Outside of expressing interest, organising a casual RP should be done through PMs.

Happy RPing!


space adventure

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Hey, anyone want to do a random pokemon roleplay as pokemon?
Hi there, I just saw your post in the feedback forums too :p

If you simply want to roleplay together with another person over chat or something like that, we have a thread where you can state what you're interested in and find a partner already. I'll just merge this with that :)

For a more serious roleplay, you should check out our board-specific rules and guides to know how to join or create a roleplay here.

You can message me if you have more questions though.


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Posted February 25th, 2019
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Why was it moved. I'm so confused.
Because the thread you made and this one serve the same purpose. People that want to find a friend to do a more casual RP can go in this thread to see if anyone is interested. The general forum called Roleplay Theatre is for overall discussion of all things related to forum based roleplaying, while this thread in specific is to find friends to do a chat based roleplay with.


space adventure

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Posted 12 Hours Ago
Why was it moved. I'm so confused.
Ice explained it well. If two threads pop up in a forum and are basically about the same thing, a moderator usually merges them to keep the index neat.

The Roleplay Stage/Casting subforums feature post-by-post roleplaying where we usually put some effort into creating characters and plot. It's not often very casual. But in this thread, you can do what it seemed like you were interested in: announce that you'd like to roleplay randomly as a pokémon or something and hope that someobody contacts you via Private Message so you can set things up!

Or, if you think you'd be interested in more planned roleplaying, you should totally head over to Roleplay Casting and see if any opening post looks interesting to you :3 I can recommend Begin Again or Stars of Sinnoh if you're looking to play a pokémon trainer going on an adventure and want some freedom.


Beyond The Stars

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Posted July 5th, 2019
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I've got an idea for a minature rp which could be used for this, as it can't be put in to full blown rp. The idea is that your character is basically switched body with the other character. Yes, one of the oldest tropes in the book, but you could use it with established characters to develope them. If anyone wants to do this just contact me.

I am the player of José "Anima" Dartmoor of Gunpowder Roleplay : : : Sign Up Post | Gunpowder


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I'm so in for casual RP.
For me, I'm open to any kind of roleplay, especially shippy. But if shippy, I'm afraid I'm too gay to handle girls. (no fxf OR mxf, basically)
But I'm super happy with any sorts of roleplays, with canon, fan, or original characters. For specifics, just PM me!
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