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I bred both Chatot and Taillow in USUM with a Noivern and got a Chatot and Taillow with Boomburst. However, when I tried to get them to BDSP thru HOME, no Boomburst transferred through. Has anyone successfully transferred Boomburst to BDSP for Taillow? If so, please explain the process. Thanks!
Looking at Boomburst on Bulbapedia it states "no legitimate father" for both Taillow and Chatot. So I'm guessing that the move isn't programmed in for them. Has it been replaced by something else in their moveset? (Or are they still at lv. 1 where they wouldn't have another move?)


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Sadly, the way movesets work has changed as of the 8th generation.

Each Pokémon has a different move-learnset in each game. So if you transfer between Sword and Shield/Legends Arceus/BDSP, the same Pokémon will have a different default moveset in each game.

This makes it impossible for you to utilise SwSh for Egg moves you want in BDSP, and vice versa.

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