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Old November 25th, 2016 (9:09 PM).
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    ROM Hacking Abilities: Mapping, Scripting, Spriting, Writing
    Areas you'd like to Contribute: Story writing, Pixel artwork for Overworlds. Ideally, I'd like to contribute to creating some of the minor characters in the story, and other suggestions of that nature.
    Proof of previous work:

    /links to hack thread

    Here's some examples of my pixel work:

    As for story-writing, here is a text dump of dialogue for an event that I have not yet revealed in Rose, so this is something nobody has yet seen before.

    For context, the Rival's father appears before you both as a ghost.

    [rival]: [.]Dad? Is that really you? But how? How are you here?

    ???: My son. It does your father proud to see how much you've grown.

    I really wish, when I saw you in the Marvelight Museum gallery, that you hadn't been so upset[.] I couldn't speak to you while you were like that.

    [rival]: Wait, you were there? In the painting?

    ???: That's right. I have been waiting some time to see and speak with you[.] Oh, and is that [player]?

    Come closer, [player]!

    Do you remember me? It's [rival]'s father, Aleister.

    Aleister: It makes me happy to know you and [rival] have remained close all this time.

    [rival]: D-Dad! Sniff[.]

    Aleister: Oh [rival]. No tears now! For I have something important to tell you both.

    What you were told about my situation is not the whole truth.

    [rival]: What? You mean Rebehka wasn't the one to[.]?

    Aleister: Rebehka didn't steal away my soul. She rescued me from a terrible incident that ended my life.

    [rival], it really pains me that I had to leave you and your mother that way. But, you must know[.]

    Three years ago, a great darkness covered Centiq. His reign of terror had to be stopped.

    It cost me my life[.] But everyone was safe.

    But now[.] The spawn of that darkness has emerged. It has created a group called Thrasher, and it seeks to destroy everything.

    Already this darkness has upset the balance of nature.

    The Crystal Beasts, and the other Legendary Pokémon they've captured[.] Whatever Thrasher intends to do, it cannot be good.

    If they're truly after [green_fr]The Emerald Tablet[blue_fr] like they claim, then there is no doubt Thrasher must be stopped.

    [green_fr]The Emerald Tablet[blue_fr] has been the object of desire by mortal men throughout the ages. Its power is rumored to be immeasurable and without equal.

    If someone were to obtain this power, the fate of the entire world would rest in their hands[.]

    Aleister: That's why you two must[.] Ghh[.]

    [rival]: Dad! What's wrong?

    Aleister: Heh[.] Seems I'm starting to[.] Overstay my visit[.]

    [rival]: But[.] But what about the painting at the Museum? I could see you there!

    Aleister: No, [rival]. My time[.] Is drawing near. I only asked to remain in this world[.] Through that painting[.] So that I could talk to you one last time.

    The both of you[.] You are Centiq's hope for the future.

    The darkness present now in this region[.] You two will have to overcome it. It falls to you both, and you alone, to defeat Thrasher[.]

    That is[.] What needed to be passed onto you[.]

    [rival]: Dad, no! You can't leave! You can't be gone forever!

    Aleister: [rival][.] I'll never leave you. I'll always be[.] in your heart.

    Remember [rival], your Dad loves you very much. And he's happy you have so many people to care about you.

    Never forget[.]

    [rival]: [player][.]

    [player] consoled [rival] with a hug.

    [rival]: [player][.] I'm going to need some time to think things over.

    Are you still going to challenge the Pokémon League?

    That was the reason we started our journey, after all[.] Now things have gotten really complicated.

    I haven't given up on challenging the Pokémon League. But I'll need to be to myself for a while. You understand, right?

    See you around, [player].

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    Old November 26th, 2016 (10:15 AM).
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    Accepted, obviously.
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