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Old June 27th, 2018 (8:16 AM). Edited June 27th, 2018 by Marin.
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    Hello, everyone!

    I'm building a Pokmon Game as a project for college, and I'd like to ask some people to play and test it a little and give me some feedback :)

    I decided to do something a little different from the usual games: in this game, instead of aiming to be the champion, you're a student who goes to Pokmon University in Tyruntburg Region in order to become a Pokmon Professor. While in college, you will learn things, have challenges, and so on. Oh, and instead of 8 gym leaders, you gotta pass 8 semesters :P

    Only the first 2 classes are ready so far (it should give you around 30-40 minutes of play), but I'd like to know how I'm doing so far. It's my first time working with Pokmon Essentials! Here is the link:
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    Old July 16th, 2018 (9:14 AM).
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      Hey! I liked your idea a lot so I tried the game.

      One reason I didn't want to play anymore: The maps are way too big, and it gets buggy outside. I didn't know where to go because it was too big and got lost in the first building I was spawned in. I checked out the map of the campus and it's 190x89: way too big! Staying under 50x50 is better to avoid bugging. Connect maps if you have to. If you're not using a building, don't put it on the map. That's just taking space you don't want to have.

      There's also other little bugs like the reflection of the player inside and a character that disappears in mid-air for some reason. Work more on the mapping and I'm happy to playtest deeper in the game!

      I'm sorry if I sound mean, I don't want to be. I'm no better than you (considering I've never managed to work on more than a few maps of a game before quitting) so please don't feel hurt. It's your first game, so it's normal. It's just I'm really picky when it comes to graphics XD

      Hope this will lead you to improve your game!
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      Old July 17th, 2018 (12:12 AM).
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        nice idea, good luck
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