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Old August 11th, 2018 (6:50 AM).
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What is an EliminationLocke?
An EliminationLocke is a Nuzlocke variant challenge where a challenger chooses a number of pokemon from 1 - 9 (You can either have a random number generator choose or you can decide for yourself how many pokemon to use) and then uses a Randomizer to choose a team they must complete the game with, while applying the usual rules of a Nuzlocke.

How is an EliminationLocke different from a standard Nuzlocke?
The main difference between a Nuzlocke and an EliminationLocke is that all members of your team must be in your party before the first gym, this means if you're playing on a legit copy of a pokemon game you must trade over eggs and if you're playing on an Emulator you will need to hack in the pokemon between level 1-5.

1. If a pokemon dies it must be released or boxed forever.
2. If you generate a team with NFE's you can choose to evolve the pokemon to it's final form.
3. Just like Rule 2, If you generate a team will Fully evolved pokemon you may choose to use their NFE forms.
4. ALL pokemon must be nicknamed, (usually this is an optional rule but nicknaming your pokemon gives you a bigger bond to them, meaning you treat them with more respect :D)
5. Legendary pokemon are not allowed to be used, (simply because they're too op).

Optional Rules
1. A black out is game over, Regardless if you have spare pokemon generated in your PC.
2. You must change your battle style to SET.
3. You can only use the Pokmon Center a number of times per town. (The number decided by the player).
4. You may not heal while battling and instead can only use Pokmon Centers to heal.
5. Make comics or Fancy updates of your challenge and have fun! (strongly recommended).

Random Number Generator.
Random Pokemon Generator.

End Game Points
R/B/Y/FR/LG = Defeat Elite Four and Champion.
G/S/C/HG/SS = Defeat Elite Four, Lance and collect all 8 Kanto Badges.
R/S/E/OR/AS = Defeat Elite Four and Steven in R/S/OR/AS. Defeat Elite Four and Wallace in E.
D/P/Pt = Defeat Elite Four and Cynthia.
B/W/B2/W2 = Defeat Elite Four, N and Ghetsis in B/W. Defeat Elite Four and Iris in B2/W2.
X/Y = Defeat Elite Four, Diantha and AZ.
S/M = Defeat the Elite Four and Professor Kukui.
US/UM = Defeat the Elite Four and Pokemon Trainer Hau.
Hacks = Determined by player (usually the Champion or Final Boss of the hack)

End Game Points (Optional)
R/B/Y/FR/LG = Rematch the Elite Four and Champion.
G/S/C/HG/SS = Defeat Red on Mt.Silver.
R/S/E/OR/AS = Rematch the Elite Four and Steven in R/S. Defeat Steven in Meteor Falls in E. Complete the Delta Episode in OR/AS.
D/P/Pt = Defeat Rival at Fight Arena in D/P. Defeat Rival at Survival Area in Pt.
B/W/B2/W2 = Rematch the Elite Four and Alder in B/W. Rematch the Elite Four and Iris B2/W2.
X/Y = Rematch the Elite Four and Diantha.
S/M = Complete the Ultra Beast side quest in post-game.
US/UM = Finish the RR side-quest, get to the Battle Tree, and defeat Red/Blue

Sign-Up Sheet
Number of Pokemon:
Team which you generated?:
Any optional rules?:

Name: Strike The Blood
Game: Emerald
Number of Pokemon Chosen: 5
Team which you generated?: Swampert, Corsola, Tropius, Skarmory & Crawdaunt.
Any optional rules?: None.

Why is there no Ultimate option?
The reason there is no option to complete an Ultimate challenge for an EliminationLocke is that I am currently thinking of the best way an Ultimate should be done, Currently you cannot use the same team to complete a EliminationLocke on every Generation of games, unless you generated the team using Generation 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Pokemon, Meaning you cannot Generate a team for Gen 6 and 7 then use them in previous generations. When I think of a better solution I will add an Ultimate challenge.

Single Challengers
Strike The Blood - Emerald -

Single Champions
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Old August 13th, 2018 (9:17 AM).
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Okay, I think I'll give this a try. I generated team with National Dex settings, as I'll be trading eggs from Y.

Name: Zemanahrad
Game: Omega Ruby
Optional rule: SET style
Number of Pokemon: 3
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