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Old March 5th, 2017 (7:51 PM). Edited April 18th, 2017 by galladetitan.
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    Alfheim Online Challenge

    After Argus went bankrupt due to the Sword Art Online incident, it's servers and data were taken by RECT Progress Inc and was used to create the VRMMORPG "Alfheim Online". Now, Alfheim Online is having a tie-in with Pokemon! The Pokemon you chose will be related to your chosen race. Hurry and join the event!

    General rules

    1. Get your race by taking this test:


    Cait Sith:

    -Allowed: Normal, Grass
    1. Cats: at least one Pokemon must be a feline
    2. Ally with Sylph: Allowed to have ONE Pokemon that meets with any of the Sylph conditions (optional)


    -Allowed: Ground, Rock
    1. At least 1 Pokemon must be brown in colour
    2. Mining: At least ONE Pokemon must have Dig or Bulldozer


    -Allowed: Poison, Bug,
    1. At least 1 Pokemon must be purple in colour
    2. Bat wings: If there is a flying type that had bat wings, it must be in the party at all times. (type does not matter)
    3. Dark magic: At least ONE Pokemon must learn a dark type move


    -Allowed: Steel, Fighting
    1. Blacksmith: At least two Pokemon that look like weapons
    2. Tools: ONE Pokemon must learn any Hammer move (e.g. Wood Hammer, Ice Hammer)


    -Allowed: Psychic, Fairy
    1. Music: ONE Pokemon must learn Sing
    2. Gold: At least one Pokemon has to come from the yellow group
    3. Performance containment: When a Pokemon reaches level 30 it has to learn bide and keep the move forever. (optional)


    -Allowed: Fire, Dragon
    1. War with Sylphs: Cannot have any electric types
    2. Red: at least ONE Pokemon must come from the red group
    3. Strongest race: the first Pokemon must be MAXIMUM three levels above the gym leaders/elite 4’s strongest Pokemon (optional)


    -Allowed: Dark, Ghost
    1. Black; at least one Pokemon must be from the black group
    2. Illusion magic: one Pokemon must have “confusion” or any other move that can inflict confusion
    3. Transform: If a zorua or zoroark can be obtained, it must be in the team. (optional)


    -Allowed: Electric, Flying
    1. War with Salamanders: No fire or dragon types
    2. Green and yellow: At least ONE green Pokemon and ONE yellow Pokemon
    3. Ally with Cait Sith: Allowed to have only ONE Pokemon that meets any Cait Sith condition


    -Allowed: Water, Ice
    1. Blue: At least ONE Pokemon that is from the BLUE group
    2. Support magic: At least ONE Pokemon must know a healing move
    3. Underwater combat: At least ONE Pokemon must have “water absorb” ability (e.g. Vaporeon)

    2. At least ONE Pokemon must learn fly, regardless of the Pokemon type.
    3. All Pokemon MUST meet the types allowed in their race (does not apply to rule 2)
    4. ONLY TWO Pokemon are allowed to be imported using cheats or codes (optional), however, all Pokemon must be from within the game itself.
    5. HM slaves are allowed as long as they do not fight
    6. Update (basic requirements)
-Current team
-Number of gym badges
-Game activity
    7. The game ends when the credits roll.

    Sign up sheet

    1. Username:
    2. Player name:
    3. Race:
    4. Game:

    My own sign-up
    1. Username: galladetitan
    2. Player name: Titus
    3. Race: Undine
    4. Game: Platinum


    DyingWillFlareon - Pooka
    BlissyMKW - (tbc)
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    Old March 31st, 2017 (8:23 PM).
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    Username: DyingWillFlareon
    Player Name: Al
    Race: Pooka (sounds freakin adorable tho)
    Game: Polished Crystal(for fairy types)

    *For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night nor of the darkness. So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and sober. -1Thessalonians 5:5-6
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    Old April 1st, 2017 (1:07 PM).
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      1. Username:BlissyMKW
      2. Player name: Ruby (Because I prefer the female character in the game I intend to play)
      3. Race: Spriggan
      4. Game: Sun

      So I'm going to assume I'm freely able to use Rowlet/Litten since they both eventually evolve into things that match the requirement. Not sure which one I'll use, though.
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      Old November 24th, 2018 (8:23 PM). Edited December 1st, 2018 by AkiFromFT.
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        Username: AkiFromFT
        Player name: Sheldon
        Race: IMP
        Game: White 2
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