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    I'm having a rough night so I figured I'd ask you guys what helps you cope with depression. Obviously mental health needs to be addressed at its core, but during the process, what things help you get through your day or night? Bible verses (especially psalms), tv shows (the Simpsons), books (great one because you can completely escape the world), and obviously, Pokemon are some things that help me keep going.


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    Video games.

    Not Pokemon, btw, that doesn't work, that's better for when you want actual entertainment.

    For when I feel depressed or frustrated, I log onto World of Warcraft and beat the crud out of a few hundred orcs, helps get it out of my system.

    It's called "Catharsis".
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    I don't cope with it per se... but I have gone through it due to extremely severe anxiety. So, I know a little about what it's like. Other than taking meds, I usually listen to music or play a video game. It takes my mind of things. I'd say try listening to some music you like. That's something that always helped calm me down before being put on medication. Music is well-known for being very healing to people that are struggling with mental health issues! :3

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    A couple weeks ago I had some really depressive feelings out of nowhere. Whenever I have feelings of anxiety creep up, I journal about it and work through my feelings as best I can. It helps me get my thoughts in order to understand myself and why I'm feeling that way. I couple journaling with prayer, which is also an important component of my mental health. I try to journal as often as I can, even if I'm not feeling badly, and I do my daily prayers. Those two things do a lot to prevent those negative feelings in the first please, for me at least.
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    Hobbies, distractions and, if possible, talking to someone about it who doesn't judge and who gets it. None of those can really solve clinical depression, but if you're just going through a rough patch it's all you need. If it is clinical depression what you really need is treatment but those things can still help keep it at bay.
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    To be honest, not a whole lot.

    The feeling of being clean motivates me to shower, and on the other side of the spectrum, the suicidal feelings I get from being dirty motivate me to be clean.

    The warmth of a cup of tea can motivate me to get out of bed.

    The guilt of not going outside all day can motivate me to at least peek my head out to see the sunset once a day.

    I don't know, honestly. When you're stuck with chronic major depression it really sucks. There isn't much that helps, not even meds have helped me yet.
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