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If you are unfamiliar with who Manning is, she was an American soldier who, haunted by crimes she witnessed during the Iraq and Afghanistan war, leaked classified material to the publishing organization Wikileaks, exposing U.S forces bombing civilian villages- causing the deaths of many women and children, the torture of prisoners, indefinite detainments and neglect of civil rights, open fire on rescue trucks and other horrors.

The U.S retaliated, not at the perpetrators of the illegal activities, but at Chelsea Manning for revealing such information. She was charged with 22 offenses, and faced the death penalty for "aiding the enemy" by revealing what she knew to journalists. She was sentenced to 35 years in jail, until her sentence was commuted by Barack Obama after serving 7 years.

This is Chelsea explaining why she blew the whistle. Also more detail about the killings, human rights violations and other very disturbing actions that had been covered up by the government.

This is a timeline of Chelsea's life in prison by the ACLU. They were deeply concerned with abuse she suffered in jail during this time.

She attempted to commit suicide more than once.

You need to know those facts in order to understand the context of what happened to her a few days ago. She has been arrested again for refusing to testify to a secret grand jury in the case against the publishing outlet Wikileaks. She expressed fear over the lack of transparency of these proceedings and asserts that she has already given up all of the information she knows.

The prosecution of journalist Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is in itself a controversial issue. It potentially violates the United States constitution by bringing criminal charges against a publisher for printing news. It calls into question the first amendment right, freedom of speech.

Assange is a very polarizing figure, but many are concerned that going after him sets a dangerous precedent for the govt to shutdown any news outlet, and that this would ultimately be an attack on freedoms of the press.

Glenn Greenwald breaks down the question here. He does not feel this trial should ever move forward.
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    This honestly feels like it has all the makings of a stunt, Chelsea already has full immunity and never used the fifth amendment in answering any questions, instead using the first, forth, and sixth for some reason. Chelsea likes the spotlight and has been fading ever since a failed Senate run, so again this feels like a stunt.
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