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Old July 13th, 2017 (3:18 AM).
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    My name: Chara(female)
    Rival's name: Frisk
    Badges: 4(Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge, Thunder Badge, Rainbow Badge)

    Papyrus/lvl 43
    Mega Punch/Bite/Mega Kick/Water Pulse

    Route 1: Asriel the Pidgey(deceased on route 11)
    Route 2: Bratty the Rattata(deceased on route 1)
    Route 22: Asgore the Rattata(deceased on route 22)
    Viridian Forest: Weedle(KOed)
    Route 3: Spearow(KOed)
    Mt. Moon: Flowey the Zubat(deceased on route 24)
    Route 4: Catty the Rattata(deceased on route 4)
    Route 24: Kakuna(KOed)
    Route 5: Gaster the Oddish(deceased on route 9)
    route 6: Jerry the Pidgey (deceased on route 11)
    route 11: Mettaton the Ekans(deceased on route 11)
    Route 9: Rattata(KOed)
    Route 10: Spearow(KOed)
    Rock Tunnel: Zubat(KOed)
    Route 8: Pidgey(KOed)
    Game Corner: Temmie the Abra(deceased in Celedon Gym)

    Papyrus(Squirtle-Wartortle)(Route 3)
    Asriel(Pidgey-Pidgeotto)(Mt. Moon)
    GGaster(Oddish-Gloom)(Route 11)
    Papyrus(Wartortle-Blastoise)(Rock Tunnel)
    Temmie(Abra-Kadabra)(Celedon Gym)
    ♥ :3 ♥
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    Old July 13th, 2017 (6:17 AM).
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      My 3rd update:

      The team:
      - Tux (Lucky) Male Level 25 - Prinplup
      - Dudette (Lone) Female Level 25 - Graveler (Evolved on the way to Hearthome City)
      - Plutia (Lone) Female Level 25- Bibarel (Evolved on the way to Eterna City)
      - Voltron (Lone) Genderless Level 25 - Rotom
      - Freddy (Fearful) Male Level 19 - Clefable (Evolved right after getting caught due to holding a moonstone)
      - Vee (Fearful) Male Level 20 - Eevee (Waiting to find a firestone)

      Route 206: Ponyta (KO'ed)
      Route 208: Bibarel (KO'ed)
      Mt. Coronet: Clefairy (Nicknamed Freddy)
      Hatched Egg: Togepi (Nicknamed Omelet, deposited)
      Eevee: Recieved from Bebe in Hearthome (Nicknamed Vee)

      Important events:
      - Reached Hearthome City after catching Rotom in the Chataeu and passing through Cycling Road
      - Challenged Gym Leader Fantina for the badge and used the gym as an opportunity to level up Voltron (Rotom). The hardest part of the battle with Fantina was with Mismagius in which four members of the team aside from Vee and Freddy had to pitch in. Ultimately we were able to prevail and get the Relic badge. With no casualties :)
      - The priority after this is to level up Freddy and get a fire stone for Vee as soon as possible

      Misc. Portion:
      - Joined a coolness contest with Tux because I have yet to try a contest in Gen IV despite playing through Platinum twice. Was able to win somehow.

      - Kirin (Sickly) Level 11 Male - Ponyta
      - Sphinx (Lone) Level 22 Male - Luxio (Also evolved on the way to Eterna City)
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      Old July 14th, 2017 (3:41 AM).
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        Is this an Ultimate challenge?: No
        Game(s): AlphaSapphire
        Apocalypse: Nuclear

        Love the idea, I just arrived at Dewford now. So far, one casualty. Ralts lost her beloved partner, a Surskit. Their survival together was short lived. With Signal Beam as its main attack, Surskit had seemed to be quite the powerhouse. Its low defensive prowess sadly made it no match for Team Aqua's Poochyena. However, just a moment later we encountered a Whismur in battle who impressed my Ralts so much (her Disarming Voice had NO effect, she was baffled) that she was completely over the death of her partner and fell for the new guy. So here we are, still a couple on the team.

        Cisco | Lv. 16 - Lone
        Paige | Lv. 12 - Lucky
        Clarke | Lv. 13 x Murphy | Lv. 12 - Couple
        Octavia | Lv. 12 - Sickly

        At camp:
        Anya | Lv. 8 - Fearful

        In loving memory:
        Finn | Lv. 9 - Partner of Clarke
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        Old July 20th, 2017 (10:31 PM).
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        I'm finally able to post update:

        Story and stuff:
        - Started as girl named Nami (like in tsuNAMI)
        - Got Piplup as started, named him Poseidon, rolled 5 -> Sickly Survivor
        - Did tutorial stuff
        - Route 201 - Bidoof -> caught, named Diana, rolled 5 again -> Sickly Survivor
        - Route 202 - Starly -> caught, named Hemera, rolled 1 -> Lone Wanderer
        - Trained a little and got to the Jubilife City
        - Route 204 - Budew -> caught, named Antheia, rolled 4 -> Lucky Survivor
        - Ravaged Path - Zubat -> caught, named Erebus, rolled 1 -> Lone Wanderer
        - Can't get anything on Route 203 right now, so I only beat Clint, my Rival
        - Got to Oreburgh City
        - Trained a little once again
        - Poseidon evolved
        - Beat Roark
        - Got back to Jubilife and beat Team Plasma Grunts for the first time
        - Hemera evolved on my way to Floaroma Town
        - Got to Floaroma Town
        - Valley Windworks - Shellos -> caught, named Castor, rolled 3 -> Fearful Survivor
        - Did some story stuff
        - Beat Mars
        - Poseidon was poisoned, but I was lucky and he survived
        - Route 205 - Buizel -> caught, named Tritor, rolled 2 -> Survivor Couple, but I can't catch anything else on this Route right now, so Triton is put in the box
        - Got to Eterna Forest and joined Cheryl
        - Eterna Forest - Buneary -> caught, named Hesperus, rolled 4 -> Lucky Survivor
        - Saved in Eterna City


        lvl 18, Sickly
        - Bubble
        - Metal Claw
        - Peck
        - Growl - Sick move

        lvl 17, Lucky
        - Mega Drain
        - Growth
        - Worry Seed
        - Stun Spore

        lvl 18, Fearfull
        - Mud Bomb
        - Hidden Power
        - Harden
        - Water Pulse

        lvl 20, Lone
        - Wing Attack
        - Double Team
        - Quick Attack
        - Endeavor

        In the box:
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        Old August 26th, 2017 (6:58 AM).
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        Oh hey, guess who isn't dead~

        Spoiler: Activity Update

        After 45 days of peace, the tsunami saga returns to cause more chaos

        Route 6
        Alrighty then, so after vegging out and sleeping in the Pokémon Centre for a month and a half like a hobo; it’s finally time to continue on with the adventure. And what better way to start off than to catch a new pokémon.

        Meet ‘Phyllis’ the Taillow. An edgy Lone Wanderer who don’t need no support.
        Never mind. He needed support.

        Route 11
        I comb my way through the trainers, eventually making my way into Vermilion City and rushing into this route because dammit I need a sixth pokémon that won’t instantly get KO’d by a critical hit. What does Arceus bless me with?

        That’s right. A beautiful Pidgeotto. I name her ‘Cleopatra’, and she’s a Fearful Survivor. I’ll take what I can get.

        Diglett’s Cave
        I enter this cave fully expecting to encounter nothing but Digletts. I can just imagine the game doing that to me.

        I honestly did not expect to encounter a Kabutops. I name her Pennell, she turns out to be a Sickly Survivor.

        S.S. Anne
        After a little bit of grinding and the loss of two beloved pokémon (rip Binoche, you were one of the originals…), it’s time to board the battle cruiser. All I can say is that there are so. many. trainers. Everyone and their grandma who can battle are apparently on this cruise. Even my rival is here.
        The battle with my rival goes surprisingly smooth. He didn’t have any good pokémon this time besides an Electrode, and Jackpot takes it out easily (where’s your Rayquaza now, bro?).
        After countless battles, I finally make it to the Captain and receive the HM Cut! With no more trainers to battle in the area, it’s time to take on the third gym.

        Vermilion City
        The battle against Surge is quite painful. I have Steinbruck taking charge of most of the battle as Surge throws out a Quilfish and a friggin’ Registeel. You’d think after a legendary pokémon he’d send out something easy to battle, right? Wrong. He throws out a Gyarados that Thrash’s three times before becoming confused, only to be healed with a Full Heal. I command Steinbruck to Bide at the wrong time, and the God damn overgrown fish face takes him out.
        A moment of silence for Steinbruck. The very first pokémon I caught in this challenge. You shall be forever remembered, sweet prince.
        I send out Aromatica and he avenges his fallen brother with screams of death and pecks of destruction.

        Spoiler: Current Party

        Exyst the Grovyle
        The Lone Wanderer
        Male|Lax|Overgrow|Lv. 24
        Fury Cutter
        Quick Attack

        Aromatica the Altaria
        The Lucky Survivor
        Male|Brave|Natural Cure|Lv. 24|@ Sharp Beak
        Fury Attack

        Jackpot the Shiftry
        The Fearful Survivor
        Male|Timid|Chlorophyll|Lv. 24
        Cut I messed up. Forgot that Fearful Survivor’s couldn’t use TM’s and HM's. *sweating intensifies*
        Nature Power

        Cleopatra the Pidgeotto
        The Fearful Survivor
        Female|Naïve|Keen Eye|Lv. 24
        Quick Attack

        Pennel the Kabutops
        The Sickly Survivor
        Female|Docile|Battle Armour|Lv. 24

        Spoiler: Badges

        Spoiler: Pokémon in PC

        Spoiler: Deaths

        killed by a wild Torkoal
        both killed in a battle against my rival
        killed during a trainer battle
        killed by a wild Dodrio
        killed by a wild Wailord
        killed by Surge’s pos Gyarados

        To be continued...
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        Old August 30th, 2017 (9:24 AM).
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        After more that month, I'm here with another update...

        Story and stuff:
        - Beat Eterna City Gym with only Hemera
        - Met Cynthia
        - Beat Jupiter and got Bicycle
        - Can't get anything on Route 206
        - Castor died
        - Journey through Mt. Coronet
        - Got to Hearthome City
        - Obtained Happiny's Egg
        - Beat Clint
        - Route 209 - Bibarel -> killed
        - Finally got Rod
        - Saved in Solaceon Town
        - Route 210 - Chansey -> caught, named Achelois, rolled 3 -> Fearful Survivor
        - Route 215 - can't catch anything
        - Got into Veilstone City and for another badge
        - Antheia and Hemera evolved
        - Unfortunatly, Lucario was too much and I wiped on him! That is end of my challenge

        That means end of this Challenge. And my thoughts about it? I actually didn't enjoy it that much, because of lack of catchable Pokemon (which is most fun part of Nuzlocke for me). Because of that, I decided to stop my Ultimate run. At least for now.
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        Old November 23rd, 2017 (1:07 AM). Edited November 23rd, 2017 by Disturb Not The Harmony.
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          Is this an Ultimate challenge?: No
          Game(s): Blue
          Apocalypes: Blizzard

          Blizzard in Kanto, before two of the types even exist. This is going to be... fun.

          Only Normal, Ice, and Fighting types may be obtained.
          Starter is an exception.
          Eeveelution is allowed on the grounds that it was a Normal-type when I obtained it.

          The long road's beginning: First Four Badges

          Embarked from Pallet Town with a specially-hardened breed of plant. Supposedly it's half-plant... half-warm-blooded-lizard? Whichever. I'm not a biology expert - Professor Oak is.

          {Subject X the Bulbasaur: Lucky Survivor}

          Viridian looks terrible - the trees are dead, and I think most people have burrowed underground. The colonists at the exploratory base on the surface gave me a package for the Professor and some animal-capturing equipment. I returned it, got tasked with further investigation, and set out. May gave me a map of what Kanto... used to look like. Hopefully it's still got some use.

          Scouting the areas around Viridian, I discovered a lone overgrown rat wandering to the west - it might have been someone's pet, once. I took it with me.

          {Watson the Rattata: Lone Wanderer}

          Had the luck to stumble across another one to the north. I wonder if it was just vermin, or whether Viridian had a pet rat craze, back in the day...

          {Ratslin the Rattata: Lucky Survivor}

          Far north of Viridian, there used to be a scenic laboratory for research into trees and insects. Nowadays, it's just crazed mutant insects. I ran through as fast as I could. The plant leeched energy from cocoons we encountered along the way to heal. You have to do what you have to in these times.

          {No valid catch is possible in Viridian Forest.}

          It's been a while since I updated this log. Got caught by Pewter slavers. Had to fight my way out. Fortunately, this plant proved very useful against those rock-brutes they like to employ.

          Took shelter with the survivors of the Mt. Moon facility. While there, I was asked to take care of a sickly pigeon; just call me Tesla, I guess.

          {Parker the Pidgey: Sickly Survivor; Sand-Attack chosen}

          With the slavers between me and home, I elected to enter the mountain in search of further supplies. Before departing, I contacted Professor Oak via their radio transmitter and informed him of my location and the survival of the Mt. Moon facility; he was pleased to hear that there had been survivors, and was interested to hear that my plant had grown in size and strength.

          Even so, my plant fared poorly against the local rabid bats, but the pigeon helped. Strange glowing rocks embedded in the cavern ceiling and walls lit my way, but only two that I found were large enough to be worth carrying. When I took one to the researchers, they described it as a "Moon Stone" - an object of apparent extraterrestrial origin that had mutagenic effects on certain species of wildlife.

          I encountered several human scavengers within the cave, who were almost all extremely glad to hear of fellow survivors and gratefully accepted guidance towards the entrance. The exceptions all seemed to be part of a group called the 'Rockets' - apparently a rival faction to the League's successors. They were all too eager to mug others for supplies, regardless of whether or not it would be fatal, and I was all too glad to return their violence in kind.

          The pigeon seemed to take to the exercise (and dining on local mushrooms) well, and grew into a plumper and sturdier form... though it still shows signs of sickness. Nothing of importance happened after defeating the Rockets on my way through Mt. Moon - I was attacked by a crazed paleontologist, but he became docile after I subdued him, and even offered to share his finds. I declined, telling him he would be better off reporting on the fossils to the Mt. Moon facility, and left him to dash off.

          To my surprise, in the depths of the mountain, I came across the legendary 'fairy of the mountain' - a plump little thing, which I found crouched in a corner, badly wounded. I patched it up as best I could and took it with me. I suspect the Rockets might have been responsible for its injuries. Rotten thugs...

          {Myth the Clefairy: Sickly Survivor; Growl chosen}

          {Note: there is exactly one Pokemon which is a valid catch in Mt. Moon, namely Clefairy.

          Furthermore, the Fossil was irrelevant, as I don't get to revive it under Blizzard rules.}

          Cerulean, to my surprise, seemed to have a few survivors. The inhabitants of the Gym district told me they had been cut off from the oceanside research facility; the once-sprawling city lacked connections even between its own districts, much less others.

          I found a fearful, frozen sparrow outside the city boundaries; it seemed traumatized and unfit for current conditions. I vowed to give it to a good home if I found a settlement in better shape than Cerulean.

          {Sam the Spearow: Fearful Survivor; will be traded for Farfetch'd}

          When I visited the Gym, which had been converted into a shelter, I found the settlement was led by the highest-ranking survivor - Misty, a former junior officer. After testing my skills in battle, she tasked me with breaking the Rocket blockade of the bridge.

          On my way there, I was attacked by a mysterious stranger; once I had subdued him, I found him to be Professor Oak's grandson! He told me that he had sneaked through the blockade and found the rest of the city populated by roving, starving mobs, with one survivor at the research facility: Bill, famed inventor of the PC matter-to-data storage systems. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to spend much time there before being driven off by attacking Rockets - and, in his paranoia, he had mistaken even a fellow child of Pallet for a marauder.

          Something off his story seemed off, but I let him go. He was May's brother, after all. With strange aloofness, he soon headed off without me... Or without helping break the blockade. I wasn't very impressed. I always thought the Professor spoiled the boy, and he indeed seemed to have a marked lack of character when push came to shove...

          Anyway, I joined the battle efforts and helped break the Rocket defenses. The commander made a direct offer to me, saying someone of my skills was wasted on "rag-ridden savages", but I refused with extreme violence. I wondered why he seemed so confident I would take his offer...

          I rescued two fearful pigeons north of Cerulean; they don't appear battle-ready, but may help repopulate the area whenever... things recover.

          {Terry the Pidgey: Fearful Survivor

          Clarice the Pidgey: Fearful Survivor}

          Making my way through the Rocket-ravaged north, we were able to pacify the survivors and reunite them with the rest of the city. Preoccupied with search-and-rescue of civilians, the Gym members sent me off to check on Bill.

          When I stepped into the facility, I found the heating systems had been long inoperable, and almost all the scientists had frozen to death years ago; Bill was indeed alive, but the Professor's grandson neglected to tell me he had survived by fusing himself with some sort of cold-resistant animal. Once I told him rescuers were on the way, he consented to be separated, and pressed a faded ticket into my hand as I led him and the hapless creature to reunite with the rest of Cerulean. I hadn't the heart to tell him that ships had ceased to be relevant to the world years ago.

          Two bitter weeks later, the united Cerulean had beaten back the Rockets. With my way now clear, I departed in an expedition to attempt to restore communications with Vermillion, Saffron, Celadon, and Lavender. Of the cities, all but Vermillion had been reporting Rocket infiltration before contact ceased.

          On my way out, I was attacked by a Rocket, who bargained for his life with a stolen technical machine on digging procedures once I defeated him. Disgusted, I allowed him to live; he swore he would resign his membership in the Rockets and took off. I have no idea whether he lied or not, but recovering the TM was more important than one Rocket's freedom.

          Saffron was barricaded by Rocket guards, and roads elsewhere were blocked by landslides and dead trees. However, as I retreated from the Rocket barricade, I was accosted by survivors who had been living in the underground passage from Cerulean to Vermillion. In gratitude for informing them of Cerulean's survival and the breaking of the Rocket raiding gangs that had cut them off from civilization, they permitted me to use their tunnel.

          I also rescued a lucky feral cat, for all that it appeared initially hostile to capture. A tin of salvaged tuna did wonders for its mood.

          {Lana the Meowth: Lucky Survivor}

          North of Vermillion, I ran into Vermillion's... security forces. I had to fight off several before I had time to scream that I was in no way affiliated with the Rockets, and had come from Cerulean. A few hours of search, questioning, and examination of my Cascade Badge and Pallet equipment, they finally released me into Vermillion, and agreed to renew contact with Cerulean.

          Vermillion was a strange place: it appeared to be in good shape, but run by the self-proclaimed "Lieutenant" Surge, a crazed war veteran who had locked himself in a barbed-wire-surrounded compound with his most faithful underlings. He claimed his reign defended Vermillion not just from the Rockets, but by "those no-good Reds", a strange and secretive people who lived out of the rusted-red S.S. Anne, a luxury cruise liner that had been frozen in port at the start of the Cold Times.

          Funnily enough, Bill's ticket had been for the S.S. Anne. I wondered...

          Meanwhile, in Vermillion, I came across a straggling pigeon, and was able to give my sparrow to a good home in exchange for a duck. Unfortunately, it was equally fearful. I supposed it could stay with the other fearful birds I had adopted.

          {Mira the Pidgey: Lone Wanderer}
          {DUX the Farfetch'd: Fearful Survivor. I initially rolled 2, but I can't get any other Vermillion encounters! Rolled repeatedly until I got my first non-2, a 3.}

          The former chair of the Pokemon fanclub, a very popular man due to both his genial personality and his fiery stallion, promised me that he would see about taking leadership of the colony if I could resolve the situation with the "Reds". I told him I would see what I could do.

          As I approached the S.S. Anne and glimpsed a frost-covered ticket machine, I told myself it couldn't possibly work...

          It did. The machine worked just well enough to accept that last, faded ticket.

          I was dumbfounded.

          Once I entered the S.S. Anne, I was attacked by the former passengers; fortunately, Misty had helped teach my fairy how to shoot jets of water, which helped subdue them without harming them. They became hopeful upon learning that I was not one of Surge's goons. When questioned, they admitted to coming into conflict with Vermillion on their expeditions from and to the ship, but claimed the fights had mainly been over resources. I managed to negotiate a peace, if they were willing, but I was requested to do two things: find and defeat the "stowaway" who had recently been raiding the ship's supplies, and fetch medicine for the ship's "captain", who had fallen deathly ill.

          I was much less surprised than I should have been to learn the "stowaway" was none other than Professor Oak's grandson. He insisted he was here on Lt. Surge's orders, and was trying to help the settlement. I told him I didn't care, and harming survivors helped no one. He was thrown off, and the former chair retrieved medicine for the captain. The man soon made a complete recovery, and the passengers agreed to share valuable tree-cutting equipment (which had somehow been in the cargo hold) with the settlement as a sign of goodwill. As an interesting bonus, the equipment went right through the barbed wire.

          I really don't want to record the raid on Surge's compound; suffice to say it involved a lot of sorting through garbage cans. Paranoid wretch. He was relieved of command, Vermillion renewed contact with Cerulean, and all was well.

          Well, except that the area east of Vermillion was blocked by wreckage, landslides, and general extremely poor environmental conditions, so that they remained cut off from Lavender; there were even rumors of some kind of monstrosity that roamed the ruins and attacked those who tried to make it through the wreckage. (I found a traumatized sparrow nearby, but I suspect environmental conditions had more to do with it than any "monster".) As the veterans forbid anyone to even attempt the journey at this point, even under the new leadership, I went back to Cerulean to discuss what course of action to pursue next.

          I was hailed as a "hero" and granted use of a "Dreamcycle" snowmobile from Cerulean's stocks. However, when I spoke to Misty, she had no solution to Vermillion's eastern issues; Cerulean was stretched thin enough protecting its own borders and the route to Vermillion to assist in wreckage-removal efforts. However, Cerulean could use the tree-cutting equipment, since the route east of Cerulean had been long choked off by thickly-packed dead trees and a landslide - could I arrange for some of that equipment to reach Cerulean?

          Vermillion was willing to trade Dreamcycles for tree-cutters, so the road to Rock Tunnel reopened. A small group of survivors, the remainder of those trapped by the landslide, was hostile at first, but opened free passage with Cerulean once they confirmed no Rocket involvement. They warned me, however, that Lavender was now a hive of Rocket activity.

          I left the mated pair of sparrows I found outside Rock Tunnel in the care of the geological facility outside the entrance, and took the mated pair of humanoid creatures I found within Rock Tunnel with me. It must be something in the water.

          {Steve & Stephanie the Spearows: Survivor Couple}
          {James & Jessie the Machops: Survivor Couple}

          Lavender Town was atrocious. The reports had been correct: Rockets entirely dominated what remained of the settlement, and the survivors labored away as their slaves. Nothing had been left sacred or untouched. Even the local humanitarian, Mr. Fuji, had been kidnapped and held as a "dissenter". I skirted the edge of the settlement and set off west, seeing what could be done.

          The routes between cities had degenerated into sites of open civil war between Rockets and civilians. I helped pick off Rockets where I could (and rescued an abandoned cat), and in return was allowed use of the underground tunnel.
          {Jack the Meowth: Lone Wanderer}

          They told me Celadon was worse.

          Even the wildlife fled in Celadon, which was saying something. Though it had retained its facilities so well that plants still grew inside the Gym, the "contested areas" were a warzone, with Rockets and League loyalists brawling in the snow-swamped streets. The League loyalists held the south side, and the Rockets the north; though the League had better fortifications, the Rockets had the supplies, and they had been long locked in a stalemate.

          Which was where I came in, of course...

          Skirting the edges of Celadon and heading west, I managed to rescue a girl who had been cut off from her family by a Rocket raid; in gratitude, she gave me an advanced technical machine on the topic of flight. She vouched for me when I came to the League side, and Erika tested me as Misty had. Satisfied with my performance and accepting my testimony and Badges as proof of my anti-Rocket aims, she told me the location of Rocket headquarters: beneath an abandoned casino towards the middle of town. At the same time that League loyalists launched a cross-town offensive, I would sneak in and attack headquarters. It was not a new idea, but both League and Rocket numbers had depleted, and with someone young and fresh like me, it might work now.

          A few days later, I thus found myself in Rocket HQ.

          Their headquarters was crawling with Rockets, but not so much as it might otherwise be. I swiftly mowed through ranks of the weaker Rockets, the stronger ones being out fighting, and obtained access to their elevator system. Downstairs, I assailed the personal guard of their chief and personally fought the man; while he might have been my superior, the sounds of League loyalists storming his weakened base caused him to suddenly find a pressing need to be elsewhere.

          With their headquarters captured, the Rocket presence fell apart. Within the month, they had lost their hold on the northern sector, and Celadon Gym's people gleefully broadcasted the news that the Rockets had been defeated in their stronghold. The brutes still held Saffron and Lavender, but they had gone from terrorizing four cities to two, and Saffron was surrounded on four sides. Erika told me, and Misty confirmed over the radio, that, if Lavender could be liberated, the free cities would launch a coordinated offensive against Saffron.

          Speaking of liberation, the Rockets' captives in the north, both animal and human, had been freed. The cause of the Rockets' activities in Mt. Moon was now obvious: they had quite the supply of the mythical "fairies", so much so that I wondered if the one I had found had been the last one actually left in its natural environment. Though the League took the majority for treatment and shelter in Gym facilties, I was gifted with a seemingly-inseparable pair: one of the fairies, and some fox-like creature that, according to Erika's scientists, had a markedly unstable genetic code. They were not sure whether it was a natural creature or a Rocket experiment, but nonetheless, I gladly took it.

          {Hunter the Eevee and Aria the Clefairy: Survivor Couple

          Got lucky there; hoped for it, didn't expect to get it.}

          I received good news from home as well: vermillion had taken advantage of the tree-cutting machines to open the way to an abandoned underground tunnel which, as it turned out, led back to Pewter. They had re-established contact with Viridian and Pallet, providing them with desperately-needed supplies, and driven out the slavemasters of Pewter. Professor Oak congratulated me on my good works and listened attentively to the reports of my creatures' maturing, including the large, dinosaur-like adult form of my plant, the massive, crested appearance of my pigeon, and the strange new form of my sickly fairy, which had gulped down one of the Moon Stones when I had carelessly neglected my bag, and then... changed. I heard from both my mother and May, and ended the communications with a warm heart.

          The journey had been long and hard, but the outlook for this ice-choked world was, at last, beginning to look a little warmer.

          Current team:

          Subject X (Lucky Survivor)
          L35 Venusaur: Razor Leaf|Poisonpowder|Leech Seed|Tackle

          Parker (Sickly Survivor: cannot use Sand-Attack)
          L36 Pidgeot: Fly|Quick Attack|Whirlwind|Sand-Attack

          Myth (Sickly Survivor: cannot use Growl)
          L26 Clefable: Water Gun|Sing|Minimize|Growl

          Aria (Survivor Couple)
          L14 Clefairy: Pound|Growl|Sing

          Hunter (Survivor Couple)
          L25 Eevee: Tackle|Sand-Attack

          DUX (HM Fearful Survivor)
          L10 Farfetch'd: Cut|Peck|Sand-Attack|Leer
          Completed Challenges: Zodiac Challenge (Red) | Time Warp Challenge (Blue: Jurassic Jam | Stone Age | Egyptian Era | Medieval Era) | Solo Challenge (Blue: Blastoise | Red: Nidoking | Raticate) | Body Type Challenge: Quadrupedal (Blue) | Anime Style Challenge (Gold) | Randomized Nuzlocke (Blue) | Mono-Pokemon Challenge (Red: Gengar x3) | No Move Left Behind Challenge (Red) | Gender Fairness Challenge (Gold) | Champion Challenge Master (Blue | Gold)
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          Old December 14th, 2017 (3:51 AM). Edited December 23rd, 2017 by kingofeds.
          kingofeds kingofeds is offline
          The Ed-olution is here!
            Join Date: Oct 2005
            Nature: Bashful
            Posts: 33
            Username: kingofeds
            Is this an Ultimate challenge?: Sure, why not?
            Game(s): FireRed/HeartGold/Emerald/Platinum/White 2/X/Ultra Sun (FR-W2 Randomized, X/US normal)
            Apocalypses: Nuclear/Blizzard/Heat Wave/Blizzard/Nuclear/Blizzard/Tsunami

            Let's start up some random FireRed and this is what we've got to work with:

            Fred the Kirlia [Male | Lucky]
            Level 5
            Adamant | Trace
            Growl | Confusion | Double Team | Teleport

            EDIT: Boulder Badge Complete!

            Fred the Kirlia [Male | Lucky]
            Level 15
            Adamant | Trace
            Confusion | Growl | Double Team | Teleport

            Shanti the Meditite [Male | Lucky]
            Level 14
            Lonely | Pure Power
            Confusion | Rock Tomb | Bide | Detect

            Annie the Shuppet [Female | Lucky]
            Level 11
            Lax | Insomnia
            Knock Off | Screech

            Other Encounters:
            Route 1 - Didn't Encounter Anything That Fell In The Rules
            Route 22 - KO'd Farfetch'd

            EDIT2: Cascade Badge complete, but not without some bumps in the road...

            Fred the Kirlia [Male | Lucky]
            Level 22
            Adamant | Trace
            Confusion | Calm Mind | Double Team | Teleport

            Annie the Shuppet [Female | Lucky]
            Level 22
            Lax | Insomnia
            Knock Off | Curse | Night Shade | Thief

            Meatspin the Furret [Male | Loner]
            Level 8
            Docile | Run Away
            Scratch | Defense Curl | Quick Attack

            Nikki the Seviper [Female | Sickly]
            Level 21
            Modest | Shed Skin
            Poison Tail | Lick | Bite | Attract

            Doug the Spinarak [Male | Couple 1]
            Level 15
            Sassy | Swarm
            Poison Sting | String Shot | Scary Face | Constrict

            Ava the Pidgey [Female | Couple 2]
            Level 15
            Bold | Keen Eye
            Tackle | Sand-Attack | Gust | Quick Attack

            Sunny the Chansey [Female | Loner]
            Level 8
            Serious | Serene Grace
            Pound | Growl | Tail Whip

            Dead Pokemon:
            Ninyah the Skitty [Female | Sickly]
            Level 14
            Calm | Cute Charm
            Sing | Tackle | Tail Whip | Attract
            Died: Mt. Moon to Pursuit

            Shanti the Meditite [Male | Lucky]
            Level 22
            Lonely | Pure Power
            Confusion | Rock Tomb | Hidden Power (Dragon) | Detect
            Died: Cerulean Gym to Horn Attack (critical hit)

            Other Encounters:
            Route 1 - Didn't find an encounter that fits rules
            Route 22 - KO'd Farfetch'd
            Route 4 - KO'd Espeon
            Route 5 - KO'd Igglybuff
            GENERATION 30: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
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            ChespinXRiolu4Chesolu ChespinXRiolu4Chesolu is offline
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              Posts: 1
              Um, could I maybe re-create this for Pokemon Uranium, please? It's a fan game, and it adds a new type, as well as many Fakemon.
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              Old August 27th, 2018 (4:07 AM).
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                Nature: Bold
                Posts: 200
                It's been a while... It has been a tough road I must say, but I've completed the challenge some time ago.
                At first I wanted to finish the Delta Episode as well, so I continued, but I decided to quit halfway through the episode. Some have leveled up since then so the levels aren't entirely accurate.

                Clarke | Lv. 66 x Folero | Lv. 62 - Couple
                Octavia | Lv. 66 - Sickly
                Harper | Lv. 66 - Fearful
                Intyre | Lv. 62 - Lucky
                Horus | Lv. 66 - Fearful



                I don't think I've ever enjoyed a Nuzlocke this much... Cheers!
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                Old October 15th, 2018 (10:23 PM).
                casperwasper45fan's Avatar
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                  i'm feeling up for the challange is screenshotting my team as proof of me doing thi properly ok? (caue i tend to try and cheat at nuzlocke type of games
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