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    Chapter 1

    Black Jack was driving through the cold mountains. It was so cold that a Dewgong wouldn’t survive there. Even though Black Jack was wearing the same type of clothing he had no trouble getting through.

    Elsewhere in the mountains, a mysterious creature was looking at a monitor showing Black Jack riding his Motorcycle through the snowy mountains. He was certain that he met him before. “Could it be that…?” he thought to himself. “Wasn’t he a Team Rocket member?”

    He decided to set Black Jack a challenge. His blue eyes glowed.

    Outside, Black Jack noticed an avalanche was coming his way. He tried to get out of the way, but it was no good, the avalanche caught up with him.

    The creature thought that Black Jack was history. But to his surprise, Black Jack’s hand popped out!

    Black Jack slowly dug his way out of the huge pile of snow. He also managed to drag his motorcycle out of the snow.

    “Impressive,” thought the creature. “I must set him another test.”

    His eyes glowed blue again.

    Outside, a huge blizzard was coming down on Black Jack. “Now what!” he moaned. He realised that riding his motorbike out of the blizzard won’t help him now. He looked around and found a cave in the nearest mountain, which is quite a distance to him.

    He took his motorcycle and dragged it along with him, cursing the blizzard along the way, using all his strength just to get to that hole, to keep him away from the blizzard.

    “Most impressive,” thought the creature. “He must be the so-called, Black Jack.”

    It took a while for Black Jack to get to the cave. It was dark and damp “**** this weather,” he said to himself as brushed some of the snow and dirt off his jacket. Suddenly, he instinctively sensed someone or something coming. He turned round and prepares himself in case he had to defend himself.

    There was a bright blue glow coming out of the darkness, and then an entire figure comes out. It stood like a human but it had cat-like feet, three fingered paws, a strange-looking body, head and tail. The creature seemed strangely familiar to Black Jack. “Who or what the heck is this guy?” he thought.

    “Having trouble recognising me, Black Jack?” the creature said telepathically.
    “What the…?” Black Jack shouted surprisingly.
    “Let me refresh your memory.”

    The creature threw and fireball at Black Jack. But he managed to dodge out of the way. The fireball exploded when it hit the wall of the cave.

    The creature shot numerous fireballs at Black Jack but it kept on missing him. “****!” Black Jack thought. “Does this guy hate being forgotten or what?”

    Frustrated, the creature decided to use its psychic powers to stop Black Jack from moving. Black Jack became immobile because of that. The creature then raised his paw and powers up another fireball. “I won’t let you leave and tell others about my secret hideout,” the creature telepathically said.

    There was no way Black Jack can move out of the telepathic binding. He shuts he eyes as he prepares for his death. But suddenly, a child’s voice came into Black Jack’s mind, telling him he can’t give he can’t give up like this. Black Jack had no idea where that voice came from. “Whoever this kid is, he’s right!” Black Jack thought. “I’m Black Jack! Black Jack doesn’t give in to anything! Not even to some freak!”

    Black Jack used all of his strength of his mind and body to break out of the creature’s psychic binding. “This cannot be!” thought the creature. “This has never happened before!”

    As Black Jack ran at the creature, it threw a fireball at him. Black Jack dodged out of the fireball’s way. Before the creature could make another move, Black Jack went to punch the creature in the face. But his punch just stopped an inch away from the creature’s face. There was no flinching on the creature’s face, as he knew Black Jack wasn’t going to hit him.

    “It’s been a while… Mewtwo,” Black Jack said nastily. He finally remembered the creature’s name.

    The creature smiled. It was Mewtwo!

    “How true,” he replied. “Even though it has been years since I first met you, I learnt much about you.”
    “Oh?” Black Jack said.
    “I did a little bit of research on you. Ever since you left Team Rocket, you’ve gotten yourself in and out of many dangers such as surviving desserts without any water. You’ve also been travelling around the world defeating trainers who have the potential to become pokemon masters, even pokemon masters themselves without getting a single hit.”
    “They were nothing but a small fry. But why are you so interested in me?”

    Mewtwo gives another smile, but this time is was nastier.

    “Many trainers came to capture me and my fellow clones, but none of them was worthy enough to catch me or live.”

    Black Jack knew what he meant. He slowly took off his sunglasses, showing his emotionless eyes. “I’m not surprised.” He replied.
    “Now that you’re here,” Mewtwo continued. “Did you wish to offer me a challenge?”
    “Did you read my mind again?” Black Jack sarcastically asked.
    “No,” Mewtwo replied, still smiling. “This time, it was my instincts as a pokemon.”

    Mewtwo turned around. “Come, our stage has been set.”

    Mewtwo walked into the darkness of the cave as Black Jack followed riding on his motorcycle.

    More coming! Comments please!
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      Nice!!! what happens next???
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        To Capelex65: Two things: 1. Thanks. 2. Here's your answer...

        Chapter 2

        As Mewtwo and Black Jack walked deeper inside the cave, they saw daylight on the other side. As they both went into it, Black Jack expected that would be freezing, but it wasn’t. It was actually warm weather with the sun shining. The scene was beautiful, with grass and flowers all over the place. On the west side of the place, there was a waterfall. There were also a lot of pokemon living happily and peacefully until they saw Black Jack.

        “Nice place you got here,” Black Jack said.
        “Thank you,” Mewtwo replied.
        “Although this doesn’t look like the ideal place to have a pokemon battle.
        “We’re not going to battle here, Black Jack. I just need some of my friends for our battle.”

        Black Jack spotted three pokemon, and started to notice them. It was obvious to him that they are a Venusaur, a Charizard and a Blastoise, but with a difference between. They had strange markings on parts of their bodies.

        “How about them?” Black Jack asked, ignoring their strange appearance. “They seem tough enough to go against my boys.”

        Mewtwo stopped to take notice of Black Jack’s behaviour. “Never have I met a trainer so extraordinary,” he thought. “Most trainers that I have met were eager to run away from me or capture me. But this one, he doesn’t seem to be bothered to capture anything, not even wanting to become a pokemon champion, a hero, a villain, or anything, but a man who knows what to do best.”

        “Also, I sensed many things inside his mind, heart and soul. He’s a man full of heart, innocence and compassion. On the other hand, he is also full of violence, coldness, and hate. I wonder if…”

        “Hey!” Black Jack interrupted. “I asked if you could battle me with them.”

        Mewtwo stopped his thinking and turned to the pokemon that Black Jack was referring to. “Indeed,” he replied. “I’ll shall use them in battle.”

        “Great,” Black Jack replied. “Looks like it’ll be a three-on-three battle.”
        “Not quite,” Mewtwo replied. “You and I will be the fourth members of each team to battle.”
        “If your first three pokemon get beaten, you’ll have to face the remainder of my team and myself. The same goes for me.”

        Black Jack thought that it would be strange for a human to battle a pokemon. Then again, it would be too strange for him to back out from any challenge. “Done,” he replied.

        Mewtwo raised his arms as he summoned his psychic powers again. This time, the beautiful scenery was turned into a typical pokemon battle stadium. The pokemon still pokemon still remained, but after the transformation they moved away from the field and on to the sidelines.

        “Are you trying to hypnotise me or did you transport us somewhere?” Black Jack asked.
        “Neither,” Mewtwo replied. “I have transformed this place. Now shall we get started?”

        Black Jack and Mewtwo (along with his chosen pokemon) walked to their respective position of the field. Mewtwo started things off by sending Blastoise into battle. Black Jack picked a pokeball from his belt and sent out Feraligatr.

        “Tackle attack!” Mewtwo attack.

        Blastoise got into his shell and started spinning. “Feraligatr!” Black Jack shouted. “Grab it!”

        Feraligatr grabbed Blastoise’s shell to stop the tackling. “Now!” Black Jack shouted. “Seismic Toss!”

        Feraligatr tossed Blastoise away. Blastoise gained his balance as he popped out of his shell and landed on his feet. Both pokemon stood their ground, waiting for the next command and ready to attack.

        “No point in using water attacks,” Black Jack thought. “The only way to beat Blastoise is to use physical attacks.”

        “Hydro Pump,” Mewtwo commanded. A couple of cannons popped out of Blastoise’s shell and it fired out huge sprays of water. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged out of the way.

        “Strange…” Black Jack thought. “Mewtwo should know that Feraligatr’s a water type as well. But why…?”

        “Now, Blastoise!” Mewtwo commanded. “Dynamic Punch!”

        “Shoot!” Black Jack shouted as he noticed what Mewtwo’s tactics were, “Feraligatr! Use Low Kick!”

        Blastoise missed his Dynamic Punch when Feraligatr crouched down and tripped him over. Blastoise fell on his chin, making him slightly dazed. “Now,” Black Jack ordered. “While Blastoise is dazed, smash his face against the floor!”

        Feraligatr picked Blastoise head up, and proceeded to smash Blastoise’s face on the floor. “I think not,” Mewtwo replied. “Blastoise! Counter!”

        Just before Blastoise face reached the floor, he quickly grabbed the back of the head of Feraligatr and slammed his face down.

        Feraligatr quickly picked himself up, holding his hurt face. He and Blastoise again stood their grounds ready to open another attack.

        “Feraligatr!” Black Jack shouted. “Get in for the kill!”
        “Blastoise!” Mewtwo ordered. “Hydro Pump again!”

        While Feraligatr began running at Blastoise, he shot out huge water foams out of his cannons again. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged the attack and grabbed Blastoise around the middle from behind.

        “Now you got him!” Black Jack shouted. “Slam him on his head!”
        “What!?” Mewtwo said in amazement, not knowing what to do in this situation.

        Ferligatr lifted Blastoise from behind while curving his own body like a bridge while slamming on the head. The ground shook quite suddenly that it almost knocked everyone off their feet. Blastoise then lay there unconscious.

        Knowing that Blastoise was defeated he used his psychic powers to call him back. He then sent out Venusaur into battle. “Feraligatr! Return!” Black Jack ordered as he got out Feraligatr’s pokeball. “Nidoking! Go!”

        Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave loud roar as he readies himself for battle.

        “Vine whip,” Mewtwo ordered. Venusaur quickly shot out two vines from his body and laced them around Nidoking’s waist.

        “Look out, Nidoking!” Black Jack ordered. “Use your weight and strength to keep your feet on ground!”

        Nidoking did exactly as he was told, and it became quite tough for Venusaur to lift or pull him.

        “Now!” Black Jack ordered. “Use your strength to throw Venusaur about!”

        Nidoking took grip of Venusaur’s vines and attempted to pull him. But it was no good, as Venusaur was already using his strength and weight to keep his feet on the ground as well.

        Noticing this, Black Jack clenched his fist. “Nidoking!” Black Jack shouted. “Pull Venusaur until you’ll be able to slam him.”

        Nidoking took grip of Venusaur’s vines and began to try to tug against him. Venusaur was doing the same. It was taking quite some time, but Venusaur began to lose it as he slightly started slipping.

        “The stage is set now, Nidoking!” Black Jack shouted as he noticed Venusaur started slipping. “Give everything you’ve got!”

        “I’m afraid not,” Mewtwo replied. “Venusaur! Razor Leaf!”

        Leaves flew out of Venusaur’s back and spun directly at Nidoking. “No! Nidoking will be distracted!” Black Jack thought.

        Sure enough, Nidoking instinctively defended himself against the razor leaf attack taking minor damage, but that lead him into bigger trouble.

        “Vine whip attack!” Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur, still had his vines around Nidoking’s waist, picked him up with ease and threw him yards away until he crushed through the ground.

        Mewtwo and Venusaur thought that he was knocked out. But to their surprise, Nidoking slowly picked himself up and had an angry red aura around him. He slowly turned round to face Venusaur with angry look on his face, suddenly he ran at Venusaur like a madman.

        “Looks like he snapped again,” Black Jack thought.

        “Vine whip!” Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur aimed and sent out two vines at Nidoking but missed twice. Nidoking tackled Venusaur and started pummelling like he was a punching bag. He finished his attack when he Venusaur a Mega Punch to finish him off.

        Realising that Venusaur had been defeated, he used his Psychic powers to call him back and sent out Charizard. Black Jack called his Nidoking back and sent out Tyranitar.

        Tyranitar and Charizard stood their ground as they prepared themselves to attack.

        Mewtwo signalled upwards. Without looking, Charizard knew what Mewtwo wanted him to do. He flew up high in the air, meaning that Black Jack and Tyranitar were now at a disadvantage.

        Charizard breathed in and shot out a flamethrower attack, but Tyranitar dodged out of the way. Charizard threw out another flamethrower, but he missed again and again.

        “Charizard may need some target practice,” Black Jack thought. “But he isn’t losing strength. I got to think of something to beat that thing.”

        “Charizard, Sky Attack,” Mewtwo commanded. A red fiery aura began surrounding Charizard.

        “That’s it,” Black Jack thought. Charizard then dived directly at Tyranitar like a speeding bullet.

        “Grab his arm now!” Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar barely dodged Charizard’s attack and grabbed his arm.

        “Submission!” Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar held Charizard in an arm lock from behind as he sat on top of Charizard’s back while Charizard was lying on his front.

        Black Jack and Tyranitar were then waiting for either Charizard or Mewtwo to submit. Tyranitar was holding that arm lock for a long time, but neither Charizard nor Mewtwo was going to quit. “Charizard,” Mewtwo said. “Gather your strength to overcome Tyranitar’s submission.”

        Charizard suddenly and slowly started standing up, he just found the strength to overwhelm Tyranitar’s submission move. As he stood up, so did Tyranitar but he still held that arm lock.

        “Charizard,” Mewtwo said. “Break yourself out of that arm lock.”

        Charizard gave Tyranitar a back fist punch to break the hold. “Sky attack,” Mewtwo ordered.

        Charizard quickly flew up high and then quickly, like a speeding bullet, dived directly at Tyranitar. “Tyranitar!” Black Jack warned. “Watch it!”

        Tyranitar tried to grab hold of Charizard but got caught was now being shoved until his back hit the cave wall, the impact was so hard that it sounded like two speeding trucks crashing into each other. Plus, it caused some huge rocks to break from the walls and fall onto both battling pokemon!

        Both Mewtwo and Black Jack looked at the big pile of rubble that both Tyranitar has caused. It was a few seconds until Tyranitar broke out of the rubble dragging Charizard by the back skin. Both of them looked batted and bruised, but Charizard was knocked out.

        Tyranitar dropped the unconscious pokemon. Now Mewtwo was the only member left of his team.

        “3-0 to me,” Black Jack said with an evil smile. “Looks like this’ll be over before lunch.”
        “Correction,” Mewtwo replied, also giving an evil smile. “This battle has just begun…”


        More coming! And keep those comments coming thanks!
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          2 things

          1. this is a GOOD STORY 2. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???????
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            Though your writing style isn't the most fluid and skillful I've ever seen, I am intrigued with the story. What happens??????

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              To capalex 65 and DarkMage31: Thanks, people! You'll be surprised what happens next!

              Chapter 3

              Black Jack was now at a 4-Vs-1 advantage as he and his pokemon defeated all three of Mewtwo’s chosen pokemon. Now it was Mewtwo’s turn to face them.

              “Impressive so far,” Mewtwo said. “You must’ve taught you’re pokemon well. But, the tide is about to turn.”
              “Don’t be too sure,” Black Jack replied with a smirk. “You’re strong, but defeating my boys won’t be easy. Go! Feraligatr!”

              Feraligatr popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar.

              “Feraligatr!” Black Jack ordered. “Slash attack!”
              “Foolish man,” Mewtwo thought to himself while smirking. “He suddenly became overconfident.”

              Feraligatr’s slash attack was about to reach Mewtwo, but he raised his arm, using his psychic powers, to stop him in his tracks. “No!” Black Jack thought.

              Mewtwo held him there at close range until Feraligatr spat at him in the face. Mewtwo became blinded for a few seconds. When he can see again, he saw Feraligatr coming at him with another slash attack. Mewtwo countered with a Psychic attack, blowing Feraligatr away and knocking him out.

              Mewtwo sternly looked at Black Jack not liking the underhanded move that Feraligatr pulled. “Feraligatr can be sure tricky, eh?” Black Jack said as he shrugged. “And you sure tricked him there, so that makes us even.”
              “So now that I have defeated your Feraligatr, who else will be my victim?” Mewtwo asked.

              Black Jack picked another pokeball and sent his Nidoking again.

              “Nidoking!” Black Jack ordered. “Mega Punch attack!”

              Nidoking ran at Mewtwo at the speed of a bullet. But as he gave a big punch, Mewtwo dodged the attack. Mewtwo stepped backwards while dodging each of his attacks until his back hit the wall. Nidoking saw this as a chance to finish Mewtwo off for good. He gave one big punch but Mewtwo dodged the attack again, making Nidoking smash the wall instead. Suddenly another pile of rocks fell on top of him.

              Nidoking became buried underneath the rubble. Black Jack looked at it, waiting for Nidoking to come out. Nidoking broke out of the rubble, but he felt that his arm and legs were hurting.

              Black Jack turned to Mewtwo’s direction and saw that he was about to throw another fireball. “Nidoking!” he warned. “Watch out!”

              Nidoking looked at Mewtwo as he threw a fireball at him. He tried to dodge the fireball but it hit him, causing a major explosion. Nidoking went flying until he fell and crashed though the ground. He picked himself again and gave a loud roar, but suddenly he fainted. “Nidoking!” Black Jack cried.

              “Two down,” Mewtwo said. “Do you surrender?”
              “Fat chance,” Black Jack replied as he got Nidoking to return to his pokeball.

              This time Black Jack sent out his Tyranitar. “Tyranitar!” Black Jack commanded. “Tackle attack!”

              Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo. “Fool,” Mewtwo criticised as he threw a fireball at him, causing an explosion upon impact. He expected Tyranitar to be knocked out. But suddenly, Tyranitar came out of the smoke and dust of the explosion and shoulder tackled him.

              Mewtwo was sent flying until his back hit the wall. He felt that his shoulder was injured. He slowly picked himself up. “How can this be?” he asked himself.

              “I guess the dark defences of Tyranitar here seem to be a little bit too much for you,” Black Jack replied. “Don’t ya think?”
              “I’m afraid not. It’s not just psychic attacks that I can use.”

              As the blue aura surrounded Mewtwo, the white clouds became black. “Oh man,” Black Jack thought. “What’s next?”

              Suddenly a huge blizzard that Mewtwo summoned came raining down on everyone. “Not another blizzard!” Black Jack complained as he can’t see a thing. Tyranitar couldn’t see either and was getting hurt by the blizzard. As soon as he tried to see his opponent, a huge light beam came and hit him, causing an explosion upon impact.

              Black Jack heard the explosion. He hoped that that explosion didn’t concern his battle against Mewtwo. But to his disappointment, he was. As the blizzard cleared, his Tyranitar was lying on his front unconscious. He called his Tyranitar back.

              Now it was Black Jack’s turn to battle. Even though Mewtwo has beaten Nidoking, Feraligatr and Tyranitar he was still hurt due to Tyranitar’s attacks.

              “It’s kind of strange when you think about it, Mewtwo,” Black Jack said. “A human fighting against a pokemon to see who’s better.”
              “You’re not the first human who fought against me,” Mewtwo replied.
              “Have you heard of another human named Ash Ketchum?”
              “Yeah… world famous he is.”
              “He was no match for my psychic powers. But when he sacrificed himself to save all the pokemon and the clones that were fighting to the death, Mew and I noticed how special he was.
              “Sacrificed? You mean he was…”
              “Correct. But he was saved by the pokemon’s tears.”

              Black Jack had a surprised look on his face. “A kid sacrificing himself to save the pokemon?” Black Jack thought. “This Ash Ketchum is sure a gutsy kid.”

              “So now let’s see if you’re not as weak as the other humans I’ve faced,” Mewtwo demanded.

              Black Jack looked at Mewtwo and gave an evil smile with an evil s******.


              More coming! And please, keep those comments coming in!

              I noticed that this chapter may have been rushed, but I've been a bit busy recently so don't say anything harsh... please...
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                Chapter 4

                At that moment, it was now a one-on-one fight; it was now Black Jack versus Mewtwo. At first, Black Jack’s pokemon defeated Mewtwo’s clones and had a four-on-one advantage, but Mewtwo retaliated and defeated all three of Black Jack’s pokemon.

                Black gave a small s****** and then ran at Mewtwo, but he summoned up his psychic powers again and threw him into the wall of the cave. Black Jack fell to the ground and another pile of rocks fell on top of him.

                Mewtwo stopped his psychic powers as he waited to see if Black Jack could break out of that rubble. As expected, Black Jack broke out. He looked battered and bruised, and unlike Tyranitar he was bloodied as well.

                “As I thought,” Mewtwo said.
                “Did you really think that some rocks would take me down?” Black Jack snarled.

                As Mewtwo raised his arm to summon up his psychic powers, Black Jack started running at him. Mewtwo’s blue aura surrounded him. To his surprise, a mixed dark and light aura surrounded Black Jack.

                “What?” Mewtwo said in shock. Black Jack didn’t take notice of his aura as he ran faster and faster until he was able pummel him like a punching bag. The last punch knocked Mewtwo down.

                Mewtwo was down, but he quickly picked himself and was still seeing the aura around Black Jack. He suddenly sensed something inside him, he looked into his mind and saw shadows of a small child and three rare pokemon, and one of the pokemon was familiar to him. “Could that be Mew…?” Mewtwo thought with bewilderment.

                While Mewtwo was distracted, Black Jack ran at him, unaware of his distraction, and gave him a shoulder tackle. This time Mewtwo was sent flying to the cave wall. As soon as he fell and crashed through the ground, another set of big rocks fell. This time it was on him. Mewtwo used his psychic powers again to break out of this predicament.

                “You do have something about you,” Mewtwo said. “We have no time for games.”
                “You couldn’t be anymore right,” Black Jack replied, not knowing what Mewtwo was actually referring to. “Now let’s see who’s stronger out of both of us.”

                Mewtwo, the one-time self-proclaimed strongest pokemon in the world. Years ago, his first look of the outside world was horrendous to him. His first view of life was when he was stuck in a tube and was surrounded by scientists. When he was told that he was an experiment, he wouldn’t take it. After he destroyed the laboratory, Giovanni convinced him into working ‘with’ him. Mewtwo soon gained full control of his psychic powers, his psychic powers are more powerful than any psychic pokemon. After working for Team Rocket for so long, he soon discovered that Giovanni was only using him as a slave. Mewtwo’s anger got out of control again and destroyed the whole Team Rocket base. He kept on wondering on what his destiny was. He soon felt that his destiny was to conquer the entire planet and sets out on his own tasks. In time he discovered a young trainer named Ash Ketcum and challenged him. Even though Mewtwo defeated him, his plans were being held by Ash and Mew’s interference. As two of the most powerful pokemon on earth were about to finish each other off in one final blast, Ash sacrificed himself to stop them. After the tears of the pokemon and their clones that were involved in battle have revived Ash, Mewtwo saw the error of his ways and dedicated his life to protect the clones he created from the outside world.

                Black Jack, the man on his winning streak and also earned the reputation as the toughest trainer in history. Back then, he wasn’t known as Black Jack; he’s real name was Jack Hummingburg. When he was at young age, both of his parents died of murder. His twin brother, John, made him promise not to find the murderer. When he started on his pokemon journey, he did the things that a normal trainer would, capture pokemon, win badges, learning, the usual things. The one thing that he did everyday is that he’d call his brother to check up on things. That was until Jack was forced into working for Giovanni. Jack became from a kind and gentle trainer to a cold-bloodied and cold-hearted trainer known as Black Jack. Deep inside, he felt too ashamed to call his brother anymore. He, too, worked for Team Rocket for a very long time but also discovered Ash Ketcum. After learning much about Ash for so long he couldn’t take anymore of Team Rocket. Like Mewtwo, he destroyed another Team Rocket base. Now he travels around the world, looking for challenges. He has been challenging trainers and won. He has got himself into the dangers of the outside world and out. In his own words, he would say to you that he has been “drinking beer and smashing heads”.

                And at that moment, they’re facing each other one-on-one, human versus pokemon. This battle wasn’t about greed. It wasn’t about personal matters. This battle was a test of who was stronger out of the both of them.

                Mewtwo threw a fireball at Black Jack, but missed as he dodged and ran at him. Mewtwo was about throw another fireball but Black Jack quickly grabbed his head and smashed against the wall.

                Black Jack backed away to let Mewtwo pick himself up, ready to strike. As Mewtwo stood up, Black Jack ran at him but Mewtwo sensed that coming at quickly turned round while giving a backfist punch to him.

                That punch made Black Jack turn around while he staggered. Mewtwo took this as the time charge up his powers and tackle Black Jack, sending him flying until he fell and crushed through the ground.

                Black Jack picked himself, momentarily dazed with an angry look on his face. As he turned round, Mewtwo used his powers to hold Black Jack where he was standing. He struggled to lift him up, but Black Jack remained where he was. He also struggled to stay where he was.

                “That aura,” Mewtwo thought to himself as he struggled to lift Black Jack up. “Something tells me that he has great power within him, but he doesn’t seem to notice it. I’m certain that he’s not even aware of it.”

                “I’m losing it…” Black Jack thought as he struggled against Mewtwo’s grip. Suddenly, a child’s voice appeared in his mind again.
                “You can’t give up!” said the voice.
                Black Jack’s face of strain turned to a face of shock. “What the?”
                “After everything you’ve been through, you can’t give up like this! You still have loved ones that are always behind you!”
                “I don’t know about that… but you’re right about the ‘not giving up’ part… I have a **** good reason why I shouldn’t give in… I’m Black Jack!”

                Black Jack suddenly broke out of Mewtwo’s bindings using his strength. “That power again!” Mewtwo thought as his eyes widened.

                Black Jack ran at Mewtwo and tackled his body, knocking him down. “This is what I taught my Nidoking!” snarled Black Jack as he started pummelling his face like a punching bag. Black Jack lifted his hand to give him one more punch but missed as Mewtwo slightly moved his head to the right and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him off.

                Black Jack and Mewtwo quickly stood up, despite the aches and pains in their bodies.

                Black Jack looked down, wondering where that kid’s voice came from. Was he hearing things? Was he going crazy? Was he being watched? At that moment, it didn’t matter. He had a battle to fight. He looked up and looked at Mewtwo with determination and ran at him to continue battling.

                As he ran, Mewtwo shot a psychic blast at him but missed as Black Jack stepped sideways and continued running and gave a kick to Mewtwo’s face, knocking him. “Good thing I learned a thing or two from Blaziken,” Black Jack thought.

                Mewtwo quickly picked himself up and caught Black Jack running at him to attack. Mewtwo quickly and instinctively grabbed Black Jack’s arm, floored him and held his arm in an arm lock. He then used his psychic powers to increase his strength to hurt Black Jack more.

                Mewtwo held Black Jack in that hold for a long time until Black Jack found the strength to lift himself up slowly and then by elbowed Mewtwo’s face to make him break the hold.

                Black Jack walked back a couple of steps away from Mewtwo and then stared at him while giving a nasty smile. They then continued to battle.

                Black Jack started to run at Mewtwo again to attack. Mewtwo countered that with another one of fireballs and tossed it directly at him, exploding on impact. Mewtwo thought that he was done. But to his surprise, Black Jack ran through the smoke and punched him in the gut.

                Mewtwo spat out some blood out of his mouth as he felt the pain. After the punch, Mewtwo staggered backwards holding his gut and coughing out blood. Black Jack did the same, only he held his right arm as he used it not only to defend himself against Mewtwo’s attack but he also used it to hit Mewtwo with it.

                Mewtwo’s aura glowed around as he threw another fireball at Black Jack, causing another explosive impact and knocking him down before he collapsed.

                As they stayed down to take a breather, Mewtwo looked back in his days when he and the clones were in battle against Mew and the others. Black Jack looked back in his days when he got into many dangers and out. They were looking back so much that they felt that this could their last battle.

                Not willing to quit, both of them stood up. They were both spent, barely able to stand and barely able to breath. Black Jack, with the last energy with his body, ran at Mewtwo to give him possibly his last punch. Mewtwo gathered the last of his energies, to counter whatever Black Jack’s attack might be.

                Black Jack gave Mewtwo a hook on the side of his face. But at the same time, Mewtwo gave Black Jack a punch of his own.

                Both of them staggered backwards and at the same time fell to the floor, unconscious. At that moment, the aura that surrounded Black Jack slowly disappeared. A pikachu and the other clones came to their aid. Blaziken, Salamence and Metagross popped out of Black Jack’s pokeballs, knowing what happened.

                “Blazi…” Blaziken said as he looked at both Black Jack and Mewtwo with shock. Which meant, “****…”
                Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
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                Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                Now completed!

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                  this story is really interisting plz continue writing so i can give you more comments on your story
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                    To Capalex65: There's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that this is the last chapter of this episode. The good news is that a whole new episode is coming up and it's coming on a different thread.

                    Chapter 5

                    A few hours later, Mewtwo woke up from his unconsciousness. He quickly sat up to find the battered and bruised Black Jack and all of the pokemon sitting around a campfire in the beautiful scenery of flowers, grass and trees. “Well, there’s no point shouting ‘wakey wakey’ now, eh?” Black Jack said.

                    “What happened?” Mewtwo asked.
                    “I hate to admit it,” Black Jack replied. “But I get the feeling that we were both knocked out.”

                    Mewtwo looked down in disappointment.

                    “Me…” he thought. “Being beaten by a human. How can I call myself the most powerful pokemon in the world now? But wait… I did sense that there was something about him before and during the battle…”

                    “Snap out of it, Mewtwo,” Black Jack interrupted as he instinctively knew what Mewtwo was thinking. “Neither of us has won and neither of us has lost. I guess we can leave it until next time.”
                    “…I agree,” Mewtwo replied. “By the way, why did you leave Team Rocket?”
                    “That punk, Giovanni,” Black Jack said in an annoyed tone, he hates it when people he or other people (or pokemon) had to mention that name. “He sees pokemon as a bunch of tools, and I wasn’t having that.”

                    Mewtwo’s eyes glowed for a brief moment. That name just makes his blood boil.

                    Black Jack soon changed the subject and he and Mewtwo got into other conversations, like where did Mewtwo’s clones came from, had bad life can get, how Black Jack got into life threatening situations and out, etc.

                    Suddenly, an explosion can be heard from the other side of the cave. Black Jack ordered all his pokemon to protect Mewtwo’s, while he and Mewtwo left to investigate.

                    (Author’s note: The pokemon speaks for this part, so I’m going to do some translation.)

                    “Huh!” Nidoking moaned. “How come he gets to have fun?”
                    “You already had your turn battling,” Blaziken replied. “You need to rest.”
                    “But I’m feeling fine!”
                    “Same here!” Feraligatr continued. He suddenly felt the pain in his back. “Ouch…”
                    “Somebody’s got to go with Jack,” Blaziken said. “He’s bound to get into trouble without us and he’s not one hundred percent healed yet.”
                    “I’ll check them out,” Salamence said volunteering. But Metagross got in his way.
                    “No you won’t, my friend,” he replied, getting in his way. “I’ll go. You always have trouble with not just against icy attacks, but weathers too.”
                    “True…” Salamence admittedly thought to himself.
                    “I’ll come with you,” Tyranitar said.
                    “You’re injured too. So stay here, Tyranitar.” Metagross said. “But if we don’t get back in five minutes, come get us.”
                    “I’ll stay here to guard the others,” Blaziken said, suspecting that Nidoking and Feraligatr would do something stupid like getting themselves hurt again.

                    Metagross walked to the cave leaving the others to heal themselves and protect Mewtwo’s clones.

                    (Author’s note: Translation ended.)

                    Black Jack and the weakened Mewtwo ran outside to see what was happening outside. They saw a lot people in black warm clothing holding guns, struggling through the mountain snow.

                    “Who are those people?” Mewtwo asked. “Do you know them?”
                    “They don’t look like Team Rocket grunts,” Black Jack replied. “They must be from somewhere else.”
                    “Whoever they are, it’s clear that they’re trying to get to me.”
                    “No kidding.”

                    Black Jack picked up some snow and made a snowball out of it.

                    “What are you trying to do with that?” Mewtwo asked.
                    “Just having a little fun,” Black Jack replied.

                    With an evil smile, Black Jack bowled the snowball down the mountain. As the snowball rolled, it got bigger and faster. Soon it became as big as a Snorlax and it knocked down most of the grunts.

                    “I never saw that coming,” Mewtwo said as he clapped his paws, appreciating Black Jack’s smarts. “I’m impressed.”
                    “Why are you so impressed?” Black Jack asked in a down tone. “I didn’t get a strike.”

                    The grunts started to pick themselves up and made their way up to capture Mewtwo. “Look at that! Heh!” Black Jack said with a sadistic smile. “They don’t want to be next to Magikarps on the weaklings chart, do they!”

                    Mewtwo and Black Jack had no choice but to defend themselves against them. Mewtwo, even in his weakened state, used his psychic powers to fend off the grunts, while Black Jack uses wipes them out with his bare hands.

                    Mewtwo and Black Jack showed a great deal of teamwork between them. At one point, Mewtwo was about to get stabbed in the back by one of the grunts. But luckily for him, Black Jack threw a snowball at the grunt’s face and then punched him in the face.

                    Meanwhile, far away, in a base, a man with blond, fluffy shoulder length hair in a grey tuxedo was watching in a dark room watching a visual monitor. “What!” he thought to himself in shock. “Who’s that man?”

                    Back at the mountain, Mewtwo and Black Jack finished off most of the grunts. The other grunts ran away. “Looks like they’ve found another useful thing to do besides getting beaten by us,” Black Jack said. Mewtwo smirked at that remark.

                    But to their surprise, a huge stomp can be heard. The stomp was so loud that it caused quite a short earthquake. Black Jack and Mewtwo looked at the mountain behind them, hoping that it didn’t cause an avalanche. To their relief, it didn’t. They turned their attention to the sound’s direction. It turned out that a huge robot was coming their way. It was twice the size of a Snorlax. It had a two-sectioned body part, top and bottom, huge arms, legs and head. It had missiles on his shoulders and chain guns on his wrists.

                    “Only one of them?” Black Jack asked in a disappointed tone. “I can’t believe that they would stoop that low!”

                    Mewtwo gave Black Jack a surprised look, sensing that he was going fight this robot. “A human facing a gigantic attacking robot?” he thought to himself. “This is no ordinary human!”

                    Soon, Metagross came running out of the cave and saw Black Jack and Mewtwo about the face the huge robot.

                    The robot raised its arms and started shooting everywhere like wildfire. Mewtwo instantly raised his arms to create a shield around Black Jack and himself. They soon spotted Metagross running down to them dodging each and every bullet.

                    “Meta gross gross!” Metagross said, which meant, “let me take care of that thing!”

                    Understanding what Metagross wanted to do, Black Jack shrugged and smiled as he replied, “Suit yourself.”

                    Metagross quickly ran at the robot, dodging bullets and gave it a mighty punch, creating a huge damaged hole in the robot’s armour and circuits inside it. It kept on crushing the robot continuously while climbing until the reached the robot’s head, smashing it also. After the head was smashed, a massive explosion occurred from the robot.

                    Mewtwo still held the shield while bits and pieces of the robot were flying about. Black Jack noticed Metagross being blown away with an injured look on its face. Black Jack ran to catch Metagross.

                    Black Jack successfully caught it. “Are you okay, bud?” Black Jack asked. Metagross nodded in response. Suddenly, a voice was heard. “Tyranitar!”

                    It was Tyranitar and the others, coming out after five minutes have elapsed, just like Metagross said.

                    As they went back into the cave, everyone rejoiced that Mewtwo, Black Jack and Metagross were safe.

                    “No point in celebrating forever,” Black Jack said in a down tone. “We have to split up or else those goons will turn up again.”
                    Mewtwo smiled slightly at Black Jack. “It has been a real honour battling with you, Black Jack,” he said. “Even though we must part ways, we shall meet again.”
                    “So be it,” Black Jack replied as they shook hand / paw.

                    Soon, everyone waved their goodbyes, hoping that they will see each other again someday.

                    Back at the base, the man in a suit switched off the monitor. “Hmm…” the man murmured. “Black Jack, eh?”

                    Next Episode: Black Jack joins the Hoenn League Tournament to smash some heads. Ash and co. fans wouldn't want to miss this episode!

                    Click here for episode 5: A whole new level
                    Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
                    Now a completed fic!

                    Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
                    Now completed!

                    I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request

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