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Alright boys we all know this gen is the best, but why is it?
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Surely!! I think this gen have all qualities from the first with new features and more harder fight. In the olg gen, after fighting the league, the game is over.
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I know I might start a nuclear war by saying this...but generation 2, in my opinion, is the worst generation of pokemon.

1. Baby pokemon serve little use and are just weak and unbreedable.
2. You can't ignore annoying pokegear calls.
3. There is little story and rocket does nothing big except look for Giovanni. (We don't even get to see him!)
4. This is more of a hardware issue, but eventually the GSC batteries start dying after some years.
5.Making pokeballs from apricorns is a tedious and long task. (and many of them are glitched)
6. Only 100 pokemon were introduced, many being baby pokemon.
7. The leveling pace is awful. You face lance with early early 40's pokemon and then after when you're in kanto you face people with level 50+ pokemon.
8. Kanto by itself is pretty barren and stripped of a lot of things. (No safari zone...)
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I loved GSC - easily my favorite generation and my most played and re-played out of any pokemon game.
So many cool features were introduced on top of the awesome foundation that RBY built, such as: Day and night, days of the week, breeding, continuation of story after E4 and back into Kanto.

All-in-all, definitely has a soft spot for me.

Originally Posted by Radiating View Post
6. Only 100 pokemon were introduced, many being baby pokemon.
100 isn't outrageously low compared to other generations or anything:
  • Gen III - 135
  • Gen IV - 107
  • Gen V - 156
  • Gen VI - 72
  • Gen VII - 81

The phone calls was super annoying though, agreed.

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The world in Johto seems mysterious, full of legends and strange things, since the begining, when you enter Sprout Tower for example and it has a dancing pillar. Then you have Celebi's shrine in Ilex Forest, then the towers of Ecruteak. The humans build places where legendary Pokémon live. This is amazing.

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