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Chapter 27
Jaws Lock

It was past sunset when Grimsley and Nanu made it back to Ula’Ula Island. While several Pokémon were roaming in the grasses, there were no Team Skull grunts as the men made their way through Ula’Ula Meadows and Route 17. Grimsley remembered Lillie and Selene mentioning they had met them at Aether Paradise. He wondered why all of Team Skull would be at that place and not return yet. Perhaps some of them went to find Guzma who had disappeared with Lusamine.

When he and Nanu stepped inside Po Town’s police station, they were greeted by the sight of Acerola playing with several of the Meowth. She waved a toy with a bell and feathers at them, and they jumped unsuccessfully to grab it. Acerola stopped once she noticed the men and beamed at them.

“Oh, hey you two! How was the trip?”

“It went fine for the most part,” Grimsley said as he sat down on a chair. Nanu went to sit next to his desk. “I believe you know Hapu?”

“Hapu? Oh, the girl with the Mudsdale! I met her a couple times in Malie City. Heard she’s the granddaughter of Poni Island’s last kahuna.”

“She is. Just recently Tapu Fini appointed her as the kahuna there.”

Acerola’s grin widened. “Really? That’s great news!”

“It’s true,” Nanu said, leaning back against his seat. “I witnessed her going against Tapu Fini and everything.”

“Did she really do that?” Acerola’s face fell and she giggled. “Wished I could’ve seen that.”

Grimsley swallowed and his hands grew tense. A part of him wondered how Acerola would react if she were stuck inside Tapu Fini’s mist and met her late parents. It probably would be a bittersweet reunion like with his father.

“You’d probably enjoyed it,” Nanu said. “She has a pretty strong Golurk.”

“Wow, really? I need to visit Poni Island soon!” Acerola paused for a second, and she beamed. “Oh yeah, Uncle Nanu! Iokua just called. He asked if we would like to join him for lunch tomorrow?”

“Hm?” Nanu straightened himself up and blinked. He seemed to contemplate for a moment. “Not thrilled about that after coming back from Poni Island, but I’m willing to go to Malie City tomorrow. I’ll give him a call in a bit.”

When everyone went silent for a moment, Grimsley realized that he didn’t mention to Nanu yet that he was able to use both Never Ending Nightmare and Savage Spin Out. He better do that now so he wouldn’t forget.

“Say Nanu, do you recall saying that you would battle me if I can do Never Ending Nightmare and Savage Spin Out?”

“Yeah. What about it?” Nanu asked with a raised brow.

“Well, I’m able to use those two Z-Moves now. You’re not backing out, are you?”

Nanu glared at him, his fingers tapping on the surface of his desk. “I actually haven’t seen you do them yet. You could be lying for all I know.”

Grimsley offered him a deepened frown. “So you don’t trust me, huh?”

“Well, you’re a gambler after all, and I’ve dealt with a lot of those.” The kahuna sighed and rose from his chair. “After I come back from seeing Iokua, I want you to show me one of the Z-Moves. Got that?”

Not pleased with that, Grimsley pressed his lips and crossed his arms. After some consideration, he sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“I guess it’s only fair. All right, I can do that.”

“I take it you’ll be training in the meantime?” Acerola asked.

“That’s not a bad idea, actually.” A small smirk curled around Grimsley’s lips. “I can prepare in anticipation of the battle.”

“You can train at the beach next to the Aether House! Hunter and Gracie would love to see you again!”

“I’ll go over there to train, then.” Grimsley was a little disappointed his battle with Nanu would be delayed a little longer, but he should be able to show him one of the Z-Moves easy enough. It shouldn’t be too long now.


After leaving the police station the next morning, Grimsley had Blackjack take him through Route 16 and to the Aether House. The waves were calmer than the last time they went through here, though Grimsley would still wince whenever water splashed on his face. Only a couple swimmers and some water Pokémon were out at the moment.

Once he and Blackjack reached the shore, Grimsley thanked his Pokémon and returned him back to his pokéball. He flinched when a bird’s shriek was heard, so Grimsley turned around to see Kukui and Kahili were having a Pokémon battle. One was an Altaria and the other was a Ninetales but with curly tails and blue fur instead of white. The two children Hunter and Gracie cheered from the sidelines. Both trainers yelled out their commands.

“Go ahead and hit hard with Steel Wings, Ally!”

“Counter with an Ice Beam, Diva, woo!”

Ally’s wings glowed and she swooped down towards her opponent. Diva took a stance and all of her nine tails stood up as she fired ice energy from her mouth. Before Ally could reach her, the Ice Beam hit her chest and she screeched in pain, but she was able to recover quickly.

Both Kahili and Kukui ordered their Pokémon to use Moonblast next. Ally and Diva released large pink balls of energy at each other, which collided with one another and created an explosion. Hunter and Gracie continued cheering while Grimsley crossed his arms and watched with a stern face.

“I see that you haven’t been slacking on your training,” Kukui said with a grin.

“Of course not if I don’t want to fall behind. However, we’re not done yet.” Kahili gazed up at Ally and a confident smile formed on her lips. “Are you ready to Mega Evolve?”

Grimsley’s eyes grew wide and a lump formed inside his throat. He didn’t notice until now that there was a pastel colored keystone attached to Kahili’s visor. When she touched the keystone there, Ally glowed and her body began changing shape. Eventually Ally’s Mega Evolution was complete and Grimsley couldn’t tear his gaze away at her. The Altaria’s face remained the same, but her blue belly was exposed and more cotton-like fluff on her neck and back. Her feathers shimmered like a rainbow in an afternoon. Kukui and the children also looked on in amazement.

“Woah, Kahili’s Altaria changed!” Gracie said, pointing at her.

“That’s Mega Evolution,” Kukui said, his grin widening. “It causes Pokémon to change form and become much stronger, yeah!”

“And you get to see it in action,” Kahili said to the children. She faced back up at Ally and whistled.

Her Altaria responded quickly by accelerating down in the blink of an eye and ramming into Diva. Diva fell hard on the ground, but she picked herself up quickly and shook the sand off her fur. Both Pokémon stared at each other while panting.

“Looks like our Pokémon are at their limits now.” Kukui held out his wrist, showing off his Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal attached to it. “Why don’t we end this with a bang?”

After his Pokémon offered an approved bark, Kukui began posing while Diva did a stance. He put his arms together, pulled them above his head, and made a swirling gesture. Diva howled, and a cold breeze swept through the air, causing Grimsley to grit his teeth and tug at his scarf.

“Ally, Protect now!” Kahili called out urgently, clenching her fist.

At that instant the Ninetales stood atop a large ice pillar and blasted a beam of ice straight at her opponent. Ally managed to form a green energy shield around her before the blast hit her, and more pillars of ice popped up. Within seconds all of the ice disappeared, small flakes glittering in the air. Ally was breathing hard and had some bruises on her neck and stomach, but otherwise was still standing.

“Thank goodness,” Kahili said with a sigh of relief. Her facial expression changed back to her looking more focused. “All right, let’s end this with a Flamethrower!”

Upon that command, Ally opened her mouth to release a stream of flames at Diva. Kukui urged her to watch out, which she did by moving away as fast as she could. Diva was able to dodge several of Ally’s attempts, but she got struck by one of the flames which engulfed her for several seconds. As soon as the flames disappeared, Diva collapsed on the ground and didn’t get up. Kukui rushed to his Pokémon’s side.

“You okay there, Diva?” he asked as he kneeled down and petted her. A few seconds passed until Diva opened her eyes and licked Kukui’s cheek, causing him to chuckle. “You did great out there. Take some rest, yeah?” he said and returned her.

“That was a great battle there.” Kahili approached Kukui with Ally, back to her normal form, behind her. Kukui stood back up, grinning.

“Same here, cousin!” he said, and they shook hands.

“I can’t wait to be a strong trainer like you guys!” Hunter said and beamed. Behind him, Gracie hummed in agreement.

A small smile formed on Grimsley’s lips. He had one hand on his side and said, “Indeed that was a fun match to watch.”

Both Kukui and Kahili gasped and turned around to see Grimsley. They gave him welcome smiles.

“Oh, Alola there Grimsley!” Kukui greeted him. “Kahili and I are preparing for the upcoming Pokémon League tournament.”

“That makes sense,” Grimsley said with a nod. He faced Kahili and Ally. “I’m surprised that you know how to use Mega Evolution.”

“I’ve been doing it for a couple years or so now.” Kahili stroked Ally’s cheek, who cooed and leaned against her palm. She chuckled and returned her back inside her pokéball. “TheGym Leader Winona taught me Mega Evolution while I was visiting Hoenn.”

“Winona, hm? I’ve heard about her from my friend Sidney, one of Hoenn’s Elite Four.” Grimsley didn’t know too much about her, just that she was the current gym leader of Fortree City, loved flying, and was on the quiet side.

“Speaking of her, is she planning to come see you compete in the Pokémon League?” Kukui asked.

“She just got back to me last night saying that she will and is very excited.”

Kahili turned her head for a second, a slight blush forming on her cheeks. When Grimsley noticed that, he blinked and wondered if there was something going on between the two. He thought back to Kahili’s battle with Kukui and an idea occurred to him.

“Kahili, you can do both Z-Moves and Mega Evolution, right? Have you ever attempted to do both at the same time?”

Kahili stared at Grimsley blankly, and she shook her head. “I tried that a few times, but I’ve been unsuccessful.”

“Z-Moves and Mega Evolution requires a lot of energy from the trainer and their Pokémon,” Kukui said. “Trying to both simultaneously won’t be easy.”

Grimsley frowned, slightly disappointed in hearing that. There was another topic he wanted to discuss with him.

"Have you heard about how Selene, Hau, and Lillie were at Aether Paradise a few days ago?"

Both Kukui and Kahili exchanged grimaced looks at each other. The professor sighed and had one hand rub the back of his neck.

"Magnolia had called me over that. I was about to go there myself, but she reassured me that Wicke is watching over them."

"I can confirm that's the case. I recently met with Lillie, Selene, and Wicke over at Poni Island."

“Oh, you met Lillie and Selene?” Gracie asked. “How are they?”

“They’re doing fine and are now finding a way to rescue President Lusamine from somewhere else.” Grimsley didn’t think it was necessary for the children to know the full details of Lillie and Selene’s grand plan.

"Kukui and I were talking about that earlier today," Kahili said. "If I had known, I would've gone to Aether Paradise myself."

Grimsley bit his lower lip. He couldn’t help but shake this feeling that something big was going to happen and he was going to be dragged into it.

At that instant, a loud noise that resembled thunder boomed. Grimsley flinched and gazed up, two swirling wormholes cracked open the sky with several streaks of lightning shooting out. The thunderous noise and wormholes grew louder, and two strange creatures appeared. Everyone froze and locked their gazes at them.

The first creature resembled a large mosquito but with a strong body. It threw its head up and flexed its muscles. The second creature had a large ball as its head and looked to be wearing a clown costume. Its head popped out of its body and rolled from one arm to the next like a bowling ball.

“Ahhhh, what are those things?” Gracie cried out, “I don’t like them.”

“Are they gonna eat us?” Hunter asked in a choked voice.

“They must be the Ultra Beasts, right Kukui?” Kahili asked.

“I believe so, yeah,” Kukui said with narrowed eyes. He turned to Gracie and Hunter. “You kids better run inside now. We’ll take care of them.”

Both children stared at him for a second, and then they nodded and dashed off towards the building. Kukui and Kahili pulled their pokéballs out.

“Okay Katsuo, I need your help!” Kahili released her Toucannon, who flew up and squawked.

“You too, Chavo!” Once Kukui let out his Incineroar, the dark-and-fire type roared and pumped his chest up, the flames on his belt bursting out.

"Looks like I'll be joining, too." Grimsley pulled out his own pokéball and released Roulette. She assumed a stance and growled.

The mosquito-like Ultra Beast jumped up in the air and lunged at Chavo. Chavo grabbed its arm before it landed on him and tossed him on the ground. The strange creature picked itself up quickly and a cold mist formed on its right fist. Chavo's own fist burst into flames, and when the pair collided an explosion occurred which caused them to back away from each other.

While Chavo and his opponent exchanged blows, the second Ultra Beast threw crimson orbs at Katsuo and Roulette. Kahili and Grimsley's Pokémon managed to dodge and slice through the Shadow Balls with Steel Wing and Night Slash. After Kahili ordered Katsuo to get close, his beak began to swirl around as he struck it into the Ultra Beast’s chest. That caused it to scream in pain, and when Katsuo moved out there was a big bruise on its chest. When the Ultra Beast popped its head out and threw it in the air, both Kahili and Grimsley's eyes grew wide.

"Watch out, you guys!" Kahili warned them.

Before Katsuo and Roulette could react, the ball exploded and scorching flames were showered at them. Both Pokémon cried out when the flames touched them, but they were able to shake those off easily. Within seconds, the Ultra Beast’s head had regrown just like that. Grimsley's brow furrowed and he pressed his lips.

"That thing's head can grow back?" Kahili asked in shock.

"It needs to be taken down quickly," Grimsley muttered. He gazed down at the keystone pinned on his scarf and then at Roulette. "You ready to Mega Evolve, Roulette?"

After a brief moment, Roulette looked over her shoulder and gave an excited bark. With a grunt and a nod, Grimsley touched the keystone. He felt his energy surging with Roulette's as she was engulfed in bright light. Like when she had battled against Ryuki's Garchomp, her appearance changed with her fur bristled and horn grown. She glared at her opponent, her teeth showing.

The Ultra Beast gave out a strange noise and threw several Shadow Balls at Katsuo and Roulette. Once they dodged those, Roulette's arm was fused with dark energy and she swiped at the Pokémon with her claws. The Ultra Beast screeched and backed away, claw marks left on its head.

"Good work, Roulette! Keep it up!" Grimsley said, clenching his fist. He watched as Roulette and the Ultra Beast exchanged blows, but turned around when an explosion was heard.

Apparently, Chavo and the other Ultra Beast continued to throw punches at one another, electric and fire sparks flying each time their fists connected. Eventually one of Chavo’s punches missed, which gave the Ultra Beast the opportunity to drop down and do a Low Sweep at Chavo’s legs. Chavo picked himself up quickly, but the Ultra Beast didn’t give him a chance to act by punching him on the chest several times.

Once the Ultra Beast stopped and moved away, Chavo breathed hard and could barely open one eye. Kukui grimaced.

“Kukui!” Kahili yelled worriedly. She faced Grimsley. “Grimsley, can your Absol hold off that other Pokémon on her own?”

“Huh?” Grimsley stared at her blankly but realized that Kahili was going to help Kukui. He looked back to see the other Ultra Beast having a dark fused claw and swiping at Roulette, but she was able to push back its assaults with her Night Slash. He grinned and said, “Roulette can take care of things from here.”

“Good, then.” Kahili gave an appreciative smile, and she looked up towards her Toucannon. “Alright Katsuo, let’s get ready with our Z-Move!”

Immediately, Kahili executed the pose for Supersonic Skystrike, her Z-Ring glowing brighter than the sun. Katsuo was bathed in golden light for a second, and he launched up into the sky like a rocket. In the blink of an eye, he dived down towards the mosquito-looking Ultra Beast and an explosion occurred. Katsuo flew away from a short distance and glared at his opponent, who stood up with bruises on its body.

Grimsley furrowed his brow. Kahili’s Pokemon barely made a dent on that Ultra Beast. When a loud yelp was heard, Grimsley turned around and his eyes grew wide when the clown-looking Ultra Beast threw its head in the air and exploded.

Like before, flames were showered down on Roulette and scorched her fur. The Absol jumped at her opponent with jaws wide open and crunched on the Ultra Beast’s right arm. The strange creature let out a confused cry and tried to shake her off. Roulette held on, so the Ultra Beast’s other arm fused with ghost energy and the Shadow Claw swiped at her. After crashing hard on the ground, Roulette picked herself up and growled.

The Ultra Beast attempted another Shadow Claw at Roulette, only for her to counter it with her own Shadow Claw. With extended claws, the two exchanged blows at one another like wild beasts. Eventually, the Ultra Beast dodged Roulette’s claw, cloaked itself in flames, and slammed into Roulette to cause her to crash on the ground again. Seconds passed until Roulette picked herself up and winced, her legs shaking.

Grimsley grunted and bit his lips. He could feel his own legs shaking from the energy used for Mega Evolution. He wondered if the odds weren’t in his and Roulette’s favor.

The sound of electric sparks popped up and the wormholes appeared once more. The two Ultra Beasts glanced at each other before gazing at the sky. They took one last look at the humans and Pokémon, and they hopped into their respective wormholes.

Grimsley stared dumbfounded at the disappearing portals for several seconds. Despite his, Kukui, and Kahili’s Pokemon knowing Z-Moves and Mega Evolution, the two Ultra Beasts were hard to take down. Would they be able to handle them the next time they showed up?

His breathing grew louder and he felt a little lightheaded due to using Mega Evolution. Back to her normal self, Roulette approached him and rubbed against his leg. With a frown, he petted her head.

More exhausted than him, Kahili dozed off and started to fall. Kukui rushed to her side, grabbing her before she hit the ground. Katsuo also approached them with a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

It took several seconds until Kahili opened her eyes. “I’m fine, just a bit tired from using both Mega Evolution and a Z-Move immediately after.” Her movements were still sluggish, but she managed to stand back straight.

“We should get back inside. I need to call Magnolia and the kahunas.”

Both Grimsley and Kahili hummed in agreement. Everyone returned their Pokémon and headed towards the Aether House.

Reflecting that fight, Grimsley was astonished at how strong the Ultra Beasts were. He dreaded that this wouldn’t be the last time they would come here.

Author's Notes
Wow, I intended to have the hiatus lasted only for a few months, only for several months to have passed. I was distracted with writing Fire Emblem: Three Houses fanfiction for a while and then needed to sort out some real life stuff (and still do). I actually have Chapters 28 and 29 in my backlog. I barely made a dent with Chapter 30, but I hope I'll make some progress with that chapter before I post Chapter 29.

So yeah, updates will still come spontaneously. This is the final arc, though, so we're getting closer to the finishing line!
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Chapter Twenty-Eight
Hyperspace Fury

Nanu and Acerola had left the police station late in the morning to go to Malie City. The air was cold at first but warmed up the further they went. Both were riding on Xatu, fairly fast fliers.

Once they reached Malie City, Nanu and Acerola had their Xatu land at the Pokémon Center. After Nanu talked with one of the nurses and arranged for him to look over the Ride Pokémon, he and Acerola went for lunch.

The Sushi Roller was usually busy during this time, with half of the tables already occupied. Nanu's nose wrinkled at the scent of raw fish and soup. He went up to Enzo at the front, who grinned at him.

"Kahuna Nanu! It's been a few weeks!"

Nanu gave a single nod. "Nice to see you too, sensei. Iokua should be here now. Can you take me to his table?"

"Yes, yes, of course," Enzo said and led Nanu and Acerola to Iokua's table.

Iokua and his wife Cora sat at a table that was some feet away from the bar. Cora's pregnant stomach was showing, her hands resting there. They greeted him with warm smiles.

"Alola, Uncle Iokua! Alola, Aunt Cora!" Acerola greeted them with the Alola Rainbow sign with her arms, and Iokua and Cora did the same.

"Glad you can make it, you two," Iokua said. "I know you just came back from Poni Island, Father. You must be tired."

"A little bit, but at least Po Town is quiet for a bit."

"Oh right, I heard that several of the Team Skull grunts are gone," Cora said and giggled. "You must be relieved now, huh?"

"You can say that." Nanu paused for a second. "So, how are you and the baby doing?"

"We're doing great, thanks. To think, seven more weeks and then our baby girl will be born."

Acerola gasped with her hand close to her mouth. "You guys are having a girl?" She squealed in delight. "Thought of any names yet?"

"We're set on Karla right now," Iokua said, his face softening. He squeezed his wife's hand, and the two shared a quick kiss.

A small smile formed on Nanu's lips, only for it to disappear. He used to be like that with Iokua's mother, Commnelia. Working in the International Police had put a strain on their relationship, and the two separated when Iokua was young. He genuinely hoped Iokua and Cora's relationship would last.

Eventually Enzo came to their table to get their orders. After everyone told him what they wanted, he went to the chefs to have them prepare their meals. It was half an hour until their food was ready, which consisted of ramen soup for Cora and sushi for everyone else. Nanu had his usual, the Z-Kaiskei: Ronin set.

"So is Grimsley still in Alola?" Iokua asked after he swallowed a piece of his sushi.

"He's actually on this island right now. He claims to know two Z-moves, but I want him to show me one of those first."

"Iokua had told me he's a very strong trainer from Unova," Cora said. "An Elite Four at that!"

"Maybe you'll get a chance to meet him, honey."

"Oh, oh! I want to see him use Never-Ending Nightmare!" Acerola said, beaming.

Nanu took another bite at his food and gazed down. He remembered Grimsley had talked to Iokua about his past, and his heart sank. He took a deep breath.

"Iokua, I'm sorry that I haven't been a decent father to you," he said, and that caused everyone to stare at him. "I have many regrets, and not being there for you or your mother is one of them."

Iokua gave him a small smile. "I was glad when you retired from your last career and settled back here. And at least you'll get to spend time with your granddaughter."

A crooked smile formed on Nanu's lips, and he snorted. "I don't have the energy to deal with kids these days. But in all seriousness, I think you'll be a great father."

"Thank you, that means a lot," Iokua said, his smile growing.

Nanu had found himself having more free time than he ever had while working for Interpol. Tapu Bulu was much more laid back as a boss despite being a powerful guardian. He didn’t get to spend much time with Iokua due to feeling ashamed of being a bad father, but perhaps this was a great opportunity to fix that.

While taking a sip of his water, he overheard an argument between a man and woman from the table behind him. They seemed to be a couple just about to finish their date.

"Come on, just for an hour," the man said in a smug voice. He slid a hand on top of hers, making the woman turn her face away from him. "We can get to know each other a little more."

"I appreciate the offer, but I really have to leave now. Maybe next time." The woman rose out of her seat, but the man immediately grabbed her wrist and she gasped. His face darkened.

"You're coming to my place with me, and that's final."

"No! Let me go!" she screamed, struggling to let go of his grip.

Several people stared at the couple. Nanu's lips curled and he swallowed hard. He couldn't stand seeing that man harrass that woman anymore, so he rose out of his seat and approached their table. Acerola called out "Uncle Nanu?", but he ignored it.

"Hey, you." Nanu tapped on the man's shoulder, who turned back and glared at him.

"What do you want?" he asked in a bitter tone.

"The lady here clearly doesn't want to go back with you. Let her go."

"And what if I don't?"

"You don't know who I am, huh? Does Kahuna Nanu ring a bell?" A smirk formed on his lips. Several people in the restaurant whispered to one another, excited that the kahuna of Ula'ula Island was here. He rarely went around announcing his title, but in this case he was going to have some fun.

"Wait, you're Kahuna Nanu?" the man asked in disbelief. He grunted and let go of the woman's hand. "Even if you are, this is none of your business."

"It is since I'm responsible for the well-being of everyone on this island." He paused, his lips twitching. "Tell me, what is your name, young man?"

"Um, Nigel."

"Nigel, huh? I'm not only a kahuna, but a police officer too with connections." He flashed Nigel his police badge, and his face turned pale. "I'm here quietly having lunch with my family, and I hear you threatening this woman. Care to explain yourself?"

"I, ah, well, you see..." Nigel stammered, his eyes darting back and forth. "I offered Lee to come to my place, but..."

"Thought so. Now, as both a kahuna and an officer, I don't take this kind of behavior lightly. Right now I'm deciding if I want to bring you to my friends over at the police station down the street."

Nigel chuckled weakly and rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, er, that's a bit harsh don't you think..."

"Tell you what, how about a compromise? You hand me your ID since I don't want you running off on me, and you go see Sensei Enzo at the counter and settle the full bill with him." Nanu shrugged. "Or we can go with the first option, your call."

"No, no, that won't be necessary!" Nigel handed him over his ID to Nanu and quickly went to the counter where Enzo is at. Nanu pulled out a small notepad from his jacket and began writing down Nigel's details.

"Sorry for intruding there, Miss. Looks like you needed some help there. I can arrange something with the guys at the police station and we can take this further."

"Oh no, that won't be necessary," the woman, Lee, said. "I wanted to leave earlier, but Nigel insisted we go to his place and that creeped me out."

"Men like that aren't worth your time." After Nanu finished writing down Nigel's information, he put his notepad away and faced her. "Would you need a ride back home?"

Lee smiled and said, "Thanks for the offer, but I can have my sister pick me up."

“That’s good to hear. You can stick with me while you wait for her.” He then asked, “How did you end up with that guy?”

Lee crossed her arms and frowned. “One of my friends from the Kantonian Gym set me up on a date with him. She warned me that Nigel can come off strong at first but to give him a chance. Ten minutes into our date and I already know that we’re not compatible.”

“Kantonian Gym?” Nanu blinked in confusion. There was one Pokémon “gym” that opened a while back here, and he heard how one strong trainer there specialized in Dragon-types. “Oh, you meant that building with the gold roof a few blocks from here?” he asked, and Lee nodded.

“Yes, I’m one of the trainers working there. Ryuki knows how to pump up the crowd with his music and Dragon Pokémon. Just several days ago, he went against Grimsley from Unova’s Elite Four.”
Nanu’s eyes shot wide open. It shouldn’t surprise him that Grimsley would be partaking in some battles here. A part of him was curious how that battle went, but he brushed that aside.

He looked towards Nigel and Enzo at the counter. Enzo handed Nigel his credit card back. “Looks like Nigel finished paying off the bill.”

He and Lee went to them. Nanu gave Nigel his ID back and asked that he never get near the woman again. Nigel responded with a “Yes, sir!” and hastily retreated outside. Shaking his head, Nanu was glad to finally be rid of him.

"Wow, I never thought of you as the heroic type," Cora said. She, Acerola, and Iokua approached them.

"You standing up to that woman is awesome, Uncle Nanu!" Acerola cheered.

"Eh, as I said it's my duty as both kahuna and police officer to help everyone here."

Iokua chuckled. "I knew that you care for the people on this island."

Nanu couldn't help but smile a little. There were some kahuna duties that he skipped, like traveling to the Ruins of Abundance on a regular basis. He wasn't like Hala or Olivia who enthusiastically went to each citizen like a politician vying for votes.But despite not wanting this title, he took it upon himself to watch over everyone here.

This peaceful moment he was having with his family was cut short when a booming noise was heard. Several people screamed and jumped out of their seats, some of them running towards the door. Nanu did the same with his family and Lee followed him behind.

As soon as Nanu stepped outside, his heart almost skipped a beat. Three bug-typed Ultra Beasts were terrorizing the people, scaring them off. One had large antennas, high-heels as its feet, and a slim figure. The other Ultra Beasts were large mosquitos with solid physiques that could rival the Masked Royal.

Back in Interpol, they were codenamed UB Beauty and UB Absorption.

“Are you okay, Father?” Iokua asked with a worried look on his face.

Nanu’s jaw tightened, and he took a deep breath to relax. Now was not the time to stand there like a fool.

“I’m gonna deal with those things while you guys go to safety.”

Iokua regarded him for a moment, and gave him an understanding nod. “All right. You stay safe yourself.”

“I wanna help!” Acerola said with a determined look, which was unusual for her. “My Pokémon can handle them.”

“I’ll help, too,” Lee said, pulling out a pokéball from her bag. She smiled. “I wanna repay you back for saving me from that jerk earlier.”

Nanu regarded them for a moment. “Okay, you two can help, but stay close.”

He, Lee, and Acerola went towards the Ultra Beasts while Iokua and Cora rushed in the opposite direction. Nanu released Honchkrow, Lee a Cinncino, and Acerola Nori, her Dhelmise. The latter was a dual ghost-grass type that resembled an anchor wrapped in sticky seaweed and a wooden ship wheel attached to them.

“You two take the big guys while I’ll deal with the fast-looking one,” Nanu said in a low voice. Both ladies hummed and nodded.

Nanu had gone against Beauty a few times before. They moved elegantly and in a blink of an eye, probably faster than an Extreme Speed. His Honchkrow flapped his wings and visible purple airwaves darted towards the Ultra Beast, but it dodged those easily. Beauty jumped up on the roof of a building, giving a judgmental look at Honchkrow and Nanu with its hand on its side.

“Try a Steel Wing this time!”

Upon Nanu ordering that move, Honchkrow’s wings glowed and he dived down at Beauty but missed. That gave the opportunity for the Ultra Beast to launch at Honchkrow and kick him three times on the chin. Honchrkow became dazed for a few seconds but quickly recovered.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” someone asked. Nanu turned real quick to see a man with unruly hair and tight clothing that made him wonder how he managed to breath through it. He carried a guitar case with him, and another trainer with him.

“Ryuki!” Lee called out his name. Her Cinncino jumped up and launched several glowing stars on both of the Absorption’s faces.

“Geez, whatever these things are, they need to get out this instant.” Ryuki turned to the trainer with him. “Eric, help Lee and the other girl out!”

The other trainer, Eric, nodded and released his Pokémon, an Arcanine. He and his Pokémon went to where Lee and Acerola were.

“Oh you’re that dude that hangs around the Kantonian Gym around a lot.” Nanu had heard about Ryuki whenever he visited Malie City, but never bothered to watch him in action. He turned back to see Beauty landing another kick on Honchkrow’s face. Nanu grimaced, not liking how his Pokémon was already getting his butt kicked by a bug posing as a model.

“Yup, that’s me. Looks like your little birdie is in trouble.” Ryuki grabbed a pokéball and released a Garchomp with a cord on his neck. Nanu blinked at that accessory but then noticed a Garchompite stone on it.

“Your Garchomp can Mega Evolve?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, he can. Dirk and I are gonna put on a spectacular performance!” He pulled out his guitar from his case and grinned at his Garchomp. “Ready to make some noise, Dirky boy?”

Ryuki’s Garchomp, Dirk, grunted and nodded. Grinning ear to ear, Ryuki opened his case and pulled out his guitar. He played several notes that resembled rock music, and both the guitar and Dirk’s Mega Stone were covered in multicolored sparks. Nanu at first wanted to ask him if his guitar was on fire but realized that a keystone was attached to it.

Dirk lifted his head and roared in triumph once his Mega Evolution was completed. The way Dirk’s head changed shape made him uglier, but the scythes and longer spikes on his body made him more menacing.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!” Ryuki exclaimed while playing his guitar. “Help the man’s Honchkrow and strike at that thing on the roof!”

With lightning speed, Dirk flew up to the roof. His scythe grew purple, and he struck Beauty on its midsection. When Beauty backed away a few steps, Honchkrow spat a Shadow Ball behind its head and that caused it to twirl around. The Ultra Beast had to divide its attention between Honchkrow and Dirk, dodging and blocking their assaults.

Ryuki continued to play his godawful, ear piercing music while the residents scrambled to get out and Acerola’s group barely held off the two Absorption. Some of the people covered their ears as they escaped. Nanu gazed up to see Dirk’s claws missed Beauty and she kicked him on the stomach, which caused him to shoot out of the roof and crash on the pavement.

“Dirky boy!” Ryuki dropped his guitar and rushed to his Pokémon’s side. As he lifted his Garchomp’s head, Dirk gave out a low growl and he returned to his normal self. “You did fabulous, buddy,” he said in a low voice and returned him back to his pokéball.

Nanu bit his lips. If that Ultra Beast could beat down a Mega Evolved Pokémon like that, his Honchkrow couldn’t stand a chance unless he used Supersonic Skystrike. He pulled out the Flyinum-Z crystal from his jacket’s pocket and slipped it inside the slot of his Z-Ring. All he needed to do now was perform the Z-Pose...


At that moment a large figure came in a blur and rammed Beauty into a nearby building.

“What the?” Nanu jumped and he gazed up to see a deity with a shell shaped like bull horns and a tail bell swinging lazily. There was no mistake--

“Is that Tapu Bulu?” one of the bypassers asked.

“It is, and it came to save us!”

Like everyone else, Acerola noticed Tapu Bulu. With a beaming face, she jumped and waved at Tapu Bulu. “Oh, hey Tapu Bulu!”

Nanu snorted and shook his head. Leave it to Tapu Bulu to be late to the rescue. “Hey Tapu Bulu, think you can handle these pesky bugs for us?”

Tapu Bulu narrowed their eyes on him and grunted. Nanu knew the big guy was upset with him.

“Yeah, yeah, I didn’t do my job as a kahuna to prevent this from happening. I’ll make it up to you later, but right now I can really use your help.”

Tapu Bulu seemed to regard Nanu for a moment before they hummed and turned around. As Beauty charged and began a low kick at them, Tapu Bulu dodged and struck behind its back with their horns. That caused Beauty to scream and attempt another low kick, but Tapu Bulu withdrew into their shell to protect themself.

Noticing that Tapu Bulu was here, both Absorption turned their attention away from Acerola’s group. All of the Ultra Beasts kicked and punched Tapu Bulu’s shell, only for them to not budge.

“Looks like Tapu Bulu attracted the attention of those things,” Acerola said. She and her group joined with Nanu and Ryuki.

“Good, so that our Pokémon can take a breather,” Ryuki said.

“Ah oh, looks like Tapu Bulu is very mad now,” Lee said, pointing at the scene. As the Ultra Beasts continued to beat up Tapu Bulu, the deity’s shell began to glow. Nanu’s eyes grew wide.

“Everyone back away!”

Nanu grabbed Acerola’s arm, and everyone moved away as fast as they could. Tapu Bulu opened their shell and released a burst of pink energy, shocking the Ultra Beasts and pushing them away. The lampposts got broken in half and some foundations of the nearby buildings crumbled. The whole group stared at the damage Tapu Bulu had done.

“Tapu Bulu sure put up a show there,” Ryuki said.

“That looks like Nature’s Madness,” Acerola said in awe.

“It is. I saw Tapu Fini use it against Hapu.” Nanu turned back at the battle to see Tapu Bulu go against Beauty while the two Absorption went against Honchkrow and Acerola’s Dhelmise, Nori. He glanced down at his Z-Ring, remembering he was about to do a Z-Move before Tapu Bulu showed up. With a whistle, he glanced up at his Pokémon. “Hey, Honchkrow, are you ready to do our Z-Move?”

When Nanu had asked that, Honchkrow dodged one of the Absorption’s punches and scratched its face with his claws. He flew up and cawed in response. Meanwhile, Nori spat out a green energy ball at the other Absorption’s chest. Those pests needed to be taken care of now.

Nanu began his Z-Pose for Supersonic Skystrike, and both his bracelet and Honchkrow lit up brightly. His Pokémon launched himself to the skies and a blast of hot air hit Nanu’s face. As Absorption jumped up with its fist up, Honchkrow dived down and they collided.

“Let’s do our Z-Move too, Nori!” Acerola immediately did the Z-Pose for Never-Ending Nightmare, and Nori released a wave of dark energy and tentacles at Absorption. One of the creepy tentacles grabbed the Ultra Beast and pulled it into the shadows.

A large explosion occurred upon those two Z-Moves being used. As soon as the smoke cleared, both sides took deep breaths and glared at one another. Everyone but Nanu gasped.

“Just what the hell is that thing?” Eric asked.

“These are Ultra Beasts that Aether had warned you guys about,” Nanu said. It didn’t surprise him that it would take more than Mega Evolution and Z-Moves to defeat those things. “Acerola, you help me take down Absorption One while you two deal with the second one.”

“Okay, Uncle Nanu,” Acerola said with a serious face. Meanwhile, Lee and Eric hummed in agreement.

Nanu commanded Honchkrow to use Nightslash at Absorption One. Honchkrow flapped his wings and flashes of purple air struck at Absorption One’s sides and chest. The Ultra Beast jumped up and kicked Honchkrow’s face, causing him to squawk in pain. Honchkrow retaliated by having his wings shine like metallic steel and dived down at him. Absorption One’s back hit a nearby building and left some small damage there.

Acerola took this opportunity to have Nori use Energy Ball, which they did and it hit the Ultra Beast’s back. Absorption One charged at Nori with its fists covered in cold mist, only for Acerola to call for them to watch out. Nori disappeared into purple shadows before Absorption landed a blow on them, and several seconds later slammed into the Ultra Beast and caused it to crash into the ground.

Just as Absorption picked itself up, Acerola urged Nori to use Anchor Shot, their signature move. Nori shot out a large anchor chain and had it wrapped around the Ultra Beast’s waist and shoulders. After struggling for a bit, Absorption managed to break free from the chains, spun around, and lunged at Nori with full force. That made Nori crash into one of the nearby lampposts and damage it. When her Pokémon didn’t respond, Acerola gasped and returned her Pokémon.

“You did great Nori, you can rest,” she whispered to Nori’s pokéball.

Nanu bit his lips, feeling bad for Acerola and her Pokémon. He briefly checked to see Lee’s Cinncino use Aqua Tail and Eric’s Arcanine use Flamethrower at Absorption Two. After being hit with both attacks, the Ultra Beast slammed its fist at the Cinncino. When Lee’s Pokémon cried in pain and collapsed, she returned her Pokémon to her pokéball. Meanwhile, the Arcanine got hit by Absorption Two’s Low Sweep and fell on the ground. The Arcanine picked himself up and roared, but Nanu could tell he was getting exhausted.

Did those pests get stronger since the last time he went against them? Nanu got distracted from his musings when Absorption One struck an Ice Punch straight at Honchrow’s chest. Honchrow screeched, engulfed himself in flames, and dived down towards the Ultra Beast. Absorption countered with another Ice Punch, and both attacks collided, causing a small explosion.

Once the smoke cleared, Absorption One was still standing and stared at Honchkrow. Due to the recoil from Brave Bird, Nanu’s Pokemon took deep breaths and his gaze slightly dropped off.

While Nanu and Acerola were distracted with Absorption, Tapu Bulu withdrew themself inside their shell and allowed Beauty to abuse them once more. After several more hits from Beauty, Tapu Bulu opened their shell and slammed into the Ultra Beast. Beauty flinched for a few seconds and then shook it off. It swung its leg and kicked Tapu Bulu’s side, which caused them to flinch and be dazed for several seconds. Enraged, Tapu Bulu yelled and let out another Nature Madness that struck Beauty like electric bolts and pushed her back. Beauty kept gasping, her chest rising and falling.

At that moment, Tapu Bulu made his final move. They shook their tail and the bell rang, which made ominous chimes. Nanu’s stomach dropped.

“Those bells sound like a warning to us,” Acerola said in a worried voice.

Before Nanu responded, he inhaled and felt sweat rolling on his forehead. “You’re not wrong there, kid.”

Thick vines and roots burst out from the ground, lashing at Beauty like whips. The Ultra Beast kept kicking them away, but one of them grabbed Beauty’s leg and threw it in the air. Beauty crashed down on a tree that then collapsed and it was several seconds until it picked itself up.

Another set of vines and roots grabbed both Absorption’s wrists and waists. They struggled to get out as more vines would just trap them. Tapu Bulu took this opportunity to charge and slammed them with their horns, leaving them with puncture wounds. The Ultra Beasts were barely standing, their arms and legs shaking.

An Ultra Wormhole appeared, which caused Beauty and the two Absorption to look with relief at it. Once Tapu Bulu opened their shell back, the three Ultra Beasts gave them a glare and jumped inside the wormhole. Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the scene for a moment.

“That Tapu Bulu is one hard rocker,” Ryuki said.

“I know, right?” Acerola said with a grin. She gazed up at Tapu Bulu and waved at them. “You were awesome out there, Tapu Bulu!”

Acknowledging Acerola’s thanks, Tapu Bulu made a happy noise and nodded.

“Those Ultra Beasts are the real deal, huh?” Lee asked.

“Yes. Trust me when I say they’re not to be taken lightly.” After he finished saying that, Honchkrow approached Nanu and pecked at his shoulder. A small smile formed on his lips. “You did good there, buddy. Take a break.”

Nanu returned Honchkrow inside his pokéball. At that instant, his smartphone rang and he picked it up.

“This is Officer Nanu of Po Town Police speaking.”

“Nanu! Thank goodness I’m able to reach you.”

“Kukui? Is something the matter?”

“Yes. A few Ultra Beasts had invaded the Aether House. Grimsley and Kahili helped me deal with them, but they then disappeared.”

Nanu’s mouth twitched. He recalled Grimsley going to train at the Aether House. That meant more Ultra Beasts popped up.

“Same thing happened to me in Malie City. Did you talk with the other kahunas?”

“I haven’t yet, but I’m about to after this call, yeah. Do you think you can come back to the Aether House real quick?”

“Yeah, I can. Acerola and I can be there now.”

“Okay, good. Will see you soon, then.”

Once Kukui hung up, Nanu put his phone away and looked down at Acerola. “Kukui just called. He wants us at the Aether House now.”

“I overheard that something happened there. Is everyone all right?”

“Kukui didn’t say anyone got hurt, so I think so.”

“That’s good to hear!” Acerola faced Ryuki and beamed at him. “Thanks for helping us out there!”

“Not a problem, little lady,” Ryuki said with a grin. “Dirk took quite a beating, so he’ll need some rest.”

“My sister is waiting for me, so I should be heading out,” Lee said and smiled at Nanu. Thanks again for saving me from that creep earlier.”

A small smile formed on his lips. “It’s the least I can do. You take care.” He faced back at Acerola. “Come on, let’s go get our Ride Pokémon back at the Pokémon Center.”

Both he and Acerola set off to the Pokémon Center. As they headed there, a sinking pit filled inside Nanu’s stomach.

Author's Note:
A bit later than intended in releasing Chapter 28, but it's here! Nanu confrontation with Nigel I based it off from one reddit post where one police officer saved one lady from going home with a slezzy guy. I can totally see Nanu do this haha.

Part of me is thinking I'll get Chapter 29 out sometime next month while at the same time try to get the story finished for July Camp Nano, or at least get a few more chapters written. Real life stuff is in the air atm, but I'll try my best at chugging the final chapters through. Thanks to bobandbill for the beta as always.
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