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Any plans to try resetting for a starter with a good nature or shiny (assuming they're not shiny locked)? Or will you just chose your starter and immediately jump in?

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I'll reset if I get a starter with an objectively bad nature - I don't want a Piplup with -Sp Atk or -Spd, thank you very much - but for a specific nature or a shiny? Nooo.

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i'll settle for second or even third best nature for the sake of a playthrough. uninterested in soft-resetting for shininess though. :\ depending on whether or not it's easy to complete the regional dex of bdsp, i might as well go for that, get shiny charm, get myself a foreign ditto and then start MMing, best case scenario.
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Not gonna bother. I pretty much always do my first playthrough of a game with whatever I happen to get.


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I'll hold out for a starter with a good enough nature before settling on it, as is usually the case when I pick a starter. Don't want to be starting the game with a Modest Turtwig.

I've never reset for a shiny starter, and never will. Would be way too time consuming, and I'd probably be able to beat the game about fifty times over in the time it would take to get a shiny starter (and that shiny starter would inevitably be a Modest Turtwig)


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No to shiny, but will probably do a few resets for a decent nature. Even if the main story in Pokémon games tend to be very easy, it'd still be a little sad to me to have a Piplup with a nature of....Impish for example (-sp. attack). Would prefer a +sp. attack or neutral nature. Otherwise it will eat away at me for a while! lol

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I'll probably just go with what I get tbh. That's what I usually do. Most thigns will suffice for ingame runs, let alone nature.

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But what if the starters are shiny locked again?

In other words, I'm not going to, I don't care about natures or shiny hunting starters.
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Nah, I take Pokemon as they come.

And, after 4 generations(?) I'm still not really sure what natures do.
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I never reset my game just to get a nature or anything, so no. I just don't see a point. Especially if the games are as easy as the last few have been. Don't really need the best stats.

As for a shiny, I already have a shiny empoleon and I'd much rather just do the masuda method with increased chances. I could care less about full odd shiny.