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For those who have been watching Pokémon on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Pokémon TV and Amazon Instant Video, does anyone noticed the closed captioning/subtitles does not always match on what the characters are saying?

I noticed the characters say more then in the closed captioning/subtitles on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Pokémon TV and Amazon Instant Video… when I watch them everyday, I noticed the closed captioning aka subtitles are not correct and that it needs to be fixed to match what the characters say because they say more then what the subtitles aka closed captioning says.

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When you make subtitles there is a limit of characters you can put in a line. It is usually between 35-40 (It can be less if that particular line is going to show up during a very short time), though I think Netflix allows longer subtitles.

That's why the people who make them need to summarize the text or edit out some non essential words.