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What the title says. And if not have any of you actually attempted Nuzlockes?
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I never have. I'm honestly not strategically good enough at Pokemon to attempt one. I'd probably lose all my Pokemon very quickly and wouldn't make it to even the second gym, lmfao. I want to try a Nuzlocke, though. I just know I don't have what it takes.
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Enjoyed watching them. Tried one once. Went poorly. Disliked it. Reasons:
- Views permadeath as something stressful. Feels terrible to lose someone, regardless of the game. Prefers not always being so vigilant.
- Hated having to take training slow. Learned how fragile Diglett is, though.
- Makes poorer decisions when tired. Felt unwise to play in those situations. (Did so anyways.)

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I have started a few, but the only one I haven't left uncompleted was a wonderlocke of Moon. I currently have two uncompleted nuzlockes for Diamond and Black 2 that I have more than halfway done but struggle with getting back into due to struggling with motivation due to constantly losing team members.
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I did beat many regular Nuzlockes and its variants. Right now, I'm in the middle of beating Hardcore Nuzlocke in each gen. I already beat Kanto, johto and Hoenn and failed one attempt in Unova, literally in the final battle. One thing that I hate about Nuzlockes is the need to keep the list of encounters, so I accidentally don't catch 2 Pokémon on the same Route. It takes time away from playing.
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I like watching people play nuzlockes, but I already know its not gonna be for me and have never tried one myself.
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I think they are way more fun to watch than to actually play yourself.

I've watched some nuzlockes and yeah, you see all the exciting stuff and it looks great for the laughs, but one of my issues with this challenge is the part where you lose a Pokémon and have to spend an hour or two unboxing and levelling another, which isn't really my idea of fun. I prefer other challenges that don't require wasting hours grinding for every Pokémon on your team that faints.

Nuzlockers these days resort to things like infinite rare candies cheats and stuff like that, because without some kind of "help" it would be unbearable to play.

I also think Nuzlockes have kinda lost their charm. I believed one of the main points was to encourage players to start appreciating the underused and oftenly ignored "bad" Pokémon. While that might have worked in the early gens, when the options you had were a lot more limited, I don't think it applies to modern gen games that have a much bigger Pokémon variety. At the end, I don't see Nuzlockers discovering the "true potential" of Furret or Kricketune, even if their captures are limited they're still very picky about what they use and what not because they have more than enough options to choose from.
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I prefer other types of challenges. I tried one once and was pretty annoyed at how RNG dependent you become. I have no quarrels with watching someone else play. For myself, I consider them designed very poorly. It not only introduces more grinding but at the base level even encourages it. Adding clauses didn't as much polish it as it made things even more tedious. Also: adding a layer of bureaucracy by forcing you to keep track of places you already got something, as well as another one for every clause you introduce as a means to "fix" the broken system isn't exactly my definition of fun.

And fun is what challenges should be about.
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I have not! But I've done other challenges. Nuzlocke is one of the next ones on my list :3c Going to agree that they're fun to watch, but imagining myself being that restricted and losing team members.... oof haha.

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nope. :c i've never really been big on self-imposed challenges. i only really have the motivation to do non-challenge playthroughs, but maybe one day that'll change! perhaps not nuzlockes, but i've always wanted to do a monotype run at some point...
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