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What inanimate object would you like to see as a Pokemon?

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Old 4 Days Ago (8:42 PM).
KantoCritic KantoCritic is online now
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    I'm Kanto Critic a Pokemon Youtuber and I would like to make a video on what kind of inanimate object the community would like to see turned into a Pokemon! Let me know in the thread below and you could be featured in my next video! Make sure to check out my channel on youtube however (Kanto Critic) so you dont miss it!

    As for my answer to the question however, I would love to see a helicopter Pokemon. The Pokemon would be steel/flying type!
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    Old 3 Days Ago (4:28 AM).
    dot hash's Avatar
    dot hash dot hash is offline
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      I would like some kind of Lego Pokémon, although I suppose it would have to be in unofficial hacks because of copyright. Maybe I should try and make a Légomon hack. With the new 'Plastic' type. Brick break would have to be mega-super effective of course lol.
      If I'm talking a lot, tell me to stop squandering my free time, and to go and work on my hack!
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      Phosphophyllite Phosphophyllite is offline
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      A train. I don't mean something like Charjabug- I need one that intentionally looks like a train. A bullet train, maybe.
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      Old 3 Days Ago (6:21 AM).
      PageEmperor's Avatar
      PageEmperor PageEmperor is online now
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        Vehicle mons. Anything, cars, trains, whatnot. Which means yeah I agree on both a helicopter mon and a train mon.
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        Old 3 Days Ago (10:14 AM).
        MuzzaYT's Avatar
        MuzzaYT MuzzaYT is offline
        Sam :)
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          The first thing that came to my mind is a book Pokémon, think I'd make it a psychic Pokémon that uses all the knowledge it has by doing research on the Pokémon it's battling as each move goes by.
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          ~Kawaii Korrina Fangirl~
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            I wanna see a cool looking screw driver pokemon thats steel/ground. And maybe part groundhog.

            That would be epic.

            EDIT; it would also totally poke fun at how GROUNDHOG DAY well....screws with peoples heads :P nuff said.
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            Cute things are awesome! ;3
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