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Old September 4th, 2016 (4:42 PM).
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    Cass Hawthorne

    A striking image slowly materialized from the blackness. Cass found himself in a forest, dark and more foreboding than any normal forest he had ever encountered. He had a knife in his hand and a sense of unease. The darkness seemed to possess an otherworldly, chilling quality, almost as if anything could jump out of the shadows and ambush him. Before long, a group of human shaped figures appeared in the background, appearing to be his friends. Though he could not recognize the faces, he had a feeling that there were people he somehow knew. They appeared to be ready for a fight or combat of some sort. Before he could expand on that thought any further, a dragon-like creature emerged from the shadows and started to attack the other group of people.

    Desperate to get to the dragon in time, he bolted towards the scene. All that was on his mind was saving the group. Feeling a shot of adrenaline, he charged toward the scene screaming at the monster, “Get the hell away from my friends!” Now, with the creature’s attention directed at him, it too charged forward, engulfing his vision, until he blacked out.

    Jolting awake before he could fully see what happened next, Cass found himself staring up at an unfamiliar wooden ceiling in a bed, breathing deeply. He sat up on the bed, feeling no pain, but nonetheless drained and shaken given the vividity of his nightmare. Cass’ expression and disposition caught the attention of a girl a few years older than him, who he just noticed was walking by at the feet of his bed. Tall, almost as tall as he was and fairly muscular, the girl stopped and exclaimed in a thick East Coast accent, “Woah there, ya alright?” Dressed in a simple muscle shirt and a pair of jeans, her attire worn and smudged in grease and appeared to have been recently called away from a mechanic’s shop.

    Sighing, Cass stammered, “Y-yeah. Just a bad dream.”

    With a knowing, cynical smile, she replied, “Yeah, we get that a lot as demigods.”

    “What now?” Cass wore a puzzled look on his face.

    With a look of realization on her face, the girl said, “That’s right, you haven’t been told who ya are. Must be one of them new kids.” The blonde introduced herself, continuing her spiel “Name’s Chelsea by the way. Chelsea Cassiano. So, I’ve been told you’re one of our new faces to Camp Half-Blood. Tell me, one of ya parents not been around?”

    Looking at Chelsea skeptically, Cass reluctantly replied, “Yeah...How do you know?”

    “Everyone here’s the same. We all have parents who are gods ‘round here. Greek gods to be exact. Y’know, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite. They are all real. All as real as the sky above us and the earth below. My father, for example, is Hephaestus. God of the forge.”

    Unsure of how to respond, Cass stared wide-eyed at Chelsea, only able to enunciate a “Wha-”

    Sighing, Chelsea looked apologetically at the other kid, and said to him, “Yeah, it’s a lot to take in. Ya shoulda seen me first time I got here. Was nothin’ but a stutterin’ mess and just as confused as you are. C’mere, let me show ya around.” Before Cass could fully get outta bed, Chelsea giggled, “Uh, but first, you may wanna get dressed in something better than a hospital gown. I’ll give ya some privacy.”
    After being shown around camp, taking it in with a combination of awe, confusion and wonder, Cass bid his goodbyes to Chelsea, thanked her for the tour and wandered off on his own to the lake that he had been shown. He was really taken in by the pretty scenery of the lake and the sight of the canoes. Sighing, hoping to take his mind off of the confusion, neared the shore of the lake, before seeing a familiar face from before.
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      The Sun's Warmth
      Lucas Samson
      Son of Hemera
      Canoe Lake

      Luke rested on the grass, limbs strewn out and staring at the sky. His mind was clear and he felt weirdly at peace. Through so much confusion, he was able to gain a sort of awed clarity for the first time in a while. The pure blue sky was completely unmarked by clouds, and the sunlight felt like rays of calm resting on his skin and warming him up to a comfortable temperature. He let his eyes relax into an open posture, staring up at the sun as it tended toward the west. He let his body sink into the grass, tickling his muscular legs lightly.

      After having spotted Luke, Cass ran to where Luke was and exclaimed, "Luke! I'm so glad to see that you're okay!"

      Luke looked up, surprised at hearing Cass's voice, "Oh, hey Cass!" He looked out at the lake, "Isn't it beautiful?" After the initial shock Luke cleared his thoughts and straightened his body. He focused on his voice briefly and disappeared into his mind, receeding again.

      "Yeah. It is quite beautiful." He sat down next to Luke, surprised at his ease of mind and relaxation. After a period of tranquil silence, Cass followed Luke's example and lounged on the grass next to Luke. However, his mind was spinning on what it all meant to be the son of some Greek goddess. Cass thought it'd be helpful to ask Luke about his experience. "So, what do you think about all this? Being here, being sons of Greek gods?"

      "I really have no clue to be perfectly honest," Luke grinned and shifted to look at Cass,"I believe them for some reason. And it's all pretty sick if you ask me." He stared up at the sky again, his smile fading as it left Cass's preview. "I'm super excited," He said with a totally blank face, his inflection perfectly capturing that of a kid's full of glee for their upcoming birthday.

      "Well, yeah, so am I. It's not everyday you hear that kind of news." He chuckled at that, "And I just thought I was the son of a florist."

      Luke laughed too, this time genuine, "I wonder what this means though. For our lives I mean. Like, I've always been good at keeping off... Monsters, I guess that's what they are, but like, I guess I need to study up on some Greek history." He pondered for a second and snorted, "Maybe I could meet Hercules..." He trailed off. After a hanging silence, a warm breeze passed across the two and Luke muttered, "I wonder who my mom is..."

      With a wistful expression on his face, Cass replied, "Same here. Do you know anything about Greek mythology? All this kinda explains why my dad likes Greek myths a lot."

      "I learned a bit in school but I didn't really pay attention, always was more interested in soccer," His voice dropped in pitch, "All I know are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Hera, uh," He paused, "Hephaestus? Aphrodite, of course. She's super hot," He nudged Cass.

      "Heh, what more do you expect from a goddess of love? Amour c'est tout à fait magnifique."

      "Woah where do you learn French? That's bad... Uh, what does it mean?" Luke glanced at Cass.

      Cass replied, "It means, 'Love is quite beautiful.' Apart from taking a class at my high school, I'm...actually not sure when I started to learn French. I think I must have had one of my dad's friends or something teach me, but I don't remember when."

      Luke grinned, "Hey what if it has to do with being a demigod? I don't know anybody that can speak French so well by just taking one class, and I'm sure you'd remember taking it for years, huh?" Luke straightened up to a sitting posture and stared out at the shimmering lake. It sparkled like a pool of sapphires on a warm summer day. Canoes wafted back and forth through it causing trails of water in their wake. Peals of laughter echoed from them, soaring over the body of water into the boys' ears. It all just looked so peaceful.

      Also enjoying the tranquil scenery, Cass felt more and more at ease. He was curious as to what would come of all this. With the intent of striking up some more friendly conversation, Cass turned to Luke, with a big smile on his face "This reminds me a lot of going to summer camp when I was littler. Nice people, fun activities, that sort of thing. Get what I mean?"

      "I never went to any summer camps when I was a kid, my dad didn't let me. Thought they were too girly. I just stayed home and played soccer, it was a blast. Summer camp just probably isn't my thing anyway," Luke looked toward Cass grinning and laid back down. He shifted his body over to the side. He brought his arms over his head and clasped his hands together, resting his skull on them. His arms bulged a little in this position so he lowered them a little to a more comfortable posture. After a brief silence, Luke inquired, "Do you know anything about the whole cabin deal? My tour guide wouldn't tell me anything about them."

      Scratching his hair, Cass shrugged and said, "I don't know. I wasn't told either. If it's anything like the summer camps I went to, I guess the counselors pick us out or something? I just hope we get to meet everyone else. It'd suck just awkwardly conversing with strangers."

      "I hope we're in the same cabin, I don't know anybody else here at all," Luke snorted, "I mean I'm sure I'd make friends either way but this whole thing is just kinda crazy, right?"

      "Yeah, this is all kinda crazy. I mean, doesn't it seem like something out of a comic, or what? No wonder our parents couldn't explain this to us." Changing the subject, Cass asked Luke, "Were you always able to glow like you did back at the school? That definitely seems to be related to you being a demigod."

      "Uh, as far as I can remember it only happened once before, but I thought that was a dream. I honestly have no clue how to do it though," Luke shut his eyes tight and clenched his stomach. Nothing happened. He glanced to Cass, "Yup, I have no clue. Can you do anything like that?"

      Cass snorted, "Oh no, nothing that flashy. I have no clue what kind of powers I'd have. Unless you consider attracting lots of girls a power." He chuckled at the comment, obviously not buying it and adding, "But I hardly think of that as a power."

      Luke nudged Cass again and joked, "Hey we have a player here!" He thought for a second and said, "Well, those principals seemed to know that I could glow, so what did they ask you about?" He paused sheepishly and glanced at Cass, "I forgot."

      "They asked me about my love life and my thoughts on relationships. I didn't really tell 'em much about myself, but I did say I had an eye for that sort of thing and how things seemed to fall in place for that sort of thing."

      "So maybe it is something about love then huh?" Luke looked away. "I could use some help with that," He joked. He stared up at the sky again, but the sun started to fade away behind the forest and his inner peace slowly began to fade with the coming of the night. "Uh, I think we're supposed to go to that dinner now or something?" He ventured, rising back up to clutch his knees.

      "Dinner? That sounds great about now. I'm pretty hungry." He was not informed much about the eating arrangements in the confusion, so he was curious as to what it'd be like. "Wanna go now?"

      "Uh, sure," Luke rose quickly and helped Cass to his feet. He smiled, and the two began to walk toward the Mess Hall. He thrusted his hands into his jean pockets, walking casually. Luke's stomach grumbled and he chuckled, "Uh, haha, I guess my stomach knows I'm hungry too." They passed the cabins on the way to the building, and students streamed in from all over the camp. It was like a river of human bodies, all flowing to a low point. Luke's face became slightly tensed, but still held an air of calm and coolness. Peering through the crowd, Cass thought he could see a very tall red-head from class. She seemed to be the type to prefer their solitude. With that thought at the back of his mind, the two boys arrived at the mess hall and took their seats, eagerly awaiting the prospect of food.

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      Cornelia Marx

      “Hey kid, are you awake? I saw you move just now.”

      Nellie groaned as someone poked her cheek and opened her eyes, screaming when she saw a pair of brown eyes staring right at her. The other person jumped back in her chair, the black hood falling from her head. She frowned at Nellie and ran a hand through her dirty blonde hair, a crooked grin on her face.

      “For such a little thing, you have quite a pair of lungs on you. You might’ve just deafened me a bit.”

      “Um… Who are you? Where am I?” Nellie frowned as she looked around the room. The last thing she remembered was being at school, and then there were birds everywhere. The last thing she remembered was getting on a bus, and then after that, there was nothing.

      “The name’s Cecilia Taylor, kid. Though you can just call me Lia. Everyone else does. What’s your name?” Lia sat back in her chair and popped a piece of gum in her mouth, smirking at Nellie.

      “I’m Cornelia, but you can call me Nellie. You never answered my other question, Lia. Where are we?” She scowled at the older girl, who had stood up and was now walking around the room, her hands in her pockets.

      “Whoa, one question at a time, Connie. First of all, you’re at Camp Half-Blood. I’m assuming that since you’re new here, nobody’s told you what you are yet.” Nellie pouted as Lia called her by the wrong name and narrowed her eyes, but didn’t get a chance to respond, since Lia had continued to speak.

      “You’re a demigod, kid. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy right? But believe me, it’s true. My dad’s Hermes. You know, messenger to the Greek gods and all that? This camp’s full of kids like us. So, got any questions?” Nellie tilted her head as she watched Lia walk around the room. She didn’t really have any questions. It wasn’t really that hard to believe. That explained why her mother had never been around, and why her father had given her up to Mrs. Marx. She wasn’t normal, and he hadn’t wanted to deal with it.

      “So we’re kind of like superheroes.”

      “Um, I guess. Normally people would be freaking out and going like, ‘You’re lying!’ or ‘You must be crazy!’. There’s the occasional fainting spell. You’re… okay with this?” Lia pulled her hood back onto her head as she sat back down next to Nellie, a frown on her face.

      “Yeah! I mean, if Santa’s real and can deliver presents to everyone at Christmas, then why can’t my mom be a Greek goddess or whatever?” Nellie tied her hair back in its usual pigtails with the ribbons she kept tied on her stuffed rabbit and held it close. Lia stared at her for a few moments before bursting out into laughter.

      “I like you, kid. You made this about twenty times easier.” She ruffled Nellie’s hair and smiled as she heard her stomach growl. “Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll show you around?”

      ~ ~ ~

      “So that’s everything, kid.” Nellie huffed as Lia called her “kid”. If she wasn’t calling her kid, she was calling her Connie. She had barely paid attention to the tour since she had constantly been correcting Lia about her name.

      “My name’s Nellie!” she said for what felt like the fiftieth time. “It’s not that hard to remember!”

      “Sorry, Nell. I'm not really a people person, so I can't remember names that well.” Lia shrugged as she looked back at Nellie. “Well, looks like my job’s done. There's the mess hall if you're hungry.”

      Nellie sighed as Lia left her and hugged her stuffed rabbit tightly. She almost didn’t want to go to the mess hall, but changed her mind when her stomach rumbled again. She kissed her rabbit on the head and tucked it into her belt before walking into the mess hall. She saw a table that didn’t have that many people and walked towards it, but tripped over her untied shoelace and fell to the ground. She blushed as she stood up and dusted herself off, sitting down at the nearest table before she embarrassed herself again.

      sincerely, me~

      step out, step out of the sun if you keep getting
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        The Blood of the Gods

        Callum dreamt. He was confronted with a misty, grey, dark image. It was England, midday. The lines of trees declared borders of farms, slotting together like patchwork. A metal wing stretched out beneath his vision. He peeled his eyes away from the small pill shaped window. He was on a plane, he felt there should be people on the plane but there was none. The lights were on and the seatbelt sign was on. The belt that was fastened around his waist fell away. He began floating up in his seat and then in a flash of light the dream changed. His vision pulled away from the heart of a fire. He felt disembodied. Strangely he was hovering above a wreck. A bumblebee orange bus with “CAUTION CHILDREN” on the severed rear. The front is dented a thousand times, crumpling inwards. The sound of running water in the nearby meander.

        Zooming outwards, he notices tiny ants surrounding the now fist sized crash site. It was a mountain with a blue felt tip scribble that divided it diagonally. To the direct south, across the river was a large house that looked like a wild west ranch house, complete with porch and all. He wondered what it was called, and at that moment he caught a few words of someone's conversation. “The Big House” Well, that was a disappointing name, Callum thought. He then heard the same voice say “He said something!” but then it faded away again to the womb-like pulsating ambience.

        He felt like he was flying above the camp, with his peripheral vision clouded with the smoke of an ancient Chinese Dragon. The mist closed in, his vision was white, a murmur came from outside. “He's going deeper.”
        “I'm going in.”
        Several still images came to him. A man and a woman, in a darkened kitchen, the people were silhouettes, mere shadows of themselves. The moonlight shone off the horizon of her cheek as she faced out the gloomy window. The light refracted through a frozen drop clinging to her cheek. The man had a clenched fist and was walking through the door frame. Subtle reflections his eyes revealed a violent stare directly at Callum.

        He returned to the sky view of the bus crash site but instead of floating. He found himself standing on thin air.
        “Hello.” One of the voices from the outside was now inside. It was chirpy and energetic. He turned around to see the voice, but it wasn't there, there was just black. A light streamed out of a point like a spotlight. A silhouette eclipsed the light making it split in multiple directions. The boy had two shapes stretching out from his torso but the light was too bright. The teen landed on the invisible platform, flapping his wings but producing no wind.
        “Hey,” He swept back his light brown hair and put his hands in his stone-grey hoodie that formed over his tee-shirt as he put them there. “How are you doing?”
        He was slightly confused by the winged teenager who simply appeared from a light and asked him as if it was a nice day though stranger things have happened in his dreams. The strange thing was that it was almost normal, in a weird way.
        “I'm good, thank you.”
        “Dreaming about Camp Half-blood?” It was rare for a dream to be self-aware.
        “Well, I guess. Why's it called that?”
        “Well it's a Summer Camp, hence Camp. Half-blood because it's for people like you and me.”
        “People like us?”
        “Demigods, Sons-” he cut himself off. “Or Daughters of Gods, Personifications and Spirits. I'm a son of Morpheus. I can enter dreams.”
        “So, you're an angel?” His head felt a bit hazy, not fully computing the implications.
        “No, Greek pantheon, like Hercules and that”
        “So why do you look like an angel?” He tried to think, “To make me calmer at meeting you?”
        He unfurled his illustrious white eagle wings and brought one around to his front and stroked it. “Not really. I wish I had these kind of wings for real but like my father I've got the power to alter my appearance in a dream, I thought wings are pretty cool, especially in dreams because they don't ruin what you're wearing.” He turned around to show the wings phasing through his clothing.
        “Right, why are you here?”
        “We gave you Ambrosia hours ago. Medically, you're fine, at least that's what Ellie says. However you've been in a deep sleep. We were worried you were in a coma, and needed helping out.” He put his hands on his waist and stretched. “I see you're fine, feels like you'll wake up soon. You want the tour? Travelling in a dream is way faster than walking. I'll stay with you till you wake.”
        He hesitated, “Sure.”
        “You already seen the big house.” They immediately dived in to the wildly not to scale earth and floated above the big western house. Callum was startled how he knew what was in his dream, does this mean he knew everything else in his dream? He pointed at a collection of tents painted in stripes of all of the colours imaginable, giving the place the feel of a circus. “The Arts and Crafts area. A lot of the smart girls go there.” He points to a patch of astroturf. “The volleyball pitches, the satyrs love it there! Though they don't like that they can't eat the grass.”
        “Oh, you know! The half goat, half human.” He moved on forward hastily. “North of all that is the river and the lake, nothing special about that river whatsoever. It's not even an ancient river or powerful river it's just a river, thanks gods. Why couldn't you have made it like the...” he grumbled on to nonsense before returning to his chirpy self. “You got the amphitheatre where people do drama and stuff, but enough drama happens around here for my taste and the climbing wall.” They flew over the river and to the far side of the camp. Hovering over a large wall-less house made of wood. It's purpose soon became clear when a six-limbed creature trotted out of it. “That's the-” The boy was cut off.
        “Stables. Is that Pegasus?” Callum pointed at the magnificent white stallion with illustrious hair and thick prideful wings.
        “A” He stressed the A, “Pegasus. One of thousands of children of him.”
        “Cool! Can you talk to it too?” Callum asked, imagining the thousands you could do if horses could talk.
        “Nope, only demigods of Poseidon.” Pre-emptively guessing the response, “Yeah, god of the sea, I don't get it either.” The boy swam about in the air, kicking his legs. They came above the armoury. “Apart from being a place for Demigods of Ares to hang out, it's a place to train.”
        “Train for what?”
        “Capture the flag, Charioteering, sword play, stuff like that.” He hesitated. “And preparing for the worst.” He admitted solemnly.
        “The worst?”
        The boy glossed over the question. “Over here is the Arena, a place to test your mettle and sharpen your skills. You don't want to be on the losing team in Capture The Flag.” Callm could feel the boy was trying to go faster.
        “Here's the cabins, where you'll be sleeping.”
        The two large cabins were quite large and rustic. “How many do they house?”
        “However many join each team.”
        “Each team?”
        “Capture the Flag.”
        “Right, that again.” Callum paused for a moment, thinking about it. He couldn't get to sleep with all those people in his room all the time making all that noise. “But how can you get to sleep?”
        “Well, you don't. I sleep at The Shrine.”
        “The Shrine?”
        “I'll show it to you when you're awake. It's a very special, quiet space that my grandfather built.”
        “Your grandfather was a demigod?” Callum exclaimed, imagining a pensioner wearing a bright orange “Camp Half-blood” tee-shirt drinking whiskey with his arms around the shoulders of Satyr ladies or holding the flag and running with a bunch of kids in tow with laser tag-guns.
        “Nope, my grandfather was a god, god of sleep.” The boy quickly flew over to the large open Grecian building. Callum knew now, that the boy was rushing. “This is the mess, it is very cool for a lot of reasons, but I'll let you find that out yourself. Some of your friends are waiting for you there.” He looked over the camp, flapping his wings. He then gasped and looked at Callum. “Oh! I totally forgot! I never told you my name. Most people know my name. I'm Trent.” He hurriedly said it as if the door was closing for him to say it. His voice was getting farther and farther way and more echoey. Everything went black.

        Suddenly, the dream changed. It was a valley, or mountain, he couldn't tell which. He couldn't perceive behind the mountains which were acting like walls either side. But it seemed he was on another mountain too, inside the mountain range. This created the rectangular cut out inside the mountain range and another mountain seemingly growing inside it. The massive valley was made by millions of steps going down from the peak of the mountain to the very bedrock of the earth where darkness clouded the end. Atop the hill was the Parthenon with a colour-less marble statue of Zeus out the front of it, twice the size of an adult but in a pose like the Statue of Liberty. Except with a scroll clutched under his arm and his would-be torch holding hand was empty. Trent wasn't near Callum until a few moments after he got a look at the surrounding. Trent returned for only a few seconds.
        “I didn't do this!” He shouted as he faded away.
        When he looked back down at the bottom. There were less steps. The darkness was rising. The shade was cast over the steps and cracks began to form as the shade did so. The longer they were under shadow the more damaged and decrepit they got. Just before the steps became too dark to see the cracks widened in to fissures and chasms. The darkness got faster. And faster. And faster.

        The earth began to rumble. The clear sky was overcome with a great storm. Thunder reigned and Lightning slashed down at the darkness. The Shadows peeked out of cut-out valley. Callum was immobilized. The night invaded the sky. The Storm urgently attempted to strike it down by sending lightning horizontally, at the flickers of stars in midst of the night sky that so desperately kept itself free of clouds.

        The ground battle raged on, the darkness ate the last few steps. It came to Callums feet, but ignored him. He was still fully illuminated as the darkness consumed the statue of Zeus. Whose feet buckled and cracked, crumbling shards of marble fell away underneath as the statue surfed the stairs until losing all structural cohesion. The leftovers were now pieces of rock which quickly wasted away in to dust. Storm was weakening. The shade crept up the front supports of the Parthenon. It cracked and fell away. The roof fell forward as it's supports were swept away under it. It crashed in to the ground and began sliding down the stairs right towards Callum. The roof slammed in to him.

        He woke up.


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          Meeting in the Pavilion

          Barbara "Ash" Ashford
          Cass Hawthorne
          Lucas Samson

          The mess hall was crowded, noisy, and smelled delicious. Ash didn't consider herself a loner, exactly, but crowds like this always made her a little nervous. She told people it was because she had a hard time focusing with so much noise and movement, but in reality she was just worried she'd step on somebody or something like that.

          Despite all that, she found herself at a table, awaiting food, with nothing to do but look around at all the other kids. Well, that or try to make small talk with the two boys sitting across from her. They had entered together, and appeared to be having a conversation, so Ash had respectfully turned away when they entered. The silence between them was starting to become awkward, though.

          "Say something!" A voice hissed. "It won't kill you to make some friends!" Ash looked under the table, where Alicia was hiding. "I'm not here! Just say hello, or I'm not bringing you food!"

          Ash was about to say something, but her grumbling stomach cut her off. She let out a sigh, turning to face the two boys across from her. "Uh... hello... so, apparently we're all demigods here? Sure would explain why everyone's so pretty."

          Cass laughed a little at Ash's dry assessment and replied, "Apparently. Though that's not all to see in a camp full of demigods, no? Otherwise, it'd just be a bit flat."

          "Of course. I'm just saying, some of these kids remind me of those old statues of Greek gods. In both looks and personality, am I right?" She tried for a smile and a joke. "Kinda surprised how many there are, though. Some are really young, too. You'd think people would've noticed if there were that many deities running around, having kids."

          Without missing a beat, Cass smiled a bit and replied, "I see what you mean. It can be a bit stifling such to have such perfect kinda kids. But I don't think you should worry about that. Not when we're busy having a good time figuring how all this god stuff going on. I mean, I've been thinking that I was just a regular kid. And then, to think, I could be the son of some god from ancient Greece! Demeter, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hades, all those guys. What do you think?"

          Ash shrugged, a little surprised how easy this conversation was coming to her. "Yeah, it is kinda cool. I mean, everybody wants to think their parents are cool, but an actual god? That's something else! I wonder which one it was, though... You think we're a lot like our godparent, or like the opposite? Wouldn't that be strange?"

          Cass shrugged. "I guess it depends on who our parent is. Have any idea who yours might be? All I know about mine is that she is a goddess."

          Ash looked around, thinking it over. Not that he could see her eyes anyway, but she didn't like talking about her biological parents. "No clue. I don't know anything about my birth parents, even before I knew one was a god. If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably a war god or something, since I seem to break things so often." Now a bit uncomfortable, she looked around for any source of food.

          Realizing that the subject was sensitive and something that made her self-conscious, Cass offered her an apologetic look and said, "Oh. I see. I understand that it certainly must be something to finally find out who one of your parents is after all this time." He paused, looking at Ash's discomfort and decided to give her a compliment, "But I'm sure whoever your parent is, they must be proud of you. I mean, you're strong, tall, partially divine. I'm sure you must have some kind of great talent to go along with it."

          Ash scoffed, but looked back at Cass with a grin. "Aww, thanks, Hoodie. You know, I'm mainly strong from helping my brother out all the time. He used to love fixing cars and junk like that, and I liked doing what I could. I'd love to get into that, you know? Fixing things, building stuff... if I didn't break things so much. You ever try to repair a toaster? They got like... all these tiny parts and stuff." She waved her hands, not wanting to get into a technical discussion. "But that's beside the point. What about you? Any hobbies, interests, secret powers?"

          The boy replied, "Well, I like to garden, sew, read comics, draw and exercise. As for secret powers, uh, unless you consider speaking French and having good luck with the ladies a secret power, then no, not really."

          Ash leaned back in her chair, raising one eyebrow and smirking. "Good luck with the ladies? I don't know if that counts, but major props for your confidence. Maybe you just haven't found your godly powers yet." She tried hard not to laugh. "You're alright, Hoodie. I'm Ash, by the way."

          Cass scratched his head and chuckled a bit, "Thanks. My name's Cass. You're probably right about not finding my godly powers yet, but something tells me I don't have anything cool like breathing fire or anything like that. I wish I was joking, but my only leads for powers are gardening and love, since I have a reputation for being good at both. Not exactly the most...useful powers, huh?" He shrugged his shoulders at the thought.

          "Nah, it's cool. Gardening is super useful, you know? Growing food, little flowers, medicine... more food... all kinds of stuff. Especially food." She aimed at kick under the table, earning a surprised and pained squeak from Alicia, who bolted out from under the table and ran toward the kitchen. Ash feigned surprise, looking back at Cass. "Who was that?"

          "I don't know. Never seen her before. " He paused before realizing, "Wait, was she under the table the entire time? What was she doing there?"

          Ash grinned, trying not to laugh. "I guess you do have good luck with the ladies." She cracked up at her joke, the look on Cass' face too much for her.

          The red hooded boy couldn't help but laugh as well, thinking of the how well timed that intervention was. "I guess so. But it's not only me who has good luck with the ladies. People come to me a lot for advice too and I help them out with their relationships. It's almost as if my good luck rubs off onto others."

          Ash shrugged, still grinning. "Well, you've got that going for you, which is nice. Some people need all the help they can get. Trust me, I've seen some guys who were just clueless. Plus, you can sew and stuff. It's good to make things, you know? Keeps you busy, and it's fun to invest something of yourself into your creations. Tell you the truth, if this place has a tool shed or like a shop class, I'd be all over it. I'd even settle for arts and crafts, you know? After dinner, that is."

          Enjoying himself, Cass grinned and said, "I'm so glad to find another person that appreciates making stuff." After looking over, he notice that Luke had finished talking with another person and turned to face the two.

          Luke glanced around, "Uh hey, Cass, any clue when we get food?" A soft gurgle emanated from his stomach and he grinned sheepishly, "I'm pretty famished. Also what was that whole thing about picking our cabins or whatever?"

          The brown-haired boy shrugged, "I'm still not sure. Have any clue, Ash?"

          Ash shook her head, looking for the food herself. "Honestly, I just woke up shortly before I got here. This girl dropped the demigod bomb on me, promised me there would be food, and then dropped me off here. If I had to guess, they're sorting us into cabins for sleeping. Maybe we draw cards from a hat or something?"

          "Oh, uh, who are you?" Luke queried. He quickly smiled apologetically, "Didn't mean to be rude, sorry, I'm Luke!" He thrust out his hand across Cass's body, ready for Ash to take it.

          Ash looked at Luke's hand, raising an eyebrow. She shrugged and gripped it, a little harder than she had to, offering a smile. "Hi, Luke. I'm Ash, nice to meet you! Always like making new friends." She was a touch sarcastic about it.
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            The Fuzzy Glow of Food
            Lucas Samson
            Son of Hemera
            Camp Halfblood

            Luke glanced are the area for a second before venturing, "You know, I think I sorta like it here. The pond is really pretty, have you been?"

            "Can't say I have. Probably something to do with our rough arrival, but I haven't had a chance to sightsee." In all fairness, Ash didn't much like the water, anyway.

            Luke nodded and looked forward. He noticed some ladies carrying around trays of food and was about to flag one down, when suddenly a steaming plate of charred salmon clattered onto the table in front of him. He turned rapidly and an angry looking man stood, in the process of thrusting a similar plate of chicken and rice in front of Cass. Luke stared as he realized that the man had two short and stubby horns sticking out of his curly brown hair. The golden haired boy was about to say something, when the man bleated and Luke noticed that his legs were covered in fur, a similar color to the hair on his head. The legs were finished by grey hooves and Luke just sat, gawking.

            "Here you go!" Alicia's cheery voice sang out as she appeared by Ash, putting down a plate of muffins. Ash looked at Cass' and Luke's plates, kind of annoyed. "Seriously? Where's my plate of actual nourishment?"

            "Right behind me, silly!" Alicia stepped aside as a lovely young woman put a plate in front of Ash, with country fried steak and a cob of corn. Ash's eyes lit up, and Alicia giggled as the nymph put cups in front of Ash and her new friends. "Just point to the cup, tell it what to fill up with, and voila! Bon appétit!" The girl slipped away, leaving the trio to their meal.

            Cass looked confusedly at Luke, and back at Ash. "Huh? How does"

            Luke shrugged and pointed at his cup, "Uh, regular Fresca?" A swirl of liquid bubbled out of the bottom of the cup, like a reverse toilet flush. Luke gingerly lifted the cup to his mouth and tipped it back. He nodded and said, "Tastes right."

            Needing no further prompting, Ash pointed to her cup. "Can I get an orange Faygo?" The cup filled up, bottom to top, and Ash happily gulped down a swig. "Hey, it's magic!"

            Following the lead of the others, Cass pointed at his cup and requested, "Uh, Earl grey tea, with honey?" The cup instantly filled up with the beverage and stood out from the other kid's requests for sodas. He took the cup, took a sip and exclaimed, "Wow, this tea is great."

            Ash snorted, hiding it behind her cup. "Is it? Fresh brewed and hot?" She put down her empty cup, grinning. "Cup, get me a TaB." The cup filled, making Ash grin. "Oh, I'm trying mixed drinks next!"

            Luke raised an eyebrow, "Good luck with that." He began to dig in to his salmon, eating ravenously.

            Out of the three of them, Cass ate with the most restraint, but nonetheless ate fairly fast, enjoying his delicious meal. He exclaimed his approval, and once he finished a mouthful of food he said to the two, "This food is great. "

            Ash ate quickly, famished from her temporary coma. As she was finishing, she got an idea. "Hey guys, 5 bucks says I can get this corn cob into that bonfire." She grinned wickedly, gauging the distance. She chucked the finished cob over other students' heads, making it land right in the fire, which flared up momentarily. "Whoo!" Ash pumped her fist in triumph.

            Luke glanced at Ash and chuckled slightly. He looked down at his plate for a moment and said, "You're on." With his salmon came a salad, including long sticks of celery. He took one in his hand and raised it above his head, planning his throw. He threw it with vigor, and it flew across the room, striking one of the servers in the face. Luke gasped in shock and rose to his feet quickly. He ran to the woman, who was blinking rapidly, unamused. "I am so, so sorry ma'am," Luke pleaded.

            The lady snorted and raised her hand at Luke muttering, "Watch your aim next time." A jet of water shot out of her hand, colliding with Luke's ribcage and sending him toppling into the ground, soaking wet. The lady harrumphed and her entire body wavered, splashing to the ground as a puddle of water that rapidly flowed out of the pavilion. The tray she was holding clattered to the ground, sending food everywhere.

            Cass looked on in awe, not believing what he just saw. He abandoned his meal and went to Luke's side, asking him, "Are you ok?"

            Luke's mouth spread out in a lopsided grin, "Yeah, I'm good. It's casual." He sat up straight and looked around, everybody was staring at him. He waved, "Great first impression, I know. Hi. I'm Luke."

            Ash came up beside the pair, taking the dropped tray off the floor. "I'll take this..." She offered her other hand to Luke, shaking her head and smiling. "Get up, you big goof. You're making a scene."

            Luke grasped Ash's hand and hoisted himself up, "Thanks Ash," He smiled. He glanced around again, "Sorry everybody."

            "Luke?" A voice called out. Luke turned and saw Advika staring him. "Come over here," She beckoned, "Bring your friends." Luke obeyed and stood in front of her, slightly awkwardly. The table had five people sitting at it, but room for maybe seven more. The Indian girl looked him up and down, her sprigs of hair shifting slightly. She smiled, "I was going to ask you this later, but now's just a good a time as any! Would you like to join our cabin? Your friends are welcome to come along if they'd like. We have enough room."

            Luke glanced back at the other two for a second, but pronounced, "Uh, sure."

            Another girl, also having a brownish tone of skin, amused by the antics of the nymph squirting down Luke, turned to him and said, "Heh, you alright there, dude? I see I'm not the only one who can do that sorta thing with water."

            Luke shrugged, "Yeah, I'm fine." He turned to Cass and Ash, "Uh, so are you coming along?"

            The boy in the red hoodie replied, "I guess so. We have all gotten to know each other and I've been enjoying you guy's company. I certainly wouldn't mind going to a cabin with you." He turned to the Indian girl and asked, "So we just choose who we wanna be with for the cabins?"

            The red-haired girl took a seat with the others, nodding her greetings. "Thanks for the invite. So you guys already have a cabin?"

            Advika smiled and nodded, "Yup. We're dormed in cabin 25, better known as Little Ithaca, a part of team Iron Owl. Our cabin's pretty new, but it's nice and we definitely wouldn't mind the new members. I'm sure you'll love all of us, you should definitely join! Everyone in the Iron Owls is pretty great, especially Rory, the team leader, I'm sure you'll get to meet him soon if you join. And if you don't like it, no sweat, you can join any other cabin that will take you. The system's pretty fluid!" She grinned.

            The other brown skinned girl grinned and replied, "That'll be great. You guys seem to be chill guys." Realizing that she hadn't introduced herself to the boy in the red hoodie, the tall red-haired girl and the blonde boy, she introduced herself to them. "Oh yeah, name's Makana by the way. Makana Kai." Certainly among this crowd her slight accent and exotic name would draw a few questions.

            "Well, having a cabin certainly sounds good, and you guys seem to know what you're doing. If you're cool with letting some new blood in, I'd be happy to be that blood. know what i mean." Ash looked at Cass expectantly.

            Cass nodded, reaffirming Ash's statement. In response to Makana, Cass replied, "Makana, huh? I can't say I've ever heard of that name before."

            The long haired girl nodded and answered, "Yes, it certainly is Hawaii that is. That's where I'm from. You ever been?"

            The brown haired boy shook his head no. "Can't say I have. I wish I'd have traveled there. Seems like such a pretty place to be."

            Luke grinned at the other two, "This is sick! When do we go to the cabin?"

            "After the bonfire," Advika smiled back, her smile matching the vibrant pink streaks in her hair in brightness.

            Makana exclaimed, "Ooh, a bonfire. Seems like just the thing to wrap up this day. What are we going to do there?"

            Ash perked up at the mention of fire. "Well what else do you do around fires? We stay warm, throw things on the fire, roast up marshmallows, or hot dogs, if you're still hungry. I dunno, it's a camp, right? Probably sing songs or something, I don't know."

            Makana clarified, "Oh I know about what to do at a bonfire. I've had many on the beach. I just meant for here, at this kind of camp. Where we're all partially gods and stuff."

            Cass added, "I've been wondering the same kind of thing. It'll be fun anyways though. Sure beats going to a school for 'troubled' kids, huh?"

            Ash scoffed indignantly. "I'm not a 'troubled' youth! least I don't think I am..." She thought about it quietly for a moment.

            "Oh no no, I didn't mean that you were 'troubled'. I'm fairly certain now that it was just a cover to get us here. You seem like a perfectly lovely person."

            Ash nodded slowly, thinking it over. "Yeah, that makes sense. Somehow I doubt 'School for Demigods' would go over well."

            "Uh, yeah, I guess," Luke concurred. People around the pavilion began to rise and trail off across the camp in a similar fashion to how they arrived to it. "I guess this is it then?"

            Advika nodded, "Off we go!"

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            Sirus Osborne and Micheal Wayne

            17 | Males | Children of Hades and Phobetor

            A few hours after Michael woke up in a hole in the ground, almost burried alive, he was walking around trying to find a cabin to stay in. The boy he had met had filled him in on all the details that his father neglected to tell him, and even pointed him in the direction of an abandoned cabin he could stay in. Being that he was the son of the nightmare god, he doubted anyone would want him anywhere near them, especially not near where they sleep. He sighed. Yet another reason for people to hate him. It wasn't like he was the most friendly person in the world, but he seemed to make everyone around him's lives into living nightmares. Call it a talent or curse, whatever it was, he just hoped he'd grow out of it.

            When he reached the spot where the boy said the cabin would be, he hesitated. It was much more run-down than the boy had made it out to be. It wasn't much worse than where he normally stayed though, but it still bothered him that even in a camp for demigods he was stuck with the broken remains of a shack. He walked up to the door, and shoved, which caused the hinges to buckle and snap off, landing the door in a loud crash onto the floor in front of him. Of course. He sighed, slight tears forming in his eyes.

            With a loud bang the door to the cabin fell off, causing Sirus to open his eyes as he cradles his newfound kitten companion. "What the hell?" He thought to himself as he clumsily fell out of the hammock and made his way to the doorway. Standing in the doorway was ahe doorway was a tallish pale boy with jet black hair.. "Uh... hi?" Sirus called out awkwardly. The cat (Once again in skeleton form) poking its head out from between his feet.

            "Oh, uhh, I was told this place was abandoned. I, uhh, sorry about the door." he itched behind his ear nervously, "Nice, cat?"

            "Well it was, my uh... friend pointed it out to me." Sirus sort of shifted in the doorway. "He said others were bound to come around, so... I guess you can just sort of take a room or something... Why this cabin though? Surely you'd want one that doesn't have doors falling off their hinges and creepy weird kids with skeleton cats in them?" He chuckled nervously. He was clearly not a peoples person.

            "Wait, I can stay? I mean to tell the truth this isn't much worse than what I usually stay in, but I figured as soon as anyone found out I was the son of the god of nighmares I wouldn't be around their cabin long. Thought I'd find someplace out of sight. And not in the good way."

            "God of... Nightmares?" Sirus stared at the boy. "Well I suppose I shouldn't complain. My dad is Hades, lord of the underworld and god of the dead. Explains the skeleton cat I suppose." He paused to pick up the bony kitten, which purred happily. Although without vocal coords, Sirus couldn't help but wonder how. "So like... do you just sort of make people have nightmares? I'm generally a pretty lucid dreamer myself, so I guess that sort of counterunters your... gift?"

            "I'm not even sure I know what, if any, uhh, 'gifts' I have. Unless you count my whole life being one big nightmare." he joked.

            "At least you don't see dead people. You'll really learn to avoid public bathrooms." Sirus chuckled. "But yeah, you seem like a nice enough guy I suppose. Just promise not to secretly be an ax murderer or something. Because I can and will haunt you. And have other ghosts haunt you. And like make sure you go to hell. Or whatever the greek equivalent is. Really should have studied history a bit more." Sirus chuckled to himself.

            "Well, the haunting thing sounds scary. But, I've been to hell, it's not that bad. I actually met my dad there. Turns out I died in the bus crash or something, and he somehow made a deal with someone to let me live? Its been a long day." Michael bent over to pick up the door, which he set up against the wall next to the frame. "I don't suppose you have a spare door?"

            "Oh uh hold on. ARTY! ARTY GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND BRING ME A DOOR." Sirus shouted into the air. "Wait you... died? Weird. You look healthy enough I suppose, I can sort of... tell if things are alive? Weird ****ing power but yeah..." Sirus looked at the teen curiously. "So what was hell like? Most the ghosts I talk to simply never moved on. Wait how did you just end up in hell? There should have been an in between period of just walking the earth until you find a ferryman or something? Man this **** is more confusing every minute... I blame all the different religions trying to confuse ****." Sirus joked as he walked up and looked at the now doorless doorway. "I think he, my friend, said the Hermes kids were really good at 'aquiring' stuff. Maybe they'll have a door."

            "Well, until then I guess we can deal with it. It's not like we really need it for privacy since we live in the middle of nowhere." he said while rifling through his backpack, which had been returned to him earlier after assuring the blonde boy he was not dead. He pulled out half of a sandwich and shoved as much as he could in his mouth. "So I'll just set up in this corner over to the left then?" he managed to get out in between chewing.

            "Sounds good to me, I'm Sirus by the way. Sirus Osborne. This is uh... Felix. Yeah that'll work."

            "Michael." he replied, laying out a towel he had in his bag as well as emtying everything hard out of his bag so he could use it as a pillow later. "So, wanna go wander around? I have absolutely no idea what we're supposed to be doing here."

            "I think I saw a big ass firepit on my way here. I like burning ****. Lets go." Sirus chuckled as he picked up Felix and carried that cat off with him as he started trotting in no direction in particular as he was a terrible naviagtor.


            Friends for Infinity
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              The last thing in his memory was being slammed in the face by the front of the Parthenon. He came in to waking world and his hands flew to his face, this flipped the blanket off of him. “Good, my face is still there.” It should have left his head pounding, if it was real, but it wasn't. A few seconds of silence had flew past and no one heard him speak out loud. He sat up, only opening his eyes when his body was perpendicular. He looked around, with all the medical equipment around he guessed it was some kind of First Aid Room. He looked around, noting his clothes on the table next to him.

              To his surprise, there was someone in the room with him. Trent laid curled up on the two-seater sofa, notably without wings. The dream he did remember thought, he remembered it crisply, as if it was real. Here, sitting on the chair on the opposite wall, partially obstructing the through-corridor, was the boy from his dreams.

              The boy opened his eyes and pushed himself up from the seat. “Hey, you're up.” Jumping up from the sofa.
              “You're real.” Callum rubbed his head with surprise. He'd seen dreams based on things he'd seen before, but never seen things based on dreams. A strange pang of deja vu crawled over him.
              “Don't sound so surprised. You remember the dream, right?”
              “Yeah,” he scratched the back of his neck, “That's another gift of mine.”
              “Wait, wait, wait. Would you mind running by this again. You're a demigod. The son of a god.”
              “A greek god? Like El-... El-...”
              “Elly” He nodded. “I help Elly out because I'm the son of Morpheus, they didn't name Morphine after him for nothing.”
              “So they exist.”
              A bit bored by his repetitive questions, Trent sat upside-down, putting his legs on the wall. “Yep.”

              “Right, so I think I got it.” His stomach roared, his hand flew to his stomach.
              “There's a dining pavilion, that way.” He pointed in that general direction.
              Excited, Callum jumped out of bed, he started to run up the hill. Trent called out “Stop, you need to change in to your normal clothes.” He held a bundle of clothes in his clenched hands.
              Callum ran back down and snatched the clothes out of his hands and stripped off his hospital gown. Trent went “Gah” and averted his eyes. Callum got on his trousers and his two tops. He ran to the pavilion. The sun beat down and heated up the camp. It became unbearable. He took off his plaid shirt, leaving his white T-shirt. Then, he indulged in his favourite food the spirits gave him.


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