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The Latter Years
OOC| IC | Theme Music

Welcome to the Pokemon World as presented in the Mystery Dungeon games. A world without human beings, where Pokemon are the dominant sentient inhabitants. This is a world filled with vibrant scenery and treacherous dungeons where you can undergo thrilling and challenging journeys. Of course, you will not be visiting anything like that in this roleplay. No, this is a roleplay about the most daunting journey of all, life. Or rather, the less exciting latter years of it.

This is a sandbox roleplay about old Pokemon doing old Pokemon things. You simply interact with each other in amusing ways and give your fellow roleplayers a reason to laugh, or maybe to cry. There is one real goal in this RP, for your character(s) to achieve their final wish so they can eventually pass on fulfilled.

Beatrice the Blissey's Age'd Care Facility

Founded a great many years ago, Beatrice’s facility has been modernised but has otherwise changed very little as it has passed on through the hands of her descendants, now being run by her granddaughter.

The centrepoint of the facility is a large three-story structure made from wood that seems to have grown from and between a bunch of enormous trees. This is the main building of the facility and is quite a sight to behold with several ramps connecting the floors both from the outside and inside. The first floor contains communal areas such as the dining area and kitchen, library and lounge area as well as a large section off to the side which is the medical wing. The second and third floors are taken up primarily by small apartments that house both residents and staff members.

Apart from the main building is an expansive grounds that is dotted by numerous trees and flowers a small dirt path leading from the front of the facility to the main building, small offshoots breaking off from it and leading to other parts of the facility. Close to the main building are several small cottages where more able bodied couples live. Brenda lives alone in one such cottage whilst Doctor Meister Mr Mime, the chief physician at the facility, lives in the main building.

A large lake dotted with with small islands can be found a short walk past the main building. Beneath the lake’s surface are several caves that have been decked out for Pokemon that prefer to live underwater to dwell in. At the centre is a domed structure that is open both to the water of the lake and to a bridge from the shore. The inside is scarce of furnishing mostly but is designed as a comfortable place for land and water dwellers to interact.

Almost everywhere within the facility is designed to accommodate a diverse range of Pokemon with different sizes and shapes. It is still unfortunately lacking in accommodation for the truly massive species however.


I’m just going to leave this perpetually open probably. Feel free to make multiple characters if yo can handle it.

gimmepie as Fred and Sammy
Noraxia as Dot
Kitty as Evangeline
Gelius as Tony, Yuri, Gelius and Momoka
Afterglow Ampharos as Quetzalli
Winter as Pharrah
Arachneo as Surus

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Exploring the Grounds

Fred moved down the ramp at a crawl, like he always did. An Audino nurse was working with Sammy back in their room and the Sunkern had determined long ago that he’d rather not have Fred around for things like that. Which suited Fred fine. He wasn’t entirely sure why appointments like that bothered him. He knew they did though.

Eventually, Fred reached the bottom of the ramp and found himself standing in an open area. Off to one side, a group of his fellow seniors were gathered around the lounge area on various different forms of chair and cushion depending on their size and body type. Whilst most were chatting or had commandeered a table to play a game of cards or something, Fred was pretty sure several had just fallen back asleep. Ahead was the wide entrance to the dining room and large professional kitchen. He could still smell a faint whiff of breakfast as the last few indulged in the morning meal. Fred and Sammy had already eaten and he didn’t really want to talk with the other oldies, so Fred decided to go for a walk around the grounds. Thankfully he still had enough strength in his limbs to do that.

Out through the massive wooden doors, hanging open during the warm sunny weather, Fred walked into an open grassy expanse. On either side of him were wide flower beds, ahead of him trees obscured any view of the nearby town. He had complained plenty about being forced into the aged care lifestyle, but he supposed that a positive was that the grounds really were quite pretty.

Fred kept on going, noticing the glimmering expanse of the large lake off to his left, somewhat behind the main building. A white, wooden bridge lead to a large dome made of and painted the same. Water flowed in through arches on both sides with a third arch being open to the bridge. Fred knew that within was a second sort of lounge area, designed so that sea dwelling Pokemon and those that lived above the water could interact comfortably if they chose to. Fred rarely bothered visiting the place though, he didn’t know any of the lake dweller particularly well. He was just glad that they tended not to float to the surface when they kicked it.

Fred kept on walking along the dirt path, not trying to push his limits by walking too far, but not really paying attention to anything either. It was a nice day, a comfortably warm temperature with nary a cloud in the sky. It might have sucked for the few Ice-typed residents but that wasn’t his problem. Eventually, Fred found himself under an oak tree that was growing in a patch of various vibrantly coloured flowers. He wondered who took care of them since they looked so pretty. It was such a wonderful spot. Now if only he could remember why he was standing there...

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    Chapter 1: A Good Cigar fixes all troubles.

    Tony was with his fellow senior friends playing some Poker. Once the Round was over, Tony revealed his hand: A Royal Sequence. The Elder Abomasnow simply threw the cards to the table. "Arceus Damn it, Tony! You won again!" The Elder Abomasnow said, obviously pissed for the loss.

    "What can i say? I guess i am good at playing." Tony said, picking a cigar. With his breath, he lights it up, and starts smoking. "Anyway, for another Round?" Tony said, occasionally smoking on the cigar.

    "Nope." Said Abomasnow.

    "Nah, i'm good." Said the Elder Electabuzz.

    "No." Said the Elder Charmeleon.

    "Alright. Do you want me to buy you lunch? My daughter can go get it." Tony said. Again, the three fellow Elders shook their heads. Then, they started talking about matters. They began their talk with how a Rescue Team was not efficient. Charmeleon was quiet, Abomasnow agreed due to having belonged to an Exploration Team. Electabuzz purely denied. He once was part of one after all. Tony simply laughed. He hated these kinds of idiots.

    Then, the matter changed to how Exploration Teams could be a good disguise for stealing treasures. Charmeleon was quiet, but Electabuzz quickly agreed that these were the spine of the society. Such idiotic young ones. Abomasnow was angry to hear that, though. Insulting explorers was insulting them. Tony, once again, laughed. Oh, how many has he dealt with back then. They were the spine that never left his feet.

    Following, the matter changed to how the Expedition Society did nothing useful, and that even Wigglytuff's Guild was more useful. All but Charmeleon agreed, as Charmeleon was a friend of someone who works there. Resuming, he wanted to burn Abomasnow right now, but did not. Tony laughed, still smoking his cigar.

    After a while, Tony was left alone. Abomasnow was needing health care, and Yuri had escorted him to the health wing. Gelius needed to do cleaining in Charmeleon's room, which was locked. And Electabuzz was needing to go outside for a walk. Tony looked to outside. It was a beautiful day indeed. And Tony did not even care about that. Surely, Momoko, that Froslass that talks to no one, hated this day. So she was reading some books.

    Tony gave a cough, but nothing too violent. Resuming to read the newspaper, he kept smoking the cigar. Suddenly, Gelius, that non-motivated staff member, came up. "Hey, old hag! You got visits." He said, returning to his position again. Tony remembered the day he started working here. Ah yes, he did absolutely nothing. And that got into some mocking in the beginning. Tony did give almost no cares to the society of today. He had important matters, more than society.

    Tony simply saw three of his six sons come in. The ones who ran the business as partners. "Papa!" The Younger Honchkrow said, moving in for a hug to the so beloved father. "Donatello Junior! È bello vederti. Cosa ti porta qui? Visita familiare? ... O sei venuto a discutere di affari? Forse entrambi?" Tony spoke Italian to the younger Honchkrow, the one named Donatello Junior. It would translate to: "Donatello Junior! It's good to see you. What brings you here? Family Visit? ... Or did you come to discuss business? Maybe both?"

    "Indeed." The Persian, named Voight, spoke. "We have matters to discuss." Voight said. Lola, the Purugly, sat down, along the two other brothers.

    And there they were. Speaking of business, and family as well. Tony said they were fine, and so did the other three. It was all going well right now. But Business was not going well. Donatello revealed that a Skuntank was owing a huge load of cash to the mafia. Tony's mafia. He promised to pay the debt, but never did, and now money was needed. Tony suggested "Go beat him up some sense. Don't go straight for elimination." Tony recommended. They continued to talk for a good while to be honest.

    After a while, the three had to leave. Tony was once again, left alone, smoking his cigar. He simply resumed reading the newspaper.
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    Surus Dieter

    "Another morning... another day closer."

    Surus sluggishly got out of his bed, and looked out the window, judging whether was suitable or not for his old body. The sun shined with a comfortable warmth that felt just perfect. The trees provided enough shade, and there were flowers still in bloom. Surus gave off a yawn, and stretched out his tired muscles. He grabbed a glass with his trunk, and set it aside so he could pour water in it with the pitcher. Then, he grabbed a couple of pills and gulped them down with a gulp of water. "Ugh... damn. Age is not kind to me." Surus grumbled, he then began to make his way to the outside area open to the patients.

    The old Donphan quietly and casually made a small trek around the lake, just as he did every day so that his muscles wouldn't give up on him just yet. However, he also didn't push himself too hard. Surus knew his days were numbered, and he didn't want to leave this world anytime soon. He paid no mind to any of the other Pokemon that were part of the facility. He only walked alone, wandering not only around the lake but in his mind. Surus could feel an ache in his front, right leg, but pressed on. Looking back up, he saw that same tree he would rest under every morning. Slowly crawling up a small slope, he sat himself down close to the water's surface. "...." Silence. Surus hasn't talked much since his niece and nephew parted ways, and after they graciously set their dear uncle with a stable living condition.

    "... I still hate it here." Surus thought this to himself, as he looked down at the reflection in the water.

    In this reflection, he saw... a lot of time that had passed. A lot of choices that Surus regrets to this day. Not that he would take it back. He knew he did what needed to be done. He did what he could.

    He sighed... and lowered his head to ground level, taking in the smell of nature around him. His trunk lay flat, just near a small flower. The fragrance was pleasant, and the sun helped Surus warm up nicely. He wasn't ever sure if it was cold in his bed or if it was just him, but the nights felt cold at times. Still, Surus always made it a personal ritual to soak in sunlight at the lakeside, looking out and letting his old mind wander to earlier years of his life.

    Though he quietly pondered, he also took in the smells around him. The smell of the green grass, the blooming flowers, and the feeling of the morning air as he slowly inhaled, and exhaled.

    Surus already felt himself ready to take a nap, not wanting to leave this spot. However, he shook himself awake, difficult as it may be. Surus slowly stood back up, and continued his morning walk around the open lake.
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    Pharrah yawned, her snout opening up to reveal jaws stained dark purple from last night's snacking on bluk berries (which she really should be cutting down on, according to the doctors, but when did she ever follow doctors' orders?). She felt her bones, whatever was left of them, creaking as she slithered off her bed (arguably the most extravagant bedding in the entire home), putting on her shades. She stumbled around in morning blindness, trying to get her muk together. Right now, "muk" meant her daytime look that comprised of a magenta silk scarf, a flower crown apparently handcrafted by a Comfrey, her trusted purse (blessed by the hands of Versmearce, the designer himself) and a flowing summer dress that accentuated her casual coyness.

    She left her room, making her way downstairs to the reading room, where she spied Charlotte, bringing in the daily mail and the home's subscriptions.

    "Could I have my papers, Lottie my love?"

    Charlotte obliged, sifting out the fashion magazines which Pharrah so loved to page through every day.

    "Would you mind some tea, ma'am?" the young girl asked.

    "Oh yes m'dear. And oh, I told you to call me 'miss', I'm not that old."

    Pharrah winked over her shades towards the spinarak, who crawled out of the reading room to the pantry.

    The old salazzle turned her attention back to the magazines.

    "Oh!" She feigned a gasp. "Girls can get away with showing lots of shoulder these days!"
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      As the sun rose on a new day in Beatrice's Aged Care Facility, a certain fluffy Pokémon sat up in her bed. She shook her head awake, and quickly reached for her nightstand... feeling around for the small, rectangular glasses to be placed onto her nose.
      The Flaaffy finally hopped out of bed and walked over to the mirror at the front of the room and gave herself a good look-over. She quickly brushed and fluffed up the wool on her head and around her neck, and turned around to check the glow of her tail. It was glowing a bright, sky blue. For a moment, she smiled... but it turned to a grimace as she knew it would soon fade to a duller hue.

      Dot decided to put it out of her mind, as she always did. There was no need, no time to get lost in thought over an inevitability. Rather she should hurry downstairs. Quickly sticking her knitting needles into her wool for convenience, she rushed down the stairs into the dining hall.

      Usually an early riser, she was surprised so many other residents had made it down before her already. Tony the Honchkrow, had seemingly employed his shady tactics to beat his friends at a poker once more. At least they didn't play for money, or soon he likely wouldn't have any friends left. She walked by and raised an eyebrow. Or did they?

      She kept moving and spoke a hearty ''Good morning!'' to Pharrah the Salazzle sitting in her usual spot. ''How are the latest trends? Anything wool? Perhaps you can give me some tips for my next project later?'' Dot said as she paused by her table. She then quickly excused herself however, afraid to impose as the tall, slender Poison-type always seemed the slightest bit intimidating still.

      Walking over to the food counter, the Flaaffy finally received a plate of breakfast; soft and freshly baked poffins with a warming Aspear berry filling, with a glass of Moomoo Milk for her bones... Dot quickly moved to snag a table by herself, preferring to not have others watch her as she ate.
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        Chapter 2: Leaves, Flowers, Grass, Huh... Dehydration?

        (JP With Chura/Kitty)

        Yuri was finishing helping the elder Abomasnow with the healthcare. "There you go sir. All nice and done." She said with a bright smile. The elder of the two smiled back. She was such a real sweet person, to almost anyone! Well, Almost. But anyway. she packed the medical healthcare utensils and left the health wing. Passing by the Lazy Zangoose, who was pretty much on the chair, lazying out, slacking off in work, she simply said "Don't slack off. That's no good for us." She said with a smile, leaving for the lounge.

        She waved at everyone, even the old Smoking bird himself. She was kind of a sort of a sunshine to most. She then saw Eva, and looked her schedule. Today she kinda was supposed to help Eva's Healthcare. So her decision is to do so and even entertain her. She walked towards the Tsareena. "Good Morning Miss Evangeline. You look as elegant and as queenly as ever." She said with a smile.

        Eva took her time and stretched, one eye opening to look at the Grass type. "Thank you dear, but you don't look like you have my tea." She yawned, now sitting up to properly face her. She figured she had enough sunlight for one day. "So, I'm assuming you're here for something else?"

        "Oh sorry, miss. Let me grab your tea." She said, as she did so quickly. Bringing the Tea to Evangeline, she put it down. "Would you like some magazines? Some Fashion ones, Miss Evangeline?" Yuri smiled, before resuming. "And yes, you have amazing detecting instinct. I am not here just to make your healthcare. I also came to cheer you up Miss. I think that you are a great person." She said with a cheerful smile. How can she be cheerful, Arceus know how.

        "Hmm," The Tsareena hummed, grabbing the offered tea and taking a small sip, smiling slightly when she deemed it good enough for her tastes. "Honey lemon. Adequate." She looked at the Bellossom, being quite nice. It boosted her ego a bit. "I know I am, dear. All grass types would know that as soon as they see me." She smirked, then frowned slightly again once she saw the drying leaves. "If you're here for my health, then you ought to do something about these leaves, no? They've been drying up."

        "I see..." She said, checking. "I think it is a bit of Water Lack. Dehydration. Sorry for asking miss, but how many times a day you drink water?" Yuri said, apologizing while bowing. "After all, an elegant lady should hydrate herself." Yuri spoke then. She honestly liked Eva. Reminded of someone nice first sight.

        That question made her raise a brow. "Interesting question." She took another sip of tea, as if to emphasize that she's drinking right now. "I'm pretty sure I've been drinking enough for an average grass type. Thrice a day, plus the tea." She declared, a bit offended but internally telling herself to calm down. The nice grass type was just caring. The took a deep breath.

        "True, but at times, thrice is not enough, specially on hot days like today. I've been in the jungle before, and when a Day Like this hits, Grass Types tend to dry a bit with not enough water. One recommendation is getting enough sun but not too much, and the other one is Drinking lots and lots of water." Yuri said, with a smile. "But i always wondered Miss Evangeline. How was your "younger ages" so to speak? Were they good?" The Belossom spoke, curious and wanting to know more about the Tsareena.

        Eva sighed, "I suppose. I'll have to remember to drink a bit more water next time." She also made a mental note to herself to search for moisturizing lotions. Overhydrating herself is not part of the plan. She blinked when the Bellossom asked about her younger days. Kids these days, don't they know the story of the wonderful Eva? She sighed slightly, but hid a smile. At least she gets to tell the younger ones about the good old days. "Oh, they were marvelous darling. Back in my days, the types were separated and everything was in order. You don't get to see hybrids that often too, which bloody tainted the type line." She paused, taking more sips. "Granted, there was a war, as well as type hierarchies, but our line-- our grass type line-- that was considered to be the greatest."

        She smiled, pointing to herself. "And I, Evangeline, am the current head of the line."

        "I see... Well, i had a Bellossom Mother and a Vileplume Father. I did not know much about that. But they died in a younger age. So i was taken in by my grandparents. But going back to you miss, sounds wonderful." She said with a smile.

        She frowned, "I pity you dear. Having a Vileplume for a father must be so toxic, with his additional Poison typing. Do tell me what happened to them?" She said, now slightly curious in the grass type's history and ignoring her requests for more of the good old days.

        "Well, having a Vileplume for a father was natural. After all, i did evolve from a Poison Type." She said, then remembered about what happened with them. "My mom died of poison from an Arbok. My Father died trying to defend her, burned from the Arbok's fangs..." She said.

        Eva nodded, "Yes, yes, poor you too. Having to evolve from such a noxious typing. At least you're back to the beautiful types again." She frowned upon hearing how they died, "I truly, absolutely, pity you dearie. This is why we separate from such typings! If we have stuck to that old order, then things like your parents dying wouldn't have happened."

        "I know that my Father was a Vileplume. But he at least was a father." Yuri said. She sighed. Then she remembered. "Oh miss, i forgot. How about we entertain you today?" Yuri spoke, trying to enlighten the mood.

        "I suppose." She finished, now ending the topic of discussion. "Hmm. What do you have in mind?"

        "Perhaps Miss Eva would like to go for a walk in the garden." Yuri said, making a pause. "After all, despite the heat, it's still a great day outside for a w---" Yuri was interrupted by the old bird. "A Game Of Poker? Done that, won. I don't care for walks." Tony spoke. Yuri resumed. "I mean, a great day for a walk." Yuri spoke.

        "My leaves are already pretty dry, I don't think I'll be up for a walk."

        "I see... Well, in this case, how about going to the Exercise class. A Miss needs good exercise to become queenly." Yuri said. "What i need is a good cigar thank you. Thieves these days. They turn themselves in for the reward... Back in my day, we were legendary crime lords!" Tony said. Yuri ignored it though. She was nice to Tony, but never sympathized with the bird that much. She waited for Eva's answer.

        Eva rolled her eyes. Legendary crime lords. Suuure. She could never take a dark type seriously. "I remember having an exercise class scheduled later, so that's already on my agenda." She was starting to get tired again, curse old age. She stifled a small yawn, before looking back at the Bellossom. "Is there anything else you need? I'm quite tired already."

        "Oh, i just need to bring the key for the room in a little bit with me, check if it works properly, and then return it to you miss." Yuri spoke.

        "Alright, I'll just be here." The Tsareena nodded, then went back to relaxing.

        Yuri did check the keys. They were working properly. "Alright, that is all. Sorry for interrupting you, Miss Evangeline." Yuri said, going back to te lounge, passing by the Zangoose yet again, who was sleeping behind the counter. "Don't slack off in work. That's no good for us." Yuri said with a cheerful voice and a smile, throwing a small ball of aluminum paper, waking up the Zangoose.

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        Name: Nrop Rats
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