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Old October 14th, 2017 (3:49 PM). Edited October 14th, 2017 by Leo Van Pyroar.
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    Dyke instantly recognized the telepathic voice as the inspector who gave the introductory speech. Looking up from his work, he saw her violently throw her arms down as a Night Daze was released. The Pyroar bolted from his position as the crates he was working on burst asunder as the crimson blast pulsated through them.

    When he looked back at them, both the wolf-like inspector and the yellow inspector were lying on the floor, presumably unconscious. The third inspector, a shiny Unown, was surveying the wreckage when suddenly it spotted him.

    "Listen,"it telepathically commanded,I need you to keep watch of the newcomers while I alert the Crusaders. Also, could you try calming them down. It would be helpful.

    Abruptly after finishing it's statement, the inspector flew off, leaving Dyke to meet its demands. Turning to them, Dyke could tell that many of them were terrified, or at the very least confused.

    "Due to extenuating circumstances, you all have been temporarily placed under my surveillance," he announced to them.
    "Fire the kitten cannon!"
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    Old October 15th, 2017 (6:07 AM).
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      He sighed as he looked around at the wreckage. For a slave ward that threatened you with death for not working, it was rather uncooperative. The wardens are at each others throats, the workers have all the freedom to wander in without consequence. Not what he expected a prison to be like, He sighed again as he looked down at the squirrel-like creature. She, at least he assumed it was a she, was blushing profusely. He kind of pitied her since she seemed to be the only one here that was completely terrified from the situation. Before glancing at the Lion like creature that had stated he was the temporary surveyor he looked at the squirrel creature again. He kneeled down to her.
      "Hey, you alright? You're uh, not looking so good"
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      Old October 15th, 2017 (7:38 AM).
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        Well its a prison, for one thing, Mizus ears perk up at the sudden answer, but she makes no eye contact with the green reptilian. I mean, that dark attack was a mistake-- The reptilian glances over at the upper-class Hylic, but still continued to talk. --Half my fault, I guess. That answered Mizus question about that sudden attack. Sorry bout that. But, yeah, basically if you dont do what youre told, things get really bad for you. Mizu was glad at least some of her questions were answered, but that still didnt explain why their still in this warehouse. Yes, but why are we-- Mizu looks over to realize the chameleon-like creature wasnt standing next to her anymore, neither was that little bug that was frantically skittering around. Why did they leave so suddenly? This was getting a bit repetitive, as she had many questions still unanswered.

        I said THAT IS ENOUGH! Mizu looks over to see the upper-class Hylic dig her arms into the ground, releasing that crimson aura again, its power causing the boxes in the warehouse to explode. However, another Hylics hand becomes engulfed in orange-red flames, as they punch the upper-class Hylic in the chest, the impact of their attacks simultaneously knocking both of them out unconscious. Mizu looks away, her whole body trembling at the upper-class Hylics sudden outburst. After a while, a feline Hylic walks over to Mizu and her co-workers. She was still taken aback by the scene, as she looked up at the Hylic in fear and worry. Due to extenuating circumstances, you all have been placed under my surveillance. Mizu looks at the Hylic as a source for her answers. Surely, if they were put in charge of them, they would at least know something, right? Hey, you alright? Youre uh, not looking so good. Mizu was more focused on getting answers and decided to ignore the goopy creature next to her.

        I have a question! Mizu puts her hand up, as if she was sitting in class, asking the teacher a question. How long are we going to be in this warehouse? I'm feeling more and more unsafe as time goes on. It feels like everything can go absolutely wrong in just a few minutes! Mizu looks at the Hylic, waiting for an answer, still confused by the events that had just transpired.
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        Old October 15th, 2017 (7:11 PM).
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          Amidst the continued routines of single-minded purpose, the group didn't seem to be getting any further in their progressive operation due to a minor setback. The Excadrill has yet to be seen from sight, presumably still tunneling his way through the underground to create a suitable slope for them to enter. They put their faith on his hands, by waiting for the time he finishes the last touch.

          By then, the Hylics were working hard as usual. Weirdly enough, the attendance of a holy inspector couldn't be felt nearby nor from afar. Their presence was the most ominous, but their absence turned the entire facility into a farm full of willing volunteers, unaware of what was going on. What were they thinking for leaving one of the facilities unguarded?

          When Excadrill came from the same pit they rejected, the group scanned the wide grasslands before taking their immediate leave, abandoning ongoing work they were assigned with to proceed into the next step. Edmund was a little tad slower to come so to not make him suspicious toward his colleagues for leaving without saying the mandatory word, but regardless, they reached to the point where they were met with a hidden passageway.

          "I'll take the lead. Tread carefully as I close off the entrance." For the one who knows the ins and outs of the place he made, Excadrill offered himself to take the front line in order to guide them. One by one, they descended down through the dimly lit tunnel. To Edmund's surprise, apparently the underground was more than just a single lane with a bright light coming on its end -- although unseen through plain view, the structures showed repetitions of forced digging, most of them were covered with mold found above, however.

          Brown vines and support columns entwined the wall and pillared the ceiling still, proving that the place has seen its usage taking place before their arrival. He was probably the only one who couldn't feel what the other four sensed upon reaching this point, for they were reminded by its grim history upon its forming. They laid low for more than a year, meaning that this operation is still on the works even after it was shutdown from its former members. Some of them has already passed out before they could see the actual sunrise. Some of them were captured because they were found out and unwilling to give a straight answer. The results too, were far from goal -- it yielded nothing but misery.

          To reenact those unrequited martyrs, the five Hylics planned to conjoint more people in order to free themselves from the shackles of daily overworking. Belated as it may be, they desired more than just a simple select few to make their freedom come true. It was intended to be as big as the former, but obviously not to repeat their past mistakes for spreading the words mindlessly. Seeing to how the day finally came for them to make a prison breakout left them quite anxious for the road beyond this point.

          "Remember that pit?" Excadrill pointed to the circular, bright light above. "Say, why do you think I made that?"
          "Ah, now I get it." Edmund replied to his question. "No wonder how it was easy for us to see through. I honestly didn't see that coming."

          "Looks can be deceiving, Edmund." Spoke Roserade to the Arbok. "By the way, Lex is formerly part of a resistance group. He and the others were unfortunately captured in Sophia, and the fate of the others are, well, unknown."
          "You seem to know a lot about dit and dat." Intervened Simipour, inquiring her monotonically. "Weren't you one of them, Agnes?"

          "Your guess is spot on, Imelda." She confirmed. "However, let us no longer hamper our advancement with such matter. Are we ready to hit the road?"

          Edmund nodded obediently, Imelda gripped her tail tightly, the Sawsbuck bristled its reddish leaves down and finally, Lex grunted heavily in accordance. Before so, Lex climbed to close off the pit with a lid, covered in grass in order to hide it from view. The deed was done, the place immediately went dark the moment he hopped down safely to the ground below. Altogether, they used their strength as Hylics to topple down the concrete wall blocking their path.

          The crumbled debris caused rubble to float for a moment, but the view outside was now visible to them. The sky remained overcast throughout the day, they could feel the strong breeze blowing through them with the wide clearing of concrete flooring surrounding them -- just like what Duskull reminded them of.

          Facing northeast, they could see two other big facilities and a very intimidating one that they'd call the Arcadia. Among the path they saw, crates and barrels were abundant on the sides where trucks are parked -- not to mention that they also had humanoid enforcers with familiar machinery found in the city. They still have to play it out carefully, to sneak and get past them unnoticed surely will be paramount to their overall success.

          With that in mind, they executed the next step of their course -- to infiltrate Facility 1, make contact with and guide the willing newcomers outside.
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          Old October 16th, 2017 (9:04 PM).
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            Jasons brow raised as he felt his fist hit an invisible wall before shattering the ethereal glass and landing the punch on Kerenskys nose. Jason hit the ground on his knee smiled as Kerensky fell backward onto the ground.

            "Meat's got a little bite, does he?! Know your place." The inspector spoke, standing up and preparing to strike back.

            Found my place a long time ago. Im just helping you find yours. Jason called back as he steadied himself for the incoming attack. Suddenly the black fox leapt between the two combatants and released more dark energy, this time with a defined target. Jason dropped back down to his knee to prevent losing his footing as both air and energy attempted to blow him back.

            In the corner of his eye Jason noticed the fox fly past him after getting hit by Kerenskys own Fire Punch. He looked over to Kerenskys seemingly lifeless body lying on the ground then back to the fox that had just took a direct hit for him. Why even bother jumping in? Were just slaves to you, surely we dont matter to someone working with the Crusaders Jason pondered as he stood up and shook off dust that had blown on him from the attack. He then looked over to the group of conversing Hylics.

            Ive got a few questions too. He called out. Why am I the only person here who seems to have a problem with being turned into-, Jason looked down at his body then held his arms out Whatever we are? Assuming you guys are also human and Im not just insane. He looked around the room at the other newcomers and inspectors.

            Doesnt anybody else find it weird that weve been transformed into the very beasts that are illegal to interact with? People literally get dragged away, never to be seen again, just for seeing Hylics! Pain could be seen in his eyes as he angrily yelled at everyone in the vicinity.

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            Old October 17th, 2017 (6:04 AM).
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              "I’ve got a few questions too.” He called out. “Why am I the only person here who seems to have a problem with being turned into-”, Jason looked down at his body then held his arms out “Whatever we are? Assuming you guys are also human and I’m not just insane.”

              He sighs as he looked down at the.....bone creature.
              "well to answer your question, I do have a problem with this. I don't know if you noticed, but any sort of retaliance will most likely end with a scenario that no one here wants to be in. Everyone here is thinking the same questions you are.
              He crossed his arms as he stated.
              "This body is a pain if you must know. It may seem like I don't care but this is the worse thing that has ever happened to me
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              Old October 17th, 2017 (1:17 PM).
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                Greg Strong

                Originally Posted by Afterglow Ampharos View Post
                "So you're both at the same time," Leon gathers from the available clues. "Bug and electric." He twists his face in a curious frown. "If you don't mind me prodding, what's the difference? Getting the electricity pulled out of you, and getting the webbing pulled out of you. Both sound pretty uncomfortable... And demeaning, if I had to guess."
                "Being hooked up to a battery just makes me feel tingly. Makes you tired at the end of the day, but you get used to it. Getting milked for my silk is..." Greg shuddered at the memory. "They have a device that pulls it out of me. I'm pinned down, drugged so I can't move, and made to spit out silk onto this wheel. Feels like I'm throwing up every time I spit the silk, and then the wheel starts spinning, and all the silk just gets pulled out in one long, continuous thread. I feel so weak and helpless when I'm hooked up to that thing. It's like a torture device!"

                After that, they decided to head out, staying silent as they followed behind a Donphan.

                Originally Posted by Afterglow Ampharos
                When they arrive at a large fork in the corridors within facility 1, Leon hangs back and lets the Donphan go ahead while he tries to decide which direction he's headed within the facility itself. He rubs his lower jaw and murmurs aloud as if talking to himself, but truly he's talking to his tail. "Lesse, where to... Cells? Labour camps? Chow hall? Hide somewhere?"
                Greg whispered back, barely audible. "I wouldn't say no to some food. That's where I was headed when this whole fiasco started. Other than that, I'm supposed to be charging batteries in the assembly area today. You know, for vehicles and stuff."

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