The gens before wireless trading

Started by Palamon January 20th, 2021 1:51 PM
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Aka gens 1-3, did you trade with other people before wirelessly trading? Did you have a link cable as a kid, at all and did you trade with people w/said link cable plugged in? What was it like? I didn't play Pokemon until that era had come and gone. so, I'm curious.
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Still got my link cable!

I only really traded with my other half, and only for evolution purposes. I like to have and use pokemon where I am the OT.

It worked quite well, considering the technology. The connection was solid and we never really had any issues. It was just sooooo slow.

I remember getting an updated, super duper, cable at one point. I can't remember what that was for, probably the GBA. I still have that too somewhere.

The wireless adapters were a breath of fresh air, I remember being so excited by them, but the link cable has some amazing nostalgia attached to it :)
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I traded with friends in school! But still couldn't figure out a lot of the evolutions. Found someone during a flight when I was like 10 that had a lv. 90s Porygon2 and wondered how the heck he got that lol. Took me until Kalos to get a stable wifi connection, when I could finally take advantage of all the distance trades. :D
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I had a link cable and used it all the time! My sister and I would each ask for a different version for that generation of Pokemon so we could trade the exclusive ones. I don't remember having any issues with using it. Never found anyone outside of my sister to trade with though. Eventually she lost interest, and I'd use it to trade between myself using her Gameboy haha I'm pretty sure I have the cord around here somewhere too. I even still have my Gameboy Color right inside my desk drawer. I like to keep it around in case I want to play Yellow or Crystal.