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Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Skyrim for sure. Though you'd have to get me on an airplane first which is never going to happen soooo

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I don't fly, but if I did...

Into The Breach
Stardew Valley
Mario Tennis Aces
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Sim City 4 Deluxe, a Pokemon game with a fresh file (any one will do), and Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword make my list.
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    Golden Sun 2, Minecraft, Breath of the Wild~
    Pokémon Platinum Team
    Lady Phoebe
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    Any Pokemon DPPT game, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland :3

    The latter I could replay three times in a row on a 4 hour flight lol, if I was focused
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    i barely play any portable games so if i had a laptop that could actually play them on the flight
    - nuclear throne
    - dishonored
    - mario odyssey
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    I love how many people have gone with Animal Crossing! If I hadn't played New Leaf every day for 3+ years, it would definitely be on my list, but there's only so much left for me to do on there. If the Switch version was out it'd be a different story, but since it isn't...

    My three games would be Let's Go Eevee, NHL 19, and Sonic Mania. Realistically I'd probably be fine with just one of them since I can't game in long sessions like I used to, but I guess it would be nice to have the variety.
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      A long flight? Lessee...

      Tetris (always good when you're bored)

      Candy Crush Saga (same reason)

      Dark Souls (for a long flight, you need something that takes forever to finish)
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