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Old April 8th, 2013 (12:41 AM).
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Valar Dohaeris
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    I'm recruiting!

    Team name: Skylar Team
    Team Leader: Silversnk
    Current Members: Just Myself (I work as a Pixel Artist, Mapper and Lead Designer)
    Current Game title: Pokémon Mystical Grief
    Current progress made: The game it's on it's early development stages. Just a couple maps done. Still need to change main interface and add OW's and tiles as well to finish the Prologue (first demo) part.
    Position(s) needed: A Lead Scripter and a Secondary Spriter.
    Timezone: GMT -4:30
    Preferred Method of contact: PM, Skype, Deviantart.

    Click here to go to the thread.

    Additional info: I'm from Venezuela. English it's not my main language but I think I'm fluent enough to make my ideas understandable. This game it's divided by Chapters and it's supposed to be very emotional with a considerable amount of character developing. Plot twists are abundant. If you liked 999/VLR you're going to like my ideas easily because they have too much in common.

    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
    Old April 8th, 2013 (4:06 PM).
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    My old add got washed up so here's a repost.

    Recruiting Team Members

    Team name: Team Sienna
    Team Leader: Pokemoner2500 (me)
    Current Members: Pokemoner2500 (me)
    Current Game title: Pokemon Sienna
    Current progress made: 2 Routes, 3 Towns, 1 Gym
    Position(s) needed: Spriter (Trainer sprites and OW sprites) MAPPER (I can't map routes for my life so I need someone to help me do it.)
    Timezone: I don't care but I'm in Pacific Time Zone
    Preferred Method of contact: Email([email protected]), PM me.
    Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots: Screenshots
    Additional info: Mapper is REALLY NEEDED. It would help so much!

    "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

    Gym Leader Whitney
    link | link | link

    FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
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    Founder of Pokémon Ambient
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      Recruiting Ambient Chair Members (ACM)!

      Team Name: Team Ambient
      Team Leader: SereneAmbience
      Current Members:
      Principals: (Chair Members that have contributed much time and thought towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
      SereneAmbience (Director/Story Author/Mapper/Artwork & Pixel Artist/Event Engineer) [TextFree #: 1(541)414-2244]
      elarmasecreta (Move Effect Engineer) [TextFree #: 3(162)955-5568]
      Fire Flyy (Logo Artist)
      Rayziken 2 (Mapper)
      Silversnk (Español Translator)
      Fenne-kun (Vice-Director of PC/Composer)
      AlmightyArceus (Composer) [TextFree #: 1(562)743-9487]
      lala19357 (Composer) [TextFree #: 1(307)363-1070]
      LugiaDialga (Composer)
      TheLegendary35 (Composer) [TextFree #: [email protected]]
      OmegaDrapion (Graphic Artist)
      darkrown (Graphic Artist)
      Hnturs12! (Composer)

      Supporters: (Chair Members that have supported immensely towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
      Saving Raven

      Game Title: Pokémon Ambient version
      Progress: In construction of main ideas, location, music, plot, and structure of character identities.
      Position Request: Spriters (Tiles/Maps/Sprite), Composers, Essential/RMxP Scripters, Engineers, and Supporters (hardcore dedicators)
      Timezone: Preferred Any!
      Method of Contact: Private messaging SereneAmbience or send an e-mail to "[email protected]".
      PokéCommunity Thread [click here],Official Google Sites [click here], Facebook Page [click here], Twitter [click here], and DeviantArt Group [click here]!

      An example of a few screenshots taken from in-game. These are temporary graphics + tiles. As development continues and expands, better visual effects will be presented.

      Additional Information: We are currently in the process of creating a team with the passion, knowledge, and commitment to create the game of Pokémon Ambient. A game that will utilize the concept of tropically-adapted Pokémon, such as the Orange Archipelago's tropic Pokémon and other type of differently formed Pokémon. These Pokémon will strive in a uniquely native set of islands that are popular tourist destinations, the region of Serene. We are truly looking for workers that love to dream BIG!!!
      All those who join/distribute will become honorary Ambient Chair Member (ACM). Each member will be given a Chair Member trainer with their name in-game with their favorite team of Pokémon, an appreciation in the game credits and on the official website, and appear in the Standing Skyscraper in Silk City as a NPC attending a board meeting.

      Google Site______Pokémon Ambient______DeviantArt
      "To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”__Twitter

      Skype Username: Lord_Ambient
      Email: [email protected]
      Old April 29th, 2013 (5:29 PM).
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        Gender: Female
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        Team name:
        Don't have one.
        Team Leader:
        Current Members:
        Current Game title:
        Current progress made:
        Region complete.
        Position(s) needed:
        Region Map... Simple right?
        GMT 0
        Preferred Method of contact:
        No thread yet.
        Additional info:
        All I'm looking for is a professional looking region map using HG/SS style... If you feel you can do it, PM me, with a region map or 2, you've done in the past. I'm not looking for a team but someone to contribute, so I won't be calling on you every 3 minutes. Thanks in advance.
        Old May 4th, 2013 (5:01 PM).
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        Director of Pokémon Nobelium
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          Location: Indiana, United States
          Gender: Male
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          Recruiting a Team Member
          Team name: Aloma Region Team
          Team Leader: BGFM
          Current Members: BGFM (Me)
          Current Game title: Pokemon: Adventures in Aloma
          Current progress made: Completed, but updates in the future
          Position(s) needed: Spriter
          Timezone: Eastern Standard
          Preferred Method of contact: PM on here or email.
          Thread for game
          Additional info: If you read the comments in the thread, you probably figured out people hate my sprites, so I am desperate need of one to do trainer and overworlds.
          Old May 7th, 2013 (6:11 AM).
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            Location: Gladstone, Michigan
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            Posts: 40
            Recruiting a Team Member
            Team name: TBA (To be annuonced)
            Team Leader: Me, Wildlian
            Current Members: Me and Superqami
            Current Game title: Pokemon Untitled
            Current progress made: none yet
            Position(s) needed: Character Design, Scripters, Pixel Artists, Tilers, and everything else
            Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time
            Preferred Method of contact: PM or Email
            Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots:
            Additional info: I will appreciate any and all help :3
            Old May 14th, 2013 (2:14 PM).
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            Blizzagon used Arctic Claw!
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            Nature: Adamant
            Posts: 394

            is now recruiting Fakémon spriter(s)!
            Team Name: Team Zircon
            Team Leader: Ęℓαчиıı

            Current Members
            These are the members that are making this game possible! All members will have a special cameo and will be available to battle once the Champion has been defeated! Our team is small, but very efficient.

            Ęℓαчиıı - Team Leader, Fakémon Artist, Character Design, Mapping, Spriter, Eventing, Basic Scripting
            Anaklusmos04 - Co-Leader, Fakemon Artist, Ideaist, Spriter - Composer
            SuperiorLarxene and Lala19357 - Composers
            Apple Juice - Mapper

            Game Name: Pokémon Zircon
            Progress: All events up to the Second Gym are completely finished; several compositions and sprites are needed urgently!
            Position Request: I'm not exactly looking for a spriter to do all of the work/fakes. I'm looking for a spriter who can teach me the ropes! I'm learning to sprite myself so I don't have to rely on too many people; been let down too many times.
            Regardless, I want someone who can touch up my sprites and give me some pointers on how to improve them!
            Timezone: GMT -5
            Preferred Timezone: Any! I'm very flexible and I stay awake deep within the wee hours of the morning. We'll eventually catch each other!
            Method of Contact: Just send me a private message if you're interested. Once you've gotten in contact with me, I'll give you the following contact names: Skype, WLM, AIM and Y!IM.


            Want more screenshots and updates?
            ead on over to the
            development thread

            Additional Information: Pokémon Zircon is a fanmade game that takes place in the region of Azelon. The game is—initially—completely Fakémon. None of the existing 649+ Pokémon will be featured until the Champion has been defeated twice. The game itself will be a little bit more challenging, just to increase the fun. For those looking to join and are worry about their ability to contribute, don't worry! I'm a very patient person, just ask Lala. As long as you keep in contact with me, I'll understand. All of the members of this team are very friendly, so don't be shy!
            Old June 21st, 2013 (10:29 AM).
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              Location: Germany
              Age: 28
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 27

              Recruiting a Team Member

              Team name: Risingmoon Gaming
              Team Leader: tommyger
              Current Members: none
              Current Game title: Pokemon - Mewtu's Erwachen
              Current progress made:
              • Tiles: 5%
              • Scripts: 8%
              • Maps: 3%
              • Graphics: 11%

              Position(s) needed
              • Character Design (Trainer (PKM LV) and Story)
              • Scripter ('cause I'm sucking at scripting on the Essential kit)
              • Lector for the English language (Sometimes I don't use the right words to say what I mean in the games)

              Timezone: GMT+1 Germany
              Preferred Method of contact: Skype - PM - Email what ever ;)
              Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted)


              Additional info: Looking mostly for a german helper but enlish is ok too. Thats a way for me to release 2 languages ;)

              If you need any infos just pm me.

              Old June 26th, 2013 (10:11 AM). Edited August 3rd, 2013 by XmarkXalanX.
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              Shadow Master
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                Location: Pennsylvania, USA
                Age: 26
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Quiet
                Posts: 105
                Recruiting a Team Member
                Team name: Team Neo Destiny (Work In Progress)
                Team Leader: Mark Howell (XmarkXalanX)
                Current Members: Mark Howell (XmarkXalanX)
                Current Game title: Pokémon Neo Destiny (Created using Pokémon Essentials v12)
                Current progress made: Maps - Four towns, four routes, two caves, one forest. Had post-game maps, but decided to scrap them. Scripts - ???. Graphics - ???. Story - 50%.
                Position(s) needed: Spriter, Character Design, possibly Scripter, possibly Mapper.
                Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
                Preferred Method of contact: PM.
                Link to your active PC thread:
                Additional info: Currently in need of sprites for new formes of Pokémon, a HGSS-style region map for the Genesis Region, HGSS style door animations, sprites for Gym Leaders/Elite Four, and icons for new items. Pokémon Neo Destiny takes place in a new region created by Mewtwo with the help of other legendaries. New Genesis Region PokéDex. New Items. Custom Moves. This is my first game, so I'm not looking to make it perfect.

                Bonus for Contributing: Any user who contributes to the game will be allowed a custom trainer in Victory Road with a team of their choosing (no Legendaries).
                3DS FC: 1461-6392-0206
                Old July 12th, 2013 (5:22 PM).
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                Creator Of Pokemon Grace
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                Location: Goldenrod, Johto
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                Nature: Timid
                Posts: 595
                Recruiting a Team Member
                Team name: Team
                Team Leader: Pokemoner2500
                Current Members: Me and kinda Saving Raven
                Current Game title: Pokemon Grace
                Current progress made: Have up to 2 gyms but route between the first and second gym is needed
                Position(s) needed: Mapper, Spriter, and Tiler
                Pacific Time
                Preferred Method of contact: PM, or email ([email protected])
                Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots:

                "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

                Gym Leader Whitney
                link | link | link

                FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
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                Pokemon Apex Team Member
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                  Location: Iowa
                  Gender: Male
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                  Posts: 187
                  Currently Recruiting!

                  Team name:Apicem Gaming
                  Team Leader: UltimateDillon and I
                  Current Members:Dillon and I
                  Current Game title:Pokemon Apex Version
                  Current progress made:
                  Story - 100%
                  Mapping 5%(Revemping to new graphics)
                  Sprites - 30%
                  Pokedex - 80%(Removing pokemon)
                  Scripting - 20%(Basic things)

                  Position(s) needed: Scripter, Custom Tile Artist, and a Composer
                  Timezone: Mine is Central, Dillons is GMT
                  Preferred Method of contact:
                  Link to PC thread:Pokemon Apex Version

                  Screenshots -

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                    Gender: Male
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                    Posts: 59
                    Team name: n.a.
                    Team Leader: bartyboy6
                    Current Members: non yet
                    Current Game title: Pokemon Solar and Lunar version
                    Current progress made: not far, got a few maps, some tilesets and a handful of pokemon done, but that's really it :-/.
                    Position(s) needed: spriter, scripter, musician.
                    Timezone:Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam)
                    Preferred Method of contact: Facebook (I'm bart van der heijden, the one with the drawing of a shiny Latias as profile pic)
                    Additional info: since it's my holiday now, and because of my work, I'll only be available 2-4 days per week or around 19:00 everyday.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen 1.png
Views:	40
Size:	29.5 KB
ID:	68844

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ryubi.png
Views:	48
Size:	13.1 KB
ID:	68845

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Title screen.png
Views:	38
Size:	11.9 KB
ID:	68846
                    Old July 18th, 2013 (4:33 PM).
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                      Gender: Male
                      Posts: 378
                      Team name: Pokemon: A Dark Quest
                      Team Leader: Joeyhugg (me)
                      Current Members: N/A
                      Current Game title: Pokemon: A Dark Quest
                      Current progress made: Tutorial fight complete
                      Position(s) needed: Mapper is needed, but I will take any help wanted.
                      Timezone: EST (Eastern Coast of U.S.)
                      Preferred Method of contact: PM, and then a Skype message (PM for my Skype)
                      Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots:
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                      Pokemon Origin Crisis Lead
                      Join Date: Jan 2009
                      Location: Georgia, USA
                      Age: 28
                      Nature: Adamant
                      Posts: 137
                      Recruiting a Team Member

                      Team Name: The Bringers
                      Team Leader: Tsukiyo (me!)
                      Current Members: ...Me!
                      Current Game Title: Pokemon Origin Crisis
                      Current Progress Made: Conceptualizing
                      Position(s) Needed: Character Concept Artist, Fakemon Concept Artist
                      Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (U.S.)
                      Preferred Method of Contact: PM, Email ([email protected]), Skype (Unserious-Joker)
                      Link to Thread:

                      Old July 23rd, 2013 (2:16 PM).
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                        Join Date: Mar 2012
                        Location: Missouri
                        Age: 22
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Calm
                        Posts: 13
                        Team name: Team Xenon
                        Team Leader: Jember
                        Current Members: 6
                        Current Game title: Pokemon Xenon
                        Current progress made: 5% (Just started less than a week ago)
                        Position(s) needed: Everything (Mappers, Scripters, Spriters, Experienced RMXP users, etc.)
                        Timezone: I am Central but the Leader is Pacific
                        Preferred Method of contact: Skype
                        Additional Details: We have awesome tilesets for mappers, we have really cool people involved, a lot of creativity, and we are all super dedicated. Also, Dont think of this as a 'Team' but as a bunch of friends looking to make something awesome.

                        Ive attached some Screenshots of maps as well so you can see our tilesets.

                        Anybody who wants to help will be accepted :D
                        Attached Thumbnails
                        Screenshot_1.png‎   Screenshot_2.png‎   Screenshot_3.png‎   Screenshot_4.png‎  
                        Old July 30th, 2013 (5:57 PM).
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                          Join Date: Jul 2013
                          Gender: Male
                          Posts: 55
                          Recruiting a Team Member
                          Team name: No name yet
                          Team Leader: Me
                          Current Members: Only me
                          Current Game title: Pokémon Jade and Topaz Versions
                          Current progress made: (7%) Made a few maps, those got deleted, now restarting. Have about 5 maps redone.
                          Position(s) needed: Every position really.
                          -I need at least a minimal scripter. Nothing big, just small events.
                          -Someone who can sort or rename files for me. (Sprites mainly)
                          -A fakemon spriter (Not necessary, but would appreciate it)

                          Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST)
                          Preferred Method of contact: deviantArt [], forum message, might post my Skype name.
                          Screen Shots:

                          Additional info: I am a mapper. I know a little RGSS, but not much. I have sprited some characters, but mostly made maps. I really need some help. Making a game with just one person is hard people.
                          Old August 19th, 2013 (5:25 AM). Edited August 19th, 2013 by Wootius.
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                          Wootius Wootius is offline
                            Join Date: Mar 2013
                            Gender: Male
                            Posts: 300
                            Team name: ...
                            Team Leader: Myself
                            Current Members: None
                            Current Game title: Pokemon Rebalanced: Pastel Red
                            Current progress made: Story Additions, Pokemon rebalancing( BSTs Done, compiling movesets), Maps being made as pokemon are completed.
                            Position(s) needed: A mapper would be cool, I'm not terrible at it but it'd be one less thing for me to do, note you don't need scripting knowledge. Someone to review/proofread Dialogue/Special Events is another big thing.
                            Timezone: (GMT -4) EST
                            Preferred Method of contact: PM

                            Linkage: PR:PR

                            Additional info: Not a typical hack, I'm looking to improve Pokemon by hacking away at the core of the game, the Pokemon themselves. BSTs, Movepools, even the moves themselves are being rework and expanded to make every Pokemon viable.

                            To showcase the improvements I'm also remaking/expanding Red because RMXP is so easy to use. I'm a terrible writer however, so an editor/sounding board for story would be awesome. A second person reviewing the new movepools would be cool too.
                            Old August 29th, 2013 (7:48 AM).
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                            TrainerDaniel TrainerDaniel is offline
                              Join Date: Feb 2013
                              Gender: Male
                              Posts: 59
                              Team name: Psyducks
                              Team Leader: TrainerDaniel
                              Current Members: Only me
                              Current Game title: Pokemon Shade (Game made with RPG maker xp and pokemon essentials (by maruno))
                              Current progress made: Mapping would be like 20% and sprites would be like maybe 40%
                              Position(s) needed: Trainer Spriter
                              Timezone: GMT+/--2:00
                              Preferred Method of contact: You can message me via PokéCommunity.
                              Link to your active PC thread:
                              Additional info: If you are interested to take the position as trainer spriter i would be glad! If you also have any suggestions about the game, feel free to tell me!
                              Old September 2nd, 2013 (4:38 PM).
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                              Creator Of Pokemon Grace
                              Join Date: Apr 2012
                              Location: Goldenrod, Johto
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Timid
                              Posts: 595
                              Recruiting a Team Member
                              Team name: The Gracers
                              Team Leader: Pokemoner2500
                              Current Members: Me
                              Current Game title: Pokemon Grace
                              Current progress made: 5 % (Made some towns routes and gyms, trainers and housed included)
                              Position(s) needed: Mapper
                              Timezone: 8:00 PST
                              Preferred Method of contact: PM or Email ([email protected])
                              Link to your active PC thread:
                              Additional info: In dire need of a mapper!

                              "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

                              Gym Leader Whitney
                              link | link | link

                              FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
                              Old September 20th, 2013 (3:54 PM).
                              SosukeArans's Avatar
                              SosukeArans SosukeArans is offline
                                Join Date: Aug 2013
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 11
                                Hello there everyone!! You may call me Sosuke, or Aran i guess, but anyways~ I'm here to help! I really like playing all these games made by fans and stuff, but now...i wanna help with one!! :D I can be a beta tester, or like help with the story line and stuff!! Though i know nothing about scripting and spriteing or the like, i could help with alot of other things i would really love the chance too :D Let me know if anyone would like that?

                                Free Agent looking for work
                                Area looking for work: Beta Tester, Storyline designer, Sponsership/Spreading the word of the game.
                                Timezone: Arizona, USA
                                Preferred method of contact: Facebook, Skype.
                                Examples of work: I have written some fanfictions (for story line) and helped out some friends with storyline and beta testing but none have been for pokemon, yet :D
                                Old October 20th, 2013 (12:30 PM).
                                kidpaddle45 kidpaddle45 is offline
                                  Join Date: Feb 2012
                                  Location: Canada
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Modest
                                  Posts: 24
                                  Recruiting a World-designer

                                  Team name: TBA
                                  Team Leader: Kidpaddle45
                                  Programmer: Kidpaddle45
                                  Current Game title: Pokemon Atom
                                  Current progress made: Pokemon Atom is an online Pokemon MMORPG that has been in development for the past few months. It already features 2 generations of Pokemon and a fully working battle system. Features such as storage, trading, challenging a friend and even tournaments are already working too. The game lacks a lot in terms of maps and could even use a complete overhaul graphically.
                                  Position(s) needed: World-designer.
                                  Timezone: I live in Canada.
                                  Preferred Method of contact: Skype/Email
                                  Link to your PC thread: Pokemon Atom
                                  Additional info: The game was developed with the BYOND engine. It requires a little bit of learning before you can start mapping but, if you're up to developing a unique MMORPG, I'm ready to help you out!
                                  Online Game-play Video:
                                  Watch in fullscreen & 720P

                                  Comment on the game's topic if you're interested. Thank you.

                                  Pokemon Atom: The online Pokemon MMORPG!
                                  Old November 1st, 2013 (6:28 PM).
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                                  Worldslayer608 Worldslayer608 is offline
                                  Join Date: Mar 2008
                                  Location: San Diego
                                  Age: 29
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Calm
                                  Posts: 891
                                  Developed by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ for RMXP

                                  RECRUITING TEAM MEMBERS

                                  Pokemon: Pillars of Destiny is seeking motivated individuals who work well on a team and wish to be a part of a dedicated, quality project in which they can apply their skills. I am looking to fill multiple positions as soon as possible.

                                  Spriter / Pixel Artist
                                  These roles will handle the creation of character sprites, pokemon sprites and tiles and must be capable of working with direction as well as able to offer their own visions. Sprites and tiles are managed by different individuals unless the team member is capable of performing both roles within the team.

                                  Content Artist
                                  This roles is for individuals who excel at creating Sugimori art and help recreate concepts from a style guide to provide developmental and promotional material for the game. Content artists must be skilled at drawing a diverse selection of material.

                                  This role will follow style guide direction to create fluent and detailed maps that adhere to the world guidelines and fit the style of the current maps. The exterior world is completely mapped, the team member will be responsible for helping update maps as well as creating interior maps.

                                  Programmer (RGSS & Ruby)
                                  This role will work closely with the project lead to create and implement features within the game.

                                  Composer / Sound Engineer
                                  This role will be creating music and sounds and must be creative as well as capable of taking and implementing input from the project lead. Seeking dedicated individuals who are prepared to complete an entirely custom sound set for the game.

                                  Current Progress

                                  Sprites and Tiles are in progress. Tiles are roughly 75% complete and custom tiles may need to be created here and there with a primary focus on buildings. Character overworld sprites are roughly 5% complete. Since we are working on recreating overworlds using a new character template, many existing overworlds need to be recreated. Character battle sprites are the primary focus for this position.

                                  Conceptual and promotional art is roughly 30% complete. Many concepts are in place through the use of a style guide to ensure universal continuity of visual material, however promotional art is at 0%. This role will primarily focus on creating the promotional material which primarily consists of characters.

                                  Exterior Regional mapping is near complete, roughly 90%, minor changes may apply. Interior maps are roughly 10% complete and the position for mapping will primarily be working with interior maps that include houses and caves. Some exterior maps may be requested for updating.

                                  Programming and script implementation needs a dedicated and talented individual to implement features and concepts. Concepts are roughly 80% complete with almost no current implementation.

                                  Official Pokemon: Pillars of Destiny Thread

                                  HOW TO APPLY

                                  If you are interested in applying, the best contact method is to reach out with a Private Message to me, and I will reply as soon as possible. Please make sure you include the position you are applying for as well as a sample of your work. I am PST, but am generally available for responding throughout the day and evening.

                                  You may also contact me on deviantART as well.

                                  Please be aware that I will only be filling these positions with experienced and talented individuals

                                  OFFICIAL SCREENSHOTS

                                  Development Team
                                  Project Coordinator: Worldslayer
                                  Script Lead:
                                  Event Lead: Worldslayer

                                  Graphic Team
                                  Spriters / Pixel Artists:Worldslayer
                                  Tilesetter: Worldslayer
                                  Mapper: Worldslayer

                                  Sound Team

                                  System:Maruno, Poccil & Flameguru for their starter kit.
                                  Graphics: Dewitty, Minorthreat, Alucus, Kyledove, PrinceLegendario, Erma96, Pokemoneclipse, BoOmxBiG, teaddiction, niknaks93, Light-PA, Lotusking, Tyranitardark, SirAzria.
                                  Special Thanks: Cilerba, Chesu, F.M.P, Wichu, ~JV~, The Calis Projects Team, Abnegation, Murcurysky and everyone who supports this game.


                                  SMEARGLE SOLO CHALLENGE
                                  HARDCORE EDITION
                                  To vanquish without peril is to triumph without glory...
                                  Voted Best Game Designer 2011 on PC
                                  Old November 17th, 2013 (4:18 PM). Edited November 17th, 2013 by Qhauriq.
                                  Qhauriq Qhauriq is offline
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                                    Posts: 22

                                    Pokémon Adventures Online

                                    Were in the process of making a Pokemon MMO 2D game. We have already dived deeply into development. Already have fans and what we need now is more help. Right now we have one coder, one GUI artist, one concept artist, two writers, two excellent mappers. That is our team. Most of us do more than one task though but still we are short a few members to really take this game to another level.

                                    We are very involed Pokemon lovers and carry a great passion for it. Most of us have worked on other MMO Pokemon games such as PokeMMO, PWo and others. We are not youngsters with a unrealistic dream. Besides our one 17 year old we all average about 23-24 in age on the team. We take this project very serious and will dedicate lots of hours to this project daily. We hope you find some sort of interest in this project either by joining us or giving us fan support.




                                    The game starts off in the Nexus Region. Where you must catch Pokemon, battle leaders, and be the league champion. But this adventure is not what you expect. There is a villain lurking in the shadows. The mystery behind these villains is not yet unraveled. The motives still unclear. But we do know they go by the name of Team Neo. Led by a man named Neron. They run the streets of neo City and control it with brute force. Now they look to take over the whole region and use Pokemon they control to do so. In this fight for Pokemon and humans alike, you must take on the leaders of each gym, catch Pokemon and together become stronger to take on such a powerful enemy and his Generals. But there is still more unexplained events occuring and more secrets to be discovered in the Nexus region. Is Neo the only threat? Take on the adventure and unlock the truths.

                                    Title: Pokemon Adventures Online
                                    Engine: Game Maker
                                    Audience: 10+
                                    Rating: E-T
                                    Developers: PAO Staff
                                    Genre: 2D Action/Anime MMO

                                    (Must have and use skype, and be 17+ of age)

                                    Concept Artist
                                    Sprite Artist
                                    GML Programmers(Game Maker Language=simplified java)(need programmers with networking experience).
                                    Sound Composer
                                    Video Editors
                                    GUI/UI Artist
                                    General graphic Designers
                                    Wiki Writers

                                    any other un mentioned help that you my be able to contribute.

                                    Email: [email protected]
                                    Skype: Qhauriq Nazhur
                                    or PM on here or reply to thread.

                                    For more information on project you can message us on any of the social media links above as well as see all of our latest updates and videos.

                                    Old January 11th, 2014 (2:00 PM). Edited January 21st, 2014 by Stochastic.
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                                      Gender: Male
                                      Posts: 204
                                      Recruiting team members for

                                      Pokémon Empyrean

                                      Team name: Team Empyrean
                                      Team members: Totodilemaster, Ditto209
                                      Current progress: 2 gyms, 4 towns, 4 routes! 3-4 hours of gameplay!
                                      Contact: Private Message
                                      Engine used: RMXP + Essentials

                                      • Graphics Artist: Needs to ... make tiles and/or sprites in FR/LG or HG/SS or similar style
                                      • Mapping Assistant: ... make maps in RMXP
                                      • Eventing Assistant: ... make npc/trainer events
                                      • Team Recruiter ... find people for the team
                                      • Dialogue Writer Assistant: ... come up with dialogue for characters and/or idle NPCs
                                      • Music/Sound Director: ... find suitable BGMs and/or sound effects for towns and routes

                                      Currently, the most wanted position is Graphics Artist




                                      Old January 12th, 2014 (2:19 PM).
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                                      Lightning Yellow Creator
                                        Join Date: Feb 2011
                                        Location: UK
                                        Gender: Female
                                        Nature: Quiet
                                        Posts: 697
                                        Position(s) being recruited to: Musician, Graphics Artist
                                        Team name: None
                                        Team members: Me
                                        Game title: Pokemon Lightning Yellow
                                        Current progress made: 90%
                                        Preferred method of contact: PM
                                        Additional information: Musician to make the hg/ss mp3s i have loop
                                        Graphics Artist to make a title screen more in line with the pokemon series

                                        Creator of

                                        A Pokemon Yellow remake, using HGSS Tiles, and the ability to obtain all Kanto Pokemon as well as their previous/later evolutions.

                                        Closed Thread

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