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Started by Sheep February 26th, 2021 7:46 AM
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Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott?

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I'm too torn! I love Cyndaquil a lot but I also adore Oshawott! I'm not all that interested in Rowlet for this one since I just raised one or two about one gen ago...


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Cyndaquil feels like the clear choice here. Rowlets line has always made me cringe as it reminds me of being an edgey 14 year old and I really dislike Oshawatt's line design.


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I Don't Actually Have a Switch, But If I Did I Would Pick Cyndaquil... Pokemon Silver Will always Be One Of My Fave Games.

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I'm going to be going with Cyndaquil. If I hadn't only just finished replaying ultra moon I probably would've gone with Rowlet because it makes more sense theme wise with the game, but I don't like picking the same starter twice so close together so I'm gonna stick with my firey boi


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Cyndaquil has been my favourite since the Mystery Dungeon days so I was really happy to see them make a reappearance ^o^

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Hard choice between Rowlet and Cyndaquil. Especially if they give us some kind of new forms for them... Cyndaquil will be even more tempting.


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this is actually a really good set. legit hard decision for me. if i were to play this, the first time around i'm definitely gonna go with something i'm familiar with so Cyndaquil's gonna be my bae. glad to see i'm with the majority on that one.
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Cyndaquil, most likely. No reason, okay, maybe because I’m worried about not finding a Fire mon. I mean you can find a Water mon easily via water, and Grass mons easily through everywhere else. I mean sure I don’t care about redundancy usually, but I might as well try it out.
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Rowlet. Honestly, the alolan starter trio is already my favorite out of the main games, so it's an easy choice for me. And Decidueye not only looks awesome, it also fits the "bygone era" (medieval?) setting of the game very well :]

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No idea, honestly. I find the starter selection... Quite odd. A samurai, a blazing echidna and an archer owl? Would have been in the feudal style well enough if they had used Fennekin (magician/shaman) instead of Cyndaquil, imo.

That being said, I most often pick the Fire starter in games so I imagine I would do so here too haha.

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I'm personally very torn between cyndaquil and rowlet, if nintendo finally lets me have multiple saves, I may just run two concurrent games with each.
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Very much Rowlet. I liked its final evo in Moon and it served me quite well in that game, as well. I was never a huge fan of Samurott and while Typhlosion has a massive nostalgia factor as it was my first starter ever in the gen 2 games, its design got kinda ruined when they showed its 3D model.
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Probably Oshawott, since Oshawott is my favorite amongst the three. To be honest, though, all three are really good, so even if I say that, I think I'll have a hard time choosing since you'll probably only get one since I doubt I can trade with people to get the others.
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