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PokéCommunity's Social Media Team is recruiting for our Facebook and Twitter pages. We highly encourage you to apply! Experience isn't needed - just your time and dedication!

Please note that as with all our applications, this is a volunteer position. Successful applicants will be granted a PokéCommunity staff role and access to the staff forums.

What are we looking for?

Someone to engage with people on our social media platforms by posting content (see below) or responding to comments / Direct messages.



Our Facebook page currently has over 3,600 likes. As an editor of the Facebook Page, your primary duties would be the following:
  • Post engaging content. This can include fan art, videos, cute GIFs, Daily articles, polls, trivia, or memes.
  • Interact with people via Comments / Inbox. (Please note - you can always reach out to other social media team members for support).
  • Keep an eye on the Promoted Content Manager to share content from the forums.


Our Twitter account currently has almost 4,000 followers. As a contributor of the Twitter Account, your primary duties would be the following:

How to Apply

Send me (erik destler) a private message with your application. Be sure to include which role you are applying for. Aside from that you're free to include as little or as much experience as you like, but a few things you might want to mention are:

Previous Experience
Have you ever managed a social media account before?

Why do you think you are suited to this position?

Sample post
Please write up a sample post (minimum one, however feel free to include more than one sample to support your application)


We'll continue accepting applications until we find enough fitting applicants to bring onto the team, so that could range from a few days to a few weeks. For that reason it's best to get your applications in as soon as possible!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or contact me directly.

Please do not post applications in this thread.

Thank you for reading!
~ PokéCommunity's Social Media Team
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