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PokéCommunity is recruiting designers and developers!

Hello! PokéCommunity's is looking for new faces to join our development and design team! If you have an interest in web development, designing cool themes, or shaping the future of PC, then read on!

Please note that as with all staff roles, this is a volunteer position. Accepted applicants will be granted a PokéCommunity staff position and access to the staff forums.

what we do

Our current main project is moving PC away from our outdated forum software and towards running on Xenforo. We want to do this while preserving as many of PC's themes, quirks, and features as possible, and also adding some new stuff on top! This includes:

  • Recreations of old themes that never made it into the 2.0 update, such as Forever Standing and Sinnoh Springs
  • Brand new themes
  • A new look for profiles
  • A storefront for ROM hacks and fangames
  • A new post editor to improve posting on mobile


Got a knack for CSS, or a vision for the next cool theme? Designers work on creating interfaces for new features and designs, as well as creating new and unique themes. There's no one-size-fits-all description of the overall role, as some will focus on graphics, some on themes, and some on developing interfaces for new features. If any of those sound like your cup of tea, here's what you'll need to apply.

What you'll need to know: HTML and CSS OR graphic and interface design. Either will be accepted!
Bonus knowledge: UX design, templating languages, Less, SUIT CSS naming conventions.

Tip: Not familiar with some of the buzzwords? Follow the links!


Want to help with the next big feature? Developers work in modern PHP to develop new features using the flexible Xenforo add-on system. Projects can be anywhere from small tasks like monkey patching Xenforo features and behavior to be more in line with PC, to large ongoing projects like improving the profile customization system, and plenty in between. Here's what you'll need to apply as a developer.

What you'll need to know: HTML, PHP (preferably including 7.0 and onward)
Bonus knowledge: Xenforo add-on development, CSS/Less, MVC, MySQL databases

Tip: Not familiar with some of the buzzwords? Follow the links!

interested in learning?

If you have pre-existing development experience in another context like scripting, game design, or app development, but have not yet tried your hand at web development, or you've done web development but have not used the specific technologies we use, feel free to send a message my way and I may be able to get you up to speed! It's not so hard to learn a new programming language once you have one or two similar ones under your belt.

Note that this is not intended for applicants who have no development experience.

sound like fun?

If you're interested in helping out in either (or both!) of the above roles, or you have any questions, feel free to send me (Flowerchild) a PM! You can include as much or as little information as you like, but a few things you might choose to include are:

  • Proficiency - most skilled languages, etc
  • Previous experience - done any similar work?
  • Proof of work - portfolios, github repositories, or similar

Applications have no set deadline, and we'll keep them open until we get a good number of applicants. There's no rush, take your time~

Thank you for reading!
Love from PokéCommunity's Development Team

Please do not post applications in this thread.