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Error Error Line 49 in main

Started by CharizardThree3 June 9th, 2019 1:27 AM
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I get this error in Normal Mode but in debug mode it works fine.
Main Line 49 Argument error appeared.Wromg number of arguments
And when I check out main Line 49 it says-
Can I know why it happens and what's the solution?
EDIT: Found the Problem! it was one of my scripts!


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Well, at that point in Main, the current contents of $scene should be the title screen classes, either debug or the regular intro.

Considering that the error only appears in regular mode, that means that for one reason or another, class Scene_Intro's main method was edited to take an argument, but of course, the main script does not give any.

I'd suggest taking a look at that.

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