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Together forever, with new troubles. ((Fanfic))

Started by Miyu-chan September 12th, 2003 4:42 AM
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Together forever, with new troubles. ((Prologue))

A/N: Im using Japanese names for this. n_n; Thats they sound prettier. =P Actually, its because Im not too familiar with the Dub names. n_n;

Disclaimer: I own CCS manga, CCS stickers, but I do not own CCS ;_; What a pity.


It was Kinomoto Sakuras first day of junior high school. But at this time, she was still sleeping in her bed, all things forgotten. Kerberos, the guardian of the Sakura cards. Shouted in her ear,


Sakura rubbed her half-closed eyes. Whatlet me sleep she mumbled.
Kero-chan threw an alarm clock at her. Look at the time! he exclaimed.
Still not so quite awake, Sakura looked at the clock and

HOOOOEEEEE?! she squealed. She got up at once and dressed quickly, making huge sounds as usual.

Kero-chan, why didnt you wake me up earlier? she wailed as she stomped down the stairs.

She ran to the dining table and began eating her breakfast quickly.

Ohayo, Sakura-chan. Said Fujitaka Kinomoto, smiling at her with his trademark smile.
Ohayo~! said Sakura smiling brightly at her father.

Kaiju. Youre late. Again Said the familiar voice of her brother, Touya. Sakura could feel a vein pop on her forehead already.

Calm down Youre a junior high school student already, Sakura. Sakura took some deep breaths trying to calm herself down. After all, she was a junior high school student already.

Onii-chan, she said, smiling sweetly. If I were a monster, wouldnt you be one too? she said.

Touya was gaping at her like she had grown two heads. So was her father.
Sakura finished her meal and headed outside.

Ja ne, Okaa-san. She said to the picture of her mother,

Ja ne! she said as she waved to her family.

When she stepped out the door, her face became the same again.

Onii-chan still makes fun of me, because Im sleeping late even though Im a Junior High school student. Sakura grumbled as she ran towards her school.
However, Sakura sensed the aura of someone familiar. Surprised and shocked, Sakura whirled around to findthe teddy bear that Sakura gave Syaoran.

Syaolan-kun? Sakura asked, cautiously.
It cant be himIts too good to believe Sakura thought dizzily.

The transferring procedures back in Hong Kong finally ended. From now on, Ill continue to stay here. Syaolan said with a smile on his handsome face.
Honto ni? Sakura asked.

Hai. He replied.
Now we dont have to only be satisfied with letters and phone calls anymore? Sakura asked, tears starting to form in the eyes.

Hai. He replied.

Sakura ran towards him and hugged him. Because from now on well be together forever.

Japanese dictionary! (Just in case)

Ohiyo: Good Morning

Kaiju: Monster

Onii-chan: Big brother

Okaa-san: Mother

Honto Ni?: Really?

Hai: Yes.

Ja Ne: Bye bye, in a causal way.

-kun: A title used for boys in Japanese.

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